This is Chapter 1 on the Great Computer. It is a work in progress.

Chapter 1: The Computer is CreatedEdit


C. 60,000 BC (Before Christ), the Young Empire had commissioned a grand computer to be designed and built, with interactivity, a modifed interface, and powers exceeding your wildest dreams. The Emperor had offered eighteen planets, 45,000 servants, and millions of Credits to any scientist whose designs for a computer were great. A poor young scientist, James Braden, a Young from the farthest reaches of space, submitted plans for a computer similar to one seen on this video, a sort of Motherboard. However, it would have a great array of powers, but also a great interface and a personality and interactivity. The Emperor recieved eighty plans, and thought Braden's was the best. So, Braden, sitting in his office, thinking he failed, heard the door ring.

"Yes?", the poor scientist said. A man opened the door and said "James Braden, the Emperor has accepted your plan. Pack your things. Your going to Youngia!".


The plans Braden presented were the following, and why the Emperor seemed impressed:

  • Time Control-The computer would have complete control over time and space: it would have the power to alter and govern events in the past, present, and future; the power to time travel and a power to control the space zone.
  • Telepathy-The computer could predict the future, show the past, show events in the present, control the minds of humans and ailens, and powers to control the actions of others.
  • Computer Control-The computer has the power to control other computers by simply installing a program into others to make them do their will. The computer can cause other computers to rebel against their masters, and can make them come to life.
  • Human Control-The computer has the power to control humans by connecting it's ablities with each person's thoughts, feelings, and their brain. The computer can transform humans into cyborgs, order them around as slaves, force them to hurt their loved ones or themselves, or to comitt crimes or good deeds. The computer could turn villains into heros, and heros into villains. The computer could also kill people. The computer can drain the power of superheros, increasing it's own power, or may give power to regular people or restore power to superheros.

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