I was told to write about goldfishUser:Serprex 15:46, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

Big pond fishing is the time of year when people buy hooks bigger than their dicks so that they can pull out some big fish and watch as they wiggle off all their slime while gasping away. Todd has decided to participate in just such an expedition. Leaving his wife at home, early in the morning, he sets to sail with his rod already extended. At the boat, everything has been prepared ahead of time. He's a couple of beers stashed to pass the time before the big catch, his motor's been checked over. He gave it a couple of tugs and it groaned to life

Out on the big pond, Todd could see that there were some other fishers like him. But he'd get the catch, he was sure. He'd researched into how to troll: "Use a stiff rod for trolling. One that is too soft will cause you to miss many strikes for the flexing power of the rod is not enough to set the hook in a fish's jaw." Surely his rod was sufficiently stiff. Yet he stared into the murky depths, catching nothing. He'd be patient, he could maintain his rod in a pond like this no problem

& then it hooked. A light pull at first, it became frantic. Todd held back from jerking his rod, knew that if he wanted to insure the catch he'd have to maintain a steady pressure. But it was hard to keep up, he felt himself sweating as he reeled in his catch. How could a little fish pull so hard? He knew this would be a proud achievement. He was so close. From the waters came a golden glow. He was satisfied, holding the fish in his hands. He had to eat it, even if goldfish were known for carrying diseases. He wanted it

Even if his wife couldn't understand, she didn't have to know

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