"Damn!!" shouted Henri as the computer crashed before his very eyes, right during the last level!

This is Henri "RavingRevan" Demson, nicknamed for his knack of gaming and modding, recently he had bough the newest game for the PC, WarScream - A World of Fantasy, a world of wonder. He saw the reviews and they were pretty good, but now, at the most inoportune moment, his computer crashed. Grumbling from the game state that was quickly slipping away, he looked at the clock, 12:50pm.

"Holy crap! I couldn't have stayed up this long, I've only been playing for thirty minutes!!" he thought, thinking of how much time it would take to get back to the level, he slumpily put on his slippers and slunked off to bed, tripping over a box.

"Damn!!!!" he cussed and slowly got back up, he hated moving from house to house.

After reading for a few minutes, he went to sleep, book in hand, WarScream - The Myth. Basically, the game manual. Little did he know, it would help him much more than just a gaming guide...

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