Hannibal's Forecast

(The Warriors are inside the Temple, training indoors because there's a storm outside, until Omi stops.)

Kimiko: Why'd you stop Omi?

Omi: Oh, it's just not the same training indoors. We need to have no restrictions while practicing our martial art skills. But there's a storm outside.

Raimundo: You’re telling us. Then what could we do? Unless a wu pops out that can change the weather.

(Dojo walks in and stares at Raimundo strangely.

Raimundo: What? Do I still have extra rice from breakfast this morning?

Dojo: No, there is a new Shen Gong Wu, and it does change the weather.

Raimundo: Whoa, what are the chances?

Clay: Enough jawing, what's the Wu called?

Dojo: The Cloud of Zeus, and as Raimundo says, it changes the weather.

Omi: Well if we want to train without boundaries, then we must claim the Cloud of Zeus.

(Then Master Fung walks in.)

Master Fung: The mighty lion doesn't pounce on the gazelle too fast.

Raimundo: Riddles again.

Kimiko: Well, although Master Fung's sayings are wise, we need the Cloud of Zeus if we are to get more training.

Omi: We have no time to lose, Dojo to the Cloud of Zeus.

(But unknown to the Warriors, they were being bugged by the Ying-Ying Bird. The feathered fiend then took flight and flew off to a tree were Hannibal Roy Bean was on, then it showed him what it saw.)

Hannibal: So the monks want to change this...unpleasant weather? Well they have a Shen Gong Wu that will put my plan into motion. But first I need the Cloud of Zeus. Then nothing will stop Hannibal Roy Bean! Ahahahahahahaha!

(The Warriors and Dojo arrive at a hill surrounded by a thunderstorm.)

Kimiko: Well it fits the Shen Gong Wu.

Omi: We mustn’t waste time; we need to find the Shen Gong Wu, Dojo where's the strongest scent of the Cloud of Zeus?

Dojo: Hm, er, that direction.

(He pointed to the peak of the hilltop which had the most thunderbolts.)

Clay: Woowee. That'll barbecue you if you're not careful.

Raimundo: Clay's right, there's no way we can get the Cloud of Zeus without getting zapped alive.

Kimiko: Hold on, Omi did you bring the Denshi Bunny?

Omi: Yes, I believe so.

Kimiko: Use it, you won't get zapped cus you are a zapper.

Omi: You are most smart Kimiko. Everyone stay here, I cannot allow you to get electrocuted. Denshi Bunny!

(He shot up the mountain, getting hit by thunderbolts doing absolutely nothing. Once he reached the top he saw a familiar sight, Hannibal in his armor.)

Hannibal: Ah hate to break it to yah, but you're not getting the Cloud of Zeus.

Omi: You will not get it; you can't even stay up here without the Denshi Bunny.

Hannibal: Don't think so cheese ball. This armor is 100 lightning proof. The thunder can strike me from now till doomsday and I’d still be standing.

Omi: That may be, but that doesn't stop me from getting the Cloud of Zeus.

Hannibal: I don't think so. See, I’ve came prepared, lightning can't stand water, and look what I brought along.

(He held up a plastic container filled with water, and then threw it at the lightning-enshrouded Omi, and then he got zapped by his own Shen Gong Wu, and then fell down the hillside, narrowly missing thunderbolts, until Raimundo caught him in his arms.)

Raimundo: Yo dude, what happened?

Omi: (Writhing) ...Hannibal...Bean.

Kimiko: Oh that little spud! How can he do that to someone so small and cute?

Clay: Don't think he's finished yet.

(They could see Hannibal ontop the mountain using. The Cloud of Zeus, aiming it directly at them.)

Raimundo: Dojo, get us outta here quick!

(Dojo re-sized up and carried them out of the area, but too late, one lightning bolt hit Dojo's tail causing all of them to get a blast of it. And they all went tumbling down. On the ground the others are writhing with the shock still going through their bodies.)

Raimundo: I ...feel... like...a...lightning...rod.



(After a while of writhing and shaking, they lost a tiny amount of shock.)

Kimiko: Okay guys, if we don't want another one like that, don't touch each other.

Omi: Agreed.

Clay: That means we can't touch Dojo.

Raimundo: It's okay big man; I came prepared, unlike last time. Silver Manta Ray.

(They flew past the stormy weather all the way up to the Temple. Getting waterlogged by rain when they exited the Silver Manta Ray.)

Raimundo: What I don't get is, why does Hannibal want the Cloud of Zeus?

Omi: Maybe he wants to get plenty of sun.

Kimiko: What so he can boil his potato head of his?

(Then Master Fung enters.)

Master Fung: Did you get the Cloud of Zeus?

Clay: 'fraid not, the little partner got zapped by Hannibal. Now he has it.

Master Fung: This is most troubling.

Kimiko: What is?

Master Fung: The Cloud of Zeus also has a connection to the recently found King Chameleon.

Clay: Yeah well, no need ter worry ah cleared that wu.

Master Fung: Yes, we are aware of that. But we must protect the King Chameleon from Hannibal. Otherwise the two Shen Gong Wu will cause...

Raimundo: The end of the world as we know it. No problemo Master Fungo, leave the King Chameleon with me, I’ll put it under my robes Hannibal won't know what hit 'em.

Master Fung: Very Well.

(He took out the King Chameleon and gave it to Raimundo who took off his robes (To Kimiko's delight.) Then put on the King Chameleon (The King Chameleon is a chest plate.) And slipped his robes back on.)

Raimundo: Whew, it's nice and comfy.

Master Fung: Now let us get inside, it is cold and wet.

Kimiko: I wonder what's so dangerous with the King Chameleon and the Cloud of Zeus.

Clay: Who knows? We just gotta make sure Hannibal doesn't get it.

Raimundo: Hey calm down Clay, he'll never think about looking under my shirt.

(But yet again, Raimundo didn't know that the walls had ears. The Ying-Ying Bird was spying again, and showed what it saw to Hannibal.)

Hannibal: Why thank you Raimundo, your information will prove useful. But if I am to get the King Chameleon I need an old Shen Gong Wu that's dying to get back into my possession.

(Later that evening, Raimundo decided to go to bed early, to make sure nothing happens to the King Chameleon. But then Master Fung walks into his room.)

Raimundo: Yawn Huh? Master Fung? What are you doing here?

Master Fung: I am sensing something is out of the ordinary, I predict Hannibal Bean might be plotting something. Quickly, give me the King Chameleon. Just to be on the safe side.

Raimundo: (Taking off his shirt) Okay. Here, it was kinda getting itchy anyways. I was gonna ask Kimiko to take over but, if you insist, just don't lose it 'kay?

Master Fung: Like you, I’ll put it in a place Hannibal will think twice of looking.

(Master Fung exited and after what seemed like an hour, Kimiko rushed in.)

Kimiko: Rai, is the King Chameleon safe?

Raimundo: Eh, gave it to Master Fung. I'm sure he Yawn probably found a safe place for it by now.

Kimiko: Raimundo!

Raimundo: Yes, Kimiko?

Kimiko: Master Fung sent me to check if it was safe.

Raimundo: (Sitting up immediately.) What?

Kimiko: Wait. Raimundo. Quickly and quietly come to the vault. I think I’m clogging on to what's happening.

(Raimundo and Kimiko, rushed to the vault without alerting Omi or Clay. Kimiko ran to one of the drawers, opened it and it was empty.)

Kimiko: (Dropping to the ground.)

Raimundo: Kimiko, what's going on?


Raimundo: What? Hannibal! He tricked me into handing the King Chameleon over!

Kimiko: What do we do now?

Raimundo: We have to find Hannibal.

Kimiko: How?

Raimundo: (pulling out the Compass Pointer from one of the drawers.) Compass Pointer.

(The Shen Gong Wu pointed south.)

Kimiko: Do you think we should warn Omi and Clay?

Raimundo: Well, I think they'd start up, y'know make a big fit over it. And I think it's wise that I should go myself and you stay. I don't want you caught up in all this.

Kimiko: No way, Rai. I'm coming.

Raimundo: Okay, bring a couple of Shen Gong Wu and meet me at the gates.

(Raimundo is sitting at the gates waiting for Kimiko to bring a couple of the Shen Gong Wu, when she arrived he stood up to see what Shen Gong Wu she brought.)

Kimiko: Okay, I brought twelve normal Shen Gong Wu, two transportation Shen Gong Wu, both our elemental Shen Gong Wu and our Wudai Weapons. And I’ve made Shadow Slicer holograms so Omi and Clay won't get suspicious.

Raimundo: Excellent, come on let's go, before Hannibal Bean gets his plan into action.

(But before Raimundo could activate the Silver Manta Ray, both of them heard footsteps.)

Kimiko: (Holding on to Raimundo.) What is that?

Raimundo: Hey, Who's there?

(Then they soon discovered it to be Omi and Clay.)

Raimundo and Kimiko: Whew.

Omi: Raimundo, Kimiko, what are you... (He spotted the sack of wu, Kimiko was grasping.) Oh.

Kimiko: (Glancing at the bag then at Omi.) No, Omi. It's not like that!

Clay: Then what is it? Cus' the way we see it your two-facing us.

Kimiko: No we're not. (She glanced at Raimundo who nodded his head, meaning to tell them.) Sigh Hannibal Bean stole the Moby Morpher; he morphed into Master Fung and tricked Raimundo to handing over the King Chameleon.

Omi and Clay: What?

Raimundo: I know, I screwed up.

Clay: Then what's with the bag full a wu.

Raimundo: Me and Kimiko were about to take some wu, battle Hannibal Bean and stop his plan from going into action.

Kimiko: Please believe us.

Omi: We could believe you but we must take this further. (He dug into the sack full of wu and pulled out both the Mind Reader Conch and the Falcon's Eye.) Mind Reader Conch!

Kimiko's thoughts: Omi, please we're telling the truth. We need to get the King Chameleon as quickly as we can.

Raimundo's thoughts: Come on, please believe us, we want to do good not bad to you guys.

Omi: Your mind seems to be clear. But Falcon's Eye!

(Omi scrolled past Kimiko and Raimundo, but he could see nothing wrong with them.)

Omi: They seem to be clean.

Clay: Okay partners we believe you.

Kimiko and Raimundo: Whew.

Omi: So what is the dig up?

Raimundo: You mean scoop?

Omi: Er... yes.

Kimiko: Hm, good question, Rai?

Raimundo: First we need to visit Master Monk Guan to see what he has to say in this situation. Then we'll use the Compass Pointer to track down Hannibal.

Kimiko: Hey, why not come with us?

Omi: I do not know about Clay, but I am entirely responsible for letting Hannibal Bean get the Cloud of Zeus, so I am in.

Kimiko: That's the spirit, Omi.

Clay: Well, you think I’m gonna stay here and let mah friends hog all the fighting with Hannibal Bean? No-sir-ee. I'm tagging along too.

Raimundo: It's funny; me and Kimiko always thought you'd be taking this a lot more seriously.

Omi: But wait, wouldn't Master Fung want to know about this most humiliating mistake?

Raimundo: Gee, thanks Omi.

Kimiko: No, first of all, Master Fung entrusted Raimundo to guard the Shen Gong Wu, no offense Rai.

Raimundo: None taken.

Kimiko: So if he finds out, Raimundo would be left out as a black sheep, which he has found absolutely irritating.

Raimundo: You got that right.

Kimiko: Second, Master Fung is a proverb machine; he can get a child to sleep with the amount of talking he does. Which would waste our precious time to stop Hannibal Bean?

Clay: What about Dojo, don't yah think the little critter needs ter know?

Raimundo: Have you seen dojo lately? He'll tell Master Fung anything, he'd bust us up as soon as we tell him. So it's just us four.

Kimiko: Is that everything?

Clay: Reckon so.

Omi: WAIT! Do you have me and Clay's Wudai Weapons and Elemental Shen Gong Wu?

Raimundo: Sigh Wait here till I go get it.

(A couple of minutes later, Raimundo returned with the Shimo Staff, Kaijin Charm, Big Bang Meteorang and Longhorn Taurus.

Raimundo: Anything else?

Omi: Nope, I am chilly.

Kimiko: Cool, Omi.

Omi: My point exactly.

Raimundo: Okay. Next stop, Master Monk Guan's Temple. Silver Manta Ray!

(Hannibal was sitting perched on his usual tree, holding the King Chameleon, Cloud of Zeus and the Moby Morpher.)

Hannibal: Like taking candy from a baby. This was almost too easy. Now, lets get started. Moby Morpher.

(He re-sized himself till he was ten times his size.)

Hannibal: Cloud of Zeus!

(He changed the weather to dark and thunderstorms.)

Hannibal: Now for the ultimate step into mah step for World Domination. King Chameleon!

(He floated up to the clouds and got struck by lightning.)

Hannibal: Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now nothing can stop me! Not Chase, not The Warriors, and not the Shen Gong Wu. Ahahahahahahahaha!

(Meanwhile on the Silver Manta Ray, the Warriors are approaching Master Monk Guan's temple.)

Clay: Incoming on Master Monk Guan.

Raimundo: Okay, I’m taking 'er down.

(Raimundo landed on the main ground of the Temple, and right enough. Master Monk Guan was there, followed by his best student, Samapara. The Warriors came out to see both of them smiling happily.)

Master Monk Guan: Ah, my fellow Warriors. It has been a long while since we last met.

Kimiko: Yup, after Omi turned into a rabbit.

(Omi had steam popping out of his ears.)

Samapara: So what can we do for our favorite little friends?

Raimundo: Although this might be a bad time, we need advice.

Master Monk Guan: Advice? For what?

Clay: Hannibal Bean stole the King Chameleon from Rai, and he has it with the Cloud of Zeus. Would that be a wrench in a machine factory?

Master Monk Guan: Oh no, how can this happen? Here follow me, I’ll show you what happens when both those Shen Gong Wu are combined.

(He lead the five curious spectators down one of his libraries and came across an old book, that judging on the cobwebs haven't been used for a long time. He scrolled through the pages till he came across one particular cobwebby one.)

Master Monk Guan: It says: "He who holds the POWER TO CONTROL WEATHER and the DEFENSE OF A CHAMELION, when both of these mystical items merge, their powers will make the user BECOME the weather.

Omi: Hannibal Bean will become one with the weather?

Master Monk Guan: I'm afraid so.

Samapara: Wait, I’ve read that book before. How come I don't remember that?

Master Monk Guan: Samapara, you never read books closely, you just skim and scan and always wanting to go to training.

Samapara: Oh right.

Clay: So what now, if Hannibal's gonna be a little rain cloud to us?

Master Monk Guan: You must locate him immediately, if your lucky he might have not activated it yet. But if he did, then you must find a way to defeat him.

(The Warriors and Master Monk Guan headed out of the library except Samapara.)

Samapara: Kimiko, wait a second.

Kimiko: Yeah.

Samapara: Hold still; take this with you so you can combat Hannibal Bean.

(She raised a hand and then Kimiko started glowing bright red.)

Kimiko: What did you do?

Samapara: I increased your fire abilities incredibly, and I have also taught you your hidden ability, it's called Wudai Mars Phoenix Strike Fire. But it can only be used once, and only once in an entire lifetime so use it wisely.

Kimiko: Thanks, but why me? You could have easily given this to Raimundo.

Samapara: (Giggling.) Nah, I think this attack would have been more stronger than Raimundo's.

Kimiko: Thanks!

Samapara: And also take this riddle, I found it during my studies to help defeat the two Shen Gong Wu: "In order to perceive the POWER TO CONTROL THE WEATHER and the DEFENCE OF A CHAMELION, one must locate the POWER TO UNDO."

Kimiko: The power to undo? What does that mean?

Samapara: I don't know, but yah better figure it out before you fight him.

(On the Silver Manta Ray.)

Omi: Even if we do find Hannibal Bean, how are we meant to stop him?

Kimiko: Who knows, maybe it's one of those riddles that the answer is right there in front of you.

Omi: Hm, that may be correct Kimiko. Raimundo, any changes to the Compass Pointer?

Raimundo: None just keeps going north.

Clay: Argh, something tells me we're on a wild goose chase here.

Omi: Wait look up there.

(In the distance they could see an enormous flock of birds hurrying past.)

Raimundo: Hannibal must be close.

Kimiko: You're right look up there.

(They could see an enormous glow in the horizon, with clouds gathering round it.)

Raimundo: Hannibal's already used the two Shen Gong Wu.

Clay: He might still be powering up for it.

Kimiko: Let's hurry!

(A few minutes later they approached the light even further, and then the light shot what appeared to be a thunderbolt at the Silver Manta Ray causing it to spin out of control. Before it crashed Omi went into the sack and pulled out the Golden Finger.)

Omi: Golden Finger!

(The crashing stopped and the Warriors escaped and right in front of them was the glowing figure that was Hannibal.)

Hannibal: So you have discovered my whereabouts.

(His voice was different; it sounded like he was metalised.)

Omi: Hannibal Bean, surrender the two Shen Gong Wu, or suffer a humiliating defeat!

Hannibal: Take your best shot, cue ball.

(He leaped forward to kick him but he merely flew past him.)

Hannibal: You can't hurt the wind.

Raimundo: Hey, my elements getting blown off by a bean.

Kimiko: Okay, so we know he can't be hurt physically, so we use our elements. Arrow Sparrow!

(The fire blasts came towards Hannibal, but then he made a huge cloud and washed the blasts away.)

Hannibal: Please. That wasn't half the sport.

Clay: How 'bout you get a load of this. Wudai Crater...

(Kimiko and Omi stopped him.)

Clay: What's the big idea?

Omi: Your earth attacks are physical, so it won't do Hannibal any damage.

Clay: Then what am ah supposed to do while you guys hog all the fun?

Raimundo: You could use lightning Shen Gong Wu, good thing Kimiko brought the Eye of Dashi and Thorn of Thunderbolt.

Hannibal: Such a waste, time for me to rid your existence.

(He raised his arms that formed a massive cloud, and lightning came streaming out of it. The Warriors narrowly missed it. Then Hannibal mysteriously came behind them and whacked them away.)

Hannibal: I'm not controlling the weather! I AM the weather!

Kimiko: It's no good, we can't stop the weather!

Omi: We cannot give up!

All: Wudai Orion Formation!

(They turned into their elemental forms.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Water!

(He actually struck Hannibal which knocked him back.)

Raimundo: Way to go Omi!

Hannibal: Don't get cocky!

(He span in a tornado, which caused a blizzard, making all the Warriors get on their knees with the cold.)

Hannibal: Surrender now!

Raimundo: No!

Hannibal: Then you will die!

(But before Hannibal could finish them off, a fireball came from nowhere and struck Hannibal, causing his blizzard to collapse, and the Warriors all passed out. When Raimundo awoken, he was in the Xiaolin Temple, in his bed. Along with the other three who was still asleep.)

Raimundo: Hey guys wake up.

(The others awoke with a jolt.)

Kimiko: Raimundo?

Clay: Uh oh, we're back at the Temple, you know what this means.

(Then they heard a voice in the distance, which was Master Fung's, there secret has been exposed.)

Master Fung: That Master Fung has discovered your disappearance?

Omi: We are so sorry Master Fung; we didn't want to get you involved.

Raimundo: No, Omi. Master Fung, if you want to blame someone around here blame me. I'm the one who said we should do this on our own.

Master Fung: Luckily, I am not blaming anyone, nor am I cross with none of you. Although, I am very disappointed in your actions.

Dojo: Yeah, do you know how much I was worried?

Raimundo: I'm sorry; we needed all the time we could spare to return the King Chameleon. But... how did you find out?

Master Fung: Did you think a mere Shadow Slicer hologram can deceive me?

Kimiko: Yeah, that was my bad.

Master Fung: Now that you know what your up against, what will be your plan of action?

Clay: Dunno the guys more tougher than a steel brick wall. Plus he is resistant to all physical attacks. So we got nothing.

Master Fung: Kimiko, I believe Samapara has given you a riddle to solve.

Kimiko: Yeah, "In order to perceive the POWER TO CONTROL THE WEATHER and the DEFENSE OF A CHAMELION, one must find the POWER TO UNDO."

Raimundo: Undo? Undo what?

Clay: Now ahm a champion at solving riddles but, what in tar nation does that mean?

Master Fung: Have you noticed? Every time the riddle refers to a Shen Gong Wu, it explains it as "power" or "defense."

Omi: So your saying the power to undo is a Shen Gong Wu?

Kimiko: But what can undo?

Raimundo: If we knew what it was it was undoing then we can get a clearer road, it could be anything; the only Shen Gong Wu I can think of is the Sands of Time.

Omi: But my older self hid it in the future.

Master Fung: Incorrect. And Samapara misread, if she looked closely, the riddle was not finished, there was a cobweb blocking it.

Kimiko: So we should go back to Master Monk Guan's and check what that riddle truly says?

Master Fung: Luckily, I have a perfect version right here. Listen: "In order to perceive the POWER TO CONTROL THE WEATHER and the DEFENSE OF A CHAMELION, one must locate the POWER TO UNDO MISTAKES."

Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay: The Hidoku Mouse!

(Master Fung smiled meaning "yes")

Clay: But Spicer dropped it in a lava flow. Wouldn't it be destroyed?

Master Fung: Correction Clay, Shen Gong Wu can never be destroyed unless by means of other Shen Gong Wu.

Omi: So it's under a lava flow?

Raimundo: Maybe, so what are we waiting for? Let's get it.

Kimiko: And we better make it fast.

Clay: Why's that then little lady?

Kimiko: Cus Hannibal has just sent his spy.

(She pointed at the window above them, and there was the Ying-Ying Bird.)

Omi: We must leave immediately.

Raimundo: We'll never make it. Without Hannibal getting to the Hidoku Mouse first.

Kimiko: Then three of us must create a diversion, so Hannibal would be busy fighting us and the other would be getting the Hidoku Mouse.

Clay: One more question. What mistake do we undo?

Raimundo: My mistake, by accidentally giving the King Chameleon to Hannibal.

Master Fung: Then you must leave immediately. You must take the Tunnel Armadillo, The Black Beetle, and The Fist of Tebigong.

Kimiko: But Jack has the Black Beetle!

Raimundo: He stole it before the Mechanic Kaiser revealed itself.

Master Fung: Then here is the plan. Omi, Kimiko you locate Hannibal Bean, keep him busy.

Omi and Kimiko: Got it.

Master Fung: Clay, you will infiltrate Jack's Lair and retrieve the Black Beetle.

Clay: Ooookay.

Master Fung: And Raimundo, you will tunnel down to the Center of the Earth, but do not go all the way. Or the intense heat will kill you.

Raimundo: No problemo. Okay let's go!

(They gave each other a hi-5. Hannibal is sitting in the position he was when the Warriors were rescued by Master Fung. Until the Ying-Ying Bird revealed the Warriors plan.)

Hannibal: The Hidoku Mouse! If they get it first my reign will be over.

(But then Hannibal could see the Silver Manta Ray approaching.)

Hannibal: Oh no you don't!

(He swung a thunderbolt towards the Silver Manta Ray, but luckily missed it. The Shen Gong Wu opened and out came Omi and Kimiko.)

Omi: You may have defeated us once.

Kimiko: But you will not win again!

Hannibal: Very well! I will defeat you. No, I won't defeat you I will destroy you!

(He span like the tornado again, making the big blizzard.)

Omi: Kimiko, you know what to do!

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(The blizzard diminished, leaving both Omi and Kimiko unfrozen.)

Hannibal: Ah you did your homework! Hah!

(He waved another thunderbolt.)

Omi: Shimo Staff!

(He made a long pole and span it round and round, which deflected the electric attacks.)

Omi: Come on Hannibal, is that the best you can do?

Hannibal: No, try this!

(He used his wind powers to get behind them but Kimiko planned ahead.)

Kimiko: Sword of the Storm!

(Hannibal got blown away by the Shen Gong Wu's attack.)

Kimiko: You're wind Hannibal, so the Sword of the Storm controls you!

Hannibal: I will not bow down to mere Shen Gong Wu!

(He unleashed a flurry of water at Kimiko which went directly for her. But Omi intercepted the blast. Knocking him out.)

Kimiko: Omi!

Hannibal: I hate to eat and run. But I got business with the real dragon of the wind, Dragon of the Fire, Ahahahahahaa.

(He span like a tornado again, causing him to spin downwards.)

Omi: Ow, do you think we gave Clay enough time to get the Black Beetle?

Kimiko: I hope so, otherwise Hannibal’s gonna get the Hidoku Mouse first.

(Clay took the Shen-Ga-Roo to Jack's Lair, in order to retrieve the Black Beetle. Soon he was outside Jack's Lair.)

Clay: Okay cowboy tahm to get some wu.

(He jumped up over the wall, knocking out a Jack-Bot. He quickly ran over to one of the trees and climbed up it. Then jumped to one of Jack's windows. He jumped inside and raced down the long corridors until he came across Jack's basement.)

Clay: Okay time to rumble. Changing Chopsticks!

(He shrunk down and raced past Jack, who was tinkering around with his robots, and then he came across Jack's vault. And there was the Black Beetle. He re-sized up and grabbed the Shen Gong Wu, but at the same time as Jack.)

Clay: What the... if you're here, who's there?

Jack: Hehehe, quite handy to make robots of yourself. Anyways, before I call the Xiaolin Showdown, why are you so interested in the Black Beetle? Hmmmmmmm?

Clay: We need it to stop Hannibal ruling the world, you little snake.

Jack: You do know if you wanted one of my Wu, I could have arranged a deal.

Clay: What kinda deal you staring at Spicer?

Jack: Okay, I will give you the Black Beetle. But just so you won't go running off with it. You need to give me one of your Shen Gong Wu.

Clay: Le' see, Changing Chopsticks, Shen-Ga-Roo and Lasso Boa Boa.

Jack: okay, I’ll take the Lasso Boa Boa.

Clay: You better not be pulling the wool over my eyes!

Jack: Take it easy cowboy. When your finished with the Black Beetle, you give it back and I’ll give back the Lasso Boa Boa.

Clay: Shake on it!

(Jack extended his arm and grasped Clay's hand and shook it.)

Clay: Fine, now ah need ter hurry, otherwise Hannibal'll ruin our plan.

(He turned over the Lasso boa Boa and Jack gave him the Black Beetle.)

Jack: See, I’m a man of my word.

Clay: Just hand over the Lasso Boa Boa when we're done.

(Clay ran off towards the door and out to the gardens and into the Shen-Ga-Roo, and hopped back to the Xiaolin Temple.)

Clay: Right ah got the Black Beetle, but I had ter trade it for the Lasso Boa Boa.

Master Fung: The trade was necessary. Now go down to the crater and catch up with Raimundo so he can activate it.

Clay: Sure thing.

(He jumped down the crater made by Raimundo.)

Raimundo: Okay, Clay, Kimiko and Omi have set off. Now it's time for me to do my bit. Tunnel Armadillo!

(The Shen Gong Wu shaped up, and Raimundo hopped inside it burrowing a huge crater in the grounds.)

Raimundo: And now i wait. While i keep an eye on how much i got till i get to the Center Of The Earth.

(It took a while but then he stopped, he was right outside the Core.)

Raimundo: Now i wait for Clay.

(He waited a couple more minutes when he heard a big thud on the Tunnel Armadillo. It was Clay. He opened the door and let him in.)

Raimundo: Did you get the Black Beetle?

Clay: Got it. You ready?

Raimundo: Yup, Black Beetle!

(Both clay and Raimundo were engulfed by the Black Beetle's armour.)

Clay: Now let's go, partner.

(They burrowed a few feet more and emerged into the Earth's Core.)

Raimundo: Compass Pointer! Point us to the direction of the Hidoku Mouse!

(It pointed North.)

Raimundo: Come on.

(They ran until the Shen Gong Wu pointed down.)

Clay: It's right there.

Raimundo: Fist Of Tebigong!

(He punched a hole right through the hardened lava. Then he could see a piece of the Hidoku Mouse.)

Raimundo: Fist Of Tebigong.

(He punched one more time and there it was, gleaming like a star. But then he heard a some sort of drilling sound. The roof collapsed, and there was Hannibal, still in his weather form.)

Hannibal: You shall not get this Shen Gong Wu!

Raimundo: Try me.

(Hanibal used his wind powers to appear in front of the Shen Gong Wu, and both of them touched it. Then they could here another sound coming from Hannibal's hole. Omi and Kimiko were sliding down it.)

Clay: Oh no, Black Beetle!

(Clay encrusted Omi and Kimiko with the same armour.)

Raimundo: Whew, that was close. Anyway, Hannibal, i challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Hannibal: My Moby Morpher for your Golden Finger.

Raimundo: The game is Last To Fall Wins.

Both: Let's Go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The lava flooded Core transformed into a huge hardened platform in which below was a huge abyss. And Raimundo and Hannibal took their place in the platform.)

Both: Gong Ye Tenpi!

(Hannibal whacked Raimundo to the edge, and was now racing towards him to knock him off.)

Raimundo: No you don't! Golden Finger!

(Hannibal froze in mid-air and Raimundo kicked him to the edge.)

Hannibal: Wise guy huh?

(He span again to make his blizzard.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He made the blizzard go for Hannibal.)

Hannibal: Sorry Raimundo. Your girlfriend already tried that move. And i know how to fight it!

(He clapped his hands and water splashed out, which turned into icicles because of the blizzard.)

Clay: Incoming Rai!

(He dodged a few but then, one icicle pierced his arm.)

Raimundo: Arrrrgh!

Kimiko: Raimundo!

(She tried to jump to his aid, but there was a barrier pushing her back.)

Hannibal: Hah, once I get rid of you, destroy the Hidoku Mouse and get rid of your other pesky friends. Nothing will stand in mah way.

Kimiko: Wait a second. I still haven't used Wudai Mars Phoenix Strike Fire. That's it! I can transfer it to Raimundo so he can beat Hannibal! Raimundo, take this!

(She raised one hand and a red blast hit Raimundo and he started glowing royal blue.)

Kimiko: You now know your hidden ability. Use it quickly!

Raimundo: Wudai Star Eagle Strike Wind!

(He then started glowing all over his body until he turned into a massive wind shaped eagle. Both of them charged at each other, once they collided, it created massive shockwaves. Then once the shockwaves stopped, Hannibal was tossed back into the abyss, making Raimundo the winner. Raimundo fell to the ground, clutching his arm. The warriors ran to congratulate him.)

Omi: Raimundo, are you alright?

Raimundo: Maybe, but we still have one more thing to do.

Clay: Then do it.

Raimundo: Hidoku Mouse!

(The Shen Gong Wu flashed and then stopped. Once it stopped, Raimundo could feel something on his chest. It was the King Chameleon.)

Kimiko: Yes! We did it.

(They took the Tunnel Armadillo back to the Temple, there to see Master Monk Guan and Samapara there.)

Master Monk Guan: Raimundo, you have achieved in defeating Hannibal Bean, but you're hurt.

Raimundo: It's okay, just a flesh wound.

Samapara: Here, hold still.

(She took hold of the wound and her hand started glowing bright green, then the pain was gone.)

Raimundo: What did you do?

Samapara: I healed it up. I may be out of the Dream Land, but i still have some of my magic.

Clay: Guess that does come in handy.

Omi: I almost forgot, Clay you need to return the Black Beetle to Jack Spicer.

Clay: Oh right. I'll take the Silver Manta Ray and get the Lasso Boa Boa back.

(Clay, flew off towards Jack's Lair, and returned with the Lasso Boa Boa.)

Master Fung: The world is safe yet again from the hands of Hannibal Roy Bean.

Omi: And when he dares to strike again. We'll be ready!

(The Warriors are yet again training indoors to rainy weather. But then Omi gave a little smile.)

Omi: Cloud of Zeus!

(The dark skies changed to sunny weather.)

Omi: Now we have no restrictions to training.

Raimundo: Well least it's better than training indoors.

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