A group of friends consisting of different unrelated people will met under strange circumstances, a basketball player, a police officer for the Eternityville, Texas police department, a home maker, a CEO of a television studio, an American pop star, a Mexican telenovela actress and a talk show host who works at a television studio who will find out if God is enough for them or not.

James Blatter was a basketball player whose carreer is going to take an abrupt end. He was gaining its reputation of skilled basketballer when he was purchased from the local Eternityvile team to the Texas statatal team the Texas Strars. He becom the star among the Stars that month during the National basketball championship in wich he scored 184 points for the team and he was going to lead its team to win if not his case became nototious until its semi final against Salt Lake city. Investigation on narcotraffic was going on over him and its case became notorious over the media. He was arrested on march that year, Terrance Willock was at the head of the investigation,

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