The Gamz Chronicles (Gamz pronounced "Games") is a collection of short novellas narrating the adventures of Adam Duseman, his cousin Josh (and sibling Mindy) Quantum, and the Hylian hero Link as they travel through various (mostly Nintendo-based) video game worlds, meeting allies and fulfilling various tasks. Originally begun as a fanfiction on the Nintendo Nsiders forums, it eventually made its way to deviantART as well as its own forums.

Since their debut in 2004, the various episodes were heavily revised and then slowly re-released in their proper canon order. A manga by the original author was announced but never surfaced.

The most current episode in production is SuperPokémon, with Discovery at Shamouti Island temporarily being skipped over.

Main CharactersEdit

The Gamz TeamEdit

Adam DusemanEdit

The self-appointed leader of the group, Adam assumes most of the responsibilites of the team, though they are often above even his head. He is very knowledgeable about video games, and is usually the first to point out various things, such as characters and devices. He has a deep respect for legendary video game characters such as Samus Aran. He is seen wearing a blue double-sleeved shirt with white sleeves and bluejeans.

Josh QuantumEdit

Adam's cousin and right-hand man. Both he and Adam share a close bond from their childhood, and when separated from the group are usually paired with each other. Josh has a love for music and can often be seen listening to an iPod whenever he has spare time. He wears a red tee shirt and dark bluejeans, making his clothing scheme similar to Adam's, though he differentiates himself with red "fingerless" gloves.

Melinda "Mindy" QuantumEdit

Josh's older sister (and the eldest of the group), Mindy Duseman is a stereotypical blonde, showing occasional lapses of the brain and a childish nature. She refuses to consume meat products and has a love for animals, which more often than not is used against enemies. She wears a dark pink tee shirt and white shorts to compliment her brother's darker color scheme.

  • Mindy is believed to be based off of the Bleach character Orihime Inoue, but this has been discredited as the three main characters are derived from their real-life counterparts.


The hero of The Legend of Zelda game franchise, Link is presented as his youth form from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He has the personality of a stereotypical pre-pubescent child, showing occassional fits of hyperactivity, obsessions with toys or candies, and the ability to quickly bond with animals. However, when need be, he can quickly mature and become fierce, most likely empowered by the Triforce of Courage embedded in his left hand. He wears his traditional Kokiri Tunic and carries his Gilded Sword and Hero's Shield. The original reason for his appearance in the Pokémon World is never fully explained, however.



Raikou is the team's faithful Pokémon companion who follows them for most of their adventures (but can be convinced to temporarily leave if he were to become a burden otherwise). Like most Pokémon, he is unable to speak human dialect, but still communicates through gestures as well as feline mews, growls, and occassionally purrs.

Samus AranEdit

Samus Aran, the famed bounty hunter from the Metroid series, occassionally makes an appearance to aid the team. She first appeared in Blood of the Chozo where she donated some of her own Chozo blood to save the team from imminent death, and also gave them some of her older mechsuits. She sometimes acts like a mother or tutor the the team, but usually minds her own business and expects to just "get the job done the first time." She usually wears either her Zero Suit or Fusion Suit, but on some occassions wears casual street clothes.

Team RocketEdit

Domino (Agent 009)Edit

Domino is one of the main antagonists of the Gamz team. She was the original head of the mission that brought Adam and co. to their world in the first place, and has since been assigned to follow them and occassionally harass them (much like the Team Rocket trio from the Pokémon anime). She is also rivals with Samus Aran and was the victor of the duel in Purity Canyon, but was quickly revenged by Samus with the help of the Gamz team. She is an elite Team Rocket spy and has a partner, who is yet to be revealed.


As the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni does little more than supervise the majority of the assignments he gives. On rare occassions does he join the mission, usually when the success of the mission benefits himself. He was also once the former Gym Leader of Viridian City, which even after he resigned retained the gym itself as a Team Rocket hideout. Giovanni's last name is never revealed, neither by companions or by officials.

Major EpisodesEdit

Plot summaries are presented in their proper canon order.

The BeginningEdit

Adam, a former Pokémon fanatic and video game addict, knows nearly everything about his favorite Nintendo-branded games. When offered a mysterious trip to the Pokémon World via airplane flight, his gullibility gets the better of him and he invites his cousins Mindy and Josh to come along for the ride. Not surprisingly, the whole thing is a hoax by the nefarious Team Rocket in an attempt to kidnap people and turn them into more of their cronies. They manage to escape the plane, however they land in the dense woods of Viridian Forest, where they meet Link (who arrived by unknown means), as well as befriend a wild Raikou. Later Adam is recaptured by Domino and the others are forced to give chase and rescue him from their base in the Viridian City Pokémon Gym.

Later, they discover that due to inexplicable differences between this universe and the one they came from, they are allowed to stay for as long as they wish and continue their adventures.

The Blood of the ChozoEdit

While exploring Silver Cave on the Kanto/Johto border the team is mysteriously transported to the alien planet Tallon IV, where they are caught in the middle of a shootout between Samus Aran and rival bounty hunters, leaving them mortally wounded. Samus, out of sympathy for them, rush them to a Galactic Federation hospital and are transplanted with Chozo blood, a strange substance that gave her her extraordinary abilities.

After being dismissed from the hospital Samus later grants them useage of her combat mechsuits and teaches them how to use them. They are trained in basic controls, using weapons, and overcoming various obstacles (using abilities like the Morph Ball and the Screw Attack). When later asked if she could return them to the Pokémon World, she is at first reluctant but willingly does so anyways.

Back on the planet (which is revealed to be codenamed "PK254" by the Federation), the group soon learns of the rivalry between Samus and Domino, who share a hatred for each other after past events. They agree to a showdown in Pallet Town Harbor later that day to prove which one of them is better. Samus and co. show up as promised, but realise it is merely a trap set by Domino to forcefully win the duel. Adam and Josh quickly assist Samus and divert a disaster, forcing Domino to appear and unwillingly accept the duel. During the duel Samus is knocked off the pier they were fighting on and a forfeit is called, though Samus attempts to finish the fight after recovering. Domino quickly calls in reinforcements, and the group is surrounded. Just as they begin to fire, however, they are ambushed by a Space Pirate squadron that had followed Samus to the planet. While most of the Rocket grunts are eliminated, Adam and co. help fend off most of them as well as take out the leader, but not before Domino is knocked unconsious and sent flying out of the arena.

Later, as Samus says her goodbyes to the team (and promises to return if needed), Domino is rescued by an ally, who swears to take revenge on her behalf.

Discovery at Shamouti Island (incomplete)Edit

After the events of Blood of the Chozo, the group decides to relax a bit, and are invited by boat pilot Maren to the annual legendary festival at Shamouti Island. During the trip across the Kantonian Ocean, however, a vicious storm knocks Links overboard, and as the group tries to rescue him, Adam is dragged under by mysterious forces and is found unconscious when the group gives chase.

  • This episode is currently in hiatus and will be returned to later.

SuperPokémon (incomplete)Edit

Trying to take his mind off of a freakish nightmare he repeatedly has, Adam wanders too far out of town and is nearly mugged by a group of thugs until the mysterious Pokémon Mewtwo "rescues" him, who then returns into hiding. Four days later the trio (as Link had temporarily left the team) becomes involved with a bomb threat in the subway system beneath Celadon City, where they are first introduced to David Pereskia and Team Matrix's Gerard. Faced with the inevitability of their murders, Mewtwo rescues them once again and teleports them and the bomb out of the area and into saftey.

Story RevisionsEdit

The original fanfiction was a collection crudely written, poorly thought-out stories with no sense of continuity (in fact, a few of the stories were written simultaneously, making them more confusing) and were very difficult to follow.

In 2006 (two years after the original debut) it was decided by the original author that the stories needed major revision in order to be properly viewed by an audience outside of Nintendo Nsiders. All of the original stories were completely scrapped and rewritten, with major changes in character design, plotline and an added continuity to them. The first revised edition was posted on deviantart in the fall of that year, with the others slowly following afterwards. The last story to be rewritten will be Discovery at Shamouti Island, with original stories to follow afterwards.

External LinksEdit

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