This is the story of the Galactic Alliance, under the leadership of the Sith, defeating the Hapes Consortium, Corellian Confederation, and Jedi Coalition, and once again becoming the Galactic Empire.


Sidious becomes Chief of State of the AllianceEdit

The spirit of Darth Sidious, the Emperor of the long-gone Galactic Empire, had possessed the body of Jedi Knight Jacen Solo, thus once again ascending. Sidious, in his new youthful form, used manipulation and greed to take power. Sidious built a power-base in the Alliance. He convinced the Galactic Senate (restored to power), using his political charm and dark-side manipulation, to create the Galactic Alliance Political Guard, a secret police organization dedicated supposedly to rooting out Corellian insurgents, but in reality to arrest any opponents of the Alliance. Sidious (or Solo in his public identity and body form) became the leader of this new organization, achieving the rank of General.

Sidious (or Solo, the name of the body the Sith Lord was possessing) eventually secured the support of the military and of the population, using manipulation and Dark side powers. Leia Organa and Han Solo were shocked at their "son's" behavior, but they did not realize that their old enemy, the thought-dead Emperor Palpatine, had taken over the boy's body and mind.

Eventually, Cal Omas, Chief of State of the Alliance, was offered a chance of peace by the Corellian leaders. He attended a secret peace meeting with them. Sidious recovered tampered recordings of the meeting, and had Omas arrested. Using political charm and skill, Palpatine (in the guise of Jacen Solo) was proclaimed Chief of State of the Alliance, granted powers he, in his original form, had once held as Dictator of the Republic. The Sith now were in control of the Alliance, with absolute power.

Consolidating the Sith Order and killing Mara Jade SkywalkerEdit

After Sidious (or Solo, the name of his body) became Chief of State, the planets of Commenor, Bothawui, Corellia and it's system, Fondor, and Bespin formed the Confederation, a government dedicated to resisting the Galactic Alliance. The new government created the Confederation Fleet, and soon became a threat in the eyes of the Galactic Senate.

Palpatine used the evidence of the "Corellian rebellion" to temporarily disband the Senate and take direct control of the Alliance. Sidious informed the Dark Lady Lumiya of his return in the form of Jacen Solo. However, he had no intention of keeping her. He sent her on a mission to kill Luke Skywalker, but as expected, she herself was decapitated. With Lumiya out of the way, Sidious once again assumed secret control of the Sith Order, and he lured Aleema Rar to his side, promising to kill Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, and Han Solo, her enemies, as well his old ones, in exchange for her loyalty. She accepted. Palpatine trained her in some aspects of the Dark Side, and he himself expanded his knowledge, becoming more powerful then ever.

Sidious then learned of his old spy Mara Jade, and about how she became a Jedi and had married one of his greatest enemies, Luke Skywalker. The Dark Lord tracked and killed Mara Jade, covering up the murder and, in his form as Solo, even attending the funeral of Mara Jade on Coruscant. He made sure neither Leia or Han Solo attended by secretly sending assassins to drive them across the galaxy.

The Hapes Consortium and New Jedi Order leave the AllianceEdit

Palpatine's actions increasingly angered the Jedi and Hapans, who began considering the Sith had taken control of the Alliance. Sidious (or Solo) led an assault on Kashyyyk, bombarding the planet. During the Battle, he revealed his true identity to Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker, and engaged both in a duel. Palpatine, in his youthful self, defeated Luke and was able to turn Ben to the dark side. He proclaimed Ben Skywalker "Darth Lucius" and made him his apprentice.

Then, the Hapan Consortium and New Jedi Order abandoned the Alliance, after Sidious (or Solo, the name of his body) ordered them to assist in the raids of Kashyyyk. The Alliance now had 1 million member worlds left, with 200,000 worlds having left to join the Confederation, Hapan Consortium, and Jedi Order. However, this was all part of Palpatine's plan to destroy the minor government and religious organization respectively.

Jedi Ambush of PalpatineEdit

Grand Master Luke Skywalker of the New Jedi Order decided to have his old enemy, Palpatine, removed for good. He dispatched a Jedi force of Kyle Katarn, Valin Horn, Thaan Mithric, Kolir Hu'lya, and Seha Dorvlad to get rid of the Dark Lord.

Although the Jedi team confronted Palpatine in the Alliance Chancellory, the mission was a complete failure. The old Dark Lord proved to be more powerful then any of them. Sidious immediately defeated and killed Horn, Mithric, Hu'lya, and Dorvlad, and severely injured Katarn.

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