The rain pelted on Harry's dorm window.  He had been laying on his bed, thinking of the blustering storm outside.  Then, suddenly, came a knock upon his door.
   "Who's there?" he asked.
   "Ron." a voice said from behind the door.
   Harry got up but did not take the time to put on his cloak for he was shirtless.  After all, it was just Ron.  But as he opened the door, a figure with a blondish head came swiftly through and slammed the door.  When the figure stood still, Harry realized it was-
   "Malfoy!" he shouted.
   "It was the only way I could get you to let me in," Draco Malfoy said, "Saying I was Ron, I mean."
   "Why did you?" Harry demanded, curling his hands into fists.
   Draco looked at Harry a moment with his pale eyes.  For the first time, Draco's usual hateful glance when he saw Harry was gone.  There was another look in his eyes yet Harry did not care at that moment.
   "I'll tell you," Draco said.  Harry unraveled his fists but continued glaring at Darco.
   "You see," Draco began, "We've always been bitter enemies ever since we were eleven, when we first came here to Hogwarts.  But lately, I've felt feelings strange to me.  I did not know what they were or where they came from.  Then I realized,".
   He grabbed Harry's wrist gently.
   "It was love."
   They stood there quiet a while.  Draco took his hand and put it on Harry's bare chest.  He brushed it around and moved it upwards, downwards, side-to-side.  He got Harry's eyes.  He stared into them a moment.  He closed his pale ones and raised his lips to Harry's.  Harry felt the moist, tingling sensation of their lips clinging to each other.  He put his hand on the back of Draco's head and pulled him closer.  Draco did the same.  Suddenly, Harry pulled back.
   "No!" he screamed, taking Draco's hand of his bare chest, "We can't do this."
   "Harry..." Draco whisopered, a pang of hurt in his eyes, "Why not?"
   Harry stood still as a statue.  He laid his hand on Draco's chest and removed his cloak.  He brushed back Draco's blond hair and said, "I don't know."
  Then, taking Draco's back, he pulled them together again, feeling the warmth of Draco's body against his.  Their lips wrapped round each other's again.  Harry lowered his hand on Draco's back and Draco took the sides of Harry's head and smmashed his lips against his.  Soon, instead of a slow, opassionate kiss, it became a struggle of dominance of their kiss.  They wrestled round, smacking their lips repeatedly against each other's.  Before they knew it, they were rolling on the floor, Harry wrapping his legs around Draco.  So that was the look in Draco's eyes: love.  Love...and misheviousness.

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