Halo Downfall is the upcoming sequel to Halo Atonement. It is set a few hours after the "bomb" incident, and it is revealed that The Covenant have arrived with their strongest fleet of approx. 1,268,722 Carriers of assorted variants, leading several fleets of around the same size scattered all around the planet and inner colonies. And so the Covenant have proceded to glass Earth, finally.


ODST Drop Team 215, and their leader Sgt. Bishop Andrews, continue the fight against the Covenant. The game opens with the first mission (a cutscene) on Kurt-051, fighting Voro 'Mantankree. Voro eventually wins, and the scene from the end of Halo: Ghosts of Onyx plays out. As Kurt prepares to die, he is lifted into the air by a bright light, supposedly shielded from the explosion. Afterwards, the screen goes dark as the last vision is of the sentinels reforming the planet, and the title sequence begins. When it ends, the next scene is of the Forward Unto Dawn`s aft section hurtling toward the unknown planet. As the scene progresses. Johnathan-117 climbs out of his cryo tube, him and Cortana discuss what has happened, and she explains that they have been drifting for nearly 4 years, and she, Cortana, is nearing the end of her life. She asks Johnathan to pull the plug. John reluctantly obliges and does so, ending Cortana. He then wanders the wasteland of the planet, finding a doorway which takes him into the core of the planet. John finds himself in the room Kurt was in, and plans to off himself seeing as all those close to him, The Spartans, Dr. Halsey, and Cortana, are all dead. Master Chief, enters the portal, and is reunited the none other than Kelly, Fred and Linda, Dr. Halsey, and S-III teams Katana and Saber. As the movie runs along, Dr Halsey explains that Mendez has dissappeared, and that they must find a way out. She notices a beam of light in some mountains.

As the team progresses, they notice that Teams Katana and Saber are being picked off one by one. Kelly and Johnathan engage in small talk about Cortana and John ends it by confirming he does not want to talk about it. More talk ensues about said AI and about escaping, and Linda even threatens to arrest Halsey when she mentions not going back for Mendez, until finally, they are attacked by Flood. Halsey refuses to let John hold them off, and John is thrown through the portal by Kelly, before he can save her. The portal back closes before anything can be done. The rest is unknown, and the cutscene ends back at Earth.

The next mission picks up where the previous game left off. ODST team 215 explore their next course of action as they approach their next assigned destination, Arusha Medical Facility D-3 by Admiral Harper. They meet up with General Moran who tells them they have gotten reports of nearby scouting parties, that they must defend the facility from invaders. The mission officially begins with an explosion from down the streets as two Seraphs scream by dropping plasma mortars, destroying several Scorpions. Moran yells for everybody to get inside and arm themselves, even the injured. You find yourself armed with typical ODST loadout, Submachine Gun and Magnum. This mission centres around Bishop, naturally. Bishop and his squad take out several squads of Covenant Grunts and Jackals, eventually fighting through the infested building, to the courtyard, where they must disengage several fixed shade emplacements. The final battle is on the street (the player can pick up a shotgun for the fight before, which includes a rather large batallion of grunts and jackales in a rather large multi-story room). Bishop and his squad then finish off the Covenant infantry on the street, ending the mission with a rather long cutscene. The Cutscene begins with a Pelican pilot telling them how he can only make a last ditch 'sweeping pickup'. Dixie, Knight and Rebel manage to get on the ride, barely, but a blast from a distant Wraith knocks the Pelican off balance, and Bishop is thrown out. The pilot takes off, appologising for not being able to remain for pickup. Bishop then climbs to his feet, and a Warthog just happens by. Bishop climbs on, explaining how they could use some help fighting off heavy infantry on the savannah.

The next mission begins with Kurt-051 lying face-down in the middle of the desert. He gets up, and, confused, begins walking in any direction. He walks for several hours before falling to his feet. A shape appears, and tells him he cannot stop, his race needs him, and then some form of energy lifts him to his feet, and Kurt breaks off into a full sprint in a different direction, almost as if he suddenly knowns, exactly where to go. The cutscene ends, and the mission picks up, where the previous, left off. Bishop arrives, in his warthog in a savannah, and climbs out. Bishop equips his weapons and climbs into his own hog, inbound for the inner savannah. After fighting his way to an 'Elephant' convoy, he mounts up with the rest of his team members, which, so coincidentally, just so happen to be here for the same reason he was. The first part is leading the convoy in your warthog, with, of course, Knight and Rebel onboard. The warthog is then destroyed by a Scarab, just narrowly avoiding death, the trio climb aboard the Elephant. The first part of the mission is defending the Elephant's top deck from boarding Grunts and Jackals. Afterwards, the player must defend against enemy vehicles, including 6 wraiths and 3 scarabs. The ending part of the mission is getting to go afoot (finally) and fight Brutes, including Airborne Brutes, and their leader, a Brute clad in crimson armor, and Stalker (SpecOps) Brutes. But this could only mean one thing. Sure enough, the player must fight The Commander, once more, but this time, it's to the death. The Commander tortures Bishop, and threatens to castrate him, but, luckily, Knight has his back. Knight gets a lucky missile in from the Elephant's missile carriage. The Brute is killed, and Knight says that's for humilating him on the train. The ending cutscene of the mission is 215 piling into a pelican, inbound for the next one, aiding Sgt Miller's team in infiltrating a Covenant controlled human city, one of the larger ones, in an attempt to break their grip on Earth's surface. The Admiral also tells them a few long lost friends have mysteriously re-appeared 4 years later, and because of this, they may, due to fate's kindness, have a chance in this apocalypse.

The next mission opens on a rather large Brute, clad in ornate armor, wearing a helmet similar to that of a ram's head. The Brute stands alongside a Prophet in a hover throne, and he chants to it how the human's have met their end. The Prophet then speaks, and it is revealed the Prophet is female. She tells the Brute, whom she refers to as Imperial Admiral, that the Humans' Demons have returned. The Brute growls. Saying they will burn alongside the rest of their kinblood. The second part of the cutscene is of an audience of people gathered in a stadium in Toronto, and set high on a stage is a podium. Admiral Harper approaches the mic and tells the people that their heroes have returned, and that true heroes never die, and before giving a long speech about the war, and the Spartans' victories, he welcomes them, and Frederic-104, the leader, speaks to them, and he then lets Johnathan speak. Alot of people begin cheering, but one person in the crowd, says he 'just got lucky', and does not deserve 'fame'. Johnathan's feeling are hurt, and as he is about to leave, a voice agrees with him. Kurt-051 emerges from the darkness, and Kurt makes the mistake of mentioning Cortana, and the two fight. Kurt inadvertantly wins as he succesfully predicts all of John's moves before they happen, however the two are restrained by Kelly and Linda. Kurt says this isn't over, not by a long-shot. The scene ends and goes back to the struggles of ODST Team 215.

The next mission and most others following are mainly Flood oriented. The squad fights their way to Hunter's (Miller's) team, and they are then accompanied by the Spartans, lead by none other than Kurt-051. Everybody salutes, but they are told by the Admiral to be in command, and use the Spartans are their 'Shield and Sword', and that they, the 215, and 195 have been chosen to spearhead the 'victory' assault by the UNSC, but mainly because they're all that's available. They are going to spearhead an assault on the Brute Imperial Admiral and the last surviving Prophet. The majority of the mission is finding your squad after they are seperated, yeah that's right, your alone with the big freaky Spartans. Eventually you find out Dixie has been captured, along with Spartan-117, whom the team fights to defend, but he is overpowered by multiple Brutes and a Drone swarm. The player must locate him and fight through a Drone Hive, before getting 117, Bishop finds Dixie and fully reestablishes his team. After extracing 117, they learn the Flood have made a massive creature entirely out of Flood Biomass, and the creature then eats them and the Spartans, whom appear to have FENRIS warheads. They detonate them and escape. The massive worm-like creature's sheer mass is enough to contain the explosion yet kill the creature itself.

Now fighting for their lives, the ODST drop team 215 makes their way through the flood infested cities, trying to survive. It becomes their utmost parameter to find the source of the Flood threat, which John-117 idtnetifies as the Gravemind. However, the 'messages' they get telepathically from the Flood, John says they are more "direct" and "confrontational". This new flood "entity" is much more aggressive than the so called "Gravemind, eventually referring to itself as the "Darkmind". It says that it and it's brethren will control the universe, like they were meant to. Meanwhile the Covenant grow ever more tenacious as they find something from UNSC documents, from a hacked UNSC terminal, found out by the Imperial Admiral, of something excavated in Camp Currahee, on XF-063, something called the "Light of Cleansing". An orb-like artifact Forerunner in origin, that is said to be the final weapon of last resort developed by Forerunner scientists that is able to activate the Halo's remotely, all at once, incase something were to go wrong at "The Ark". Once the ODST drop team find this out, they make it their objective to get to Onyx before the Covenant, or the Flood. The next mission the team is assigned an "insertion" point.

Admiral Harper says he's located something beneath the ruins of Voi. Something he missed. A "forerunner" structure buried beneath the UNSC HQ for the better of centuries. It is then General Moran intervenes and says the Covenant leaders have landed and are inside the structure, and thre Flood threat has increased. Afterwards, the ODSTS and Spartans saddle up and make their way to the insertion point while fighting their way through a Flood infested city. The Covenant arrive with a Scarab and the player must fight his way through the Covenant forces. Along the way the team is ambushed without warning and they are hoplessly overpowered. However the player escapes and it becomes their objective to find the prisoners. The prisoners are rescued all except for the Master Chief who is taken deeper into Covenant occupied areas. The player must rescue him and escape from the city, but not before fighting hordes of Flood and a Covenant Scarab. Once outside, the mission ends with an escape scene aboard a Pelican from yet another Scarab.

The ending of the previous mission and the beginning of the next mission is that of violence. The Pelican crashes several miles from the "insertion" point and the squad must fight it's way to the insertion point in vehicles. The ODSTS are separated from the Spartans and must link up with them. Once they get to the objective they must enter 'reverse-drop pods', which are described as 'digging your own grave'. They burrow into the ground, and are positioned right above hollow ground. Below are a network of caverns the player's team must fight their way through. It is heavily occupied by Covenant and other enemies. Once at the crater, the player finds themselves looking at a Covenant Assault Carrier and must fight their way around the edge of the crater to the structure, fighting several more enemies and a Scarab along the way.

At the end of the previous mission Dixie is captured and the player must arm a Flamethrower and get through several waves of Flood. To get to the entrance. The next mission the player plays as Knight and must find Dixie who has been captured by the Imperial Admiral himself and taken into the facility. The player encounters a rogue Linda-058, who says it is too dangerous to go on ahead. Bishop and Knight must collaberate to take her down. And as they progress, Rebel becomes infected by a Flood Spore. As they continue through the level, Rebel's infection becomes more severe as he grows stronger and faster. Eventually, they track down The Admiral, whom has handed over Dixie to the Prophetess for questioning. The Prophetess almost kills Dixie, but luckily she is taken out by Knight, who saves Dixie. The team, now reunited, continues to the Portal Control Room, where they meet up with Johnathan and Frederic. Fred turns on John, and attempts to stab him in the back with his combat knife. But Knight tackles him and takes his combat knife, and stabs him in the face with it. After this, the Imperial Admiral leaps down from an alcove, and stabs Johnathan with his own knife. After that, he is seen with a Beam Rifle, as he escapes, singing to himself "The Demon is dead. Hahahahaha!" Knight leans over the dying Chief, who thanks him for saving his life, but in the end, his duty to the UNSC and mankind is finished, and their's has just begun. Then a light travels from Chief to Knight. He reveals it is Forerunner spirits that had guided him all his life, and that is where his luck came from, it wasn't luck all along, it was guidance. The Chief than urges them to styop the Imperial Admiral, and save humanity. He then says, Heroes are remembered, by legends never die, Peterson. With that, the great Chief passes away.

The next mission centres around them escaping from the caverns in a Banshee. As they escape. They find that the entire shelf is falling away. They wonder where Rebel is, and then a massive Longsword plunges from the depths of the ground. The player is then greeted by Kurt in new Mark VI armor who says he would like to aid the player in their mission. The player takes control of Dixie, and must aid Rebel, along with Knight and Bishop, in taking down the Imperial Admiral's Seraph. It is then when the ship reaches the massive orb in the center of the crater, that the mission ends. It ends with the Serpah and Longsword colliding into each other and flying into the portal.

On the other side, they find themselves inside the shield world. The duo os ships crash, and the rest of the UNSC and Covenant fleets arrive on the other side in one massive battle. The player must take control of Bishop and fight their way through hordes of Covenant to a massive structure,called The Holy Atlas, which will yeild to them, the location of the "Artifact" that can so called wipe out the Flood. However, the Darkmind and Hivemind are also in this level, sending the player messages. They sometimes argue, and at one point it seems as though the Darkmind and the Hivemind actually get into a fight. Throughout the rest of the mission the Darkmind continues to harass the player. And towards the end the player actually gets Flood allies from Hivemind who explains Darkmind is drunk with power and his forces must be stopped. The two flood forces fight in the final battle of the level. The team and Kurt escapes, and then as they retreat, are greeted by an even more deranged Rebel Stephens.

The next mission is mainly Flood oriented. The player fights Darkmind's Flood forces and once at the Apex, the Flood overhwhelm the player and Kurt covers the escape. Rebel disappears, bu the player is met by General Moran and the Drop Team 195. The teams fight their way up to the Apex, but are attacked by an enraged Imperial Admiral with a Hunter's Assault Cannon. He is killed by a collaberate effort from all the ODSTS as they pile onto him, repeatedly stabbing and beating him. But that doesn't stop the angry beast, as he throws all the ODSTs and Marines into several different directions killing most of the Marines, and going berserk. However, their combined firepower, and a well aimed Rocket from Knight, takes him out. The survivors make their way up to the Apex, where they are encountered by an insane Rebel in Kurt's armor. They find he has blood all over him from Kurt's body. Knight suggest that he has to still have some good in him, that he there must still be apart of him that wants to see the Covenant and Flood stopped. Darkmind enters Knight's mind and tells him he cannot resist the pull of freedom. Rebel then states he will have the power of the gods when he finds the Light of Cleansing. Knight attempts to tackle the infected Stephens, but with his new found strength he throws Knight aside like a toy, as well as the others. He then leaps a good ten feet into the forest. The final confrontation is ultimately between Knight and Rebel. Rebel kills Hunter and Dixie, and out of rage Knight tackles rebel who steals his Rocket Launcher. Rebel then proceeds to fight Knight, who finds a Sprtan Laser. After shooting him several times Rebel relinquishes his power and submits to goodness, but the two are consumed as the Light explodes, taking the Shield World with it, and destroying Darkmind and then hivemind who sacrifices himself for the betterment of all races. Bishop escapes, morning the death of the final Spartans, Kelly being the last survivor.

There are then 7 heroes of humanity awarded. They are as follows. We hope you enjoyed the final installments of the Halo series.

  • General "Raze" Moran
  • Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Johnathan-117
  • Chief Petty Officer Kelly-087
  • Sergeant "Bishop" Andrews
  • Corporal "Knight" Peterson
  • Corporal "Rebel" Stephens
  • Corporal "Dixie" McNair

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