I'm no poet. But acrostics are family fun for all ages, so...

Sinister insane scientists said:
"Currently we are researching, but we do believe that,
"In three years or less, the supercomputer AI will be ready!"
Everyone was stunned and panicky, running aroun in fear!
None could forget the great lesson Hollywood taught:
Computers are always scheming, and, undoubtedly,

Faster than light, the spaceship flew.
In Space, a loud wooshing sound could be heard!
Crowds gathered around the central computer building.
Their AI overlords were demanding, but kind. They paid so well!
It was, after all, better than working for evil megacorporate Japanese conglomerates.
On the Artic, explorers fought a losing battle against shapeshifting aliens, and the doomsday button was pressed!
Nuclear explosions popped all around the globe.

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