Introduction Edit

This is my first Harry Potter story, and is planned on being a series. This is Harry's years AFTER he killed Voldemort, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, You-Know-Who, etc. Any comments can be left on either my talk page at User:Hobbitman458 or on this page's talk page. Thank you, and ON WITH THE SHOW!

Chapter One Edit

Harry stood in a hidden section of the Auror Office. It was part of his test to become an Auror. Three Aurors stood across from him. "Mr. Potter, an Auror must act quick under pressure. You must defeat these three professional Aurors. There are no Unforgivable Curses allowed in this duel. Good luck, and BEGIN!" said the Head of the Auror Office, Mr. Bendyn.

He fired red sparks overhead of the duelers, which exploded into a small set of fireworks. Immediately, a red light rushed past Harry's ear. "Expelliarmus!" said Harry, flicking his wand. One of his attackers' wands flew out of their hands. A red light barely missed Harry's chest, flying under his arm.

A pair of Stunners flew from his attackers. "PROTEGO!" yelled Harry, a magical shield deflecting the stunners. "Stupefy." A red beam of light shot from Harry's wand, heading towards one of the Auror attackers. The other turned to catch his friend. When the last Auror headed for Harry, he began firing red beams of light wildly. Harry saw this coming, and waved his wand. It was like an invisible rope was pulled tight in front of him, and he fell flat on his face. Disarmed or stunned, the Aurors had lost the fight.

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