The Great Enterprise Virus is the storyline of a massive and harming virus that strikes the computer of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) and disables the ship. It causes a great deal of problems, eventually leading to the ship's destruction.

Section 1: Enterprise is infectedEdit

The Enterprise-D was travelling in the fringes of the Betazoid System. The Captain recorded his log, as he usually did:

Captain's Log 4567.93. We have recently picked up Councillor Troi from a mission on the planet Betazoid. We are now underway to investigate some unusual activity near the Karos Sector. I am intrigued about these mysterious actions..

Enterprise was coming within range of the Karos Sector. Lieutenant Commander Data was working at the ship-wide operations panel, and said, in his irritating voice: We have entered the fringes of the Karos Sector. Scanners indicate that no Federation starships besides Enterprise are operating within this region of space.

Picard said, in his English accent, with his hand on his chin: Mr. Data, that is virtually impossible! There was forty-five ships in duty in or around this sector just one week ago.

Data: Yes sir, that is correct, but there are no Federation ships in this sector as of this moument. Sensors do indicate a sort of rogue alien vessel, of which defenses and weaponry are unknown to our ship standards.

Picard said: Begin a investigation of this sector.

Data: Yes sir.

Enterprise immediately moved deeper into the Karos Sector. Suddenly, a ripple in space was felt. The ship slightly rocked and twirled around, then re-aligned into a proper position. Riker barked to Data: What happened?

Data: A force of unmeasurable energy surged through the ship, pushing us back for a while. It must be a precursory movement to a more powerful force.

Picard: Engage warp speed, at Warp 3, heading to Earth, take us out!

The Ensign stationed at the navigation/helms station said: Sir, the warp drive is non-responsive. It will take about one hour to restore power at the most.

Picard said: Red alert! (Red alert came on, bathing the entire ship in red) Mr. La-Forge, can you perform a cold start of the engines?

La-Forge said: No sir. Like the Ensign said, it will take at least a hour to restore engine power at the most, and thirty minutes at the least.

Picard paused, and then said: Do it!

La-Forge said: Yes, sir!

Worf, at the tactical station, stated: Sir, scanners indicate a fast approaching enemy vessel. Will reach here in about one minute!

Picard said: Back on impulse power!

La-Forge barked on his communicator: Too late!

Suddenly, a enemy vessel about the size of a Constitution-class star-ship appeared. It armed a important launching sort of weapon.

Data: The enemies are preparing weapons!

Picard: Fire phasers!

Worf: Too late!

Suddenly, the enemy vessel fired a series of energy blobs, which headed immediately for Enterprise, at almost the speed of light.

Enterprise started shaking, and Worf impus-lively tried putting up shields. However, about 51% of the virus hit directly Enterprise's main computer core. The remaining 49% was blocked by the shields, saving the ship from immediate destruction.

Section 2: The Virus kicks inEdit

Once shields were up, the shaking stopped. But the damage had been done. The alien vessel decided to stay there, to test that the virus actually hit.

On Enterprise, everybody regained their composture. Picard and Riker looked at the viewscreen, expecting to see a visual of the enemy vessel. However, the screen had only static.

Picard: Worf, put up visual of the ship!

Worf: I cannot, sir! Communications is malfunctioning.

Picard: Try emergency communications!

Worf: Emergency is paralyzed as well.

Riker: Data, try secondary communications!

Data: Sir, I cannot. Operations is non-responsive as well. I have no control over scanners, ops reports, sensors, nothing!

Picard yelled: LaForge!

Laforge: It appears the computer has been infected by a computer virus, possibly in the shape of those blobs launched from that alien vessel. Half of the virus hit directly the computer's main power plant, while the other half was blocked by shields.

Picard: Laforge, what does that mean?

Laforge: It means the entire ship is virtually disabled. About 90% of the operations on the Enterprise is run by the central computer. This includes communications, weapons, engines, replicators, holodecks, the libary computers, science computers, emergency life support, transporters, virtually everything. We only direct those operations, but the computer virtually carries it out! We only have control over the medical equipment!

Picard: Can you and Data find a cure to this virus?

Laforge: Possibly, but it will take sometime, and it will be harder, since research and science equipment has been affected by the virus!

Picard: Do it!

Laforge: Yes, sir.

After they said this, Data headed towards the turbolift. It usually would automatically open, but the virus was affecting the computer's response rate. The turbolift remained closed for at least one hour, even after Data tried all emergency opening and prying techniques. Finally, it opened, but just barely. Once he was in, the door closed, and he barked "Engineering" to the computer control. However, the computer responded back "Emineeringingin.." and the turbolift started, but rocked violently. Data was thrown to the other side of the turbolift, and it instead went directly to Crew Quarters. Data was forced to travel through the hallways to reach Engineering, and some of the doors took so long to automatically open.

Across the ship, the effects of the virus were felt. When crew-members attempted to access their holodeck programs, they discovered all the data, even backup information for their programs had been lost! They did not know the virus had erased the memories of all the holodeck programs. Even when their programs opened, the virus sometimes modified the content of the programs, or caused the holodeck security controls to shut down, leading to severe injuries of several holodeck-users. Because of this, Picard issued a Enterprise General Order, prohibiting the use of the holodecks until a cure for the computer virus was discovered and implemented.

The use of replicators was affected as well. When somebody tried programming the replicator to generate chicken noodle soup or any other food, the virus caused the replicators to manufacture a completely different object, such as a plant or water. The virus also could paralyze the machine completely.

Meanwhile on the bridge, several other systems were found to be adversely working:

Picard: Mr. Worf, open communications with the alien vessel, or at least try to.

Worf was at the Tactical station, trying to open communications. However, he could not, and the program instead caused a ship-wide communication report repeating Picard's command. Worf tried emergency controls, but another message containing Picard's command was sent out instead.

At the Engineering station, a worker was trying to bring up a engineering report that could be supplied to the operations panel, but instead the virus brought up a estimate of how much power the warp core could generate. The Science station, instead of bringing up a ship-wide science report as intended, brought up a estimate of scientific workers. Weapons malfunctioned, and photon torpedoes continually fired without warning.

Picard: Worf, stop the firing now!

Worf: I cannot sir! The virus is causing the weapons systems to malfunction!

Section 3: Further ProblemsEdit

The continual fire from Enterprise eventually stopped, with Worf finally being able to cut off the emergency-weapon relayers. Out of a supply of 500 photon torpedoes, the virus had continually fired 450!

Worf: Sir, I was able to cut off the emergency-weapon relayers.

Picard: Good, Mr. Worf.

Suddenly, a Romulan Bird of Prey appeared, decloaking. They were arming weapons, and the Enterprise did not even know it.

Worf: Sir, I have no control over the emergency operations, yet it is sending in reports from across the ship of sights of a Romulan War-bird. I cannot confirm it.

Picard: Worf, can you try to arm weapons?

Worf: No sir. Even if emergency-weapon relayers were re-connected, the virus might cause a overload of weapons' systems, which could destroy the ship.

Picard sat in his chair, shocked. He knew Enterprise was a sort of bomb that could tick off any second. He then pressed his communicator badge and attempted to contact La-Forge..

Picard: LaForge, are you and Data working on a cure?

There was no response. Picard tried contacting them again, but there was only static. He then ordered Worf: Try emergency engineering communications.

Worf: I cannot sir. The virus has disabled all functions.

Riker said: This is embarrassing.

On the Romulan War-bird, Commander Sela was thinking. She had been ordered by the Romulan Praetor (Chancellor) to secure the Karos Sector for the Romulan Empire. And now she was encountering the great Enterprise. Sela had ordered communications to be opened, but her tactical officer reported the Enterprise was not responding. Sela was debating in her mind. Part of her wanted to take the Enterprise home as a trophy, along with the great Captain Picard, another part wanted to destroy or cripple the ship. The destruction part won, and without thinking, Sela ordered: Fire a plasma torpedo on Enterprise, now!

Worf yelled quickly: A plasma torpedo, according to reports!

Picard yelled: Try to put shields up!

Worf: I cannot sir! The virus has affected all the shields!

Just after Worf said the previous quote, the plasma torpedo struck the secondary hull of Enterprise. This was a blow. On the bridge, small explosions spurted out. Worf, Picard, Counselor Troi, Riker, and the Ensign were flung across the room. Across Enterprise, electric explosions broke out, killing dozens of children and staff. In Engineering, Data and LaForge, still actively working on a cure, were sent across the room. Explosions caused damage to many engineering control panels.

On the bridge, Picard got up, with Riker's aid, and said: Worf, try to put up emergency power!

Suddenly, explosions erupted on all the bridge computer terminals, effectively rendering tactical, engineering, science, navigation/helms, and operations useless. All those stations were already malfunctioning. However, communications with the Engineering section came up. Emergency lights also came on automatically.

Picard: La-Forge, what has happened!

La-Forge: The hit of that plasma torpedo somehow knocked out all engines! It is causing the virus to overload all weapons! I got no control over anything!

Picard yelled: Can you stop it?

La-Forge: No! As I said, all weapons, communications, are overloading, because of the virus and that plasma torpedo!

Picard sat in his chair, and almost started crying. His great ship was disabled, due to some damned computer virus and plasma torpedo! Once he sat, the sounds of a power falloff were heard, and static was on all the terminal screens and view-screens. In Engineering, the warp engines shut down. Across the ship, lights went out, and even Sick-bay was affected. All the Med-beds stopped working, and all the equipment malfunctioned.

The bridge looked similar to the bridge in Star Trek Three: Search for Spock after Enterprise was disabled. The emergency lights gave the room a red look. Static was on all the screens and terminals. Smoke from the explosions rose up from the destroyed control panels. Picard, Riker, Worf, Troi, and the Ensign looked at the viewscreen, helpless to do anything.

Section 4: Destruction of the EnterpriseEdit

A moment of silence was finally broken, with Picard speaking up:

Picard: Suggestions.

Riker: Sir, with all due respect, the ship is disabled. We have no option but to surrender.

Worf: I suggest we set the ship on auto-destruct. Apparently that works.

After Worf said this, Enterprise fired several photon torpedoes into space. Nobody could do anything about it. Both the hidden alien vessel that had infected the ship with the virus and the Romulan Bird of Prey were out of the way. Phasers then fired, but one of the phaser banks overloaded, apparently caused by the virus, destroying several Crew Quarters and killing dozens. That soon stopped.

On the Romulan Bird of Prey, Commander Sela was smiling. According to her ship's scanners, Enterprise apparently was affected by a sort of computer virus, but Sela did not care. She wanted to kill the great ship. She ordered another plasma torpedo fired. This one hit the Enterprise's deflector dish. On the ship, further explosions broke out, destroying what was left of the tactical station. A turbolift was also severely damaged. The ship's malfunctioning replicator system was completely destroyed, and a phaser bank was paralyzed. Several Crew Quarters were destroyed as well.

On the bridge, a Ensign was dead. Picard finally broke out crying, and said: No!

Troi immediately rushed over to comfort him. As she did that, Worf looked at the view-screen, still filled with static, in rage.

Picard recovered, and said, in a low, but clear tone: I agree with Worf. We must destroy the Enterprise. Although it will cost over nine hundred lives, this ship cannot fall into Romulan hands.

Riker: But how, sir? That computer virus is causing all the systems to malfunction. The weapons are overloading, communications is non-existent, and the replicators are destroyed. We have no control over anything!

Worf: If a series of major bombs were planted throughout critical points in the ship, such as the holodecks, the bridge, the impulse engines, the transporters, etc. it could incinerate the ship, or at least leave it a lifeless hulk.

Picard: Are they stored bombs on board?

Riker: Yes, Captain. We can set them up right now.

Picard: Do it.

Riker: Yes sir.

Riker and Worf immediately left the bridge. They entered a emergency turbolift. The virus caused the turbolift to violently shake, almost killing the two men, but it finally reached it's destination: Engineering. They immediately went out, where they found a sad La-Forge.

Riker: The Captain is going to destroy the ship. He cannot set the auto-destruct, since the virus has paralyzed or malfunctioned most systems. He wants us to plant a series of powerful bombs throughout critical points in the ship to destroy the vessel, to prevent it from falling into Romulan hands.

La-Forge: I have something much simpler. I can cause a overload of all the systems, thus rendering the ship...a lifeless hulk.

Riker: But how can you do that? All the systems are malfunctioning or overloading!

La-Forge: If me, Data, you, Worf, and the Captain set phaser rifles on kill and aimed them directly at the computer core, it would cause all electrical systems to overload, thus destroying the ship.

Riker: Let's do so then.

La-Forge, Data, Worf, and Riker immediately left Engineering. They decided to enter a duct-way that would lead directly to the Bridge, since using the turbolifts would be too dangerous. They crawled through the duct-way, and finally got out, reaching the Bridge. Picard turned around, suprised.

Picard: Why did you use a duct-way.

La-Forge: The turbolifts, even emergency ones, are out of control. They can nearly kill.

Picard: Ok. What is your plan, Number One?

Riker then informed the Captain of their plan. The Captain granted his assent and immediately left with the men, heading down the same duct-way. They reached Engineering. They then gripped large phaser rifles, and set them on maximum power. The men then went through the hallways and reached the computer core. The core had a greenish hue.

La-Forge: Usually the core has a blueish hue. The virus's effects must have changed the color.

Riker: Enough of details! Let's destroy this core!

Picard: I agree. Let everybody now, this action is to prevent this ship from falling into the wrong hands.

After Picard said his small speech, he, Riker, Data, La-Forge, and Worf raised their phaser rifles at the computer core. Picard: On my mark, 1.2.3!

After Picard was finished, all five men fired their phaser rifles, which hit the heart of the computer core.

Soon, the core overloaded from the phaser-fire, and across the ship, the destruction began. Explosions rocked the bridge, destroying the inoperative science, engineering, and conn stations. One final explosion completely demolished the remants of the bridge. Explosions tore throughout the ship, destroying replicators, turbolifts, holodecks, crew quarters, and other vital parts of the ship in it's wake. All electrical lighting systems overloaded, with all the computers and technical equipment self-destructing. Finally a explosion sheared off half of the saucer section. Out of this massive explosion came the lifeless hulk of the ship, with only half of the saucer, the secondary hull, the engines, and deflector unit remaining. It fell into space and immolated in the vast void of stars.

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