In the fictional New York City-sized city of Port Germansville, Florida in the fictional New York City-sized county of Port Charles County, Florida which is 400 miles due south of the Florida Keys on a very hot and humid Tuedsay November 1, 1949 inside Port Charles County's first television stations which is a NBC-like English language television station called the Metropolitan Broadcasting Corporation with the call letters which is called WSSC which is on 1 South Universal Parkway along with the rest of the other television stations, a worldwidely popular television actress who was born on a very, very cold and wintry Wednesday January 1, 1919 and has blond-hair, blue eyes, looks, talks and acts like Marilyn Monroe in every way possible by the name of Patricia Margaret Holsten is on her way to her car to go pick up her best friend who was born in Mexico City, Mexico who was also born in 1919 and has golden hair and golden eyes and also acts, looks and talks like Marilyn Monroe by the name of Dona Carlota Gregoria Miguelita Tresmelera from her teaching job at the University of California, Los Angeles-like college campus called the University of Florida, Port Germansvillle when she notices one of the college's male English teachers whose name is Eric Alexander Curtis, V waiting for her outside of the college campus when he politely but firmly tells her, "Ma'am are you a guest here?" Patricia calmly gets into her 1937 Ford Model T's glove compartment and finds her Visitor's name tag and shows the name tag to Eric and politely answers him, "This is my Visitor's name tag and here is the money for your services." as she gives him the $1,000 from her work on WSSC's number one long running sitcom called "Shady Acres" for $10 per episode and as she pulls up to the Languages department of the University of Florida, Port Germansville and into Visitors' Parking Lot #10 while locking the doors and shuttiing off her Model T's engine and as she walks up to the entrance of the Languages department of the University of Florida, Port Germansville where Dona Carlota was waiting for her to enter the doors which Patricia does and the two besties very happily and bubbily dancing with each other and hugging each other while Dona Carlota politely asks her with a very, very bright and bubbily smile on her face and in her voice, "How are you doing, Patricia? You look just as perfect as a December christmas tree." Patricia, who is so, so very excited to see her very, very best friend since forever, also politely answers Dona Carlota's comments with a very, very happy and excited smile on her face and in her voice, "Thank you, Carlota. When I look at you I see a perfect 100." Both of the women start to laugh and talk as they walk over to Patricia's Model T and Dona Carlota gets in the passenger's seat and take a Tuesday drive all across the Southern United States until they drive to the San Antonio, Texas-sized city of Llantano City, Texas in the Bexar County, Texas-sized Llantano County, Texas, both are 75 miles south of the real life city of Corpus Christi, Texas in the real life Nueces County, Texas in order for them to have their babies, Dona Carlota with her husband, Rey Carlos and Patricia with her husband, Eric and for them to start a new life together with their husbands and families.

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