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Grand Tour
Author TheWrittenWord
Rating T
Publication date 14:16, October 26, 2012 (UTC)
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Grand Tour is a novel by TheWrittenWord set in the world Vereva where fantasy meets steampunk. It follows a storyline concerning a war between four great nations: Kahrim, nation of the Minotaurs and Lorelei, nation of the Humans, feud openly with the Dwarves of the country Vy Mirvë, and Bevesta, nation of the Thaumaturges while the Aelven race watches and spectates. The story has three main protagonists, the siblings Aschion, Aless and Andy who rotate as the first person narrators of each chapter.

Book summary Edit

It'd been years since the three of them had been as close as they were. Since "the incident" three years, four months and thirteen days ago to be exact. Aschion had been counting. And maybe this trip, younger brother Andy's trip, was what the three siblings needed to bring them back together. They were family and family was meant to be together after all. But what Aschion hadn't betted on was how time changes people. Ales was to be wed, Andy was now a man, and he had so little time to catch up. So the three siblings set off on a global journey of truth and lies, of promises and deception, of exploration and self-exploration, each for different reasons.

Aschion's summary Edit


Aschion wielding the flaming Ivadni.

Character profile: Aschion

Estranged. There was no better word to describe him; Aschion hadn't written his parents or visited his siblings. He thought nothing of his home in Avelamb and erased everything from his mind, missing since "the incident."

Pushed by a friend, Aschion returns home wishing to accompany his brother on his Grand Tour. But would Andy after all this time have that?

He couldn't turn back. It was time for him to say all that he needed to say. It was now or never.

Aless' summary Edit


Aless in her wedding dress.

Character profile: Aless

Betrothed to a man she undoubtedly loves, why couldn't she muster up the courage to say "I do?" Ever the strong, outgoing sibling, it came as a surprise when she left her fiancé Aitor at the altar.

The truth was she'd become someone else. Someone who she didn't want to be.

So Aless, still in her wedding gown, fled without further notice. She didn't know where she was going or how she was going to get there. All she knew was that she had to run as far as her heeled feet could carry her.

Not once did she look back.

Andy's summary Edit


Andy wears his aviator's cap.

Character profile: Andy

Grand Tour, noun, a worldwide trip acting as a rite of passage for all those coming of age on Vereva used to inform youths of the woes and horrors of war.

Or so he was told...

Andy, coming to his fifteenth year of age, the age of majority, decided to take this trip but for different reasons. Everyone has their own reasons, but his was, in the least, unique. He didn't understand what was happening to him. He didn't understand why or how he could perform Majick--it was a taboo on the global scale after all. So why did he bear this curse? And how could he rid himself of it? For now, he doesn't know.

But he has the whole world to search for his answers.

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