Genie Edit


Here/hear me

All I might have been and have been

gone, torn by my own fingers

as I lie down dying

For I have lied so long

Perhaps in the black is truth



I have lived so long in these twenty years


I have lived so long

roamed roads

When my mother died I just kept on driving

We'd lived on the roads as salesmen

I keep roaming

Nothing was changed, products were gathered just as before

there was, an occasional question, a sorry eye

though there were tears from my eye

and tears stuffed into my chest


I kept driving, when my brother had left us, dead

we had kept driving

I kept driving, when my father had left us, drunk

we had kept driving

I was young with a vivacious eye

Mariah Edit


My bussines was that of my parents

When I had turned a certain age I was given a partnership

Mother and father were so proud of my hands

Which found the shape in the wood

as if it were a revelation

The light came of the figure

in knots seducing your iris

so you wandered over and touched it

Steven Edit


Dude, you all be clowning


Thou shalt find naught but fire

and yea brimstone


and we shall both steal away unto the night


for shizzle

my nizzle



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