The Galactic Empire, also known as the New Order, the First Galactic Empire, Palpatine's Empire, the Universal Imperium, the Imperium, or simply as The Empire, is the universal government that was established by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in 19 BBY, from the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Dimensions. A very massive and extensive organization, the Empire has a large government bureaucracy and extensive military forces, comprised of countless numbers of troops, capital starships, superweapons, and the like. The Death Star, the Galaxy Gun, the World Devastator, and the Sun Crusher are the Empire's primary weapons. Controlling over one hundred million dimensions throughout the known Universe, the Empire has become known as an oppressive and destructive government. The following are how dimensions and Star Wars/Star Trek worlds have fared under the Empire's rule.


Star WarsEdit


This penal world, located in the Atrvis Sector of the Outer Rim Territories before its destruction, had been discovered by the Galactic Republic twenty years before the beginning of the Clone Wars. The Republic established a minor prison facility on the world, but largely ignored it during the Clone Wars. This changed drastically upon the establishment of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, however. Emerging from the ashes of the Republic and Separatists, the newly established Empire was determined to exert her power and influence across the civilized Universe. As part of this, the Emperor authorized a series of superweapon and special development projects, on the recommendation of Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin, in order to crush all opposition against the Empire and cow millions of dimensions to her heel. As such, the Empire seized control of the developing Death Star Project, begun by the Separatists at Geonosis in 21 BBY and engineered by Palpatine (as Darth Sidious), Count Dooku, and the Geonosian Leader Poggle the Lesser. They had devised a "Secret Weapon" concept that would allow the Separatist to destroy Republic worlds and forces. This of course did not happen, but the newly established Empire inherited all of the former holdings, resources, and projects of the Separatist commercial organizations. The Empire immediately began expanding the Death Star plans and Tarkin was appointed supervisor of the project. In order to improve security, and increase the project's safety from prying universal sources, the unfinished frame of the Death Star was moved to Despayre. The Empire vastly expanded Despayre's prison and mining operations. Massive mines and refining depots were constructed on Haroon, source of crystals and various ores vital to the Death Star superlaser and other Imperial weaponry. Orbital collection stations and stardock facilities were constructed. The Empire built several new prison complexes on the world, established a complex series of colonies and settlements, and built a powerful Imperial Garrison and Munitions Center in Dungeontown, which became Despayre's capital city. The Empire then engaged in a intensive series of campaigns and enslavements throughout Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens, Terminator, Stargate, Avatar, the Video Dimensions, and countless others to marshal both slave labor and needed resources, materials, and components. Soon, billions of workers from both sexes were laboring on Despayre, Haroon, and the orbital stations: besides political prisoners and common delinquents (primarily Human and near-Human) from every corner of the Universe, even the Comedy Dimensions, there were slaves and impressed laborers from a variety of species:

From Star Wars (in order of percentage and number of laborers):

  • Wookiees
  • Mon Calamari
  • Lurrians
  • Ewoks
  • Jawas
  • Tusken Raiders
  • Kaminoans
  • Gungans
  • Geonosians
  • Nosaurians
  • Yuzzhan Vong
  • Ssi-ruuk
  • Chiss
  • Hutts
  • Toydarians
  • Gameorrans
  • Duros
  • Rodians
  • Tw'leks
  • Vagaari
  • Felucians
  • Sullustans
  • Weequay
  • Ithorians
  • Amani
  • Klatooinians
  • Herglics
  • Deveronians
  • Iridonians
  • Countless others

From Star Trek:

  • Borg
  • Klingons
  • Romulans
  • Vulcans
  • Tholians
  • Orions
  • Ba'ku
  • Bajorians
  • Anticans
  • Antedans
  • Andorians
  • Trill
  • Voth
  • Vidians
  • Kazons
  • Gorns
  • Sheilak
  • Cardassians
  • Ligonians
  • Bynars
  • Denobulans
  • Argathis
  • Arkenites
  • Arcturians
  • Baneans
  • Barzanites
  • Barkonians
  • Benzites
  • Founders
  • Vorta
  • Jem'Hadar
  • Risans
  • Rhaandarites
  • 8472
  • Countless others

From Other Dimensions:

  • Na'vi
  • Aliens

All of these slaves and prisoners, regardless of their species, race, or gender, were treated brutally and cruelly, forced to toil for the entire living day, working on the components for the Death Star and thousands of other Imperial weapons, military research, scientific research, and development projects. These included the Star Destroyers, the Sun Crusher, the Galaxy Gun, the World Devastator, and innumerable other Imperial devices and stations. Slaves (primarily Wookiees, Mon Calamari, Klingons, and Na'vi) eventually worked on the Death Star frame as well, actually installing the components and building the structure's various parts. Enslaved scientists, technicians, and engineers from each of the above races toiled at the Maw Installation and at the Despayre orbital platforms, overseeing the installation of components and constantly revising design plans for the Death Star and other projects, under the threat of death. The Empire employed millions of Human prison guards, camp overseers, production directors, and agents, in order to oversee the alien laborforce and maintain Imperial oversight over every aspect of the project. There were also hundreds of millions of stormtroopers, Imperial Marines, Inquisitors, Emperor's Hands, Intelligence Operatives, and Emperor's Guards at the site, maintaining security and crushing any rebellions or revolts by the slaves and prisoners. The entire Atrvis Sector was declared an Emergency Zone, with only military vessels and capital starships carrying components, resources, or slave labor being allowed to enter. A massive Imperial fleet, one of the largest forces in the entire Universe (with the exception of the Coruscant Defense Fleet), comprising of many tens of thousands of capital starships, hundreds of thousands of transports and couriers, and millions of fighters and defense craft, defended the construction site. The Maw Installation also had an extensive military fleet and was an off-limits zone. The Empire spent vast sums on maintaining these forces and on the project itself, funneling resources primarily from Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Babylon Five, Lost in Space, various superhero, Avatar, and other wealthy dimensions.

Gradually, the Death Star began to take shape, despite repeated sabotage and raiding attempts by pirates, dissidents, and the like. The most significant of these was when a coalition of various Star Wars and Star Trek pirates and rebels, aiming to disrupt the Empire's completion of the station, launched a major attack in 0 BBY, that was blunted by the first use of the Death Star superlaser. By this point, the Death Star was virtually complete. Grand Moff Tarkin decided that it was time for the station to be moved and for it to begin her operational life. He wished for the station to test her power before going underway by using her superlaser on a suitable target within sublight range. Despayre proved to be this target, as the Horuz system had been largely emptied by the Empire and the penal world was the only habitable planet in that star system. Also, a cloud of industrial debris was already circling over Despayre, which would have remained long after construction efforts would end. Tarkin thus had a justification for destroying the world. The Death Star's superlaser was not fully powered however at this point, being only a third of its full strength. 4% power had been used to destroy a Lucrehulk-class battleship that launched fighters towards the station, during the Raid on Despayre. No one knew what kind of damage the superlaser would inflict at one-third of its full capacity. Even at that strength, however, the superlaser would kill billions of prisoners and slaves.

As Tarkin considered all non-essential personnel to be a security risk, anyone whose usefulness ended with the termination of construction was shuttled to the planet. Prisoner work crews and slave chain groups were returned to their compounds, while construction supervisors and other personnel were shuttled back to Despayre as well. As they awaited reassignment, they were unaware of their impending demise. Besides this, all Imperial military and administration forces on Despayre were evacuated, while Haroon and the orbital stations were abandoned and left to the slaves, who were unknowing of their fate.

After this had taken place, the Death Star fired its first shot at Despayre. This first one-third power shot from the superlaser was a planet killer in itself. Though it didn't physically destroy Despayre, it did terminate all life on its surface. Nearly 50 billion slaves and prisoners, of all the above mentioned species and hailing from throughout the Universe, were killed, alongside countless construction supervisors, designers, and other such personnel. The atmosphere itself became a massive firestorm, and the planet's ground became unstable from the blast. The tectonic plates shifted, causing massive waves in the planet's oceans and extreme volcanic activity. Tarkin was pleased with the results. When Admiral Motti questioned the destruction of one of the Empire's primary prison and slave colonies, Tarkin just shrugged it off by stating his expectation that the Empire would employ the death penalty more often.

One hour and fifteen minutes after the first shot, the Death Star fired a second time. This shot further intensified the seismic effects, causing mountains to rise and fall in a matter of minutes and the surface to be covered with oceans of lava. Despayre had gone from a verdant world of deep green, broken by rivers and seas, to a lifeless sphere of pure red.

The final shot hit one hour and nineteen minutes after the second. When the final shot hit, Despayre shattered into billions of fragments ranging from pebble to mountain-sized. The planet no longer existed as a single entity in term of the star system's gravitational configuration. Haroon suffered severe damage and was knocked out of orbit, becoming a floating protoplanet. The Death Star itself recorded the impact of thousands of fragments against the station's shields, none of which caused damage worth mentioning. The destruction of Despayre proved the operational training necessary for the engineering division to clear the superlaser for full-power operation, and a short time later, a single shot at full capacity would be used to destroy Alderaan in the Core Worlds of Star Wars.

Star TrekEdit

The following are worlds or species that have been oppressed by the Empire within Star Trek:


This desert world was the homeworld of the Vulcans, a species renowned for their emotional self-control and their great scientific knowledge. Vulcan had been a founding member of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY, and had long been a respected Republic member world, supplying many leading scientists, government officials, Jedi, and the like. It was assaulted twice by the Separatists during the Clone Wars, but both efforts were defeated by Republic and Vulcan defense forces. Upon the establishment of the Galactic Empire, the Vulcans and hundreds of thousands of other alien species across both Star Wars and Star Trek were targeted for Imperial subjugation and enslavement. Vulcan was prized by the Imperials for its scientific laboratories, research outposts, and for its vast labor resources. As such, the Empire attacked the world in 18 BBY, in a assault lead by Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin. The Vulcan defense warships and militias were quickly overwhelmed, and the planet was occupied by the Empire. The Vulcans themselves were enslaved by the Empire, with numerous concentration camps and enslavement facilities being established on the world. The sacred tombs of Mountain Seleya were demolished and the Imperials imposed a harsh regimen in the world's cities. The scientific outposts and labs were used for Imperial military research projects, and many Vulcans were shipped off world, forced to work on the Death Star and various other Imperial construction projects.

Romulus and RemusEdit

These worlds were the homeworlds of the Romulans and Remans, two of the major Star Trek species. The Romulans were an Vulcan offshoot race, having been exiled from Vulcan c. 26,000 BBY. They had occupied Romulus and had conquered the Remans. The Romulans built an powerful Empire that lasted until the days of the Republic. The Romulans were defeated by Republic forces in 20,000 BBY and shortly after joined as members. In 22 BBY, Romulus and Remus seceded from the Republic and joined the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions. The Republic eventually brought the world back under its control in 19 BBY, shortly before the Empire was founded. Determined to punish the Romulans and Remans, and to exploit them for their resources and labor, the Empire enslaved both species in late 19 BBY, seizing the mines of Remus and the cities of Romulus. Imperial authorities were installed that governed both worlds, and both Romulan and Reman slaves were forced to toil in the mines, factories, and shipyards of both worlds, and hundreds of thousands were shuttled to Despayre (site of the Death Star construction in Star Wars), the Maw Installation, and other Imperial slave, penal, and colonial worlds/dimensions. The Romulans and Remans revolted against the Empire in 3 BBY, but this was brutally crushed and many major Romulan cities were sacked by the Imperials as revenge.


This was the homeworld of the Klingons, a major Star Trek species renowned for their militarism and caste society. The Klingons had built up a powerful Empire c. 24,000 BBY, but a millennia later had been defeated by the expanding Galactic Republic and forced to join as members. They had eventually become a respected species in the Universe, and remained loyal to the Republic at the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Qu'onos was briefly captured by the Confederacy in 21 BBY, but the Republic and Klingons combined together to repel them. When the Galactic Empire was formed, however, the central government's view towards alien species changed drastically. The Imperials desired the minerals of Klingon's moon Praxis, the Klingon factories and military outposts, and the Klingons themselves as slave labor. In 18 BBY, Qu'onos was assaulted by an Imperial expedition commanded by Grand Moff Tarkin, and despite fierce Klingon resistance was overrun and subjugated. The Klingons were enslaved, as the Empire cleared out First City and Tong Vee, established concentration camps and containment facilities within the Hamar Mountains, expanded the mining operations of Praxis, and constructed a orbital defense base around the world. Klingon slaves worked at factories, military outposts, and mines, while also being deported offworld to work at Despayre and other Imperial construction projects. The Klingons constantly resisted the Imperial rule, and erupted in massive rebellion in 2 BBY. They were punished as Qam Chee and the Klingon Valleys were devastated by Imperial warships and millions of Klingon women and children were slaughtered.


This was the homeworld of the Betazoids, a near-human species renowned for their telepathic skills. It was precisely this that doomed them to the Empire's wrath. The Betazoids had been founding members of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY, and many became respected Jedi Knights or military agents. It was only Palpatine's considerable skill in the Force that allowed him to deflect their suspicions of him before and during the Clone Wars. The world was assaulted and plundered by Confederate forces under General Grevious in 20 BBY, but recovered by the time the Galactic Empire was formed in 19 BBY. The Empire installed a garrison on the world and reined in the Betazed government. This was followed in 15 BBY with the imposition of martial law and other measures. Betazed was declared off-limits to the rest of the Universe and was quarantined. A decade later, the Empire bombarded the world, in the Betazed Massacres. As a result, nearly ten billion Betazeds died, and the world was turned from a vibrant and green planet to a lifeless wasteland. This is counted as among the worst of the Empire's atrocities.


This world in the fringes of the Star Trek Alpha Quadrant was home to the Bajorans, another near-Human species. Bajor had remained undiscovered by the Galactic Republic and as such retained its independence, developing its own interstellar spacecraft and enjoying a great period of prosperity. In 21 BBY, however, the world entered into a devastating civil war, as certain rebel factions coordinated themselves against the Bajoran Government. This civil war lasted for over a decade and weakened the world's defenses. In 10 BBY, Imperial scouts surveying the Deep Space Nine regions stumbled upon the world. The Empire decided that the world would be useful as a military outpost and also for its rare minerals and labor resources. The following year (9 BBY), the world was assaulted by Imperial forces under the command of Darth Vader and Tarkin, and both the government and the rebel factions were quickly overwhelmed and destroyed. Bajor was annexed and subjugated by the Empire, as Imperial troops moved onto the world and established a government in Bajoran City. The Bajorans were enslaved and found Imperial mining facilities, trade ports, and camps being established over their world. The Empire deported many Bajorans off world to work on the Death Star and other Imperial construction projects, while constructing a orbital defense base and space platforms above the world's atmosphere. The Bajorans revolted in 2 BBY and were punished with the sack of many of their major towns and cities.

Cardassia PrimeEdit

This world was the homeworld of the Cardassians, a aggressive and arrogant species who dwelled in the Alpha Quadrant. They had established the Cardassian Union in 6,000 BBY, and shortly afterwards made contact with the Galactic Republic. The Republic extended diplomatic overtures to the Cardassians, but they rejected this and attacked Republic outposts, worlds, and garrisons near their territory. The Republic and Jedi responded with a swift military campaign, and the Cardassians were attacked, defeated, and annexed. They simmered under Republic rule, erupting in revolt at least a hundred times between 6,000 and 22 BBY, before finally breaking away and joining the Confederacy in 22 BBY. Cardassia then attacked Republic colonies, but was defeated by the Jedi and fell back under aggressive assaults. In 19 BBY, the Republic recaptured the world, and shortly after, the Galactic Empire was founded. Imperial forces stationed on the world immediately enslaved the Cardassians, and prisons throughout the planet were converted into containment facilities and enslavement camps. Nearly fifty million Cardassians were deported off the world to work on other Imperial construction projects, including the Death Star at Despayre.


This world in the Beta Quadrant was the home of the Gorns, a reptilian species who had obtained a Space Age in c. 24,500 BBY and had remained stubbornly independent of the Galactic Republic, establishing a Hegemony that became one of the strongest independent states in the Star Trek Galaxy. Nevertheless, Count Dooku persuaded the Gorn into joining the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions during the Clone Wars, intending on using their warship models for his own purposes. The Gorn and their Confederate armies penetrated into Republic territory, as far as Illyria, before being decisively defeated and forced out by Admiral Wulff Yularen in early 19 BBY. When the Separatist droid armies were decomissioned and the Republic turned into the Empire, the Gorn were targeted by the Empire for the purposes of slave labor. Imperial forces, commanded by Yularen and Admiral Charles Brensen, the Imperial commander of all forces in the Local Space region, launched an invasion of Gorn space in late 19 BBY. The Gorn were easily overwhelmed and Gornar fell to Imperial forces. The Empire, using the service of Ferengi and Transdoshan enslavers, brought the violent Gorn species into slavery and established extensive garrisons, stations, and outposts throughout their former dominions. Many Gorn were shipped off to work on the Death Star, Sun Crusher, and Maw Installation projects, and could be found as front-line laborers alongside the Wookiees, Na'vi, ETs, Borg, and the like from various alien dimensions throughout the Universe. The Gorn erupted in a massive uprising in 1 BBY, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Imperial prison guards and stormtroopers on their world. In response, the Empire devastated the world, leaving it a wasteland.


This world in the Alpha Quadrant housed the Tholians, an extremely xenophobic species who had constructed the Tholian Assembly in 25,000 BBY and had refused to join the Galactic Republic. The Tholians had maintained limited contacts with the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions during the Clone Wars, although they refused to join that organization as full members. The Tholians were alarmed by the establishment of the hostile and militaristic Galactic Empire in 19 BBY. The Imperials stationed forces on the Tholian boundaries and demanded that they accept Imperial membership. The Tholians refused and instead attacked the Imperial colony at Murdor. This prompted a full-scale invasion, as the Tholian forces were quickly destroyed by Imperial armadas as they swept forth to Tholia. The world was bombarded and decimated by Star Destroyers, and billions of Tholians died. The Empire then installed oxygenated bases on Tholia and enslaved the remaining Tholians, forcing them to work at their world's mines, factories, and commercial installations.


To the surprise of many, the Galactic Empire did not oppress or harass the Ferengi, in contrast to what it did to other Star Trek and Star Wars alien species. Instead, it treated the Ferengi with admirable respect. Indeed, the Ferengi had established the Ferengi Commercial Alliance in 25,100 BBY and were encountered by the Galactic Republic in 24,500 BBY. They did not resist the Republic and as a result were granted the status of a Allied Region, allowed to retain their own government and military forces while sending a representative to the Galactic Senate. The Ferengi maintained this status throughout the remainder of the Republic, but during the Clone Wars the Confederacy sacked Prexnak and occupied swaths of Ferengi territory before being repelled by Republic expeditions. In 19 BBY, when the Galactic Empire was formed, many expected that the Ferengi would be enslaved and their worlds directly annexed. Instead, the Empire granted the Ferengi the status of an "Imperial Client State", allowing them to retain most of the autonomy they had enjoyed under the Republic, with the added rule that Imperial forces and diplomats could be garrisoned on Ferengi outposts. The Empire expanded the Alliance's territory to 700 star systems, granted it tax and trade exemptions and preferences, and employed the services of many Ferengi as agents, information brokers, slavers, and engineers. The Ferengi proved important in the Imperial enslavement of the Klingons, the Cardassians, the Orions, the Borg, the Gorns, the Tholians, the Romulans, and many other Star Trek Species.


This was the homeworld of the Breen, a species known for their secrecy and elusiveness. Despite these facts, the Breen had been discovered by the Galactic Republic in 1,000 BBY, although remaining a mystery to Galactic civilization and retaining their independence. During the Clone Wars, the Breen remained neutral, although their capital world (also called Breen), suffered Confederate raids and espionage operations. However, with the creation of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, the Breen were exposed to Imperial attack and subjugation. The Empire desired Breen's massive shipyards and liquid collection outposts. Both of these would be needed for the Empire's massive military expansion projects. In late 19 BBY, the Breen were assaulted by Imperial scout and expeditionary forces commanded by the minor Admiral Kruge, and were quickly overwhelmed and conquered. Imperial occupation forces took up residence of their home-world's bases and underground living facilities, while Imperial robots and construction workers seized the world's construction shipyards. The Breen, who were considered useless by the Imperials for slave labor, were deported to the isolated Star Trek worlds of Septimius and Ruah, and quarantined from the rest of the Universe. They would later be exterminated by Star Destroyers in 0 BBY.


This world was home to the Orions, a green skinned near-Human species who were loathed throughout the Universe for their practices of piracy, slavery, and general moral lacking. This species had, however, not been discovered until the last millennium of the Republic, and the corruption impacting that government, alongside the dealings of the Hutts with the Orions, allowed them to retain their independence in the Orion Colonies. The Republic did intervene in Orion affairs from time to time and imposed strict limits on their slave trade. The Orions however, aligned themselves with the Confederacy during the Clone Wars, although they remained relatively free of Republic attacks. This changed with the rise of the Empire in 19 BBY however. The Imperials wished to use the Orions themselves as slave labor, end their slave trade and piracy, and extort them for their mineral resources, military bases, and spices. The Empire invaded the Orion Colonies at the beginning of 18 BBY, quickly overwhelming their pirate fleets and sacking Orion itself. The Orion slave trade and piracy were suppressed and ended, with Human captives being released, the Orions themselves enslaved, and Imperial forces moving onto their worlds. Orion laborers were dispatched to Imperial prison and construction sites throughout Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, and other science fiction dimensions under Imperial control.

Ligon IIEdit

This world was home to the militaristic and African-like Ligonians, who were renowned for their societal harshness and their martial arts skills. The Ligonians had joined the Galactic Republic in 3,600 BBY, and had a representative on the Galactic Senate. During the Clone Wars, it remained neutral, although it was attacked by a minor Confederate expedition due to its vital location along a major Republic trade route. With the creation of the Galactic Empire however, the fate of the Ligonians changed drastically. The Empire desired direct rule of the world for its liquid production facilities and stores of Antigenium, a vital Star Trek element. In 18 BBY, the world was attacked and overwhelmed by an Imperial stormtrooper detachment already stationed in the Ligonian star system. The Empire assumed control of the world's facilities, production factories, and collection stations. The Ligonians themselves were enslaved, as the Compound City was cleared and Imperial governors moved into the residence of the Ligonian Sire. The Empire established major collection shipyards in Ligon II's orbit, and ruined the planet's resources in extracting Antigenium. Few Ligonians, were however, deported by the Imperials.


This mechanized and collectivized species had been a major civilization in the pre-Republic Star Trek Dimension, establishing the Borg Collective in 30,000 BBY and conquering or assimilating nearly ten thousand species throughout the Star Trek Delta Quadrant. The Borg were at the height of their power when the Galactic Republic was established in 25,053 BBY. The Republic first encountered the Borg in 24,000 BBY. They proved immediately hostile, as the Borg assimilated numerous Republic scouts sent to the Delta Quadrant and launched devastating raids deep into Republic territory of Star Trek. The Republic and Jedi then launched coordinated expeditions and campaigns against the Collective, which resulted in decisive Republic victories and the demolition of much of the Borg computer network. The remaining Borg groups then joined the Republic in 22,900 BBY, and were organized into a series of military governorships and frontier protectorates. This situation persisted until the Clone Wars. In 21 BBY, the Confederacy seized control of Unimatrix I and conquered the Borg Worlds 900 through 6700. The Republic and Separatists then engaged in bitter campaigns throughout Borg space, each using large numbers of Borg warriors, who fought alongside their clone troopers and war droids respectively. By the time the Galactic Empire was formed in 19 BBY, most Borg space was again under Republic control, despite the existence of some remaining Confederate holdouts. The Empire immediately enslaved the Borg, deeming them useful as slave labor. The Imperials also cleared out the Confederate holdouts and utilized the massive Borg superstructures and stations for Imperial research and weapons projects. Borg laborers were scattered throughout the Universe, and could be found at Despayre, site of the Death Star construction.


This world was home to the Bynars, a humanoid race that is interconnected with a master computer. The Bynars built an civilization that was based around automation and computerized interaction amongst members of their race. Their world was discovered and surveyed by the Galactic Republic in 19,000 BBY, and shortly after, they joined the Republic as members. Bynars entered service in many Star Trek fleets and corporations, becoming respected for their advanced computer skills and their engineering prowess. Their world thrived and became a Star Trek powerhouse of energy, computer goods, and automated technology. Throughout the Clone Wars, the Bynars remained loyal to the Republic, although a Separatist attempt to devastate Byanus in 20 BBY failed miserably. The fate of the Bynars changed drastically under the Galactic Empire, however. The Imperials desired the Bynars for use as slave labor and technicians on certain Imperial scientific research projects, including those at the Maw Installation. The Empire launched a swift operation on the world in 19 BBY, quickly enslaving the Bynars and seizing control of their computer networks. The world was declared a emergency security zone and was protected by a heavy fleet of Star Destroyers and carriers. Bynar scientists, engineers, and technicians, were forced to work on Imperial projects, constantly under the threat of reprisals. Many Bynars were shipped to the Maw Installation, the Halo Research Labs, and Skynet Laboratories, devoting time to working on the Death Star and formulating other projects.


This world in the Briar Patch of Star Trek was the home of the Ba'ku, a virtually Human species who, while technologically developed, had decided to live simplistic lives. The world had been discovered by the Galactic Republic in 7,000 BBY, but had decided not to join the organization as full members, instead having a nonvoting Representative in the Galactic Senate. The Ba'ku were however, preyed by the Son'a, a group of nomads who had been banished from the Ba'ku homeworld in 8,000 BBY. The Son'a ravaged the Brier Patch and engaged in a extensive slave trade throughout the outer reaches of the Star Trek Dimension. The Ba'ku then signed military arrangements with the Republic, who protected them from the nomads for many thousands of years. During the Clone Wars, the Son'a allied themselves with the Separatists and managed to penetrate to Ba'ku, causing damage and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Ba'ku civilians. These raids were ended by Republic forces in 20 BBY. When the Galactic Empire was established, the Imperials became determined to exploit Ba'ku for its metaphasic radiation, which would be used for reactors and other energy sources. It also endeavored to resettle Ba'ku and force the Ba'ku themselves into slavery. Working with the Son'a, granted a pardon for their relationship with the Confederacy, the Empire assaulted the world in late 19 BBY. The defenseless Ba'ku were quickly overwhelmed and their world was subjugated and annexed by the Empire. The Imperial established a series of refining facilities and radiation centers in orbit of the planet, in order to collect the metaphasic radiation. The Ba'ku themselves were enslaved and deported off their world, forced to work in the orbital facilities and in other installations throughout Star Trek. Son'a and Imperial colonists were moved onto the world to repopulate the cities, while the Empire also constructed a Planetary Garrison Center.


This world in the Alpha Quadrant was home to the Trill, a Humanoid-symbotic species renowned for their scientific institutions, pacifism, and unique nature. Their civilization obtained a Space Age in 5,000 BBY, and was shortly afterwards discovered by the Galactic Republic. The Trill entered the Republic as members, sending representatives to the Galactic Senate. During the Clone Wars, Trill was attacked by the Separatists, part of a series of campaigns lead by General Grevious in Star Trek, seeing to gain control of the world's ores and institutions. The attack, which occurred in 20 BBY, was defeated by Republic and Jedi forces. The Trill then continued with their peaceful lives. Their fate, however, changed drastically under the Galactic Empire. The Empire desired the world for its ores, scientific talent, and potential as a military garrison. Imperial forces stationed on the world already turned on the Trill, directly occupying their cities and forcing them into slavery. The Imperials immediately established extensive mining facilities, refinement posts, automated factories, spacedocks, shipyards, military bases, and the like, ruining the planet's carefully cultivated resources. Trill slaves were forced to work in these institutions, and many were shipped offworld to Despayre, Halo, Stargate, other parts of Star Trek, Matrix, Terminator, and the like.


This moon (of the gas giant Andoria) in the Beta Quadrant was home to the Andorians, a blue-skinned humanoid race distinguished by their antenna, which signified emotions. These species had been one of the pioneers of Star Wars and Star Trek, developing hyperspace cannons in 25,100 BBY and inventing the hyperdrive nearly a century later, along with the Duros, Vulcans, Humans, Betazeds, and others of the two dimensions. The Andorians were founding members of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY, and Andor was a major Republic world for most of its history. The Andorians became known for their impressive shipbuilding and water production facilities, and for this reason they were attacked and seized by the Separatists in 20 BBY, in one of their greatest victories. The Republic then marshaled forces and resources to retake the moon, and drove the Separatists off in one of the Scientific Sieges of 19 BBY. Republic forces were stationed in the Andorian star system when the Galactic Empire was established. The Imperials recognized the Andorians for their worth as slave labor and the value of their shipyard and water refinement facilities. The Andorians were immediately enslaved and saw their resources seized by Imperial scientific and military authorities. Many Andorians were shipped to other sites throughout the Universe, including the Imperial Laboratories of Vulcan, the Imperial Facilities of Matrix, the Maw Installation, the Halo Labs, the Death Star Construction Site, the Borg Unicomplex Site, and numerous other Imperial scientific and military research project sites.


This world in the Alpha Quadrant was home to the Denobulans, a vigorous and friendly species renowned for their medical expertise, wealthy financial institutions, and extensive agricultural goods. The Denobulans had been founding members of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY, and were for millenia one of the primary Republic worlds in Star Trek. Because of the financial and medical importance of their world, the Denobulans were attacked by the Separatists in 20 BBY, and the Capital City of Denobula was sacked and plundered. The Republic eventually drove the raiders off, however. The fate of the Denobulans changed drastically under the Galactic Empire however. The Empire was determined to exploit the world for its talent and wealth. As such, Imperial officials stationed on the world forced Denobulan scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to enroll in Imperial scientific projects, and many were shipped off to the Maw Installation and the Empire's various research sites. The Empire assumed direct oversight of the world's medical schools and financial institutions, and the world's resources were siphoned off.

Rubican IIIEdit

This world was home to the Edo, a extremely peaceful and virtually Human species who maintained their planet's cultural integrity by enforcing a harsh criminal punishments system, which covered up what was supposed to have been a very relaxed society. The Edo claimed to be protected by a God, who preserved their world and defended it from danger. This being, however, had disappeared in 8,000 BBY, at the time the Galactic Republic discovered the world. The Republic initiated relations with the Edo, who nevertheless refused to become bogged down in universal politics and declined to join as members. This situation persisted for thousands of years, until the Clone Wars. In 20 BBY, Republic scientists and engineers on mission to the world discovered that it had vast reserves of neutronium, plutonium, unobtanium, and various other precious metals, minerals, and gems. The Edo, however, refused to develop these resources. This was reported back to the Republic government. When the Galactic Empire was formed in 19 BBY, it became the ambition of the Imperials to conquer the world and exploit its resources. The Edo were to be exterminated as the "useless filth they were". This invasion was launched at the end of 19 BBY. The Edo, who had no organized military and were completely defenseless, were quickly overwhelmed and conquered. The Empire immediately demolished all of their "pleasure houses" and other institutions, replacing them with military bases, mines, refining installations, and factories; massacred the Edo themselves; and immediately exploited Rubican III's resources for their worth. Imperial colonists were moved in to replace the Edo.


This world was home to the Halkans, a extremely pacifist species who, while possessing technology, remained confined to their homeworld. Known for their total pacifism and refusal to become involved in outside affairs, the Halkans were discovered by the Galactic Republic in 12,000 BBY, but yet refused to join the Universal Government as members and practiced a policy of total isolationism. Shortly before the Clone Wars, the world was discovered to have vast reserves of dilithium, gemstone, metals, radioactive materials, unobtanium, plutonium, neuranium, and countless other minerals and metals. The Republic, desiring the resources for its war effort during the Clone Wars, attempted peaceful negotiations with the Halkans over rights of access. They refused, however, to sell or share absolutely any of their resources and deemed that they would have no involvement in war. The Republic, true to its peaceful intentions, did not force the issue, and the world was left in peace. This changed drastically under the Galactic Empire, however. The Empire was an expansionist and militaristic regime, carrying out its goals with brutality. The Imperials demanded that the Halkans surrender and become "members of the Empire". They backed this up with bringing a considerable military fleet in orbit over Halka. The Halkans, however, refused, and declared their intention to die before handing over their resources. The Empire responded in kind and proceeded to a ruthless but pinpointed bombardment of all Halkan cities and settlements. Nearly 1 billion Halkans were exterminated, and soon after, Imperial forces landed and occupied the world without resistance. The remaining Halkans were gathered in large-scale groups and deported off their homeworld. The Empire then established massive mining operations, processing lines, automated plants, and collection shipyards on the world, alongside orbital bases above the world.


This world was home to the Tellarites, a hardy and aggressive species who dwelled in the Alpha Quadrant. The Tellarites were also inventive, and after the fall of the Infinite Empire were one of the species responsible in developing the modern hyperdrive. They were founding members of the Galactic Republic in 25,053 BBY, and for millenia their world was a bastion of Republic power and military strength in the Star Trek Dimension. Tellar became known for its massive shipyards and bacta production facilities. This left them exposed to the Separatists during the Clone Wars, who successfully attacked and conquered the world in 21 BBY. In late 20 BBY, however, the Republic launched an offensive that recaptured the world. The fate of the Tellarites changed drastically under the Galactic Empire, which intended to use them as slave labor. In late 19 BBY, Imperial expeditions on the world enslaved the Tellarites and seized control of their cities. The Empire established a major garrison on the world, expanded the Tellarite Shipyards, and shipped many Tellarites throughout Star Wars and Star Trek, including to the Maw Installation and the Despayre construction site.


This dimension was located in the outer fringes of the Universe. Comprised of the moon Pandora Prime (orbiting a gas giant) and its above space, it had remained undetected by the Galactic Republic and thus retained its independence. That changed in 10 BBY however, as Imperial scouts and explorers, surveying lesser known regions of the Wild Universe for the Galactic Empire, stumbled upon the dimension. The scouts encountered the Na'vi, tall blue-skinned humanoids who were the sole sentient species of the dimension. The Na'vi were, however, primitive, for their technology was limited to Native American tribal techniques. They had little political sophistication, being organized into tribes and nations that fought amongst themselves constantly for grazing and land rights. Also, most of the Avatar dimension was covered by thick forests and jungles, sitting atop vast reserves of unbotanium and neranium. The Empire realized that the dimension would be useful for its slave labor (for the Na'vi were strong and efficient), those reserves of precious minerals, and for its location as a military outpost located among the wild dimensions. The Empire launched a massive invasion of the dimension in 9 BBY, in a operation commanded by Grand Moff Tarkin and General Tagge. The Imperial stormtrooper corps and walker units quickly plowed across the surface of Pandora Prime, but encountered fierce resistance from the Na'vi warriors, whose knowledge of the forests and jungles gave them a tactical advantage over the Imperials. Despite this, Imperial brutality and overwhelming technological superiority proved decisive, and the Na'vi clans were compelled to surrender. The Empire immediately moved in occupation forces; destroyed the Na'vi villages and settlements; demolished most of the Avatarian forests; enslaved the Na'vi; established massive concentration camps, mines, and enslavement facilities; and constructed orbital refinement outposts. Na'vi workers labored at Imperial facilities, refinement outposts, mines, and operation centers within the dimension, while others were shipped across the Universe, and could be found in dimensions ranging from Star Wars and Star Trek to Judge Dredd to Terminator to countless others. In particular, large numbers of Na'vi slaves were put to work at Despayre, laboring on the Death Star project alongside Wookiee, ET, Vulcan, Klingon, Aliens, Independence Day, and other such alien slaves.

Harry PotterEdit

This dimension was one of the "Magical Trio", a series of dimensions which also included Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and World of Warcraft, that had extensive magic practices and thus certain magician, sorcerer, or witch sects. These dimensions either retained complete independence from the Galactic Republic or had certain treaty or economic arrangements (Harry Potter, for example, had diplomatic representation in the Senate and economic agreements with the Republic). Many of these dimensions (including Harry Potter) also supported the Jedi. Thus, the newly established Galactic Empire's Great Jedi Purge against the Jedi and their supporter sects extended to these dimensions as well. In 18 BBY, twelve Jedi Padawans, eight Knights, and the Jedi Master Plett fled to the Harry Potter dimension and were granted asylum status by the dimension's leader, the Headmaster of Hogwarts Academy, Dumbledore. Emperor Palpatine responded by constructing the Eye of Palpatine, a massive superstructure equipped with weapons that would have been able to destroy Hogwarts Academy and eliminate both the Hogwarts Magicians and the Jedi enclave. The Eye was sabotaged however, by a cadre of Jedi Knights led by Callista Ming and a group of Hogwarts magicians, including Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ronald Weasley. Rendered useless, the Eye was then destroyed by a magical blast from the magicians. The Empire however, now had eyes poised towards the Harry Potter dimension, and the Jedi conclave was forced to disperse and escape, many fleeing to the Battle of Los Angeles, Terminator, Gladiator, Judge Dredd, True Blood, Matrix, Stargate, Lost in Space, Aliens, Lord of the Rings, or various other such dimensions. The Empire then established a "Magical Weapons" project at the Maw Installation in Star Wars, aiming to create starships and superweapons impervious to magical tricks or ploys. The project succeeded, with successful durable machines being developed in 5 BBY. The Empire employed these new weapons in Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, and other such dimensions, before turning them on Harry Potter. The dimension was invaded in 1 BBY. Using the Destroyer superweapon, the Empire pulverized Hogwarts Academy and eliminated Voldemort's Resistance at the same time, moving in troops to annex the dimension. A military base was established in the dimension, and the Emperor seized all of its magical secrets.

Lord of the RingsEdit

This dimension was, as mentioned above, one of the "Magical Trio" of dimensions (others being Harry Potter, Narnia, and World of Warcraft, alongside others). It had been discovered by the Galactic Republic in 22,000 BBY, but the Jedi Knights counseled peaceful relations with the dimension and established contacts with the Valars and the Elves. The Republic established trading, military access, and cultural arrangements with the two species, who sent a representative to the Galactic Senate. These lasted throughout the reign of the Republic, although the dimension was conquered briefly by the Sith and Sauronites during both the Great Sith War and the New Sith Wars. When the Clone Wars began, Count Dooku signed treaties with the Orcs and Dragons, establishing a Confederate presence in the dimension. The Republic and Valars then waged bitter campaigns in the dimension against the Orcs, and large numbers of clone troopers died. Despite this, large numbers of Orcs and Dragons were exterminated, and greater unity was restored to the dimension. When the Galactic Empire was established however, things quickly soured for the Valars and Elves. The Imperials established military outposts and bases in the dimension, conscripted the remaining Orcs and Dragons into their dimensional units, and imposed sanctions upon the Valars and Elves. From 17-10 BBY, the hobbit Frago Braggins and Prince Aragorn led guerrilla campaigns against the Empire, almost driving them out of the dimension. Emperor Palpatine, however, deployed his Sith Agents and Inquisitors, who turned the tide, and in 10 BBY Aragorn and Braggins were both slain. The Empire then forced the Valdars and Elves into vassalage and installed forces on their territorial boundaries. Five years later, the development of the Destroyer superweapon allowed the Empire to completely exterminate the two Magical species, and the entire dimension was occupied by the Imperials. Its treasures were sacked while the Orcs and Dragons were moved into former Valdar/Elvian cities.


This dimension was, again as mentioned above, a member of the Magical Trio dimensions. Discovered by the Galactic Republic in 5,000 BBY, the dimension, under the guidance of its King Ashlan, had joined the galactic government as members shortly after. The Narnians had a representative in the Galactic Senate and a Republic military outpost was operated in the dimension. During the Clone Wars, however, the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions took advantage of simmering civil dissensions within the dimension and promoted the rise of the White Witch to power, who killed Ashlan and brutalized the Narnia dimension, aligning it with the Separatists. The Republic and Jedi launched an expedition in 20 BBY that brought the dimension back under Republic control. The White Witch was imprisoned and Republic garrisons manned the dimension. Upon the proclamation of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, however, matters worsened for the dimension. The Empire enslaved the dimension's dwarfs, satyrs, trolls, and wraiths; exterminated its werewolves and remaining witches; and installed a major Imperial Governorship Center in the dimension's capital city Cair Paravel. The White Witch attempted to regain control in 3 BBY, but was defeated and executed by Imperial Inquisitors.

Judge DreddEdit

This dimension in the fringes of the Universe was inhabited primarily by criminals, prisoners, laborers, and (in the deserts), cannibals, both in the dimension's Outcast Prisons and in its various mega-cities, each of whom covered tens or hundreds of thousands of square miles. This dimension was discovered by the Galactic Republic in 3,000 BBY, and its Council of Judges shortly after joined as members and sent representatives to the Senate. The Council's de facto authority, however, was restricted to the dimensions' civilized portions (the inner mega cities and the prisons), as the criminals and cannibalistic bands were largely independent and only under the Council's nominal control. The Republic nevertheless employed the dimension's prisons during the Clone Wars, confining scores of Separatist prisoners of war and captured officers. Life for the dimension changed drastically, however, with the rise of the Galactic Empire. The Empire wished to assume total dominion over the dimension. As a result, the Council of Judges was dissolved and replaced with the typical Imperial Moff; the Empire destroyed most of the criminal cartels and exterminated the cannibalistic bands; and it vastly expanded the prison complexes, now packed with political prisoners, slaves, and captured Jedi Padawans, among others. The dimension's mega cities erupted in revolt in 2 BBY, but this was brutally crushed and the Empire retaliated by destroying Mega City Delta, killing nearly 100 million sentient beings.

Pirates of the CaribbeanEdit

This semi-historical dimension in the fringes of the Universe had been discovered by the Galactic Republic in 50 BBY, barely three decades before the start of the Clone Wars. As a result, it resisted absorption and annexation by the Republic. In 21 BBY, however, the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions established a military redoubt in the dimension and forged an alliance with the Dimensional Pirates, who harassed the dimension and launched devastating raids into surrounding semi-historical dimensions, exacting large amounts of booty and slaves. The Republic responded by launching an raiding mission against the Confederate holdout, clearing out the droid forces and confiscating most of the pirate goods. The dimension itself, however, emerged unscathed, and the Pirates continued their raids, extending relations to the Hutts, Orions, and Dreddian Criminals in other dimensions. The creation of the Galactic Empire, however, heralded a new era for the dimension. In 18 BBY, the Empire launched an invasion of the dimension, intent on clearing out the pirates, installing Imperial military garrisons, and ending the Caribbean spice and slave trade. The operation succeeded, as the Pirate Coalition was easily demolished and many slaves, starships, and goods were recovered. The dimension was annexed into the Empire, and placed under the rule of a Military Governor. The Empire established a major military outpost in the dimension and assumed control over the economic trade. In 5 BBY, a revived Pirate Coalition was defeated by Imperial detachments.


This virtual reality dimension was located amongst the "Computerized Dimensions", a series of dimensions comprised of computer games, virtual realities, and interactive environments. This dimension had been discovered by the Galactic Republic in 4,000 BBY and had joined the Universal Government as members thirty years later. The Republic established massive computer simulation labs and mathematical research projects that operated for nearly four millenia until they were dissolved by Chancellor Tarsus Valorum as part of his Ruusan Reformations in 1,000 BBY. This had caused the dimension's prosperity to run down, and tensions increased between the Blue Algorithms and the Orange ones. At the start of the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions had exploited this situation and seized control of the dimension, handing over control to the evil Zuse. The Republic's attempt to reconquer the dimension in 21 BBY proved a failure, but was followed by a more successful expedition in 19 BBY, which brought the dimension's resources and grid back under Republic dominion. The Blue Algorithms saw their fate change drastically under the newly established Galactic Empire. The Empire was determined to exploit the dimension's scientific and mathematical talent, alongside its development facilities and refinement outposts, for use on the various Maw Installation projects and for purposes of military survey. As such, the Empire seized control of the dimension's computer system; installed Imperial garrisons across the grid; and gathered hundreds of the highest-rated Algorithms, forcing them to take achievement tests and mathematical simulations. The most experienced ones were shipped out of the dimension and brought to the Maw Installation, forced to utilize their skills for the Empire's use. The remaining algorithms revolted against the Empire in 1 BBY, but this was crushed brutally.


This dimension was one of the "Vampric Dimensions", dimensions that were infested by vampires, wolves, and other "night creatures". True Blood, Horror of Dracula, and The Lost Boys were other examples of such dimensions, alongside many others. The dimension had been discovered by the Galactic Republic in 2,500 BBY, but the Vampires and Werewolves were considered too dangerous by the Republic and Jedi for admission. Their dimension was then sealed off by Republic forces and was declared off-limits to the remaining Universe. A civil war soon raged within the dimension however, which led to the deaths of many hundreds of thousands and destroyed large swaths of dimensional land. The Republic refrained from intervening however. When the Clone Wars began, the Vampires were the predominant group within the dimension and constantly preyed on the remaining "normal Human" population. The Confederacy under Count Dooku forced the Republic quarantine forces away and established a military garrison at the outskirts of the dimension. This was quickly contaminated by the Vampires however, who then infected many in surrounding dimensions, and Republic forces soon restored the seal-off. When the Galactic Empire was established in 19 BBY, it became the intention of Emperor Palpatine to eliminate all races, cults, and aberrations that could prove a threat to his rule over the Universe. As such, the Empire conducted a orbital razing of the dimension, which destroyed the Vampires, demolished their holdouts and hives, and also exterminated the Werewolves. Afterwards, Imperial forces moved in to rehabilitate the dimension's resources and establish it as a colony for loyal Imperials from Star Wars, Stargate, Halo, and other such dimensions.

True BloodEdit

This dimension, a neighboring dimension of Twilight, was one of those dimensions infested by vampires and werewolves, as also by wraiths, witches, and telepaths. The dimension had been discovered by the Galactic Republic in 2,500 BBY, but was deemed too dangerous for membership and was quarantined by Republic forces. This situation continued until the Clone Wars, when Count Dooku and the Confederacy provoked tensions in the dimension that allowed the vampires to ascend to power. They immediately aligned the dimension with the Separatists, prompting a Republic offensive. Scores of clone troopers died, however, while in combat against both battle droids and the fearsome dimensional vampires. Nevertheless, the Republic established a foothold in the dimension, sacking the Capital City. Separatist holdouts and vampire cells remained when the Galactic Empire was proclaimed in 19 BBY. The Empire immediately cleared out the holdouts; launched wide-scale exterminations of the vampires, wraiths, witches, and telepaths; and installed a expanded Imperial garrison in the Capital City. When vampires reemerged in large numbers in the dimensional countryside, in 7 BBY, the Empire responded by conducting precise bombardments of the infested vampiric regions. Nearly a million vampires were exterminated, but 700,000 normal civilians were also killed. The dimension was then declared an emergency zone and all contact with other dimensions was suspended.


This dimension was one of the "Scientific Dimensions", that elite cadre of dimensions which also included Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, and countless others. Discovered by the Galactic Republic in 21,000 BBY, the dimension was believed to have been uninhabited and was settled by waves of Republic colonists, who established major mining facilities, refinement outposts, factories, automated shipyards, complex agricultural settlements, and the like. The dimension, especially its base world of Thedus, became extremely prosperous and exported trillions of tons of mineral ore to other dimensions throughout the Universe every year. This dimension experienced no problems for thousands of years, blossoming into one of the Republic's centers of power. In c. 140 BBY, however, the Sith Lord Tenebrous conducted secret experimentations in the dimension, seeding an lifeform designated only as "the Alien". These creatures developed their own civilization and began preying upon the Republic colonies and stations in the dimension. By the time of the Clone Wars, the Aliens had infested the entire dimension, despite extermination efforts launched by the Republic. The Aliens erupted in a massive revolt in 21 BBY, aided by Separatist forces, managing to liberate the dimension from Republic rule and slaughter the colonists. The dimension's resources were then exploited by the Aliens and the Confederacy, and Republic efforts at reconquest were defeated three times. It was only the decommissioning of the Separatist droid armies in 19 BBY that seriously weakened the dimension's resistance. The dimension was soon invaded by the Galactic Empire, intent on using the Aliens as slave labor and regaining control of the dimension's mineral, agricultural, industrial, and commercial resources. The Aliens were overwhelmed and Imperial forces reoccupied the dimension. The Aliens themselves were enslaved, forced to work in both the dimension's industries and economic sectors, and on Imperial projects scattered throughout the rest of the Universe. The Imperials vastly expanded the dimension's mining operations; repopulated the colonies with other alien slaves, prisoners, and petty laborers; and constructed a massive Dimensional Military Center.


This dimension was one of the "Superhero Dimensions", a group of dimensions which had sets of heroes and villains who enjoyed superhuman abilities. These dimensions were generally affliated with the Galactic Republic, but were in a state of turmoil and had many competing factions. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, The Fantastic Four, and Ironman were examples of such dimensions. X-Men was discovered by the Galactic Republic in 16,000 BBY. The dimension's population was comprised of two unique groups: the normal Humans, and the Mutants, who enjoyed superhuman abilities. The mutants dominated the dimension, and their leader, Professor X (also the head of the X-Men) led the way in joining the dimension to the Republic. The dimension sent representatives to the Galactic Senate. The Republic established military research labs in the dimension, and many of the mutants became Jedi. Tensions however, simmered in the dimension amongst the mutants. At the beginning of the Clone Wars, one of the more powerful mutants, Magneto, broke with the Professor, establishing his Brotherhood of Mutants and aligning himself with the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions. The Brotherhood and the Confederacy waged offensives in the X-Men dimension, beginning in 20 BBY, and a bitter struggle with the Republic and X-Men ensued. At one point, Magneto and his organization controlled most of the dimension. In 19 BBY, however, the Republic destroyed the Brotherhood Lair, and shortly after, the Clone Wars ended and the Galactic Empire was founded. Emperor Palpatine dispatched Darth Vader and a cadre of specially-equipped Sith Agents to the dimension. Vader eliminated Magneto and scattered the Brotherhood. The Empire gathered many of the dimensional mutants together and recruited them into the Imperial service. Many became Inquisitors, Emperor's Hands, Imperial Marines, and Emperor's Guards. The X-Men were forcibly dispersed and much of the remaining mutant population was confined in containment camps. These mutants were guarded by Shock Troopers, equipped with anti-mutant projectiles. The contained mutants erupted in revolt in 1 BBY, a revolt that was brutally crushed.

The InvasionEdit

This dimension was originally relatively peaceful and content, merely one of thousands and thousands of obscure Earth-based dimensions throughout the Universe. The dimension enjoyed thousands of years of peace and stability until the time of the Galactic Empire. In 9,000 BBY, the dimension had been discovered and annexed by the Galactic Republic, which nevertheless granted the dimension representation in the Galactic Senate. The Republic eventually established a scientific survey outpost in the dimension, but mostly ignored it. During the Clone Wars, the dimension escaped the ravages of war, although the outpost was sabatoged by Separatist agents in 19 BBY. At first, when the Galactic Empire was formed, little changed for the dimension. This was not to last long however, as the Empire reconstructed the outpost and began massive biological research projects, intent on developing various new strains of viruses. This was part of its campaign to exert total control over the dimensions of the Universe. A fungus virus was developed in 5 BBY. Emperor Palpatine selected the dimension as the test site for the virus. As a result, the Empire unleashed the virus on a antiqudated spacecraft, which was then hurled into the dimension. The fungus virus quickly came into contact with many. Those who came into contact with it were transformed as they slept. Within one week, nearly 250 million people throughout the dimension were infected by the virus. The Empire quaratined the dimension, declaring it an off-limits zone while yet eagerly examining the progress of the virus. By 2 BBY, virtually the entire dimensional population of some 1.9 billion had been infected and killed by the virus. The Empire thus declared "the experiment" a success. This brutal action alienated and sickened many across the Universe, and became known as one of the Empire's most brutal atrocities.


This dimension was one of the "Futuristic Dimensions", that group of dimensions which had a society which possessed advanced technology, more advanced then that of present-day dimensions, but yet not approaching the same level of complexity and technological greatness as the Scientific Dimensions. This dimension was discovered by the Galactic Republic in 17,000 BBY and shortly after joined the Universal Government as a member dimension, sending representatives to the Galactic Senate. The dimension's leading corporation, U.S. Robots, had taken the lead within the dimension of developing advanced robotic machines, who could serve the needs of the dimension's inhabitants and form the core of the dimension's work corps. Eventually, the robots had become widespread throughout the dimension, and within a few thousand years, the I-Robot dimension had become renowned within the Universe as a technological powerhouse. The Republic eventually established scientific research laboratories in the dimension and in 2,000 BBY, cooperated with U.S. Robots in designing VICKI, which became the dimension's central computer operating system. The dimension remained loyal to the Republic throughout the Clone Wars, although a Separatist offensive, aiming to seize models of NS-5 Robots, failed in 20 BBY. The following year, the Clone Wars ended with the Great Jedi Purge, the death of the Separatist leaders, and the establishment of the Galactic Empire. The Empire, which had emerged from the ruins of the Republic and the Separatists, was determined to extend its power over the Universe and consolidate its position. It instigated a vast expansion of the dimensional laboratories, conscripting large numbers of dimensional inhabitants into work crews, dedicated towards refining the Robot models and developing new designs for the Imperial Naval Droid Corps. Tensions then emerged within the dimension against the Empire, as it tightened control over the U.S. Robots Corporation and nationalized the dimensional police force. Jedi Master Ferus Olin, seeking to provoke dissent against the Empire in various regions of the Universe, saw this dimension as an opportunity to strike another blow against the Empire. Towards the end of 19 BBY, some of the dimensional robots and inhabitants, led by Sonny (who had contacts with the Jedi Master) erupted in revolt against the Empire. They quickly overwhelmed the Imperial laboratories and stormed the Dimensional Police Headquarters, killing large numbers of Imperial officers and guards. The Empire swiftly responded to the revolt through insidious means: VICKI was infected by a Imperial computer virus which caused it to malfunction and turn against the dimensional inhabitants. It seized control of the dimension's robots and unleashed them upon Sonny and his bond, quickly dispersing them. The system then went into a rampage, as NS-5 Robots under its control stormed dimensional neighborhoods and gathered or executed thousands. Ultimately, the Empire disarmed the system, but had intended the episode as a warning to other dimensions of the consequences of rebellion. In 9 BBY, the remaining assets of the U.S. Robots Corporation were nationalized by the Galactic Empire, which deployed them towards projects in Halo, Terminator, and neighboring Futuristic Dimensions.

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