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Godzilla (1954, Extras)

Godzilla, Circa 1954

Godzilla is a fictional monster featured in several films produced by Toho Studios, located in Japan. A species of fictional dinosaur (Godzillasaurus), Godzilla became mutated after the atomic test on Bikini Atoll, and consequently attacked Tokyo. As the series progressed, Godzilla became less of a villain and more of an anti-hero, often defending Tokyo and other locations against various other kaiju (giant monsters).

Godzilla vs. ReptoEdit

After being freed from the ice, Godzilla swims out to the Cape of Good Hope (or Bad Luck in this case) and destroys Cape Town. Then the American and Japanese militaries discovers that a new monster, Repto, which is under the control of a diabolical reptilian alien race of the same name, is at work in South Africa. Godzilla must fight this new menace or the world will fall to the Reptos. But Godzilla cannot complete the task alone; the monster is too strong. Who other than Zilla himself comes to aid!

Godzilla: Final Wars spoofEdit

A script poking fun at the most recent of the Godzilla films (I haven't seen the film, so anyone who has is most welcome to contribute)

                                                                                                       godzilla vs serpentera                                                                       Godzilla must face an enemy never seen before and 3 friends will return along with 3 foes and anguirus has a secret.This holds an appearence by supergodzilla.

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