In 2005 while attending a Slam poetry event in Edmonton Alberta Canada, where about 65 people were in attendance, there was a poetry contest in which 12 people were chosen at random and given a quote by a famous author and 30 minutes to write a 30 line poem using the quote. I was given a quote by Voltaire (see bottom of poem) and created this Poem for Peace (anti-war poem) off the top of my head, and using a few lines from memory that I had used in previous published poetry. As an American living in Canada and being influenced by being Drafted to go to Vietnam, I am opposed to war of any kind. This poem won third place. WayneRay 19:10, 3 December 2007 (UTC)WayneRay

What is it you saw or didn’t see
when you walked into that country,
blinded by glory
the ins and outs
lights and oil
sand and stone
Burkha and bazooka.

What is it you saw or didn’t see
before dropping terror on that innocent country,
sitting in a tavern on that Friday night,
if you can remember the tavern
or the night for that matter,
planning everyone else’s life.
It was the night before giving the orders:

You thought you were protecting
the world from terrorists,
forcing your democracy on
Allah Akbar,
inflaming the Arab Fatwah
captured on Al Gazirah.

Believe me when I say
you won’t be remembered for your vision
as Commander in Chief
of the US Military and Coalition of the Willing.

You think you are every man
and all men, except the French
whom you now despise,
so I guess you will never come
across Voltaire who wrote about you
200 years ago when he said:

“Every man is guilty of the good
he did not do”

WayneRay 20:12, 30 November 2007 (UTC)WayneRay

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