Harvard: Meet the Hell is a 1980 slasher-splatter film by Shawn Troy. It's the first in Harvard University.

Plot Edit

Danny Carters is a hardworking man with a very prestigious job of getting unique jewels and gems cut perfectly and sold for $3,000,000 dollars and one day he and the company were robbed and Danny was assaulted. Then he went to the hospital for serious bruises and cuts and he made it out of the hospital. And then he heads to Harvard and goes crazy and kills two janitors. And after that, he heads to the dorms and rapes a teenager who is currently visiting and kills her in the bathroom, and kills five more students in public and everyone is now scared and several police officers were killed by him.

Seven years after he was captured: He was executed. After his execution a folklore passed about him still being alive there at Harvard. But then, four teenage guy's come and are killed, brutally.

And after several murders six wanderers wander within the University and are being stalked and killed—and one was gaged and burned—one-by-one and they must figure who is the robber of his store years ago and kill him quickly before they're killed.

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