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I am a vision of which cannot be,
I show you a world delightful to see.
I am a rainbow receding away,
I explain what you can’t explain today.
I’m but a dream, I live in believers,
I matter not in the minds of others.
I am but a wish, by those without wit:
Can you accept it, do you believe it?

I bring not the truth, bring not salvation,
My whole existence lies in deception.
I am but a crown for men to abuse,
To cast down all who cannot smell a ruse.
Wake up from your slumber, set your mind free,
Any faith in me shall come with a fee.
For are not those who bear the robe and rod
Stepping on others to style themselves god?

He says I am his; you say I am yours;
Without another thought you’ve plunged into wars.
Some say I am real; some say I am not;
As to what I want you’ve never gave thought.
Have you sought through thoughts, have you sift through truths,
Have you searched for me through logic and through proofs,
Have you ever seen yourself in my place,
And thus come to know my will and my ways?

This world’s as perfect as perfect can be,
But it takes a godly eyesight to see.
My only laws I made far in the past;
Perfection’s nothing if it cannot last.
As from these laws there’s not one exception,
Skirting physics is but a deception.
No law’s divine if it may be broken;
How final are the laws man has written?

Where once there was nothing, now let there be
One which shall blossom forth into many.
In this world of scarce, in this world of strife,
My blessings go to those who last to ripe.
My will is writ in the code of all life;
My meaning is shown in expressions rife.
The life of this world’s of changes replete;
How will you against all others compete?

My will shall you feel instinctively;
You need not learn it intellectually.
To yearn, to learn, to achieve and succeed;
To see, to question with thought and mind freed;
To feel, to befriend, thus to empathize;
To judge right from wrong, to sift truth from lies;
To tolerate, and live in one same space.
Whom can you trust to decide in your place?

You call yourself wise, you think you know best,
But you all see some things and not the rest.
No one thinks they’re wrong; no one’s really right;
What do you trust to be your guiding light?
A heaven for one might not be for you;
Wishes not the same cannot all be true.
Everyone thinks they know just what to do;
Which of their ideas sound the best to you?

Life is but a mix of joy and of woe;
Those lacking wisdom wish it were not so.
Only such a world will set your mind free;
Thus is the world as it is meant to be:
No have without want, No rich without poor,
No birth without death, No life without war,
No love without hate, No gay without sad;
How can you know good without knowing bad?

You cannot count to even a billion,
Yet a speck of dust’s already trillion.
That’s but some unnotable piece of rust,
Worth as much to you as you to the rest.
This world is greater than just you and me;
I look to the need of society.
Needs of the many trump those of the few,
So why should I care a whit about you?

You make me a shrine, call to me for aid,
You ask for a gift without having paid.
Never had you cared to ask me my price,
And thus you believe in other men’s lies.
I answer not your hopes and your desires,
That you may see through the words of liars.
Have I not made my wishes crystal clear,
Rewarding all acts but not one prayer?

Thinking and free, how I want you to be
A part of the future, eternally.
Asking and science are ungodly tough,
But they bring rewards I trust you will love:
It’s the only gift that keeps on giving.
What kind of life would you now be living,
If thinkers had obeyed when ostracized
And ideas had never been plagiarized?

Learning is peeling skin from an onion,
Layers woven in the cloth of reason.
Each layer brings with it tears of surprise,
Exposing one more of yesterday’s lies.
There is no rainbow without illusion,
No belief of truth without delusion.
Truths of this world are hidden through and through;
What tests does it take to satisfy you?

Those who would challenge me I shall set free,
For they have the will to stand beside me.
You have the hands to move heaven and earth,
The hands and the minds to make wealth from dearth.
So go into the world, do as you will,
Turn your hopes and dreams from ideal to real.
And if along the way you find you’ve grown,
Have you not found a power of your own?

-- by Yunzhong Hou

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