Hannah is a demon living in Hell. Every day is dreadful. Every day she does what ever the Devil (Lucifer) tells her to do. She needs an escape. She wants to leave that stupid world behind. She wants to leave Hell and go to Heaven. She fell in love with an angel once, her name was Helen, this angel was waiting for her in Heaven. But it was impossible for her to leave Hell. Because she was starting to fall in love with her best friend, Aysel. What will happen when Aysel agrees to leave Hell with Hannah? A new adventure is in sight. Dramatic, action packed, and tragic at points... Who will Hannah choose? Helen or Aysel? You'll just have to continue reading to find out. WarForLove (talk) 20:34, June 25, 2013 (UTC)WarForLove

Chapter OneEdit

Hannah felt her chest ache as she grabbed another bottle of beer. “Blast it all,” she took a large drink straight from the bottle, “why is it so bloody hot in Hell anyway? No explanation, then, huh? I'd say it's 'cause of the fire. But you know, no one in Hell asks me about my bloody opinion.”   

Eli rubbed his forehead, “It's funny. You were born in France, have a British accent, and live in Hell. Actually, you don't really sound or act like a French person would. You act more British.”   

“That's because my father was British, for Hell's sake, you git!” Hannah began to hiccup. It was clear that she was beyond drunk at that moment. She seemed like she was ready to pass out. But she kept going. “Who the bloody Hell does Lucifer think he is anyway? I'm on this bloody planet right now with you bloody morons and he wants us to…” Hannah hiccuped, “come back. Just because he's the bloody Devil doesn't mean he can order us around. I'll tell you what…”   

Aysel just shook her head, “We're demons. We obey the Devil. Simple as that.”   

“You know,” Eli started, “I find it ironic. She sounds British, and she's nearly always drunk. It's true what the humans say then.”   

Aysel looked up now, “What is that?” A smile played on her lip as she looked at Hannah through the corner of her eye. Hannah was tugging at Herod's hair and asking him if he ever put sunshine and strawberries in it.   

Eli laughed as he looked at Hannah, “Humans say that the British are always drunk in photographs,” Eli picked up his glass of beer, as he raised it to his lips, he stopped and pointed at Hannah, “there's our proof.” 

Aysel couldn't help but laugh. She knew it was true. Looking over at Herod, she couldn't help but laugh again. Herod's hand was outstretched and Hannah continued to try and run and grab his hair, but she would always end up slamming against his hand. Herod looked unamused, “Help here?”   

Eli drank his cup of beer, and quickly threw the glass at Hannah. Hannah managed to catch it. She then threw it at Eli. Being as Eli wasn't as fast as Hannah (whether it be drunk or not), the glass hit him in the chest. Eli looked down at the shards of glass driven into his body, he smiled, “Pain, Hannah. Pain is all we feel as demons,” Eli took out a shard of glass, “we feel no sympathy, no  remorse, no empathy,” Eli smiled up at Hannah, his red eyes sparkling, “no love. All we strive to feel is pain, hate, anger. We strive for the worst. And that's our definition of best.”   

The other's said nothing. There was nothing to say. Who could defend themselves in the eyes of truth? No one. So they didn't bother. A hesitant nod from Herod, another nod from Aysel. But Hannah's eyes narrowed. She stared at the floor of the beer tavern they were in. Cobblestone floor. An old tavern. Hannah knew the name of the country. It was Ireland.    

They had been sent up to Earth to destroy some churches in Ireland. Well, they had all ready done that so now they were drinking at a tavern, until they felt like returning. Which meant at that moment. They would return back to Hell at that moment. Hannah couldn't help but realise that there really was no point in this. No point in this whatsoever.   

She wasn't like the other demons, she had established that years ago. She felt symapthy, she felt remorse, she felt empathy. And she felt love. She felt love because she was caught between two wonderful women. She knew she wasn't like the other demons. But still she continued to live in Hell. She could escape at that very moment. She could get up and leave.   

But that wasn't right. What would happen to Aysel if Hannah was to just get up and leave and never come back? Sure, Aysel can defend herself, but that's not the problem. The problem was that Aysel too wasn't like the other demon's. Aysel is different.   

“Can we just get the Hell out of here all ready? We drank for over 7 hours,” Herod tilted his head in the direction of Eli and Hannah, “at least, you two drank for 7 hours.”   

Aysel smiled. Aysel's dark brown was just a little longer than shoulder length, her eyes a bright green. Her hair was let down, straightened like she liked it. She wore faded blueish, blackish, greenish… Hell, Hannah was too drunk to distinguish the colour that it was. She figured it was black. Aysel wore a green “save the planet” T-shirt. Hannah couldn't help but spot the irony in that. Aysel began to talk, and Hannah had to try to calm herself as Aysel spoke, her bright eyes shining, “In our human life, Hannah was able to drink gallons of vodka and wouldn't get drunk. But, for a killjoy, Hannah was pretty cool when she got drunk… Was like she became another person. Her blue eyes would look so lost and intoxicated that sometimes I stopped questioning how a musician who was so boring could look like that.”   

Herod laughed at that. “It's true, Hannah's always so serious.” Herod's black hair was messy. He had yet to sleep since they had arrived on Earth. His dark red eyes looked tired and lost and honestly uncaring about anything. He wore black jeans and a black T-shirt that read, “It's cool, I'm with the Devil”. The shirt was getting a lot of negative attention from Christians in the tavern. When they would stare, Herod would flash them a devilish smile, and would shout, “He and I are very close,” before turning back to the group and continuing the conversation.   

“It suits her.” Eli said, “Really mother fucking suits her.” Eli had long emo/scene black hair. His eyes seemed careless and bored but usually more excited than Hannah's. He wore his favourite black hoodie, the one with a flaming cross on the front, and “Save the Earth” in green on the back. He wore black skinny jeans and high top converse. Hannah always wondered if he had actually looked like that in his human life, or if he had taken demon liberties and changed his appearance.   

Hannah rolled her eyes, “Suits me, eh? Bloody Americans…” Hannah wore black skinny jeans, and she had on a shirt with a French flag on it. Her long, blonde hair was held back in a ponytail, her face as bored and emotionless as ever. She never really seemed to care about anything. She was fully aware that no one was able to understand her. Honestly, she didn't care.   

Eli raised another glass of beer, but stopped and said, “Sorry, I'm Scandinavian.”   

“Bull shit,” Herod said, watching as Eli drank the glass of beer and called out for another one, “you're not Scandinavian you dip shit.”   

“I am too. I am of Switzerland,” Eli responded as the waiter came over to the table, eyeing them warily.   

Herod pressed the palm of his hand to his face, “I thought you said you were Scandinavian.”   

“Yeah,” Eli paused, looking up at the waiter after the refill, then dismissing him freely, “That's what the people of Switzerland are called. Scandinavian's.”   

Aysel looked utterly bewildered, she was not yet used to Eli's oddball manner.  She was also not used to the fact that he didn't know geography very well, “Eli… The people from Switzerland are called the Swiss. People from Scandinavia are called Sacandinavians.”   

“Oh shit,” Eli looked surprised, “Really?”   

The girls sighed and shook their head at Eli's stupidity, Herod managed to rub his temple and look at Eli through squinted eyes, “You're American, Eli. You have no clue where Cuba is and last time someone brought it up, you said it was in Florida. You don't know the nationality's outside of the states. Just the other day in Hell you wanted to know where to find a McDonalds. When you were Human you found it hard to believe that Canada was a real place. I don't think you even believe Switzerland and Scandinavia are real.”   

“I don't,” Eli said simply, “Now who's gonna pay the bill?”   

Herod looked at Eli, eyes wide, “This is the first time you haven't just directly said we skip out on the bill. Do you have a fever?”    

Eli narrowed his eyes and stood up, “Let's go, dumbasses.”   

They all stood up, not leaving a single dime, except Hannah who left more than a thousand dollars in the bill. Eli opened the tavern door with his foot, and kept it open like that for his friends.    

“I need a cigarette,” Eli said, “Herod? You got a pack and a light?”   

“I swear to Hell… No.” Herod responded. Eli tried to run back into the tavern, and was about to ask the costumers for a pack of cigarette's and a lighter, when Herod grabbed him by his hoodie and pulled him back out.   

Hannah looked over at Aysel who had a frown on her face, “What is it?” Aysel seemed a little too upset. A little to distant. Hannah's heart ached when she saw Aysel that way. Upset and lost. It was undeniable the way Hannah felt for Aysel. It was an emotion Hannah knew very well. It was called love. And that's what Hannah felt towards Aysel… But, Hannah also loved another. Hannah was with another. It was pointless to fall for Aysel. 

“Will we make in back to Hell all right? Eli seems too drunk…” Aysel said looking over at Hannah. As always, Hannah was frowning. Her face emotionless - somewhat even bored - and her eyes drifting from the sky, to the ground, to her friends.    

Hannah spoke, her voice a monotone, no inflection whatsoever. She refused to show any emotion. “They'll be just fine. Eli does this a lot. We can make it to Hell just fine…” Hannah stopped herself, letting the words flow out. She made it look like that was all she had to say, though it wasn't. She thought to herself for a moment'this is bloody awful, how the bloody hell do you go to hell in a "just fine" way? Blast it, the boys are bloody wankers, we're not gonna make i'''''t just fine. Hannah shook the thought out of her head, looking away, "We'll be bloody fine."

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