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This project started out as a part-walkthrough part-fanfic for the computer game Guild Wars Prophecies. However, the walkthrough part was tying me down and affecting my motivation to continue with the project, so I am going to skip around the story, focus slightly more on the fanfic element, and leave many "pages" blank until later.

Originally hosted on my user page on GuildWiki.

Corresponding stories for Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall are tentatively named "Guild Wars Chronicles - A Ritualist's Deam" and "Guild Wars Chronicles - A Sunspear's Song", though at the rate I'm progressing, don't expect to see them within the next twenty years...


  • This is a fan fiction. Any depiction of events, individuals, or organizations that resembles the contents of Guild Wars is most likely intentional. Any depiction of events, individuals, or organizations that deviates from the contents of Guild Wars is also most likely intentional. On the other hand, any resemblances of events, individuals, or organizations in Real LifeTM is purely coincidental.
  • Aside from "1070" and "1072", any use of dates in this fiction (including seasons) are made up, and should not be assumed to be consistent with the actual in-game timeline.
  • The thoughts and inclinations of the main character of the story has nothing to do with the actual author. The main character could think Purple is the most beautiful color in the world while the author might find it the ugliest, only the second most beautiful, simply not care, or the author could even potentially be color blind.

The story Edit

Original characters Edit

  • Sora - the mesmer. Second child in the family, born in 1054 AE.
  • Soro ("Sis") - older sister of Sora. Born in 1052 AE.
  • Sori - younger sister of Sora. Born in 1056 AE.

Prelude Edit

"Rurik! No~!"

The nightmare woke me up. It was still dark. I could see the full moon high in the sky outside of the window. My heart was pounding. The unbearable nightmare. Suddenly filled with a nostalgic longing, I took out my diary and read by the moonlight.

Chapter 1 Edit

Going to Ascalon City Edit

1070, Season of the Pheonix, xxth

I can't believe this, tomorrow we head for Ascalon City! Sis is still bitter that Mother made her to wait until Sori reaches 14, as opposed to leaving this backwater village when herself was 14. I suppose I feel a little sorry for her, 4 years is a LONG wait afterall. I'm 16 now, and the last two years I also secretly hoped somehow Sori could grow up faster... Father has arranged for Sir Tydus to look out after us in the City. I keep forgetting, was Sir Tydus a friend from Mother's guilding days, or Father's? The way these grown ups (wait, I'm considered a grownup too now) reminiscence things are really confusing. No consistency in their stories whatsoever. And if I ask them a simple question about what they did before we were born, they answer with 5 unrelated stories!

Mother is making sure Sis remembers how to properly thank Sir Tydus for the presents he sent on her birthday. I'm anxious to meet Cousin Althea again (though how am I supposed to find her in the largest city of Ascalon?). I have so much stories to tell her since she last visited us, and I'm going to tell her I've decided to be a mesmer just like her! She's going to be so proud.

1070, Season of the Pheonix, xxth

They say clothing makes the person. Well, with my newly crafted Dilettante's Armor, I'm now officially a Mesmer! We arrived in the City with little fanfare, though the LACK of fanfare was probably what distinguished us in this hustling city. A Town Crier spotted and identified us, and told us that Sir Tydus has been expecting us. Thanks to the clear directions of the Town Crier, we quickly found Sir Tydus outside the Academy. As soon as he spotted Sis he smiled warmly, and commented on how grownup Sori and I looked, as it has been years since he visited Father (or was he visiting Mother?).

Sir Tydus gave us the good news: the King| has ordered a new offensive against the Charr! Our chance for glory and adventure arrived much sooner than we can possibly expect! Sir Tydus wanted us to learn some fundamental basics of our profession before joining the Academy, and has sent for a personal trainer for each of us! My trainer's name is Sebedoh the Mesmer, and just in case Sis and Sori forget, their trainers are Van the Warrior and Ciglo the Monk respectively (Sis will definitely forget). Once we officially join the army we will be able to live in the army barracks. But until then, Sir Tydus has booked a room for us at an inn in the City where the army regulars frequent.

This begins my new life in Ascalon City, I'm so excited!

The Mesmer's First Day Edit

1070, Season of the Pheonix, xxth

Lyssa's fancy, I ran into Cousin Althea, met Prince Rurik, and saw a Krytan for the first time, and it all happened today (in the complete opposite order though)! That's Prince Rurik of course, my dear cousin's husband-to-be. I actually don't know who the other princes are, or how many there are... none of them measure up to the reputed fame, valor, and charisma (and probably good looks too!) that Prince Rurik, eldest son of the King, has.

Anyways, this morning when I woke up, Sori has already left for her training. Sis was doing sit-ups, and said she wanted to wait for me to meet the trainer together (she just wouldn't admit that she forgot who her trainer is!). The dining room of the inn was crowded with soldiers eating breakfast, which gives me apprehensions about the food served in the barracks.

Sebedoh the Mesmer and Van the Warrior were waiting outside the city gates when Sis and I were done with breakfast. They sent us on an errand to dispatch some River Skale Tads who have been preying upon travelers by the River Road. We also found a little girl, by the name of Gwen, behind the Resurrection Shrine by the city gate. She lost her flute| on the other side of the river. Sis promised to find her flute as we clear the river bank of the scales. The River Skale Tads proved not to be a challenge at all, even to novice adventurers like us. We found Gwen's flute on the other side of the river, but it was broken. Gwen thanked us nonetheless and decided to follow us around. Is she trying to be an apprentice adventurer?

Sebedoh and Van were quite pleased with our work, and crafted for us our first Skill Rings! I wore Empathy on my right forefinger, and Ether Feast on my left ring finger, to better separate offensive and defensive skills. Sebedoh and Van then went back onto the city to fetch someone else, by the name of Haversdan, who can give us additonal training. While waiting around, the monk tending the Resurrection Shrine, Lina the Healer, called me over. She complained about all the people running around solo in Lakeside County, and told me if I promise to adventure with an Ally, then she'd give me a signet to resurrect fallen party members. Well, Gwen didn't really count, but I explained that Sis is in my party, and we also have a younger sister that we party with. Lina was satisified and crafted for each of us a Resurrection Signet skill ring. I wear mine on the left little finger.

Haversdan came, and told us to find Devona in Ashford Village for Further Adventures to gain more experience. Well, it's going to be a short bit of travel, so Sis and I went back to the city first for some preparations. This is when I met my first Krytan. I found this dark-skinned fellow, asking about if anyone will be going by Ashford Village, and relay a message for him. I bought him a drink and listened to his story. Namar is a third-generation immigrant from Kryta, and his father actually fights for Ascalon's Chosen! Unfortunately, despite his family already considers Ascalon their home, Namar was still mistreated by various Ascalons due to his heritage. He was recently laid off with no apparent reason, causing him to be behind on rant, and now his landlord threatens to evict this Poor Tenant! I would've offered to lend him some money, but Sis warned me to be careful of scams. Anyways, Namar has a friend in Ashford Village, by the name of Miller Upton, who could help him out of this fix. I promised I'll help him out.

It then occurred to me that, as an adventurer, I should try to see if there are other people need help with anything to do with Ashford Village. A few inquiries led me to Baron Egan, who informed me of a Bandit Raid on a royal tax collector, robbing the gold needed against the war on the Charr! The Baron has heard reports that the bandits camp by a hilly passage near Ashford Abbey, but the army is tied up by the Charr. The Baron wanted us to retrieve the gold, and deliver to Devona in the village. Hmm, this Devona sounds like a pretty important person, I should find out more about her.

Right after Sis and I exited the city, we overhead two important-looking people talking. From their conversation, I realized the one wielding the cool looking Fiery Dragon Sword was Prince Rurik! It turns out that Cousin Althea's birthday is tomorrow, and Prince Rurik hasn't come up with a gift for her| yet! And now he is asking a subordinate, Captain Osric, to pick a gift for him. Lyssa's graces, what a dork! After Prince Rurik left, the captain saw us, waved us over, and asked if we can help him find a beautiful gift. I bet he didn't know Althea and us are cousins. I told the captain I'll see what I can do, but no promises. On a side note, Prince Rurik is quite good looking...

We found Cousin Althea's theater not far from where we parted with Captain Osric. Cousin Althea was very glad to see us, and we quickly caught up on news. She was especially excited to learn that I've decided to become a Mesmer too! And just to humor our lovely cousin, Sis decided she'd try out Mesmer as a secondary profession.

(skipping many pages)

Chapter 3 Edit

(skipping many pages)

Althea Edit

1072, Season of the Pheonix, xxth

(skipping many pages)

Alas, we finally made it to Piken Square. Uncle Barradin's quartermaster was extremely relieved to see the supply column finally arrive. While Uncle greeted us with a warm smile, the dark circles around his eyes and his haggard face reminded me of how our Prince has looked lately. Viggo confirmed my suspicion:

"Rumor has it the reason we're out here is that the duke's daughter went missing. If the Charr have taken her, they'll be sorry. Althea is Prince Rurik's beloved, and if anything's happened to her, his wrath will be great. Look for any sign of her, and let me know if you find anything."

Ooh Althea, I do hope she is safe. But while I cannot wait to head out into the Charr-ridden lands searching for her, there are some immediately pressing matters to take care of at Piken Square. Uncle Barradin...

(skipping many pages)

1072, Season of the Pheonix, xxth

... and there she is! Or rather, was. Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw the ghostly apparition before me, wandering aimlessly about. I cannot bear to imagine the anguish on our Prince's face when he finally hears the news of his betrothed.

"Oh Althea, my beloved cousin! What has befallen you?"
"Do not be afraid. I mean you no harm.
I am Lady Althea...or at least, I was before the Charr seized me. They took me to the Flame Temple Corridor and burned me alive, but I thought of my beloved Rurik and felt no pain."
"Althea! It's me! Do you not recognize your cousin?"

Althea looked in our direction with a blank stare for a moment, until recognition finally kicked in.

"Lyssa's wonders! Sora! and Sori and Soro and Reyna! You have to excuse me, everything seems so... opaque here, even the very air itself. I can neither see or hear well. It's such a relief to know that Grenth has not decided to claim you."
"Yet your spirit lingers here... have you not heard the summons of Master Grenth yet?", asked Sori, our always-rational Monk/Necromancer.
"I... I can't stop thinking about Rurik... I'm worried about him. My heart is keeping me bounded here, in Ascalon, even though I can feel Grenth's impatience across the Mists. I hope Lyssa will take pity on my love for Rurik, and intercede for me so that I do not earn the wrath of Grenth... Ohh Rurik, how I miss you so!"

Then to my surprise, Althea asked if she can speak with me alone. Sis winked at me, and led Sori and Reyna northward, clearing a way to the Grendich Courthouse.

"Don't worry, we'll leave a trail of Charr corpses for you to follow," said Sis.
"Exploited too," added Sori, with a wicked grin.

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