He was stranded on the island, and he knew he would never get off of it. He had heard the stories, knew about the deaths, the killings. He knew he would die on this island. Never see his family again.

He was Dr. Arnold Crichton, paleontologist. he had been the leading expert in carnivorous dinosaurs for the last 20 years. He was widely considered to be the single greatest paleontologist of the past hundred years, almost all of paleontology's existence. And it would all end today. He knew it would. End in blood, and he would see it coming, possibly even see it happen.

If things worked out that way.

He heard a snarl.

A hiss.

Crichton heard a rustling in the bushes ahead of him. Then four, maybe five flashes. Pain in his side. He felt something warm spilling into his lap, he later knew to be his intestines. He thought of his son, his daughter.......

His son.......daughter..........

They knew what to do. At least his son did. They knew where he was, or, they would soon. Knew to have it all destroyed.

He reached for his tranquilizer pistol, and randomly fired a few blanks. I was stupid, he thought. Should've loaded it. Or, to save him the time, he should never have come.

But it was too late now. Far, far too late.

He felt a chunk of flesh come out of his side. Blood spilled onto the sand and was washed into the sea as the tide came up. More bites, excrutiating pain. It would all be over soon. Too soon.

No time left. His children could fix it. He knew they could. Or at least, his son could. He knew that.

Maybe not the daughter though.

Everything went black.

Missing Edit

Joey Crichton was frustrated.

"Where the hell is dad?!"

"I don't know." His sister, Ellie, said to him. She seemed unconcerned about her father's mysterious disapperance. She never was concerned about anything. It was, as she put it, her "thing".

"Well, figure it out!" He said.

"Why do we need to care?" Ellie asked him, "He's probably off digging up dumb bones again. Nothing to worry about."

"Shut up!". He sighed. "Don't you think he might, just might be in some sort of trouble?"

"Nope," she said and stalked off to her room.

Joey kicked the wall. She never cared about anyone. She was a combination of calmness selfishness. She was infuriating to talk to. And he had to live with her.

He went to his dad's office. Maybe there might be some clues as to where he went in there.

He grabbed the door handle.

"Dammit." he mumbled to himself. Locked. He was so annoyed that day and he couldn't take much more shit and----


He kicked the door in, without breaking it off the hinges. If his dad got back, he didn't want to get into trouble with him.

"Joey, what're you freakin doing down there?!" Ellie yelled down from her room to him.

"Kicking a door in." He replied.

He walked into the office. It was full of books on dinosaurs and the ice age and stuff like that. The desk in the center of the room was full of books and maps of tropical pacific islands and stuff. Hmm, he thought, This may be interesting.

He walked to the desk and pulled off a map of the world. It was full of Post-It notes with sloppy handwriting scribbled onto it.

"What the hell......."

One of the notes read, "Another dilophosaur sighting. Southeastern Costa Rica. Sent Darby to investigate."

Darby, he thought. Darby......Pastis, wasn't it? Darby Pastis? Didn't dad say he had died six months ago? And what about the dinosaur? Dilophsaurus? Dinosaurs are extinct, everyone knew that. If he didn't, he would've been nuts, he's the son of a paleontologist for God's sake........

Another note, next to an island near Chile read "Possible Deinonychus sighting, remains of human flesh found at sight along with unknown clawprints in the dirt."

"No Joey, this isn't odd at all.........." he mumbled to himself. His dad, it seemed, belonged in a straightjacket inside a padded room.

"What is that?" Ellie said.

Joey jumped. "Don't do that!!" he yelled.

She snatched the map from his hands. "Hey......" he yelled at her.

She ignored him. " 'Compsognathus remains in Hawaii, researchers investigating.' " She read. "Well, looks like Dad isn't missing. He's in some insane asylum somewhere."

"Shut up!" he said. 'Obviously, people are seeing dinosaurs or something out there."

She cocked an eybrow.

"Seriously! You think Dad would really investigate this if it weren't true or even possibly true?!"


"Bahh!!" he said.

He picked up a torn piece of paper.

"899-432......." he said. "It's a phone number........." he picked up the other half of the paper. "Jack Heiveer's phone number!" Jack Heiveer was their father's assitant. He was away in college right now.

"Be right back." he said and ran out of the room.

Ellie turned towards the desk. "Hmm....." she said and closed the door and locked it twice.

Questions And Answers Edit

Jack Heiveer was a young twenty-two year old in school to be a paleontologist. He had worked with Arnold Crichton many times the past 2 years, but had to return to college that year to get his degree. At the present time, he was taking an exam, a very important exam that would make or break his final grade.

Then, his cell phone rang.

"Are you kidding me, you've gotta be freakin' kidding me........" he groaned. His professor looked up at him, obviously annoyed. He heard other students laughing, a muffled laughter.

He looked to see who would be calling him at this awful time.

Joey Crichton.

"That damned kid." he mumbled.

He answered it.

"Kid, you could not have called me at a worse time. What the hell do you want?"

"Where's dad?"


Where's dad?"

"Uhh........I don't know, but thanks to you, I will fail this exam that counts for ninety percent of my grade."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, but dad's missing and we're here alone right now."

"You're 14. Why can't you take care of yourself?"

"I saw his maps."

Heiveer was silent.

"What.....what map exactly?"

"A map of dinoaur sightings around South America and Africa."

Heiveer was silent again. " what're you supposed to be implying here?"

"Dad's on some desolate island in the Pacific with a bunch of dinosaurs."


"What was that?"

"Nothing. Wait, why were you in his office?"

"Looking for clues as to where he went."

"Where's your mom?"

"In New York State. Dad got custody of us, remember?"

"Oh, right. "

"So..........are the dinosaurs real?"

"Listen, I gotta take this exam. I'll come by tonight, and we'll talk about this, okay? I really gotta pass this."





Joey hung up. He was silent for a moment. "Dammit!!" he yelled.

Interregation Edit

It was ten-fifteen before Heiveer arrived.

He walked into the yard and looked in the windows. Dark. Maybe no one was home.

He walked in.

Joey was on the couch, arms folded.

"Where were you?"

"Taking a test and getting lectured about my damn cell phone going off during the said test."



Ellie walked in. "Ohh......hi........Jack......"

Ellie had a crush on Heiveer.

"Hi Ellie. Anyway, Joey, what did you find?"


Joey took him down the hall to his father's office.

"Here....." he opened the door.

"Jesus Christ, he got this place made into a heap a shit........" Heiveer said.

"Really," Joey said, "I thought its been like this forever."

Joey showed him the map. "Oh." he said. "That map."

"What does it mean?"

"Well," Heiveer said,"Dinosaurs, some people say, may have survived from antiquity on an island cut off from man, or a jungle where no one has ever gone. This is a map of various sightings of them. Your father, I'm guessing, went out to one of these places. Dammit, I wish he had taken me along, mighta been fun.....But, yeah, he musta went to one of those places."

"Without us knowing?"

"You mean, you didn't know?!" Heiveer said.

"Well, no, he just disappeared all of a sudden."

"Well, that, that, ah, that just complicates this...." he sat down. "Uhh.......was anyone here last night? Err......ah.......when did he go missing?"

"He was gone this morning, and some guy called Pourton was here, arguing with him. Does it have something to do with it?"

"Ohhh, shit, does it have something to do with it, well, yeah, Pourton was your dad's rival. Also looking for a, ah, Lost World if you will. Always following the leads and clues your dad had, stealing his ideas and theories and claiming them as his own."

Ellie had walked in quietly without either one noticing. "He was a nice man." she said, quietly.

"Yeah, he acts like he is at least. Jesus, you fell for it like everyone else."

Ellie was unusually silent.

"Okay, so, when I was working with him, he was crazy about this one island....." he pointed at the map. "Isle de Emero, some people would go thrill seeking there and didn't come back, or came back with stories of horrifying monsters, and your father believed there were dinosaurs living and surving there. That's your best bet."

"Okay." Joey said. "Can we go?"

Heiveer gaped at him. " You make me fail a huge test, embarass me in front of 80 other people, and you expect me to skip school altogether?! Jesus Christ, you're nuts, man!! Besides, it'd be too dangerous anyway!"

"But dad could be in trouble! Dead for all we know! We gotta go look for him!"

Heiveer was silent.

"PLEASE!" Joey pleaded.

"Hrrmmmm........alright, but you owe me big time for this. Get stuff you might need not want, but need together tonight. Pack lightly. You'll be carrying heavy duty weapons on the island."

"Alright!" Joey said.

"Its not cool. If this is real, these dinosaurs will tear you apart. We'll be lucky to get off the island alive. It will not be fun."

Joey just grinned.

Ellie said "Do I have to go?"

"No," Heiveer said, "I don't blame you for not wanting to." He turned to Joey. "Be ready at 7 a.m. tomorrow. We need to get an early start to get there by nightfall tomorrow." He walked out of the office and left.

Arrival Edit

Joey couldn't sleep that night. He kept thinking of dinosaurs, and guns, and the island, and his dad. Especially dinosaurs and his dad though. If the dinosaurs were there, what if they had killed him? You'd think his dad, a paleontologist, would know how to survive with dinosaurs. But, nobody knew anything for sure about them. Besides their height and bone structure, little was known about dinosaurs. His dad could've been eaten already. Most likey eaten at least. It was very likely.

Very, very likely.

Morning came fast.

Heiveer was there in the morning to pick him up. He had arranged for a private plane flown by a friend of his to get them there. Then there was Heiveer's other friend, Marcus Donovan, who was supplying weapons and communication devices for them. All but the pilot, Andrew Hemlock, would be going on the island.

The plane took off at 8:30 a.m. and flew for 3 hours before reaching the island.

Fog engulfed the sky

"Where do you want me to land, Heiveer?" Hemlock yelled back.

"Aywhere, really." Heiveer said.

"There isn't 'anywhere' to land!!" Hemlock yelled.

"What?!" Heiveer screamed.

The plane began to rock violently.

"Shit." Hemlock mumbled.

"What's going on?" Joey asked.

"Turbulence." Hemlock said.

The plane began to dip, then twist, and turm.

"Holy crap, can't you steady this thing out?!" Donovan yelled to Hemlock.

"I would if I could, now brace yourself!!"

Everyone began to scream as the plane hit trees and came crashing to the ground.

Like A Pack Of Wild Dogs Edit

Joey groaned. "Uhhn........what happened?....."

"Idiot kid, we crashed, duh!" Donovan said.

"Quit botherin' the kid, Donovan, you're as scared as he is!" Heiveer yelled at him.

Joey squirmed around a bit and found he could move.

"Hey----hey guys--------I can get out! I can get out!"

"Good, now push this hunk a metal offa me!" Hemlock yelled to him.


Joey paused to look in the shattered windshield of the plane. He was scraped and bruised and his lip was bleeding.

"Damn..." he whispered.

"Hey, kid, ya still there?" Hemlock said.

"Oh yeah."

He went over and found Hemlock. He was hidden under a piece of the roof that had fallen out from above the cockpit in the crash. Heiveer and Donovan made their way out as he pulled the roof off of Hemlock.

"Well, this is just great," Donovan whined, " Stranded on this God forsaken island and without weapons if there are some dinos here!"

"I thought you brought tranquilizers!" Heiveer yelled.

"Yeah, but," he motioned to the plane, "Almost all of em' got crushed when we crashed!"

"Speaking of which," Heiveer said, "Why did we crash?"

Hemlock got out of the plane. His leg was swollen and puffy and his face had cuts on it. "Well," he said, "The fog made me lose sight of the trees and the turbulence allowed me to lose control of the plane and hit them......err.........the trees, that is."

"So, we're just stuck here?" Donovan asked.

"Unless you have a radio we can get help with."

"Maybe........oh, hey, everyone, c'mere......"

He took off his pack and gave everyone a small tranquilizer pistol with five shots each.

"Careful," he said, "2000 cc's. Enough to take down a 'dinosaur' if they're here. So don't shoot yourself or anyone else with it. You'd be in for a long, slow, extremely painful death."

Joey gulped.

They heard a snarl, a rustling in the bushes ahead.

"What is that?" Heiveer asked.

"I don't know." Joey said.

Something blasted out of the bush and tackled Hemlock.

"AHHHHHHHH!" he screamed.

"Oh my God, there are dinosaurs here!" Joey screamed.

"It's a pack of deinonychuses!! RUN!!" Heiveer screamed.

"No, we gotta save Hemlock!" Joey yelled.

3 more deinonychuses jumped out from the bushes, their razor sharp claws pointing out at the group. Joey loaded his tranq and fired a shot at one, and it collapsed and fell to the ground with a thud.

Heiveer loaded his own tranq and aimed for the one attacking Hemlock. He fired and it whistled past its head. It now had Heiveer in its sights. It got off of Hemlock, who was battered and bloody, and came towards Heiveer. It snarled and snapped at him. He began to load a second shot as it lunged at him, and it suddenly collapsed as its claw sank into his skin.

Joey lowered his tranq. He now had only 3 shots to survive with. The last of the deinonychuses had left after feasting a bit on some of Hemlock's torn flesh. Joey was bleeding and tired and Heiveer had a huge gash across his chest.

"Holy........shit........." Heiveer panted.

Joey knelt down by Hemlock. "Dude, dude, are you okay?!"

No response.



Joey took his pulse. Nothing.

Hemlock was dead. Killed and eaten by a pack of deinonychuses.

"My God......" Donovan said.

"They attacked like a pack of wild dogs." Heiveer said.

"Which means my dad could've met the same fate. We gotta move now."

Joey began to walk into the jungle. Heiveer and Donovan looked at each other. Heiveer shrugged and walked off after him. Donovan looked around and heard a distant snarl. He jumped and ran after them.

Tyrannosaur Edit

They had been walking for 3 hours before they reached the nest.

"Holy shit." Donovan mumbled.

The nest was just a hole dug in the ground, about eight feet across and three feet deep. It was filled with bones and the remains of hatched eggs.

"What the hell made that?"

"Tyrannosaur." Joey and Heiveer said at once.

"Jinx!" Joey called. Donovan laughed, then realized what they had said.

"Wait, did you say tyrannosaur?! As in 60 foot tall T-Freakin'- Rex?!"

Joey stepped into the nest. "No, only about twenty feet tall."

"Oh, that's real comforting."

Heiveer jumped into the nest. "Bones...." he motioned to them. "Looks like masiasaur remains." He picked one up and sniffed it. "Fresh kill." He put it in his pack. "Research it later." He explained.

He grabbed a few more. "You sick bastard......" Donovan mumbled.

"Aren't ya comin' in?" Joey asked. "I thought you were the big, tough weapons guy."

"Hey, I didn't sign up for damned dinosaurs."

They heard a nearby roar. It sounded like a trumpet mixed with an elephant. Then, a few thuds. The sun began to set.

A huge, hulking figure came into view. It was at least 15 feet tall with razor blade teeth. It roared loudly.

"Shit......." Donovan breathed.

It turned to him.

"Oh my God!!" he screamed. He turned and ran away.

"Please tell me that shit in Jurassic Park is true," Joey said.

"I wish I could." Heiveer said and they ran away, the tyrannosar in pursuit.

Lost Edit

Donovan ran like the devil himself was after him.

"Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit." he mumbled. He stubbed his toe on rock and fell over, twisting his ankle.

"Augh, God!" he screamed. Then he remembered to be quiet, since he had heard most dinosaur predators came out at night.

He heard a sound next to him. He turned his head quickly. He saw a small, brown lizard standing next to him. He smiled faintly at his own stupidity. This little fucker couldn't hurt him. He began to pet it. It chirped faintly. He scratched it under his chin. It bit him with 1,000 pounds of pressure.

"Ahhhhhh, shit!!" he screamed. He yanked his finger back, which ripped the tip off, and it began to gush blood.

"AHHHHH!" he yelled and began to run/limp in search of a stream, a river, something. Anything to take the pain away. Or, at least the blood. He ran through some trees and into a clearing.

Into a chasmosaur nesting ground.


The creatures were similar to triceratops, but their rack had more fills and (on the males) were covered with bright colors to attract mates.

"My God......" he walked over to a little one. He gently reached with his good hand and touched its neck and stroked its head. It awoke and purred. He scratched the underside of its chin.

It screeched, waking the adults who began to roar.

"Shit." he said. He realized how many times that day he had said that. Must be a world record or something.

The huge males stood up. The roared intensley, and began to charge.

"SHIT!!" Donovan screamed once again and ran back into the woods. The males took off after him. He turned and saw one with a huge rack and frills take the lead.  The alpha male, he thought. It came after him the fastest.

So he went faster,

Until he tripped on a log and fell into a river.

The chasmosaurs did not see him and jumped the river one by one, thundering over him. He lay in the river, crying. He should never have come to this damned place. Ankle twisted, finger bitten off, leg and arm probably broken. And now he laying in a river, crying about it.

And he was lost.

On an island full of dinosaurs.

He cried himself to sleep.

Remains Edit

Joey and Heiveer ran as fast and as hard as they could from the tyrannosaur. It was relatively slow, but its large legs allowed it to take giant steps taking hardly any time to catch up to them.

"Get in there!!" Heiveer yelled. He motioned to a large log. "it can't get us in there!"

"Right." Joey yelled back and they turned and crawled into the log.

They heard the tyrannosaur's thundering footsteps for a few moments and then silence.

"Do you think its gone?" Joey asked.

"I don't know." Heiveer replied.

They were silent.

Suddenly, the log flew over the ground and came to the ground with a thud. They heard the tyrannosaur roar. Then they flew again.

And again.

And again.

Then, the tyrannosaur kicked the log one last time and Heiveer and Joy flew through the air and into the ocean.

Joey swam to the suface of the water. "Heiveer, where are you?" he yelled.

"Here." he said weakly, somewhere to Joey's left.

"I'm going back." Joey said.

After a moment, Heiveer said, "Me too."

They swam to shore.

Joey collapsed on the beach. He was soaking wet and bloody. he was lucky he didn't attreact sharks. After a few minutes, Heiveer got to shore. he had a huge, bloody gash across his stomach and chest, ending beneath his chin.

"Dinosaur.......fuckin'..........kicked me.........." he panted. He layed down on the beach.

"UGH!!" he screamed and rolled over. They were pieces of bone and torn flesh where he was laying.

"Oh my God........" Joey said. He walked over to the remains. There was a piece of torn clothing next to it. Underneath it was a wallet.

"Lets see who he was." Joey said. He took out a driver's license. It was wet and dirty. He squinted to read it in the moonlight.

Dr. Arnold Crichton.

Joey stared at it wided eyed. His dad had been killed. He wasn't surprised.

Then the horrible realization came over him that he probably would be too. He began to sob. For his dad, for Donovan, for Heiveer and himself.

He fell asleep, tranquilizer pistol in hand.


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