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A brief story concerning the lives and a particular adventure of two stick figures. It features a particular feature of the universe of theirs the nature of which shall either become apparent during the story or not, it's something of an inaccurate play on words. It was originally inspired by an NCIS and an XKCD.

Cheaptar wanEdit

By the light of the moon/god who glamours the lightbeams

Fred! We're trapped in a cement sphere!

Oh Noes!" Fred exclaimed, “Will we alas be forced to remain here till we DIE FROM LACK OF FOOD AND WATER AND AIR?

I’m going green!

No! Die not Dye!

There is only one Solution! Shun salute.

Stand firmly and declare your actions with The Voice of Drama!

I tether my cellphone to a wifi connection; I use the tether to cast a rope; I use the cast to shoot a film; I use the shot to blow up the walls!

But wait it was a shoot not a shot-


Wait why are the walls exploding? No! This isn't right! I must fix your evil turnings!

No! This is perfect! Don't you see? We have UNLIMITED POWER!

I take your rope and tie it to your explosion and I- oh shoot, I can't think!

Ha-ha! Ha-ha!

I cut your tether!

With What?

uhh... Sharp words!

That is not an appropriate use of that adjective.

GAH! I HATE YOUR GUTS! My hate fuels my muscles; I use the fuel to start the engine! I use the engine to assemble a car; I compile the assembly into spyware; I clog the explosion with the spyware! LAAAAAG!

That... Can't... The explosions already done! It's gone man! Give it a rest!



You haven't saved us! You've damage the world by misusing WORDS! It's a breach of profound proportions in the wall that is the way that things are meant to work in this place. I must fix your dark deeds before they reach the All-Seeing Eye; then more bad will happen fast!

Alas! A lass. Car. Alaska. The fabric of our world is, like a temple curtain, rent in twain. Without grammar, there is no reference point, no benchmark, no square and compass to guide these our communications.

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