An idea for a new Godzilla film

Summary: After being freed from the ice, Godzilla swims out to the Cape of Good Hope (or Bad Luck in this case) and destroys Cape Town. Then the American military discovers that a new monster, Repto, which is under the control of a diabolical reptilian alien race of the same name, is at work in South Africa. Godzilla must fight this new menace or the world will fall to the Reptos. Note: This film would be done portraying the monsters using motion capture.

The arctic is a cold place all year round. The only place that is cold enough to keep frozen the great King of Monsters: Godzilla! He had been stuck in a monstrous glacier (even more monstrous than him) for ten years. But two American explorers are about to change that.

We see two men in orange parkas, Randy Courtheis and Mark Shubein, on their way back to the American research base located on the Antarctic Peninsula. Storm clouds are visible in the distance.

Courtheis: C'mon, Mark! We've gotta hurry, or we'll freeze to death out here in the storm!

Shubein: I'm going as fast as I can! Geez, my legs are burning!

Randy suddenly sees something sticking up out of the ice in the distance.

Courtheis: Hey, what's that thing?

Shubein: Beats me. Looks like the top of a leaf. C'mon, let's go!

Courtheis: Looks more like a spine of some kind. Let's go check it out.

Mark hesitates, but out of curiosity follows Randy to the object. When they reach it, they see that it appears to be a fin of some kind, with ridges going down the side.

Shubein: It's probably some fish that got frozen to death out here.

Courtheis: Gimme a break! There's no way a fish could get all the way out here. Besides, this doesn't even look like it belongs to a fish. Maybe it's a dinosaur!

Shubein: Ha! A dinosaur indeed! C'mon, let's get outta here before the storm arrives. Stop fantasizing about fame and fortune, Randy. If that were a dinosaur it would have fossilized long ago. Now let's get outta here before we're buried!

The two run off. Ominous music plays, and then the screen fades to black.

Cut to Commander John Durham of the United States military sitting in his office, conferring with two of his top scientists.

Dr. Lovegrove: Sir, our satellite is picking up large amounts of radioactivity coming from the Antarctic area. We haven't been able to narrow it down yet, but we think it's on the Antarctic Peninsula somewhere.

Durham: Are you sure? Antarctica rarely shows signs of radioactivity.

Dr. Strangeglove: But don't you remember the incident ten years ago? You know, the one with Godzilla?

Durham: He's been buried under hundreds of feet of solid ice! There's hardly a way for him to escape!

Dr. Lovegrove: With the right amount of heat, it could.

Durham: All right, for safety measures order our research base to shut down their gamma generators. We don't want that thing getting out.

Cut to the Antarctic Peninsula, just outside the base. The sun is out again.

Subtitles: Two days later...

Suddenly, we hear a rumbling noise, and the ice begins to crack.

Cut to inside the base. A technician comes running into the head scientist, Dr. Smith's, office.

Technician: Dr. Smith! You've gotta come down here! Something's happening!

Dr. Smith: What? Can't you see I'm extremely busy?

Technician: This can't wait! Something's happening outside!

Dr. Smith sighs and follows the man downstairs into the tech room. Graphs are showing immense tremors.

Dr. Smith: What the...

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. Workers begin to scramble up the stairs in panic. Suddenly, there's a shout from above.

Worker: It's Godzilla!!

Dr. Smith: Wha..??

He races up the stairs and looks out the window at the top. A monstrous head has made it up through the ice.

Dr. Smith:!!!

Worker: It must have been that radiation! It melted the ice down and reawakened him!

Smith: Shut down the generators right now.

Worker: AAAAAHHH!!!!

Cut to outside the base. Godzilla's backfins flash, and then he breathes his blue atomic ray at the base. The buildings explode into flame, as a helicopter flies off.

Cut to inside the helicopter. Two doctors are in it, (one Japanese, one American) looking back as Godzilla frees himself completely from his icy prison.

Dr. Hungchu: We tried warning them of the danger. They wouldn't listen!

Dr. Haans: We thought he was buried deep enough!

Dr. Hungchu: The radiation melted through the ice. Nothing will stop Godzilla once he is mobile. LOOK OUT!!!

Godzilla walks past the helicopter, almost knocking it out of the sky with his head.

Dr. Haans: We've got to warn the military!

Dr. Hungchu: What good will that do?? No weapons can harm Godzilla! The only one that ever worked against him was the Oxygen Destroyer, and we no longer have the information neccessary for its construction!

Dr. Haans: There's got to be something!

Dr. Hungchu: Well, there are several ways we might be able to stop him. We might bury him again, but then your military would have to shut down their experiments in the Antarctic. Of course, we could always build a robot to fight him...

Dr. Haans: Oh no, we don't want another Mechagodzilla. Don't you remember all the trouble we had with the first one?

Dr. Hungchu: Yes, but that was an alien machine. We could do it better.

Dr. Haans: We don't have the technology!

Dr. Hunchu: Our top scientists have been studying Godzilla for a long time. Our intensive research in cybernetics has led us to some amazing discoveries. Perhaps, when we combine the results, we might be able to put something effective together.

Dr. Haans: Yeah, but what if it turns on you?

Dr. Hungchu: We'll put a weak spot on him, that only we know about. Now, can we get out of here??

Dr. Haans: First we have to make sure that big lizard doesn't notice us, or he'll blast us with his fire ray!

Cut to a busy downtown scene.

Subtitles: Johannesburg, South Africa

We hear air-raid alarms and then the screams of terrified people. A building suddenly explodes and begins to crumble, and then we see a shadow loom over the street. Cars rush to get out of the way as a gigantic foot crashes down on the sidewalk. The camera pans out, and we see the full view of a giant, horned lizard-like creature as it knocks over a power line.

Man in street: What in the name of Nike?!

A police car goes flying through the air and we hear horrified cries as it lands on a group of people. Suddenly, there is a booming sound, and an explosion on the monster's side. It roars and turns around and lets loose with a giant electrical beam. It hits the tank and blows off the top. Suddenly, helicopters enter the scene and start riddling the monster with bullets. It shrugs them off like acorns and knocks several of the choppers out of the sky.

Cut to a scene inside the EDF headquarters. A Japanese man suddenly begins screaming.

Man (subtitles): We're recieving an attack report from Johannesburg!

Chief: What?? It's not Godzilla, is it? I thought he was buried!

Man: It's not him! It's something else!

Chief: Lock onto it and get the Gotengo out there immediately!

Cut to inside the Gotengo. Inside are Captain Gordon (from Final Wars), Lt. Inoshiro, Sgt. Kitamura, and several other Soldiers.

Gordon: What've we got here anyhow? Godzilla again?

Inoshiro (subtitles): No, something we've never seen before! The President of Guateng's calling it a giant bearded dragon, but he says no one can get close enough to see without getting fried!

Gordon: Doggone it, don't tell me it's a new one!

Inoshiro: I'm afraid so. [he looks into his computer screen] It doesn't match any of the descriptions in our logs. I'm afraid it's a bogey.

Gordon: Well, let's get out there before he blasts the whole city apart!

The ship takes off from its port, and arrives in Johannesburg just in time to see a large building come crashing down on hundreds of citizens. The monster has fried several tanks and the city is already smoking.

Gordon: Fire missiles!

Several missiles fly out of the Gotengo and explode on the monster's belly. Nothing happens.

Gordon: Doggone it, fire again!

These missiles have no more effect than the last.

Gordon: Fire phaser #1!

The Gotengo fires a blue ray. The monster sees it and ducks, and the phaser blows up a building instead.

Gordon: Oh, ****! Get closer!

The Gotengo moves in. Suddenly, they are hit by a blast of electricity. The Gotengo crashes to the ground.

Inoshiro: Damage report!

Kitamura: Seventy-eight percent! We're down!

Cut to a scene of Cape Town, South America. Several workers are loading a cargo ship at one of the docks. Suddenly, they feel a tremor.

Worker #1: What the crap was that??

Suddenly, they see a giant wave on the horizon, moving slowly towards them. As it gets closer, they can see that it's not really a wave, but something alive moving under the water.

Worker #2: Great Ceasar's Ghost!

Suddenly a giant spine appears from under the swell, and then we hear the sound of an approaching helicopter. The helicopter flies overhead and lands in the loading area of the dock. Two men in white coats climb out and start shouting.

Dr. Haans: Run! Get out of here while you can! Godzilla's coming!

Worker #1: To here??

Dr. Haans: Yes! C'mon, we'll give you two a lift to other end of the city. Hurry!

The two workers run and scramble to get in the helicopter.

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