It was a very hot summer when Harry Potter decided to sneak out of his uncle's house in Privet Drive and head for London for a summer job. Harry has a lot of wizard money and he probably did not need a partime job. In fact, he only wanted to experience muggle life in London. Except for King's Cross, he had not been to many places yet in the city. And he had never had any muggle friends. This time, he was serious about meeting someone from the non-wizarding world. He wanted to hang out with them in a pub, or discuss magic with them (of course not admitting that he himself was not a wizard.) For Harry, it was funny to discuss something he knew just too well with those who had the desire to know but would never get the answer. Harry had always imagined seeing his muggle friends' funny faces as he talked about magic ever since he put his toe in Hogwarts. But the only thing was that he did not have any muggle friends, not unless you count Dudley as his friend. So, he's gonna have some fun before Voldemort took his life away.

Speaking of Voldemort, Harry wondered what usually happened to him at summer. It seemed that Voldemort was pretty passive at summers. Maybe he was feeling uncomofortable with the heat and stopped plotting wicked plans to rule the wizard world. Anyway, since Harry was sure that Voldemort was not up to no good, he felt relieved to go for his partime job. Another indication that Voldemort was not up to his usual evil plots was the scar on Harry's forehead, which had not hurt for quite a while (and usually hurts whenever Voldemort was thinking particularly evil thoughts.) Hee even jokingly thought that Voldemort also used the summer holidays to earn some money for himself.

With the thought of Voldemort doing his part-time work in his mind, Harry walked carelessly on the road. He stopped in front of a grocery and had decided to try his luck. He straightened up himself and walked inside, imagining himself walking into the quidditch pitch so that he felt confident. After clearing his throat, Harry said, in a somewhat higher pitch than usual, 'ahem, I would like to apply for the part...'

Even before Harry could finish his sentence, the man swung his hand and said 'out! Out! We are not hiring some skinny little boy!'

Fuming, Harry stomped out of the shop, shouting 'hey, I am harry potter! The boy who survived before Voldemort!'

The man looked blankly at him, and said 'what? Oh yea, you said you worked in Vodafone [1] before eh? Yeah, I symphatise with you, they don't usually treat their staffs well, do they? Anyway I don't need anyone right now, we have already a very hardworking worker here.'

As the man was closing the door. Harry thought he saw someone he knew in the shop, cleaning the floor. It was Malfoy! Harry rubbed his eyes again and again. Unless his eyes were deceiving him, the person who was mopping the floor with so much concentration was no other than Draco Malfoy, who always had his nose in the air, behaved very haughtily and rude towards everyone, boasted about the wealth of his family, all this behaviour which was such a contrast with Harry. 'Is he under a Imperius curse?' thought Harry. (The Imperius Curse that allows the user to have absolute control over anyone.) But Harry couldn't see that Malfoy's eyes were unfocused or blank, he was, obviously, acting on his own desire.

Harry observed Malfoy from the window. Malfoy was simply too concentrated on the floor that he didn't notice Harry at all. Malfoy was looking at the floor with the same resent expression as though he was looking at Harry. Harry wondered if Malfoy had imagined the floor was full of Harry's face as Malfoy was hitting the floor with his mop rather than mopping it.

'There must be something wrong with him. Or he has run away from his house and now has to work to support himself?' Harry said, as he watched malfoy hitting the floor harder and harder, baring his teeth.

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