Author Ampersandestet (Works) requests that you do not drastically change this literary work's content without first seeking approval.
By all means, please help fix spelling, grammar, and organization problems. Thank you.

What would life be if you had no permanent roots, and the only permanency that you had was a sense of intangibility and brokeness ? Enter the life of four teenage boys who, having lost their hopes, dreams, and lives themselves, exist in a system that claims to be for their welfare when, in fact, it prohibits their ability to grow. In the foster care system, there are never truly those who exceed: only those who survive. How then, when faced with internal and external adversity, can one truly survive as a whole ?

This novel will contain adult concepts (nothing directly explicit) and may be considered as a PG-13 ranked reading. Do not make edits without consent of the authour (to be given on the talk page). Your thanks in advance.

Begin AnewEdit

In every cautionary tale, there is a word of advice that is given. In this factor, this work is not spectacular, nor will it break such a mold:

Life is meant to be lived. Therefore, it is important to open your mind and your heart to understanding different ways of thought and living, even if you do not agree with such differences. Through overcoming internal aggressions and ignorance to what you fear or dislike out of blind contempt, you will not only learn more about yourself, but also about the world around you.

This writing will not shy away from such concepts, and many 'controversial' concepts will be raised. Religions will be questioned, and in some cases shunned. However, in all things, understand that this is a realistic work, not one where life is happily ever after and we all live in a nuclear WASP family.

Life is meant to be lived in accordance with your views. I will not tell you how to live. Likewise, disagree or agree with the characters presented. However, do not deign to tell them to how to live. Such is life.

You have been warned.


Hallow: To be sacred, set apart

Way: A path to a destination.

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