The Galactic Empire, also known as the New Order, the Old Empire, the First Galactic Empire, Palpatine's Empire, the Universal Empire, the Imperium, or simply as The Empire, is the universal government established by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to replace the Galactic Republic in 19 BBY and bring Sith rule to the Universe.

The Republic, which had lasted for nearly 1,000 years, ended following a period of intense political turmoil and the devastation of the Clone Wars. After General Grievous was defeated at the Battle of Utapau, and shortly after the leaders of the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions were killed on Mustafar by Darth Vader, Palpatine began a purge of the Jedi Order, declared himself Galactic Emperor (Emperor of the Universe), and reorganized the Galactic Republic into "the first Galactic Empire".

Emperor Palpatine, in his Declaration of the New Order, promised the Empire would be bringing safety, security, and justice to the Universe. However, that has turned out to be anything but. The Galactic Empire has become hated all across the Universe for it's destruction or devastation of entire dimensions, the brutal enslavement of millions of species all across the Universe, the suppression of political dissent or disagreement, the use of the military and the Death Star to control the population by fear of force rather then force itself, and the brutal suppression of anything anti-Imperial.

The Empire's territory, as of its present extent, consists of nearly five hundred million dimensions spread across the known Universe, spanning primarily from the Universal Core to Wild Space.


19 BBYEdit

  • Count Dooku, the Head of State of the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions, was killed on the Invisible Hand by Anakin Skywalker.
  • Asjai Ventress, Dark Acolyte and Commander of the Separatist Armies, was killed on Boz Pity by Obi-Wan Kenobi and clone troopers.
  • General Grevious, Supreme Commander of the Separatist Forces, was killed on Utapau by Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Chancellor Palpatine becomes an absolute dictator with the passage of the Security Act Amendment, which had been drafted by the Chancellor himself. The amendment abolished Jedi and Senatorial oversight over the military, placing the Chancellor in direct command of the military and giving him absolute power over military operations. The Jedi Council was now also placed under the Chancellor's oversight, providing him the constitutional authority to disband the Jedi Order. After this law is passed, the Senate is effectively reduced to a legislative rubber-stamp body.
  • Palpatine reveals his secret identity, Darth Sidious, to Anakin Skywalker, who reports him to Mace Windu.
  • Windu and three other Jedi Masters unsuccessfully attempt to arrest the Chancellor. Palpatine killed all but Windu, who was able to disarm him. Anakin then came in, and before Windu killed Palpatine, who was disfigured due to a failed lightning attack, sliced off Windu's sword hand. Palpatine then used Force Lightning to electrocute and kill Windu.
  • Anakin Skywalker becomes the new apprentice of the Chancellor, Darth Vader. Under the Chancellor's orders, Vader and the future 501st legion slaughters the Jedi at their temple. Meanwhile, Palpatine issued Order 66, a Universe-wide military instruction which commanded the clone commanders to execute their Jedi if they engaged in sedition against the Republic. In some one hundred dimensions and on nearly three hundred worlds throughout Star Wars and Star Trek, nearly fifty million Jedi were killed by their clone troopers. Only one hundred survived Order 66 and the Temple slaughters. These included Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Quinlan Vos, Olee Starstone, Rahm Kota, Shaak Ti, the Dark Woman, and Plett, among others.
  • On Mustafar, Darth Vader murdered Nute Gunray, Wat Tambor, Shu Mai, Poggle the Lesser, San Hill, and the other Separatist leaders, along with their aides. Vader then sent a decommissioning code across the Holonet system to all Separatist forces across the Universe. In thousands of dimensions, and on nearly seven hundred worlds, quadrillions of battle droids and war robots shut down, dismantling the majority of the Separatist army. Republic forces quickly gained the advantage at battlefronts such as Mygetto, Saleucami, Utapau, Kashyyyk, and Felucia in Star Wars, and Romulus, Remus, Unicomplex 6, Cardassia Prime, Foundria, and Vauudwaur in Star Trek. The Confederacy of Independent Dimensions dissolved, with the majority of its dimensions and bases being reconquered by the Republic. With this, the Clone Wars had ended.
  • At the Senate Building, a victorious Chancellor Palpatine, donning burgundy Sith robes, issues his Declaration of a New Order, reorganizing the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, declaring himself absolute Emperor for life, and validating the persecution of the Jedi Order. Palpatine promised that the Empire would bring safety, security, and justice to the Universe, and that a new era of prosperity and stability would reign. A intensive process of Imperialization then ensued. The Galactic Senate became the Imperial Senate, while the Grand Army of the Republic and Republic Navy became the Imperial Army and Imperial Navy. All government organizations are reorganized or reformed vigorously. The Commission for the Protection of the Republic (COMPOR) became the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR). The four intelligence agencies of the Republic were combined to form Imperial Intelligence. The Imperial Security Bureau was formed and all Republic ministries were renamed. Even the names of the capital regions were changed: the Coruscant Sector became the Imperial Sector, Sector Zero became the Imperial Oversector, Coruscant itself was renamed Imperial Center, and Universal City became Imperial City. The Presidential Palace of the Republic became the Imperial Palace.
  • Darth Vader is defeated in battle on Mustafar by Obi-Wan Kenobi and his body suffers severe burns. Emperor Palpatine, who had defeated and driven Yoda away, rescues Vader and takes him to the Medical Reconstruction Center on Coruscant, where he is put into the legendary life suit that he will remain in for the rest of his life.
  • Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi go into exile on Dagobah and Tatooine respectively.
  • The Techno Union, Corporate Alliance, Commerce Guild, Trade Federation, Inter-Galactic Banking Clan, Geonosian Industries, and Hyper-Communications Cartel are nationalized and absorbed by the Empire. The Death Star, known to the Separatists as the Secret Weapon, comes into the Empire's possession. In order to insure greater secrecy for the project, and to mask it from the eyes of the Senate and Holonet, the Death Star (still a incomplete metal skeleton) is moved from Geonosis to Despayre, a Imperial penal and slave colony world in the Atravis Sector. The Empire established prison and slave colonies on Despayre, organized mining operations on Haroon, and constructed a series of refinement outposts and orbital stardock facilities. A Imperial garrison was installed in Dungeontown, which became Despayre's capital city. Moff Willhuff Tarkin of Star Wars, a proponent of the Death Star project, was appointed supreme supervisor. Separatist engineers and scientists are forced by the Empire to draft new technical plans. The Geonosian hives are enslaved by the Empire and are dispatched as droves of slaves to Despayre.
  • Padme Amidala dies in childbirth, her will to live broken after Skywalker had fallen to the Dark Side. She gave birth to twins, Luke and Leia, on the obsure asteroid medical facility of Pollis Massa. In order to protect the twins from Vader and the Emperor, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Bail Organa arranged for them to be separated. Senator Organa and his wife, Queen Breha Organa, adopted Leia on Alderaan. Leia became an Alderannian Princess and was accepted into the royal family. Obi-Wan Kenobi took Luke to Tatooine, giving the baby to Owen and Beru Lars.
  • Romulus and Remus are subjugated and enslaved by the Galactic Empire, as Moff Tarkin petitioned the Emperor to provide his projects with a ready supply of slave labor. Romulan Mineral Foundries, one of the chief corporations which supported the vanquished Separatists, is nationalized by the Empire. Romulan and Reman slaves are forced to toil in the mines of Remus and the factories of Romulus. Nearly 700,000 of their number were deported off their homeworlds and dispatched to Despayre.
  • Cardassia Prime is enslaved by the Galactic Empire, as punishment on the Cardassians for their association with the vanquished Separatists and also to provide more slave labor for the Empire's various projects.
  • In a operation lead by Admiral Wulff Yularen, the Gorn Hegemony, a former ally of the Separatists, is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. Gornar is occupied by Imperial forces, and many Gorns are dispatched as slaves to various penal colonies, including Despayre.
  • The Tholian Assembly and Breen State are invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. The Tholians are exterminated by the Imperials, who resettle Tholia, while the Breen are deported from their homeworld to the isolated worlds of Septimius and Ruah. The Borg in the Delta Quadrant are also enslaved by the Empire.
  • Byanus, a respected technical world that had remained loyal to the Republic, is enslaved and nationalized by the Galactic Empire. The technically-proficient Bynars are gathered in groups and deported to Imperial projects, forced to employ their skills for the Empire's purposes. Byanus is declared a emergency security zone and is protected by a fleet of Star Destroyers.
  • The Andorians, Trills, and Tellarites are all enslaved by the Galactic Empire. Andorian shipyards are nationalized and used to produce Star Destroyers, while the mineral resources of the planet Trill are exploited by Imperial mining crews. Tellarite slaves were employed at their world's factories and farms, being also deported to Despayre and other Imperial penal colonies. Denobula was also nationalized by the Galactic Empire, as the Imperials forced Denobulan scientists and engineers to work on developing new plans for various Imperial projects.
  • A group of Jedi assemble on the world of Vulcan in the Star Trek dimension, luring Darth Vader into a trap by releasing rumors that Obi-Wan Kenobi was amongst those in attendance at the Assembly. Vader however, with the assistance of the 501st Legion, slaughtered all eight Jedi in the conclave. Emperor Palpatine released a official statement claiming that Vader had murdered fifty Jedi without any assistance.
  • The X-Men dimension is pacified by the Galactic Empire. The X-Men, once loyal allies to the Galactic Republic, and the Brotherhood of Mutants, who had supported the Separatists, are both exterminated by the Imperials, as the Emperor views the mutant organizations as a threat to his person. The Empire then seized the Professor X Academy for Mutants, reorganizing it into a training academy. Thousands of Class Four and Class Five mutants were assembled and forced to join the Inquisitors or the Dark Adepts. Less powerful mutants were confined in containment facilities established by the Empire throughout the dimension.
  • Kashyyyk is invaded and subjugated by the Galactic Empire. This is when the Wookiees, led by Chewbacca and Tarfful, provided resistance to Imperial forces and sheltered several Jedi on the run from the Empire. The Empire enslaved the Wookiees, imprisoning nearly 200,000 of them in the containment facilities of the Wawatt Peninsula. The Trandoshan enslavers were granted the right to track down and capture Wookiee rogues and escaped prisoners. Darth Vader slaughtered all of the Jedi on the planet except Olee Starstone and Quinlan Vos, who managed to flee to Jaws and Talos IV respectively.
  • Byss in the Deep Core is colonized by the Galactic Empire. The Emperor's Citadel is constructed by Emperor Palpatine, who used the labor of hundreds of thousands of Wookiee, Lurrian, Toydarian, and Gamorrean slaves. Palpatine fed on their life energies in order to extend his lifetime.
  • Jedi Master Ferus Olin is pursued by the Galactic Empire's agents. With the assistance of Jedi Master Solace, and secret funds provided by Senators such as Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, Olin caused much havoc for the Empire. Revolts on Naboo and Betelgeuse, and in the Narnia, Transformers, Gladiator, Tron, Captain America, Avengers, Green Lantern, and Independence Day dimensions tie up Imperial resources. Olin destroyed Imperial laboratories in the Aliens dimension, disrupted a Imperial computer project in the Matrix dimension, and incited anti-Imperial protests in the American and French Revolutionary dimensions. He also foiled a Imperial plot to exterminate the population of Bellassa.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi halts the attempts of Inquistor Malorum to learn about Padme Amidala's death. As a result, Darth Vader himself embarked on a investigation. Vader learned that Amidala gave birth to twins before her death, but he is unable to learn their genders, names, or locations.
  • Mon Calamari is invaded and subjugated by the Galactic Empire. In a offensive lead by Moff Tarkin, the Mon Calamari and Quarren were enslaved, their aquatic settlements seized, and their shipyards transfered to Imperial authorities. Large numbers of Mon Calamari and Quarren would be put to work on various Imperial projects, while Tarkin himself took the Mon Calamari leader Ackbar as a personal slave.
  • The computer system of the I-Robot dimension is sabotaged by agents of the Galactic Empire. The computer, Vicki, is infected by an Imperial computer virus and seized control of the USB Robots. These robots terrorize the dimension's inhabitants. This is in response to a rebel movement that Olin had organized in the dimension against the Empire.
  • The Emperor blackmailed Olin into helping to develop a cure for a disease that raged on the world of Samaria. This disease was released by the Empire, in order to test Olin's resolve. Olin fell to the Dark Side and became an Imperial Adept, while his associates (including Solace) were murdered by Darth Vader.
  • The Galactic Empire launched the "Vampiric Extermination Campaign", a program devised by the Emperor to eliminate aberrations and cults that could threaten his rule of the Universe. The True Blood dimension is the first victim of this procedure. The Empire launched exterminations of the dimension's vampires, telepaths, wraiths, and witches. Imperial garrisons were installed in the countryside and colonists from other dimensions moved in to repopulate the cities.
  • Cooperating with the So'na Raiders of the Briar Patch, the Galactic Empire invaded and conquered Ba'ku, which had been a ally of the Galactic Republic. The native Ba'ku were enslaved and deported by the Empire, which established mining operations to collect metaphasic radiation in orbit of their world. A Imperial garrison was installed, while So'na and Imperial colonists were moved in to repopulate the world.
  • The Galactic Empire exterminated the werewolves and witches of the Narnia dimension. A major Imperial Garrison Center was established in Cair Paravel, while the Empire also enslaved the dimension's dwarfs, trolls, wraiths, satyrs, and other creatures.

18 BBYEdit

  • The TIE starfighter enters Imperial service. It immediately becomes a symbol of the Galactic Empire’s military strength and oppression over the Universe. It plays a role in each Imperial campaign, massacre, or mission. The first action that employed the TIE fighter was the suppression of a SPECTRE rebel movement in the James Bond dimension.
  • Darth Vader murders Kento Marek on Kashyyyk, and takes his five-year old son, Galen Marek, as his Sith apprentice. Vader conditions Marek into a fanatical Sith servant.
  • The Orion Colonies in Star Trek are invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. The green-skinned Orions, long loathed in the Star Trek dimension for their heinous lifestyles and their piracy, were enslaved by the Empire. Many Orions were deported throughout the Star Wars and Star Trek dimensions, including to Despayre, where teams were organized and put to work on the Death Star project.
  • Qu'onos is subjugated and enslaved by the Galactic Empire. The war-like but respected Klingons, who had been one of the most loyal alien species in the Republic during the Clone Wars, resisted the Imperial forces fiercely, cutting down large numbers of stormtroopers, but were eventually overwhelmed by technological means. The Empire cleared First City and Tong Vee, established containment camps in the Hamar Mountains, and constructed a orbital defense base over the world. The Empire also nationalized the mining operations of Praxis. Millions of Klingon slaves were forced to labor at these institutions, while others were deported off the world to Despayre.
  • The Galactic Empire granted the Ferengi Commerical Alliance the status of an Imperial Client State, allowing them to retain administrative and military autonomy previously enjoyed under the Galactic Republic. The Ferengi were granted trade preferences and also received a extension of their territory from 500 to 700 star systems. In exchange for this, the Empire collected 34% of Ferengi commerical profits and employed the services of Ferengi as agents, information brokers, slavers, and engineers.
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean dimension is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. The Empire destroyed the Dimensional Pirates, established a military outpost in the dimension, and nationalized the profitable dimensional trade.
  • Ligon II in Star Trek, which had been a member of the Galactic Republic, is invaded and subjugated by the Galactic Empire. The Ligonians, who had a African-based culture and marital arts customs, were enslaved by the Empire. The Compound City was recolonized, a orbital defense base was constructed above the world, and massive mining operations were established to extract Anitegnium, a important Star Trek spice that had medicinal and engineering purposes. Some 150,000 Ligonians were deported by the Empire.
  • Moff Willhuff Tarkin attempted to land in a docking bay on the planet of Ghorman, but a group of Human protestors blocked the pad, proclaiming their resistance to the Galactic Empire. With implied permission from Emperor Palpatine, Tarkin landed the ship anyways, killing and injuring dozens. This becomes known as the Ghorman Massacre. In response to the Ghormanian protests, the Empire enslaved most of the native inhabitants and devastated their cities.
  • Halka, a pacifist world with a primitive native population, is bombarded and annexed by the Galactic Empire. The Halkans had valuable mineral resources, but refused to extract this and had denied the Imperial demands for mineral access. They paid for this decision with their lives, as nearly all of the world's 1.1 billion inhabitants were exterminated. The remaining Halkans were deported by the Empire, which established massive mining operations, processing lines, automated plants, and collection shipyards on the world.
  • Rubican III is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. The pacifist Edo, who also possessed valuable mineral reserves and had refused to exploit this, were exterminated by the Empire. The Imperials then resettled the planet and established mines, which were worked by Wookiee, Klingon, and Reman slaves.
  • The Galactic Empire dissolved the Judge Dredd Council of Judges, replacing the body with a Imperial Moff. The Empire exterminated the dimension's cannibalistic bands, destroyed most of the criminal cartels, and expanded the dimension's prison complexes, packed with Jedi Padawans, slaves, and political prisoners.
  • The Galactic Empire imposed sanctions on the Valars and Elves of the Lord of the Rings dimension. The Empire conscripted the remaining Orcs and Dragons into the ranks of the Imperial Inquisitors and Dark Side Adepts, established a military garrison in the dimension, and quarantined the two Magical Species.
  • The world of Rattatak in the Unknown Regions of Star Wars is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. The native Rattaki tribes are enslaved and deported offworld to construction and penal colonies throughout Star Wars.
  • Professor Dumbledore of Hogwarts Academy and Students Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley, work together, providing refuge in the Harry Potter dimension to Jedi Master Plett and his conclave of Padawans and Knights. Emperor Palpatine responded by constructing the Eye of Palpatine, a massive superweapon equipped with projectiles that would have been able to destroy Hogwarts Academy, eliminating the Hogwarts Magicians and the Jedi enclave. The Eye, however, was sabotaged by a cadre of Jedi and magicians led by Jedi Knight Callista Ming, foiling the Emperor's plot. The Jedi enclave, however, was forced to disperse, fleeing to Battle of Los Angeles, Terminator, Gladiator, Judge Dredd, Superman, Batman, John Carter, Hunger Games, Lost in Space, Matrix, True Blood, Stargate, Aliens, and even such dimensions as Cyberchase, The Princess and the Frog, and Shriek. The Empire then established a magical weapons project at the Maw Installation in Star Wars.
  • Darth Vader leads the Imperial subjugation of Naboo, when Imperial spies revealed that Queen Apailana and her Royal Naboo Security Force were providing refuge to numerous Jedi. The Queen was assassinated, the Jedi were murdered, and the Security Force was eliminated. The Empire installed a young Naboo noblewoman, the pro-Imperial Kylantha, as the Queen of Naboo. A Imperial garrison was implanted in Theed and Panaka, former head of Naboo Security under Queen Amidala, was appointed Governor of the Chomell Sector.
  • Moff Willhuff Tarkin of Star Wars proposed the Tarkin Doctrine to Emperor Palpatine, which included the theory that fear of force was more effective than force itself. The Emperor favored this theory and rewarded Tarkin by appointing him the first Grand Moff of the Galactic Empire. Tarkin was assigned the Scientific Oversector, comprising the dimensions of Star Wars, Star Trek, ET, Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Aliens, Stargate, Babylon Five, Lost in Space, Starship Galactica, Andromeda, Warhammer 40,000, Ender's Game, Halo, Foundation, Hitchiker's Guide, and numerous others. Other oversectors established included Historical Oversector, Animation Oversector, Commerical Oversector, Romance Oversector, Drama Oversector, Regular Television Oversector, and Criminal Oversector, among others.
  • The Galactic Empire installed garrisons in the Tron dimension and forced the dimensional algorithms to take mathematical simulations. The highest-ranking algorithms were gathered and deported out of the dimension, forced to employ their skills in Imperial projects.
  • Vulcan is subjugated and enslaved by the Galactic Empire. The sacred tombs of Mountain Selaya are demolished, concentration camps are established, and Vulcan scientific academies are seized by Imperial authorities. The Empire deported many Vulcan scientists, physicists, and engineers off world to the Maw Installation and the Despayre site.
  • The Capital Powers Act is implemented by Emperor Palpatine and the Imperial Senate, legalizing the use of lethal force against pirates, criminals, mutineers, non-Imperial slavers, and strange alien specimens.

17 BBYEdit

  • The Separatist holdout of Enarc in the Outer Rim Territories of the Star Wars dimension was overrun and destroyed by the Galactic Empire. Customs Vizier Marath Voroo, who had refused to accept the nationalization of the Trade Federation and had continued to resist the Empire, was captured and executed. The final remaining assets of the Trade Federation were liquidated by the Empire.
  • A commodity trade is established on Hapes by the Galactic Empire. Thousands of Hapan women were deported as personal servants by the Imperials. This action was in response to a uprising conducted by the Hapans against the Empire, which had been crushed the previous year.
  • Lehon in the Unknown Regions, former capital of the Infinite Empire, is rediscovered and annexed by the Galactic Empire. The Emperor was determined to reconstruct the Star Forge, in order to expand the production capabilities of the Imperial Military. A military garrison was established on the world, while the Empire dispatched scavenger patrols who thoroughly explored the planet's surface in order to uncover components of the Star Forge. Thousands of Wookiee, Klingon, and Lurrian slaves were gathered by the Empire at Lehon.
  • The Twilight dimension is orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire, thus exterminating the Cullen Vampires and their rivals, the Twilight Werewolves. This was part of the Empire's vampire exterminations. Imperial colonists were moved to the dimension in order to repopulate the cities and the countryside.
  • The Galactic Empire deposed anti-Imperial puppet rulers in various historical dimensions, including 19th century Imperial Russia, Elizabeth R, Golden Age, Titanic, Georgian England, 300, American Civil War, and various others. Each dimension is subjected to the suzerainty of a Moff, who wielded authority over the dimensional governments, while a Imperial garrison is installed in each dimensional capital city.
  • The Clone Production and Repair Corps in the Island dimension are nationalized by the Galactic Empire. The Empire immediately seized control of the clone habitation sites, instigating new clone research and production projects with the assistance of Kaminoan scientists. A secret Imperial laboratory for the production of new hand weapons is also established in this dimension.
  • The Satanic Cults of various horror dimensions are exterminated by the Galactic Empire, thus removing a major and sinister threat in those dimensions. The Empire dismantled many cruel operations, executed the cult leaders, and seized the cult secrets. Most of the horror dimensions were resettled with loyal Imperial colonists, who rehabilitated those dimensions' resources and established new towns.
  • The Regent Evocar III of Evorcia was deposed from his position in the Star Trek Dimension, as the Empire discovered Evocar's association with rebel movements on Andor, Tellar, Ligon II, Liria V, Doorian Prime, Sherman's Planet, Acamar III, Alpha III, Argellius II, and Benecia. Evorcia was stripped of its autonomy and was placed under the rule of a Imperial governor.
  • King Lorac and Queen Denira of Velmor are murdered by citizens loyal to the Galactic Empire. This was after the two monarchs had attempted to secede from the Empire. The cunning and greedy Zelor, a ally of the Empire, is installed on the throne of Velmor as a Imperial puppet, supported by a garrison of stormtroopers. Zelor will rule Velmor for the next 17 years, and in 6 BBY, will be made an honorary Moff in Star Wars.
  • The Gungans of Naboo are enslaved by the Galactic Empire. Otoh Gungua, Otoh Raban, and Otoh Jahai were destroyed by the Empire, as were the Gungan Sacred Jungles. Human colonists were moved in to seize the Gungan lands, while nearly 500,000 Gungans were deported offworld by the Empire. Jar Jar Binks, the Gungan Senator of Naboo (having succeeded Padme Amidala in 19 BBY), was arrested and executed by stormtroopers on the Emperor's orders.
  • In order to provide an example to Star Wars worlds on what would befall them if they revolted against the Empire, and to scare those worlds or dimensions with extensive natural habitats, the Galactic Empire orbitally razed the world of Ithor, one of the most life-filled and beautiful worlds in the Star Wars Galaxy. The Ithorian Sacred Jungle, long protected by the Ithorians, was turned to slag, and nearly three billion Ithorians were slaughtered. The Empire enslaved the Ithorians in their herd ships and dispatched many as slaves.
  • Colonel Klaus Staffenburg of the Valkyrie dimension begins forming a German Army, equipped with Star Wars weaponry, intent on expelling the Galactic Empire from his dimension. He received financial aid from Mon Mothma, Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, and others amongst the Emperor's opponents in the Senate. His army will be finished by 10 BBY.
  • The Vidians of the Delta Quadrant in Star Trek are deported from their homeworlds by the Galactic Empire, which resettles them with loyal Imperial colonists.
  • Navik the Red ascends to the throne of Rodia with the assistance of the Galactic Empire. In exchange for administrative autonomy and tax exemptions, Navik agreed to provide 100,000 Rodians to the Empire as slaves and to recognize Imperial suzerainty over his world. As a Imperial vassal, Navik will rule for the next 21 years.
  • The Hunger Games dimension is nationalized by the Galactic Empire. The Imperials converted the Hunger Games into a full-fledged military training academy. The Empire gathered thousands of children from the various districts and forced them to train as Imperial Agents or Marines.
  • The criminal gangs of the Batman dimension, and their leaders including the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman, Scarecrow, and others, are eliminated by the Galactic Empire, as part of its persecution of criminal organizations. The Imperials rehabilitated Gotham City, moving in loyal colonists from other dimensions.

16 BBYEdit

  • The Galactic Empire instigated a prosecution of the Hutt clans. The various Hutt kajidics are destroyed by the Empire, which disrupts their criminal activities and impounds their slaves, resources, and residences. Hutt Space, including Ylesia, Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta, Klatooine, Sriluur, Rileb, Nimban, Cyborrea, and others was annexed by the Empire. Hutt Space was organized into seven sectors, each under the rule of a Imperial governor. All Hutt vassals were enslaved by the Imperials. Jabba the Hutt, one of the most powerful Hutt crime lords, managed to escape Imperial elimination.
  • The Tusken Raiders of Tatooine are enslaved and deported by the Galactic Empire. Many Tusken Raiders are dispatched to slave colonies and agricultural worlds throughout Star Wars, Star Trek, and Stargate.
  • The Martian Creatures of the Alien dimension were exterminated by the Galactic Empire, which considered them a threat to its rule of the dimension. Stormtroopers cleared out their hives and nests, while Imperial colonists rehabilitated the dimensional resources.
  • The Historical Arms Manufacturers, a commerical alliance of some five hundred historical manufacture and armory workshops, is nationalized by the Galactic Empire. The Imperials converted the historical foundries and workshops into modern factories producing military weapons, battle droids, and stormtrooper armor.
  • The Patriot and Gettysburg dimensions are devastated by the Galactic Empire, in retaliation for attacks launched by dimensional inhabitants against the Imperial garrisons of those dimensions. Nearly 30 million people were killed. The Empire then enslaved the surviving inhabitants and established extensive agricultural operations in those dimensions.
  • The spice mines of Kessel are nationalized by the Galactic Empire. The Empire established a military garrison on the world and dispatched thousands of prisoners, slaves, and laborers to the Kessel mines.
  • The cities of Helium and Zodanga in the John Carter dimension are destroyed by the Galactic Empire, in response to a massive anti-Imperial uprising in the dimension. The Empire also exterminated the Green Tharks. Imperial colonists were brought in from other dimensions to rehabilitate the dimension's resources.
  • The Maw Installation is established by the Galactic Empire, in order to develop new Imperial projects and for the refinement of technical plans on the Death Star, Sun Crusher, World Devasatator, and other such projects.
  • The Halo Research Laboratory Corps are nationalized by the Galactic Empire, which establishes advanced robotic projects and research sites.
  • The google-eyed Antedans are enslaved by the Galactic Empire, which employs their services at Imperial colonies and production facilities on water worlds and in underwater dimensions.

15 BBYEdit

  • A Imperial Naval Academy is established on Carida by the Galactic Empire. The Empire was intent on increasing conscription rates of regular Humans into the Imperial Army and providing a rigorous training regiment for them. The Academy is opened by Emperor Palpatine himself.
  • The Bank of Bolias, one of the largest finance institutions in the Star Trek Dimension, is nationalized by the Galactic Empire. The Bolians themselves are enslaved by the Imperials, who dispatch many to penal and slave colonies throughout Star Trek. Bolian finanical resources are employed to support Imperial labatories on Rigel IV, Aldea, Angel I, Ceti Alpha V, Cestus II, Sherman's Planet, and Capella IV.
  • The Red Dawn dimension is orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire in response to the actions of a coordinated rebel movement in the dimension. Nearly 200 million beings are killed.
  • The Call to Duty Dimension is ruthlessly exploited by the Galactic Empire. Imperial patrol teams, seeking out scrap components and materials for Imperial projects, extract the dimension's resources. The dimension's inhabitants are conscripted by the Empire into work crews and are forced to assist in these efforts.
  • Betazed, which had been a prominent member world of the Galactic Republic, was quarantined by the Galactic Empire. The native Betazoids were feared by the Emperor, who believed that their telepathic skills would disrupt Imperial plots and military campaigns in Star Trek. He also feared the threat they could poise to himself and his Dark Side Adepts. The Empire placed a major fleet in orbit of the planet, cut off all communications and trade to Betazed, and forbade the Betazoids themselves to leave their world without special authorization.
  • The Fromm Tower Droid is created by the Zann Consortium and Muddian Gangs. It is deployed by numerous criminal and smuggler groups. The Galactic Empire launched a prosecution of the two criminal organizations. Seeing the Tower Droid as a worthy machine, the Imperial Navy confiscated the models and incorporated it into its own War Droid Corps.
  • A slaver operation is established on Mandalore by the Galactic Empire. The Empire charged the Suprema of Mandalore for conducting slaving operations throughout the Borderlands Regions. Imperial slave collection depots on the Mandalorian homeworld processed thousands of slaves and captives, dispatching them to Imperial projects and slave colonies.
  • A polywater intoxication is released by the Galactic Empire on the Star Trek worlds of Deneb IV, Dekendi III, Eminar VII, and Excalbia. Imperial scientists observe the effects of the virus, which kills nearly 500 million Bandii, Excalbians, and El-Aurians within a few months.
  • The drug trade of the Modern United States and Mexico dimensions is disrupted by the Galactic Empire. Imperial law enforcement agencies execute a variety of criminal leaders, destroy their strongholds, and impound their resources.
  • The city of Los Angeles in the Battle of Los Angeles dimension is orbitally devastated by the Galactic Empire, officially in order to stop the spread of a Alien cult. Nearly 10 million beings are killed in this atrocity, which is overseen by Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin.

14 BBYEdit

  • Barab I in the Star Wars dimension, a dark and murky world which orbited a red giant, is discovered and annexed by the Galactic Empire. The Empire established a military outpost on the world and enslaved the native Barabel tribes.
  • The Transformers robots of the Transformers dimension attempt to revolt against the Galactic Empire. They managed to overwhelm Imperial garrisons in the dimension and to destroy the Imperial academy on Cybertron. Grand Moff Tarkin leads the reconquest of the dimension. The Empire devastated Cybertron and destroyed Transformers City. Nearly 100 million Transformers robots and 50 million Transformers humans are killed.
  • The Freejack dimension is rehabilitated by the Galactic Empire. The criminal gangs and marauder bands are exterminated, while the extensive slums of the dimension are dismantled. The Empire established new colonies in the dimension, installed a expanded Imperial Garrison, and founded various mining operations.
  • Turkana IV is rediscovered by the Galactic Empire. The world had lost contact with the Old Republic c. 2,000 BBY, and had been forgotten by Universal civilization. It had since degenerated into barbarity, as various criminal bands, gangs, and marauder councils vied with eachother for power. The world's cities were devastated and it was in horrid shape. The Empire destroyed the bands and gangs, reconstructed the cities, and established a Imperial Garrison. Thousands of planetary inhabitants were deported by the Empire to the harsh desert worlds of Tagra IV and Tarok.
  • Ryloth is enslaved and subjugated by the Galactic Empire, as its spice-mining colonies, long a hotbed of crime and corruption, were seized by Imperial firms. Nearly 700,000 Twi'leks were deported by the Empire as slaves, while Human colonists resettled the world and rehabilitated its cities.
  • The Imperial Senate passed the Emergency Military Powers Act, which allowed unbridled uses of emergency and marital law. The Galactic Empire used this law to declare states of emergency in a variety of criminal, comedy, and action dimensions. Godfather, Lost in Space, Terminator, and Star Trek were among those dimensions affected. Millions of individuals were arrested and imprisoned under this law, while the Empire eliminated nearly 400 different criminal gangs or bands.
  • Scientific research labs on the bacta-producing world of Thyferra are established by the Galactic Empire. These labs are used for the development of future viruses and contaminations.
  • The Witches of Dathomir, long considered a threat by the Emperor, are exterminated by the Galactic Empire. The Emperor ordered the release of all male slaves held by the Nightsisters, while their secrets were seized and taken to the Lair of Coruscant. The Empire resettled the world and established the colony-city of Drackintown.

13 BBYEdit

  • The Galactic Empire conducted a orbital Base Delta Zero against Arcrturia, home of the whiskered Arcturians, who had been enslaved by the Empire and put to work at Imperial factories on their homeworld. The Arcturians had revolted in a major slave uprising against the Empire, and as such, the Emperor authorized a orbital bombardment of their world in order to punish them for this. Nearly 14 billion Arcturian slaves were slaughtered by the Empire. Arcturia was left a desert wasteland.
  • A revolt in the Avengers dimension by the Black Widow, Thor, and Ironman is crushed by the Galactic Empire. The Empire used anti-mutant projectiles to overwhelm and kill the rebel leaders. Darth Vader thereafter ransacked the dimension, seizing its technologies and gathering thousands of Force-sensitive dimensional inhabitants, forcing them to serve him as Adepts. The Empire destroyed the dimension's cities and deported millions of beings.
  • General Zod, Doomsday, Darkseid, and other villains of the Superman dimension formed the Alliance of Villainy, combining together to expel the Galactic Empire from Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman, among other superhero dimensions. In the Green Lantern dimension however, the dimensional Universal Coalition soon expelled the villains, asserting their dimension's independence. The Empire's attempts to reconquer these dimensions floundered, and as such, Imperial forces in surrounding dimensions were placed on red alert.
  • Darth Vader tricked the Noghri into becoming Imperial assassins and bodyguards. Vader promised that the Empire would rehabilitate Hongohr, which had been devastated by a contamination during the Clone Wars, in exchange for the loyalty of the Noghri to him. The Noghri believed his lies and entered the Imperial service. Instead of helping Hongohr, the Empire dispatched Imperial quarantine droids who made sure to preserve the contaminations and to keep the Noghri tribes perpeutally on the brink of famine. This example of Imperial deceit angers Mon Mothama and Bail Organa, the Emperor's two most vigorous political opponents.
  • Harruun Kal, homeworld of the Jedi Master Mace Windu, is orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire, as the Emperor wished to destroy a world which had been a birthplace to a "Jedi traitor". Nearly all of the Korunnai are exterminated, while their world is turned to slag.
  • Scouts discover the Renastasia system, which had been settled by Republic colonists millenia earlier, but had lost contact with the wider Universal civilization. Diplomats are immediately dispatched by the Galactic Empire and Centrality (a puppet state of the Empire in the fringes of Star Wars), in order to prepare for a conquest of the star system.

12 BBYEdit

  • The Renastasia system is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire and Centrality. The native population however, resisted the Imperials and Centrans fiercely. Although they were technologically primitive, the Renastasians knew how to fight and how to live off the land. They slaughtered nearly 93% of the original Imperial-Centran force. 87% of the second wave of reinforcements were butchered, and 71% of the third wave. The Renastasians destroyed thousands of Imperial battleships and briefly managed to drive the Empire and Centrality out of the system. Emperor Palpatine, humiliated and angered at the crippling losses, dispatched Darth Vader to the system in order to finish the conquest. Vader was ruthless, and the Empire exterminated the entire Renastasian population, although losing nearly half of its attack force. Renastasia and the other Renastasian worlds were turned to slag, and the entire system was left devoid of life.
  • A shipyard is established on Bestine by the Galactic Empire, in order to produce Star Destroyers to monitor the Corellian Trade Spine. The world's inhabitants were evicted from their homes and dispersed by the Empire, in order to make way for the shipyard.
  • The Galactic Empire assumed direct governance of Kamino after the Kaminoans rebelled, refusing to provide another supply of clone troops to the Empire. Prime Minister Lama Su directed the creation of a new clone army, in order to resist the Imperials. The Empire quickly destroyed the anti-Imperial army and reconquered the world. The entire Kaminoan population was enslaved, while the cloning facilities were manned by heavy Imperial garrisons. Emperor Palpatine thereafter commissioned the growth of stormtroopers from other templates and approved an increase in conscription of regular Human men, in order to ensure such a incident did not happen again.
  • A mining colony in the Ghost of Mars dimension is established by the Galactic Empire, in order to extract radium and neranium. Wookiee and Klingon slaves were dispatched to labor in this colony.
  • The Galactic Empire unleashed a terrifying brain plague on the worlds of Arcadia, Parliament, and Cort, in order to exterminate the Arcadians and Boslics, two alien species that were considered inferior by the Empire. The contaminations were lead by Grand Moff Tarkin. Nearly 7 billion sentient beings were killed in a terrifying fashion, and their worlds were quarantined by the Empire in order to prevent a spread of the plague.
  • Kzin, homeworld of the feline Kzinti, is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. This subjugation is lead by Grand Moff Tarkin and his subordinate, Commodore Lord Tion. The Empire employed the service of Transdoshan and Ferengi enslavers to bring the physically strong and aggressive Kzinti into slavery. Thousands of Kzinti slaves were dispatched to colonies and penal worlds throughout Star Trek.
  • Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader lead the orbital bombardment of the Back to the Future dimension. The McFly Organization, a underground movement with access to time technology that opposed the Empire, had been attempting to refine a device which would allow them to modify Universal history. The dimension is turned to slag by the Empire, the city of Hill Valley is destroyed, and nearly 20 million beings are killed.
  • The Imperial Senate implemented the Imperial Authorization Acts, which authorized and validated the Galactic Empire's oppressive activities on the basis of safety and universal stability. The Senate extended the Emergency Military Powers Act, the Capital Powers Act, and the Security Acts of 21 and 19 BBY indefinitely, granting the Imperial government the power to rule by decree without reference to the legislative body. The Senate's right of advice on imperial decrees was revoked, and it was stripped of its last effective powers. The Senate was now reduced to a ceremonial council, but would stagger on until its final dissolution in 0 BBY.
  • The Antarians of the Delta Quadrant are deported by the Galactic Empire, as the Imperials wished to clear away obstacles which hindered exploitation of Antaria's natural resources. The Antarians themselves were deported by the Empire to Dyson and Starbase 999.
  • The Deltans are enslaved by the Galactic Empire, becoming yet another species who are exploited by the Imperials. Many Deltan women become personal slaves in the service of Imperial personnel, including that of Grand Moff Tarkin.

11 BBYEdit

  • Darth Vader uncovered evidence indicating one of his children was adopted by a friend of the Jedi Order. Vader immediately deducts this person to be Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, as he had long noticed that Organa's "daughter", Princess Leia Organa, had a far greater resemblance to him and Padme Amidala then to Bail and Breha Organa. Vader presented his findings to Emperor Palpatine, and asked his master's permission to retrieve his daughter. The Emperor, believing that he would be able to use Vader's child for his own purposes, and anxious to have some excuse to get rid of the hated Organa, granted Vader permission to begin preparing a assault against Alderaan. By the end of the year, the Empire was assembling a force to impose its will on Alderaan.
  • Maridun, a distant world in the Outer Rim Territories, which had once been a battle site of the Clone Wars, is rediscovered and annexed by the Galactic Empire. The Empire enslaved the local Amanin tribes, forcing them to labor at mining colonies and installations established on the world. The Amani tribes simmered under Imperial subjugation.
  • The Great Link of Foundria, homeworld of the Dominion Founders, is drained by Imperial warships, exterminating nearly 200 million Changelings and devastating their world.
  • The Galactic Empire commissioned Imperial extermination ships, vessels equipped with dungeons and special projectiles that would be designed to exterminate entire alien species and worlds. Grand Vizier Sate Pestage and Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin had proposed the idea to the Emperor, who had approved it. Hundreds of obscure Star Wars and Star Trek species would be destined to extermination or enslavement by the Empire through the use of these warships.
  • Yinchorr in Star Wars is orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire, in response to a series of slave revolts on the world. Nearly half a billion Yinchorri are exterminated.
  • Mon Mothma, the Senator of Chandrila, a major political opponent of the Emperor since the Clone Wars, is forced into exile after the Emperor discovered evidence of her activites in igniting unrest in several of the Empire's dimensions, including Warhorse, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, Robin Hood, Cyberchase, Terminator, Titanic, Halo, and Lord of the Rings. Mothma is replaced by Canna Omonda in the Imperial Senate.
  • Rebellions on Gamorr, Bothawui, Baffop, Abridon, Kobal's World, and Hirsi in Star Wars, and Angel I, Illari, Denobula, Cardassia Prime, Gornar, Shelia, Celtris III, Cor Coroli IV, and Vothar are crushed by the Galactic Empire. Large numbers of Gammorrean, Bothan, Hirsian, Illarian, Denobulan, Cardassian, Voth, and Gorn captives are deported to various distant dimensions. These revolts precde another, more violent wave, which takes place the following year.
  • Species 8472 of Star Trek is enslaved by the Galactic Empire. The Empire dispatched thousands of 8472 slaves to work at Imperial colonies on Ktaria, Thasia, Vauudwaur, and Borg Unicomplex I. 8472 worlds and colonies were resettled by Imperial colonists.
  • The Kelvan colony on Minos is destroyed by the Galactic Empire, which wished to exploit the world for its mineral resources. Nearly 200 million Kelvans were murdered by the Imperials, who considered the large-sized beings to be useless for its purposes. The Empire established mining operations at the sites of the former Kelvan settlements.

10 BBYEdit

  • The Galactic Empire invaded and subjugated Alderaan, after Darth Vader uncovered firm evidence that Bail Organa had adopted his daughter, Leia. This evidence was retrieved from medical records extracted from the then-abandoned medical facility of Polis Massa. Senator Organa was arrested, tortured, and then executed by Darth Vader. The Empire assumed control over the Alderaanian Government. The Alderaanian Royal Council of Elders was placed under the direct authority of a Imperial Governor, who now assumed direction of all matters on Alderaan. A military garrison was established by the Empire in Aldera, while Queen Breha Organa was reduced to a Imperial puppet. Vader took Leia and began training her as his Sith apprentice.
  • The Valkyrie dimension, under the leadership of Colonel Klaus Staffenburg, revolted against the Galactic Empire. Staffenburg and his forces expelled the Imperial garrison from the dimension and seized control of Berlin City. Similar revolts in the 1940s Japanese, 1940 European, British, World War I French, World War I Russian, Warhorse, Star Trek Nazia, and many other historical dimensions expel Imperial garrisons. Staffenberg and the other Rebel leaders established the Coalition of Historical Dimensions, in opposition to the Galactic Empire. Many ancient and modern dimensions soon join this coalition, and even Disney dimensions such as Robin Hood, Snow White, and The Lion King, among others. Grand Moff Tarkin and Rear Admiral Thrawn, the only alien high in the Empire's service, led a campaign of reconquest in these dimensions. Staffenberg and his allies are killed. Millions of beings are slaughtered or deported to conceration camps.
  • Inspired by the revolts of the Historical and Fable Dimensions, Gizor Dellso, a Geonosian engineer who had once served Poggle the Lesser, and had managed to escape the assassination of the Separatist leaders in 19 BBY, activated a droid army and naval fleet at Mustafar, intent on reestablishing the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions and overthrowing the Galactic Empire. Dellso and his force occupied the lower Corellian Trade Spine, penetrating as far as Bespin, Utapau, and Sluis Van. His forces however, are soon sabatoged, as the Emperor dispatched Darth Vader to subdue the Separatist holdout. Dellso's fleet is destroyed by Imperial warships. The Empire then preceded to a pinpointed bombardment of Mustafar and its factories. Dellso and his droid army are exterminated, while the last of the Separatist holdouts are mopped up by the Empire.
  • The Goa'uld, parasites who had long resisted the Imperial rule of the Stargate dimension, are exterminated by the Galactic Empire, in a campaign led by Grand Moff Tarkin. Their homeworld P3X-888 is devastated and left a wasteland.
  • Rebellions against Imperial authority in the Star Wars dimension explode on Nimban, Manaan, Maridun, Umbara, Ruusan, Csilla, Muunilinist, Entralla, Atravis, Bonadan, Deservo, Murkhana, Gand, Tatooine, Utapau, Naboo, Endor, Triton, Neimodia, Alaskan, Arkania, Castell, Malastare, Ando, Devaron, Denon, Kinyen, Giju, Hapes, and Kitel Phard. Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader crush these revolts brutally, which demonstrated severe anti-Imperial sentiments. Billions of beings from these worlds are slaughtered, enslaved, or deported by the Empire.
  • The rebellion of Frago Braggins and Prince Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings dimension, which had raged since 17 BBY, is finally crushed, as Sith Inquisitors assassinate the two rebel leaders. By now, the Magical Weapons Project is acclerated, as the Emperor is determined to eliminate superbeings, magical races, and omipotent beings who threaten his rule.
  • Bajor is discovered by scouts of the Galactic Empire. The Imperials discover that Bajor has extensive mineral resources and also realize its position to be a potentially excellent Imperial outposts. Plans for invasion are approved by the Emperor and are drafted by the Imperial Military.
  • The Avatar dimension is discovered by the Galactic Empire, as part of its efforts to survey the dangerous and largely unexploited dimensions of Wild Space, which bordered the fan fiction and uncivilized dimensions of the Unknown Regions. It is found that the dimension is inhabited by the Na'vi, tall blue-skinned beings with primitive technology and tribal organization. The Empire deems the Na'vi useful as slave labor, also desiring the vast mineral resources of the dimension. Grand Moff Tarkin begins assembling a force to invade the dimension.
  • A terrorist ring on Mordan IV, organized by the Mordanian leader Kaunas, is disrupted and destroyed by the Galactic Empire. The world is punished by a orbital bombardment, which kills nearly 400 million beings.

9 BBYEdit

  • Bajor is invaded and subjugated by the Galactic Empire. The invasion had been of relative ease because the world had been in the midst of a civil war, which had been ongoing since 31 BBY. The Empire established mining operations and automated factories on the world. A orbital stardock and defense base was also constructed. The Bajorians were enslaved by the Empire, which employed their labor at these operations. Millions of Bajorians were deported by the Empire to other Imperial penal and slave colonies throughout Star Trek.
  • The Avatar dimension is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. Unlike the conquest of Bajor, the conquest of Avatar was a far more costly affair. The Na'vi, although technologically backwards, were physically fit and had a keen knowledge of their dimension's thick forests and unique wildlife. As such, they managed to ambush and kill large numbers of stormtroopers. Grand Moff Tarkin, commanding the operation, ordered for extensive brutality and aggressiveness to be employed. The Empire's methods and its overwhelming technological supermacy carried the day. The Na'vi clans were defeated and enslaved. The Empire bulldozed the dimension's forests, established extensive mining operations, and deported millions of Na'vi to other dimensions throughout the Universe.
  • A military outpost is established on Hoth by the Galactic Empire, in order to monitor Imperial activites and interests in the Greater Javin region. Imperial crews exterminated the world's wampa, tauntauns, and other creatures.
  • The various Xindi species are exterminated by the Galactic Empire, which considered them to be inferior and useless. The Empire repopulated the Xindi homeworlds with Human colonists, slaves, and prisoners.
  • The inhabitants of the Middle East dimension are murdered by the Galactic Empire, in response to anti-Imperial terrorist plots in the region. 140 million sentient beings are murdered.
  • The assets of the USB Robots Corporation are nationalized by the Galactic Empire, which established new research projects in Terminator, Hancock, and I-Robot.
  • A revolt on Brentaal is crushed by the Galactic Empire. The merchant houses of Brentaal are nationalized, while billions of Brentaalians are murdered or deported. This outrage inflicted on a prominent Core World of Star Wars inspired the establishment of anti-Imperial protest movements on Chandrila, Empress Teta, Courlag, Columus, Lettow, Aaragu, and Ixtlar.
  • The World of Warcraft dimension is discovered by the Galactic Empire. The Empire established an outpost at the outskirts of the dimension and began drafting plans for an eventual conquest.
  • The Organians, a powerful energy-sourced species who had managed to retain independence of both the Galactic Republic and the Empire (until now), mysteriously disappear. This allows the Empire to occupy their homeworld of Organia and to establish mining colonies there.

8 BBYEdit

  • The Ewoks of Endor are enslaved and deported by the Galactic Empire, which employed their labor at Imperial penal colonies established throughout the Unknown Regions. The Forest Moon of Endor is completely resettled by loyal Imperial colonists, who demolish the moon's forests.
  • Duro, a major Core World of Star Wars, is subjugated and enslaved by the Galactic Empire. The Empire had long desired to use the Duros, known for their navigation and engineering abilities, as slaves. In a operation lead by Grand Moff Tarkin, the space installations of Duro were seized, while containment camps were established near the former Valley of Royalty. Nearly 500,000 Duros were deported as slaves by the Empire to penal and slave colonies throughout Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, and Babylon Five.
  • The Galactic Empire established scientific and mathematical research laboratories on Vissia, aiming to develop refined mathematical projects for the calculated projections of the Sun Crusher and to improve the firepower of the Super Star Destroyers, a new fleet of superdreadnoughts which were being constructed by the Empire at Tarsus III, Borg Unicomplex I, Kuat, Nubia, Fondor and Qu'onos. The native Vissians were conscripted by the Empire into research crews, being prized for their information absorption skills. Grand Moff Tarkin gathered hundreds of Vissian scientists and had them deported to the Maw Installation. At the same time, the Empire enslaved the Talaxians, deporting them to slave colonies throughout the Delta Quadrant.
  • The Simpsons dimension is orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire, destroying the city of Springfield and devastating the dimensional countryside. Nearly 70 million beings perished in this atrocity, which was overseen by Admiral Yularen.
  • Minbar is devastated by the Galactic Empire, in order to punish the Minbari for a rebellion they conducted against the Imperial Moff of Babylon Five. Nearly 450 million Minbari were exterminated, while the cities of Yedor and Tuzanor were left desolate wastes.
  • In order to give a harsh warning to the multitude of animated dimensions under its rule, the Galactic Empire destroyed several of the habitation sites in the Cyberchase dimension, including Tikiville, Olympus, Northern Frontier, Control Central, and Casablanca. Nearly 200 million beings were exterminated by Imperial warships. This atrocity outraged Garm Bel Iblis and others amongst the Emperor's opponents in the Senate.
  • The Family Guy and South Park dimensions are devastated by the Galactic Empire, killing nearly ten billion sentients. The city of Quahog was left a desolated waste. The Empire committed this atrocity as part of its cleansing of the animated dimensions, which was due to their perceived worthlessness.
  • The scholars of Gholondriene-B publish critiques of the Emperor's rule, exposing and attacking harshly the numerous atrocities, enslavements, and geonocides of the Galactic Empire throughout the Universe. One study stated that Palpatine had committed "an grave injustice to the Universe" by not following the promises delivered in the Declaration of a New Order. The Emperor ordered the Governor of Gholondriene-B to force the scholars to "cease and desist" their written diatribes against the Empire. The Governor did so, but the scholars refused to stop something which came from their minds. Angered at this demonstration of insubordination to his wishes, the Emperor ordered for the biological devastation of Gholondriene-B. Imperial warships drained the world's oceans to the last molecule and pumped toxic wastes into the atmosphere, stinking the world and suffocating nearly 500 million beings, including the scholars, to death. The Empire then unleashed Ithorian crawlers onto the world, which devastated the countryside. Palpatine thereafter declared that any world or dimension who attacked his rule would be considered "a threat to Universal stability" and would be harshly punished.
  • The beautiful world of Risa, a major resort world of the Star Trek dimension, and known for its pleasure-loving inhabitants, became yet another victim of the Emperor's cruel regime. The Emperor wished to set an example to all the thousands of Star Trek species under the Empire's brutal and harsh grip, warning them of the dangers of rebellion. As such, he ordered for the devastation of Risa. The Empire unleashed Yuuzhan Vong mollusks and Borg nanoprobes on the world, who devastated the world's cities and severely damaged the Risans themselves. Nearly 2 billion beings were murdered, while Risa was turned from a vibrant world to a desert wasteland.
  • The Lost Boys dimension, one of the most vampric-infested dimensions in the Universe, is orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire, exterminating 3.5 million vampires and 1.9 million normal Humans. The sterilization is lead by Darth Vader.
  • The Galactic Empire signed a economic and military treaty with Omni Consumer Products, the corporation that effectively governed the RoboCop dimension. This arrangement ensured cooperation and reduced rates on Omni products sold to the Empire. The Empire thus had gained influence in that dimension, a precursor to eventual conquest.
  • Emperor Palpatine discovered the process of essence transfer from a Holocron, which had been taken by him from the Jedi Master Ashoka Boda in 19 BBY. The Emperor used the labor of Na'vi, Wookiee, and Klingon slaves to build a Dark Side Conduit on Ambria. He them had them killed in order to keep the existence of the conduit and the circumstances of its construction secret. Palpatine stored the Holocron at the conduit, hiding the knowledge he obtained from Darth Vader.

7 BBYEdit

  • Vampire cells fester again in the True Blood dimension, as new types of vampires emerged in the dimensional countryside. Soon, a million vampires festered in the dimension. A controlled bombardment is then conducted by the Empire, overseen by Darth Vader. The entire dimension was orbitally razed, turning it into a desert wasteland. 1.7 million sentients, both vampires and normal humans, were exterminated. The Empire then quarantined the dimension, which was declared offlimits to the rest of the Universe.
  • On Falleen, a flesh-eating bacterium is accidentally released from a Imperial bacterlogical research laboratory on the world. Darth Vader ordered for the entire world to be razed, in order to prevent the spread of the bacterium offworld. In this indiscriminate action, the Empire devastated Falleen and murdered nearly two billion people, virtually the planet's entire population.
  • Firrere in the Unknown Regions is orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire, in a operation led by the Procurator of Justice, Hethir, a Firrero native himself. The Empire devastated the world, exterminating nearly 500 million Firerro and forcing another 30 million to scatter as refugees into the Unknown Regions. This atrocity outraged Senator Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia, because the Firrero had committed nothing wrong and were an innocent civilization.
  • The Emperor begins construction on the City Devastator, intending to use the superweapon in order to devastate Spiderman City, in response to the actions of a Green Goblin rebel movement in the dimension. The Empire used the labor of Wookiee, Lurrian, Toydarian, and Na'vi slaves to construct the superweapon. The project was sabotaged however, by Olee Starstone, who released the slaves and damaged the technical components. Starstone is pursued by the Emperor's agents, but manages to flee into exile in the Andromeda dimension.
  • A new Imperial shipyard is established over Nar Shaddaa, which the Galactic Empire intended to use in order to produce Star Destroyers to monitor the Hutt Sectors, which were still adjusting to the direct rule of the Universal Government. Sarin Shild, the Governor of Nal Hutta and Coordinator of the Hutt Sectors, was placed in charge of the shipyard's operations. The Empire resettled Nar Shaddaa, disrupting the criminal organizations there and rehabilitating the cities.
  • The Nausicaans are enslaved by the Galactic Empire, which saw these species as physically fit and useful for the arduous tasks of slave labor. Thousands of Nausicaan slaves were dispatched by the Empire to Despayre, the Maw, and other Imperial penal colonies. Nausicca itself was resettled by Imperial colonists, who exploited the world's natural resources.
  • The Vagaari of the Unknown Regions are enslaved by the Galactic Empire, as the Emperor and Grand Moff Tarkin desired more slave labor for the Empire's shipbuilding and engineering projects in the Star Wars dimension, including the Maw Installation, Star Forge, World Devastators, and Super Star Destroyers. Thousands of Vagaari slaves were dispatched to Imperial penal and slave colonies on Lehon, Csilla, Rattatak, Illum, Nirauan, Bastion, Bakura, and Endor, among other worlds.
  • A rebellion by the Kressari, who had been enslaved and employed at Imperial shipyards and dockyards throughout the Star Trek Dimension, is brutally crushed by the Galactic Empire. Kressa, the Kressari homeworld, was orbitally razed and left a wasteland, killing nearly 400 million Kressari.
  • The Kolarin of Kolarus III are enslaved by the Galactic Empire. The Empire established slave and prison colonies on Kolarus III, which was a harsh and humid desert world. Thousands of Kolari, Wookiee, Klignon, Romulan, Reman, and Borg slaves were employed here in order to mine admantium and neuranium, as were political prisoners and captives from throughout the Universe. Many Kolari were shipped offworld to Despayre, the Halo Dimension, the Terminator Dimension, and numerous other Imperial penal sites throughout the Universe.
  • The Vorgon, a species who had access to time technology, were exterminated by the Galactic Empire, as the Emperor considered them a threat to the Empire's dominion over the Star Trek dimension. Vorgon time machines were seized by Imperial authorities, which then employed these devices to recover the schismatics of the Dark Reaper and Doomsday Machine superweapons. Vorgon, the Vorgon homeworld, was recolonized by the Empire, which established a shipyard there in order to reassemble components of the long-lost superweapons. Thousands of Ktarian, Vissian, Vidiian, Vaskan, Vhnori, Tanugan, and Tandaran slaves were gathered by the Empire at Vorgon in order to assemble the components.
  • A rebellion by the Borg of the Delta Quadrant, led by the Borg rebel Locutus, is crushed by Grand Moff Tarkin. The Empire punished the Borgs for their rebellion by destroying Unicomplex 5, exterminating nearly 500 million Borg drones.

6 BBYEdit

  • Emperor Palpatine established the Sith Archives on Korriban. This structure holds dozens of dark side artifacts, holocrons, manuscripts, and scrolls. The Emperor used the Force in order to create Leviathan beasts in order to guard his secrets.
  • The Falleen Xizor seized control of Black Sun, a major shipping and spices firm in the Star Wars Dimension. Xizor was contacted by the Emperor, who conscripted him as one of his advisers and negotiated an economic exchange agreement with Black Sun. He became one of the few aliens to rise high at the Imperial Court, but had a grevious hatred of Vader, who had exterminated his people. Black Sun provided support to Imperial shipbuilding and construction projects throughout the Science Dimensions.
  • Senator Robert Connor of the Terminator dimension began forming a secret resistance against the Galactic Empire, intent on using Terminator machines in order to drive the Empire from his dimension. Connor maintained contact with Mon Mothma (then hiding in the Battleship dimension), with Garm Bel Iblis, and with Senators Jestus Nickaius of Warhammer 40,000, Tip O'Connor of Ender's Game, and Gav Makrill of Foundation.
  • Portions of the ET dimension were orbitally devastated and razed by the Galactic Empire, after the Emperor discovered that the Senator of ET, William MaAshire, had been engaged in fermenting dissent against the Empire in his dimension. Palpatine also discovered that Jedi Master Plett had found refugee in the dimension and had been staying there since 15 BBY. Darth Vader murdered Plett, while MaAshire was arrested, deposed from his position, and replaced with the pro-Imperial Tavius Seren. The Empire gathered 100,000 ETs from the dimension and deported them to Star Wars as slaves. The orbitally razed portions of the dimension were then rehabilitated and resettled by loyal Imperial colonists.
  • The wealth of the National Treasure dimension is confiscated by the Galactic Empire. Grand Moff Tarkin had uncovered the existence of several exotic treasures buried at key points throughout the dimension. The Empire funneled the resources towards its various projects throughout the Universe, while the dimensional inhabitants were enslaved and employed at colonies established throughout their dimension.
  • The bat-like Magog of the Andromeda dimension are enslaved and deported by the Galactic Empire, which resettled their worlds with loyal Imperial colonists.
  • The Blue Orb of the Captain America dimension is uncovered by scouts of the Galactic Empire, as the Empire sought to untap the dimension's superhero secrets for Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor immediately took possession of the Orb and placed it at the Sith Archives of Korriban, employing the device to amplify his powers. He then had the scouts killed in order to keep the discovery of the Orb secret.
  • The Insurance City and Automobile City dimensions are orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire, as there was extensive anti-Imperial protest movements in those collection of dimensions. Nearly 100 million sentient beings are exterminated by Imperial warships, in a campaign overseen by Grand Moff Ardus Kaine of the Regular Television Oversector.
  • The Jem'Hadar and Vorta, led by the rebel Ma'kai, rebel against the Galactic Empire, besieging and expelling Imperial garrisons throughout the Gamma Quadrant. A campaign of reconquest is overseen by Grand Moff Tarkin, and the rebellions are crushed brutally. The Empire devastated Vortah and Hadaris, slaughtering virtually the entire populations of those worlds. Another 300 million Jem'Hadar and Vorta were enslaved and deported from the Star Trek Dimension.

5 BBYEdit

  • The Thisspians of the world Thissipias in the Star Wars dimension are enslaved by the Galactic Empire, as the Empire became yet more desperate for a higher quantity of slave labor. This was because construction efforts on the Death Star, Sun Crusher, World Devastators, Dark Reaper, Star Forge, and other projects had become stalled. Slave collection depots are established by Grand Moff Tarkin on Thisspias, Jabiim, Metalorn, and Elom.
  • The Golden Tablet, a powerful device in the Night of the Museum dimension, is seized by Darth Vader on the Emperor's orders. The Emperor uses the Tablet to conjure new creatures and adepts in order to serve his wishes. The Tablet is stored at the Sith Archives of Korriban.
  • A major pet project of the Emperor is finally brought to a successful conclusion at the Maw Installation, as architect and Chief Engineer Bevel Lemelisk, and his subordinates, including the Vulcan scientist Sarek and the Tw'ilek administrator Tol Sivron, finally managed to successfully test a prototype of a magically-resistant warship. This warship would be equipped with special magic-repellent armor and magical beam projectiles. The Emperor, pleased at the conclusion of the project, rewarded Lemelisk by giving him sole responsibility for the architectural design of the Death Star project. The Empire immediately constructed 100 anti-magical Star Destroyers, employing the labor of construction droids and specialized Wookiee, Givin, and Vulcan slaves to insure the success of the designs. Using the Star Destroyers, the Empire exterminated the magical species of the Lord of the Rings dimension, while conducting exterminations of Cyclopes, Furies, Gray Women, Giants, and other mythical creatures in a variety of mythological dimensions.
  • Revolts in the Batman, Spiderman, Millenium, Andromeda, Babylon Five, Lost in Space, Ender's Game, Modern United States, Star Wars, Austin Powers, Galaxy Quest, and Stargate Dimensions, known as the Erhynradd Mutiny, are crushed by the Galactic Empire. During the revolts however, the younger brother of Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Gideon Tarkin, was killed. A angered Grand Moff adopted his niece, Rivoche, and ordered for the rebel dimensions to be punished by a spate of enslavements, deportations, and massacres. A estimated 3 billion sentients were murdered by the Empire, while another 5 billion were deported and a further 950 million enslaved.
  • The Galactic Empire established clone research and development laboratories on Angosia III, as part of the Empire's program to expand the range of clone templates for the Stormtrooper Corps, in the wake of the anti-Imperial revolt on Kamino. Angosian scientists and engineers, known for their skills at chemical engineering and genetic manipulation, were kidnapped by Imperial agents and forced by the Empire to work at the research labatories. Grand Moff Tarkin had nearly a hundred Angosian engineers deported to the Maw Installation.
  • Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin conducted the Betazed Massacres. Ever since 15 BBY, the planet had been quarantined from the rest of the Universe by the Galactic Empire. Tarkin had gained the Emperor's approval to exterminate this telepathic species, which the Empire considered a irritation in the Star Trek Dimension. Imperial warships and Star Destroyers devastated the world, destroying its cities and turning it to slag. Nearly fifteen billion Betazoids were slaughtered, while their world was changed to a desert wasteland.
  • The Cleansing of the Animated Dimensions occur. These events were a series of massacres and enslavements conducted by the Galactic Empire throughout a variety of the Animated Dimensions. These included The Lion King, Shriek, Cars, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Aladdin, Flintstones, Cinderella, Scooby Doo, a variety of Cartoon Network animated dimensions, and even regular Disney dimensions. More than 78 billion sentients were slaughtered or deported by the Galactic Empire, in one of the worst atrocities ever committed. Grand Moff Tarkin, one of the most feared and hated Imperial officials in the Universe, oversaw the Cleansing.
  • Imperial Bounty Hunter Boba Fett is ordered by Emperor Palpatine to track down and assassinate Mon Mothma, who was still in hiding and had managed to evade the Emperor's agents. Fett managed to find the location of Mothma's secret hideout in the Battleship dimension, but Mothma, forewarned by Senators Garm Bel Iblis and Robert Connor, managed to flee before Fett could catch her. With the help of Iblis and Connor, Mothma adopted a persona and went into exile in Bandits, one of the most obscure dimensions in the Universe. Fett was punished by the Emperor for his failure, suffering the severance of his right arm.
  • Rokur Gepta, a Sorcerer of Tund, used a electromagnetic torpedo to eradicate all life on Tund, a sinister world in the outskirts of the Star Wars Dimension that was home to the Sorcerers of Tund. Nearly 18 million beings were exterminated, while the planet was left a wasteland. Gepta was in orbit and managed to escape. Emperor Palpatine, learning of Gepta's action, and in fact pleased about the elimination of a cult which he found discomforting, contacted the rogue Sorcerer. The Emperor offered Gepta the Screnivirate of the Centrality and Guardianship of the Sith Archives of Korriban, in exchange for Gepta's information about Croke illusions and Tund sorcerer secrets. Gepta accepted the offer and entered the Empire's service, establishing his headquarters on Zionst, a neighboring world of Korriban.
  • The Imperial pilot Han Solo, who had entered the Imperial Military the previous year, saves the Wookiee Chewbacca, who had been captured by Imperial agents, from his commander, Colonel Nylas Hermith. As a result, Solo was dishonorably discharged from the Imperial Military and was banned from Coruscant. Solo and his new companion became smugglers, entering the service of Jabba the Hutt. They would eventually become known for their exploits against the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars and Star Trek dimensions.
  • Lando Calrissian, a smuggler and a Star Wars adventurer, wins control of the Millenium Falcon. Calrissian will eventually become known for his own exploits against the Empire.

4 BBYEdit

  • The Galactic Empire released an incurable strain of hive virus on Acamar III, because the native Acamarians, who had been forced by the Empire to labor at factories and colonial installations on their world, had revolted against the Imperial Governor, slaughtering an entire garrison of stormtroopers. Imperial bacterlogical warships released the infection onto the planetary surface, in a operation overseen by Fleet Admiral Wulff Yularen. Nearly 400 million Acamarians died within three days of the release. The Empire then quarantined the world in order to prevent a spread of the virus.
  • A hurricane is engineered in the Percy Jackson dimension by scientists of the Galactic Empire, as the Emperor perceived a threat from demi-gods who resided in the dimension, in particular the Jacksonian Heroes. Most of the dimension is devastated and left a wasteland.
  • In the Time Machine dimension, the underground Morlocks, who had long preyed on Imperial garrisons in the dimension and had been aligned with the Confederacy of Independent Dimensions during the Clone Wars, are exterminated by the Galactic Empire. The Empire completely resettled the dimension, destroying all traces of its previous inhabitants and transforming it into a loyal Imperial dimension.
  • Emperor Palpatine ordered the confiscation of the Crystal Skull in the Indiana Jones dimension, as he was determined to continue the accmulation of powerful artifacts and secrets from across the Universe. The Emperor stored the device at the Sith Archives of Korriban, and then had the scouts who uncovered the Skull killed in order to hide its existence.
  • The Anticans, a large and furry species who dwelt on the world Anticus, and the Selay, a carnivrous reptillian species, who both resided in the same star system and had been members of the Galactic Republic, nevertheless had long borne hostility towards eachother. The species had engaged in military confrontations during the Clone Wars, and only the meditation of Republic representatives had prevented the Separatists from gaining an foothold in the star system. But now, both species were to face the same predicament, as the Galactic Empire, pursuing its goal of enslaving or deporting all the alien species of Star Wars, Star Trek, and the other Science Dimensions under its rule, launched a subjugation of Antica and Selay. In a operation led by Grand Moff Tarkin, both species were enslaved by the Empire, which resettled their worlds with loyal Imperial colonists. Thousands of Antican and Selay slaves were dispatched to the Star Wars dimension, with many being put to work on the Dark Reaper and Star Forge, long-delayed projects which were finally moving towards completion.
  • Senator Brett Sychrony of the Stargate dimension is exposed by Imperial Intelligence for inciting rebellions in several dimensions, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Warhammer 40,000, Lost in Space, Babylon Five, Andromeda, I-Robot, and Stargate. Sychrony was tortured and executed by the Emperor's orders. The Emperor thereafter issued a decree, which proclaimed that any dimension whose Senator was found to be engaging in "sedition, rebellion, or dissent against the Empire" would be deprived of Senatorial representation, and subjected to the direct rule of the Dimensional Moff. Thedus Grazius, the Moff of Stargate, is granted absolute authority in his jurisdiction.
  • Lando Calrissian discovers the Mindharp, a powerful ancient device on Rafa IV which had been constructed by the Sharu. Calrissian is pursued by Inquisitors and Sith Adepts, as the Emperor strove to gain access to the powerful device. Calrissian is forced to overload the Mindharp on Maldra, devastating the world and killing Inquisitor Malorum. Calrissian was declared an outlaw by the Empire, and Imperial law enforcement agencies placed a bounty on his head. Calrissian managed to flee to the Independence Day dimension.
  • Navik the Red of Rodia instigated the Rodian Expulsions, forcing nearly six million beings to flee from the planet and disperse across the Science Dimensions. One of these was Greedo the Younger, who became a bounty hunter and entered the service of the Galactic Empire. Greedo became one of the Imperial Bounty Hunters, a corps under the direct supervision of Darth Vader.
  • The Time Development Laboratories of the Timecop dimension are nationalized by the Galactic Empire, as the Imperials established instant-monitoring projects. Plans were made for the recovery of the Malevolence ion cannon design, which had been used by the Separatists during the Clone Wars.
  • The Xyrillians are enslaved by the Galactic Empire, which intended to extract the special properties of Xyrillia's atmosphere for various medicinal and engineering products. The Empire established extraction outposts and mines on the world, consigning thousands of Xyrillian slaves to these installations.
  • The Clash of the Titans dimension, one of the last remaining previously unexplored mythological dimensions in the Universe, is discovered by the Galactic Empire. The Empire discovered on how the dimension was ruled by its own Gods of Olympus (Zeus, Posiedon, Hera, Hades, Athena, Artemis, Demeter, Apollo, Ares, Vesta, Mercury, Hephasteus) who claimed to be immortal and excerised jurisdiction over the Greek Kings, the Earthly Creatures, and the Underworld. The Empire signed an economic alliance with the Greek Kings and opened contacts with the Gods. Secretly however, the Emperor plotted to seize the dimension, and established contact with Hades, God of the Underworld, formulating a plan against the Gods of Olympus. Palpatine promised Hades Sith secrets of generation in exchange for Hades' information on achieving physical perfection. Hades accepted the offer and the two conspired to seize the dimension.
  • The Universal Coalition of the Green Lantern dimension, established after the Empire had been expelled from the dimension in 13 BBY, is disrupted when Inqusitor Jera'doc, a half-Human from Star Wars, and Imperial Adept Theodore Caujlaus, from Star Trek, infiltrate the organization, using the recently developed anti-magical weapons to assassinate the Coalition's leaders. With the Guardians and other leaders removed, the dimension is then reconquered by the Empire.
  • The Maw Installation project is expanded, as the Death Star prototype is constructed by engineer Bevel Lemelisk, in order to test the practical uses of the Death Star superlaser. The prototype proved a success, proving the designs of the Hammertong Project. Grand Moff Tarkin then ordered for new and vigorous efforts of construction on the Empire's various projects to be launched. The Empire established new slave collection depots on Wallala, New Plympto, Yaga Minor, Garnib, Skye, Trosh, and Castell in Star Wars, gathering and processing millions of alien slaves, dispatched to various sites throughout the Science Dimensions. The Zaranites, Yridians, Xelatians, Retellians, Rigellians, and Rhaandarites of Star Trek are enslaved by the Galactic Empire, which establishes slave colonies on their homeworlds and also dispatches many to Despayre. The Empire conducted new slaving operations on Gornar, Kashyyyk, Remus, Andor, and in the Independence Day dimension, bringing thousands of more Gorn, Wookiees, Andorians, and Alien Invaders into slavery. Teams of Wookiee, Geonosian, Na'vi, ET, Borg, Klingon, Antican, and Selay slaves were organized and set to work on the mining and transport of supplies for the Imperial projects. The Empire established a Darksaber project at Toprawa, deporting the planet's inhabitants in order to make way for the construction efforts. Thousands of Angelian, Antedan, Antarian, Annari, Angosian, and Ankari slaves were dispatched to Toprawa from Star Trek, being set to work on the new project. The Empire planned the enslavement of the Yuuzhan Vong and Ssi-ruuk, who had suffered under the Empire's grip but had escaped enslavement. By the end of the year, Tarkin reported that "excellent progress" was being made on the Darksaber, Dark Reaper, Star Forge, and Malevolence projects.

3 BBYEdit

  • Utopia Plantita Shipyards of Mars, in the Star Trek Dimension, is nationalized by the Galactic Empire. Ever since the Clone Wars, this major Star Trek shipping concern had a contract with the Universal Government, supplying starships and military equipment to the military at reduced rates. The Shipyards had, up to the very point of its nationalization, remained loyal to the Empire. The Emperor however, wished to consolidate all shipbuilding resources throughout the Universe under Imperial control, and as such, commanded the Moff of Star Trek, Marcellian Wessel, to nationalize the Shipyards. The company's assets were liquidated and transferred to the Imperial Military, while the Empire vastly expanded the shipyards, consigning thousands of Star Trek alien slaves to labor there. Grand Moff Tarkin gathered dozens of Plantita engineers and scientists, dispatching them to the Maw Installation.
  • Mon Mothma takes up residence in the Farscape dimension, after the Emperor's agents forced her to flee from the Bandits dimension. Mothma began organizing a paramilitary force, the Movement to Overthrow the Emperor (MOM), in order to resist the Galactic Empire covertly.
  • Senator Robert Connor of the Terminator dimension finally launched his long-awaited revolt against the Galactic Empire, believing that the strength of his machines and the coordination of his rebel forces would ensure victory against the Imperials. Connor's army overruns Skynet Laboratories, which had been a major research and manufacturing installation of the Imperial Army and Droid Production Corps. Nearly 200,000 slaves, from Star Trek, Star Wars, and Stargate, are liberated by the Rebels. Imperial garrisons are expelled from cities and settlements throughout the dimension. Soon, revolts flare in neighboring dimensions, such as I Am Legend, Revolution, Jurassic Park, and Godzilla, among others. Darth Vader eventually crushed the revolt, killing the Senator and destroying the rebel forces. The Empire punished the dimension by orbitally razing it, killing some 100 million beings and leaving it a wasteland.
  • Emperor Palpatine instigated a plot to exterminate the Gammorreans and Ugnaughts, believing these two porcine species to be inferior and useless now for the Empire's purposes. Lando Calrissian, who had returned from the Independence Day dimension, infiltrates the Imperial extermination vessels assigned to the task and foils the Emperor's heinous scheme. Schrenvir and Guardian Rokur Gepta, assigned by the Emperor to oversee the planned massacre, is killed by Calrissian. An enraged Palpatine ordered Inquisitor Jera'doc to hunt down and kill the rogue, while he appointed Tevell Geen to the deceased Gepta's positions.
  • In a operation overseen by Grand Moff Tarkin, Lwheek is enslaved by the Galactic Empire, as the Ssi-ruuk are deported from their home region and dispatched as slaves to Despayre, Lehon, the Maw Installation, Csilla, Rattak, and other Imperial penal colonies throughout the Star Wars dimension. The Empire enslaved the Yuuzhan Vong at the same time, dispatching many to the slave colonies on Nirauan, Sernpidal, and Bastion.
  • Senator Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia, one of the most outspoken opponents of the Emperor in the Imperial Senate, finally had enough of the Empire and established the Corellian Resistance. Bel Iblis maintained contacts with puppet Queen Breha Organa of Alderaan, Senator Jestus Nickaius of Warhammer 40,000, Senator Tip O'Connor of Ender's Game, and Senator Gav Makrill of Foundation. He also had contacts with Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Chief Administrator of Bespin Lobot, and with Jedi Master Rahm Kota, who was now emerging from exile on Terminus and had organized Kota's Militia, a paramilitary force which opposed the Empire. Bel Iblis even extended relations to Kylantha, the Queen of Naboo, who had grown tired of the Empire's oppressive actions against the Gungans and dissidents on her world. The Resistance established secret bases at the Cron's Drift, Yavin, Dantooine, and Sestooine in the Star Wars dimension, and at Unicomplex 5, El-Auria, and Vauudwaur in the Star Trek dimension. Soon, the Resistance had accumulated some 40,000 starships and billions of troopers, and started to attack Imperial forces in covert actions. The Emperor's agents discovered Bel Iblis's complicity in the Resistance. The Emperor had Iblis dismissed from the representation of Corellia and implemented death warrants against Iblis and his family. Iblis became a outlaw. The Emperor had Corellia's self-government abolished and the world was subjected to a Imperial governor.
  • Grand Moff Tarkin further accelerated the construction efforts for the Death Star, as he grew alarmed of the rebel movements that were beginning to sprout up against the Empire in the Science Dimensions. Sullust was enslaved by the Empire, and Sullustan, Wookiee, Givin, Omwati, Vulcan, Vissian, Angosian, and Andorian slave-engineers labored to develop refined hyperspace models for Imperial vessels and the Death Star. Tighter security precautions were imposed for the Death Star project. The Atravis Sector was declared an emergency security zone, protected by a massive Imperial fleet, and all outsiders were forbidden to travel in that region. The Empire also instated precautions for the Maw Installation, and Imperial warships at all the construction sites were given orders to immediately destroy any non-authorized vessels without question. The Death Star itself, still an incomplete frame after nearly two decades, was again implaced over Despayre, for it had been moved to worlds as varied as Geonosis, Eriadu, Patriim, Endor, Seswenna, Courlag, Tatooine, and even Coruscant to prevent sabotage. A shield generator on Despayre's surface protected the frame, while the Grand Moff established Battle Station Operations in order to protect the Despayre system from any naval sabotage. The Stormtrooper Legions assigned to the station were given advanced and intensive training. Major Calders, whom Tarkin appointed as supervisor of the labor teams, harshly oversaw the groups of slaves who labored on the station and Imperial naval projects at Despayre. The largest force of construction droids in history, in the meantime, gathered components and worked towards the massive station's completion. The Sun Crusher project was moved to the Halo dimension, where thousands of Wookiee, Na'vi, Gorn, and ET slaves were exploited harshly. The Empire also conducted further enslavement operations in the Star Trek dimension, where species such as the Grazerites, Hireachians, Hirogens, Hazari, Sakari, Solais, Tak Tak, Talarians, Tarlacs, Tiburonians, Tilonians, Tosks, Trabes, Troyians, Tygarians, V'radians, Ventu, and many others experienced enslavement operations at the hands of the Empire, being organized into teams and dispatched to sites where they were needed.
  • While Tarkin intensified the Death Star construction efforts, the Emperor commanded Darth Vader and the Imperial Inquisitors to hunt down and destroy the Empire's enemies. Vader, the 501st Legion, and his personal starfleet (which was commanded by Admiral Ozzel and Captain Piett), conducted extensive searches for rebel activity throughout the Science Dimensions. The Empire destroyed hundreds of smuggler settlements, cleared the Cron's Drift and the Kathol Rift of rebel holdouts, and sought the location of the chief Rebel base. Imperial Bounty Hunters in the meantime, pursued Garm Bel Iblis, chasing him on worlds such as Atravis, Alderaan, Belderone, Lantilles, Bimmisaari, Transdosha, Duro, Nubia, and Chandrila. The Empire conscripted hundreds of Bothan spymasters as Imperial agents and forced them to work towards uncovering the secrets of the Corellian Resistance.
  • The Galactic Empire used the anti-magical weapons to exterminate the Scandinavian Gods of the Thor dimension, who had long resisted the Imperial dominion of the dimension. The Empire's actions in Thor provoked rebellions in Ancient Greece, 13th Warrior, 9th century Denmark, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and other such dimensions. These rebellions were crushed brutally by the Empire, which deported some 15 million sentients from these dimensions.
  • The Karemma of the Gamma Quadrant are enslaved and deported by the Galactic Empire, which employed their labor at Imperial colonies established on Karemma, Kazon, Bajor, and Cardassia.
  • Although the Young and the Restless dimension, one of the soap opera dimensions of the Universe, is relatively insignificant, considering there are so many dimensions of its type, the actions committed in this dimension by the Galactic Empire inspired outrage across the Universe and fanned rebel tensions in the more important dimensions. Darth Vader had selected this dimension as the location of his Dimensional Opera Retreat. The Empire evicted the dimension's inhabitants, nationalized the dimension's corporations, and began construction efforts. However, some 70,000 residents of the dimension refused to move. By the orders of Dimensional Moff Todd, and with the permission of Vader, these inhabitants were slaughtered and butchered by Imperial stormtroopers, who dumped their bodies in pits throughout the dimension. The Empire then exiled their families and devastated parts of the dimension. This would be used by Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis as propaganda to point out how the Empire was cruel and inflicting "undue atrocities" on innocent beings.
  • The military and economic alliance with Omni Consumer Products, the ruling body and chief corporation of the RoboCop dimension, is renewed by the Galactic Empire. Secretly, however, the Empire began making plans for the invasion and conquest of the dimension, as Imperial spies had uncovered the advantages of the dimensional robotic technology.
  • Darth Vader's apprentices, Galen Marek and Leia Skywalker, alongside the Emperor's personal adept, Mara Jade, are raised to the rank of Sith Acolytes by Emperor Palpatine, who appointed them Imperial Inquisitors. The Emperor, seeing these three as his opportunity to seek out and destroy his enemies, commanded them to hunt down and kill the remaining Jedi who had escaped the Great Jedi Purge. Their first target is Rahm Kota, who was allied to the Corellian Resistance and had been causing havoc for the Empire. Kota and his militia had spent their time attacking major Imperial targets throughout the Science Dimensions, attempting to draw Darth Vader out to them. They destroyed the Imperial shipyards of Tarsus III, freed nearly 100,000 Voth slaves at Unicomplex 4, sabotaged the Imperial Military Academy of Star Trek Earth, raided the Halo Labatories, disrupted a Imperial research project on Rhen Var, prevented Imperial attempts to gather holocron secrets from Ossus, and then dispersed an Imperial Garrison Center on Sriluur. Kota and his militia then assaulted the Imperial Tie Fighter Production Facility of Nar Shaadaa. This time however, Kota would not be able to escape unharmed. Leia Skywalker penetrated the installation and incapacitated Kota, blinding him. Kota's Militia dissolved upon the disabilities of their leader. Kota however, managed to evade a further Imperial capture, and with the help of Iblis and Lobot, went into exile at Cloud City.
  • Shaak Ti, the last remaining member of the Jedi Council besides Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader himself, had been in exile on Felucia since 19 BBY, that overgrown jungle-world which had once been the headquarters of the Commerce Guild and had been one of the worlds besieged by the Republic in the final days of the Clone Wars. Since the end of that conflict however, the central government's presence on the world had faded, as the native Felucian tribes overtook the Gossam settlers and established their dominion over the world. After fleeing from the Jedi Temple, Shaak Ti had astounded the tribes by her Force abilities, and she became their chieftain. Since 17 BBY, she had been training a Jedi Padawan, the Zabrak Maris Brood, whose master had been killed by Darth Vader and the 501st Legion in 18 BBY. Until then, Ti and Brood had managed to shield themselves from the Empire's notice, but now, Imperial Agents, pursuing Iblis and his armada, discovered her presence. Darth Vader dispatched Marek and Skywalker to Felucia in order to kill the Jedi Master. The two succeeded in their mission, cutting down Ti with the lightsaber and throwing her body into the Ancient Abyss. Maris Brood was found by them, and, succumbing to both imitation and to the desire to know the ways of the dark side, agreed to join them, entering the Empire's service as a Emperor's Hand. Upon Ti's death, the Galactic Empire annexed Felucia, subduing the native Felucian tribes and establishing a military facility on the world. The Empire then set about to exploit Felucia's natural resources for its own purposes.
  • Marek and Skywalker's next mission was to kill Kazadan Paratus. Paratus, who had been in exile on Raxus Prime since 18 BBY, had been one of the most technologically-skilled Jedi Knights, having been responsible for the maintenance of the Jedi Droid Training Corps. Since Order 66, however, he had grown mad, believing that the fall of the Jedi Order was caused by his inactivity (although this was not true). Paratus had used his engineering skills to construct a Force-powered army of Junk Golems and Behemoths, who patrolled the world and protected Paratus. Paratus however, competed with Jawa clans and Rodian mercenaries on Raxus Prime for control. The anarchy on Raxus Prime ended however, with the arrival of Marek and Skywalker. The two Sith Acolytes killed Paratus and destroyed his army, demolishing a junk Jedi Temple which he had erected. Afterwards, the Galactic Empire nationalized Raxus Prime. The Empire established a shipyard above the world, created processing and mining operations on the surface, and instigated a program to exterminate the Jawa clans and the Rodian mercenaries.
  • Callista Ming, who had been in hiding in the Lost in Space dimension since 18 BBY, is tracked down by the Empire's agents. The Emperor, who wished to eliminate a figure who had been among the first to successfully hamper a scheme of his, commanded Mara Jade to kill the Jedi Knight. Jade traveled to the dimension, and after a bitter confrontation, overwhelmed and killed Ming. The Empire thereafter punished the dimension by consigning its inhabitants to labor at a mining colony on Alpha Centauri, in harsh conditions.
  • Using the service of Bothan spymasters, Darth Vader uncovered evidence from the records of Alderaan and Naboo, which indicated that his other child resided on a world somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories. Vader's efforts however, to pinpoint the exact location of where his child is, are frustrated by the dislocation of what records there are, this having been the work of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had halted the Empire's earlier attempts to learn about the children's fate in 19 BBY.

2 BBYEdit

  • A major pirate attack is launched by Harcourt Mudd, Cyrano Jones, and Booster Tarik, three anti-Imperial smugglers aligned to the Corellian Resistance, against the Imperial Dockyards of the Marat Nebula. The pirates besieged the Dockyards and managed to destroy many Star Destroyers, cruisers, and Dreadnoughts which were still under construction at that site. Admiral Yularen however, blunted the pirate attack. Jones was killed when his starship was destroyed by an Imperial starfighter squadron, while Mudd and Tarik, with their forces, were forced to retreat.
  • MOM and the Corellian Resistance, cooperating together against the Galactic Empire, launched raiding operations and missions against Imperial installations in the Millennium, Invasion, Andromeda, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Hancock, Ironman, and Star Trek dimensions, attacking Imperial patrols and damaging Imperial projects. These raids were led by Mon Mothma and General Madine, a Imperial officer who had defected and joined the rebel organizations coordinating against the Empire. Emperor Palpatine, enraged at these raids, commanded Leia Skywalker to hunt down and assassinate Mothma, Madine, and the other MOM leaders. Skywalker was successful in her mission, but the MOM armadas fled into exile and managed to escape Imperial elimination.
  • Talos IV in Star Trek is orbitally razed by the Galactic Empire. This occurred when Inquisitor Jera'doc had discovered that the native Talosians, beings with great telepathic and illusory abilities, had been using those abilities in order to shield the presence of Quinlan Vos from the Galactic Empire. Vos had remained on Talos IV since his escape from Kashyyyk in 19 BBY. Anti-magical Imperial Star Destroyers, equipped with special atomic projectiles, devastated the world, exterminating nearly 300 million Talosians and killing Vos.
  • Han Solo and his companion Chewbacca, who held a burning hatred of the Galactic Empire, aligned themselves with the Corellian Resistance and conducted a major raiding operation on Imperial-occupied Romulus, where the Romulans had long suffered under the Empire's harsh grip. With the help of Resistance warships and Romulan guerrillas on the world, they managed to destroy the Imperial garrisons on Romulus. Nearly 540 million Romulan slaves were freed, dispersing from their homeworld and joining the Resistance in large numbers. This humiliation angered the Emperor, who had Solo and Chewbacca declared outlaws. The Empire bolstered its garrisons at other Imperial slave and penal colonies throughout the Science Dimensions, suppressing any talk of rebellion amongst enslaved races.
  • Darth Vader captured a Resistance warship at Commenor, and after torturing the Resistance crew extensively, was given information that the Resistance's chief headquarters was on Yavin IV. Thereafter, Vader and his fleet traveled to Yavin, expecting to find a major Resistance base. He and his fleet were disappointed however, as the Resistance Command had been warned by the Commenor Fleet of Vader's searches, and had managed to evacuate the Yavin Base just before the Empire's arrival. An enraged Vader, with the permission of Emperor Palpatine, commanded that Commenor be orbitally razed. Nearly 13 billion innocent civilians were slaughtered by the Empire. This action fanned further rebel tensions throughout the Science Dimensions, but particularly in the Core Worlds of Star Wars.
  • The Superman dimension is finally reconquered by the Galactic Empire, as Imperial forces commanded by Darth Vader employed dark side energy and anti-mutant projectiles to overwhelm the dimensional villains. Doomsday, Darkseid, General Zod, and the other dimensional enemies, who had formed a Ruling Trio which governed over the dimension, were defeated and exterminated by the Imperial invasion forces. The Empire thereafter destroyed large swaths of Metropolis, devastated Krypton, and seized the secrets of the Fortress of Solitude. The Emperor stored these secrets in the Sith Archives of Korriban.
  • In the Planet of the Apes dimension, the advanced chimpanzee Caesar, who had gained the knowledge to speak, raised a major revolt of all the dimensional chimpanzees and other creatures in the dimension against the Galactic Empire. The dimensional inhabitants had grown tired of the Empire's brutal and exploitative experiments in the dimension, which had sought to use monkeys as testing creatures for Imperial vaccines and intellectual research studies. Caesar and the creatures overwhelmed the Imperial garrison in the dimension, freeing the experimental monkeys at the Imperial Laboratories. Caesar thereafter proclaimed himself "King of All Animals" and extended relations to neighboring dimensions, urging them to revolt against the Empire. Grand Moff Tarkin brutally crushed the revolt, disrupting the rebels. Caesar was killed during the Empire's reconquest of the dimension. The dimension's chimpanzees and other intelligent creatures were then exterminated by the Empire, which resettled the dimension with loyal Imperial colonists.
  • King Arthur of the First Knight dimension, who until this point had been a subordinate vassal of the Galactic Empire, instigated a major revolt against the Empire. Arthur had obtained access to the Holy Grail, a long lost artifact which he believed would enable him to resist the Empire. For a time, the King and his Knights enjoyed success. The Empire was expelled from the neighboring historical dimensions of Rome, Atilla, Gladiator, Monty Python, and Dark Ages, among others. Emperor Palpatine dispatched Darth Vader and the Imperial Inquisitors, alongside Marek, Skywalker, and Jade, to these dimensions, in order to reassert Imperial rule in those regions. Vader killed King Arthur, crushing the rebellion. The Empire seized the Holy Grail and destroyed the city of Camelot, deporting nearly 3 million sentients from the First Knight dimension to other dimensions. The Emperor placed the Holy Grail with his artifacts at the Sith Archives of Korriban.
  • Bothan spies and the agents of the Imperial Intelligence Agency discovered the association of the Chief Administrator of Cloud City, Lobot, with the Corellian Resistance. Determined to set a example to the rest of the Universe about the dangers of rebellion, the Emperor ordered for savage actions against Bespin to be taken. The Empire blockaded the world, cutting off further Cloud City support to the Resistance. It thereafter used Star Dragons to devour Bespin's settlements, including Cloud City. Lobot and his subordinates were killed, while nearly 100 million sentients in Bespin's atmosphere were murdered. Rahm Kota, who had fled to Cloud City after his incapacitation, again was smuggled out by Lobot's men before the Empire's actions, being taken to Utapau, where he hid with the Pau'an city administrator Medon.
  • The position of Grand Admiral is established in the Imperial Navy by Emperor Palpatine, who wished to strengthen the command structure of naval operations and to reward officers who had served the Empire well. Grand Admirals are given the same rank and prestige as Grand Moffs and Grand Generals. Fleet Admiral Thrawn, the only alien who rose high in the Empire's service, and known for his tactical brilliance, is the first being to be promoted to this newly-created rank.
  • By this point, the Death Star project has begun to proceed, and midway through 2 BBY, nearly half of the massive battlestation's frame had been completed. There was, however, problems with the labor crews. The construction supervisors, who mostly bore anti-Imperial sympathies, had deliberately slowed their pace of work, procrastinating on the delivery of orders and engineering plans to the slaves. Many of the slave crews, especially of Wookiee, Klingon, and Mon Calamari slaves, slowed their pace of work, attempting to hold back construction by acting lazy or by pretending sickness. Grand Moff Tarkin grew tired of the delays, and asked the Emperor for permission to set an example to the work crews. Palpatine responded by sending Darth Vader to the construction site. Vader had Tarkin call a meeting of all the slave engineers and construction supervisors. There, he had several of the more insubordinate supervisors seized, choked to death, and then hanged on the Death Star's frame in a visible location for all the slaves working on the station frame and at the space installations to see. Vader then ordered the execution of 40,000 prisoners from the Escape from LA, Hunger Games, and Judge Dredd dimensions, to provide a more chilling "motivation" to the work crews. These fearsome examples set by the Emperor's representative and apprentice scared the slaves and prisoners, and work began to return to pace. By the end of the year, construction was virtually finished on the Malevolence ion cannon designs. Although Tarkin despised Vader's presence, he did welcome the methods that were employed.
  • The Second Battle of Mon Calamari occurs, as Mon Calamari and Quarren guerrillas, with the assistance of the Corellian Resistance and MOM, coordinated themselves against the Galactic Empire. Imperial garrisons found themselves under siege throughout Mon Calamari Space, as the enslaved species were determined to expel their overlords. The Empire was briefly hurled out of Mon Calamari Space, and the Mon Calamari immediately began to produce warships to support the Corellian Resistance. Grand Moff Tarkin however, assembled a force to reconquer the world, and using overwhelming firepower, the Empire achieved victory. Tarkin ordered the destruction of the floating cities of Foamwater and Coral, as an example to the rebellious Mon Calamari and Quarren. Nearly 2 billion Mon Calamaris and Quarrens were murdered by the Empire.
  • Kashyyyk erupts in a massive revolt against the Galactic Empire. Han Solo and Chewbacca, working with the Corellian Resistance, delivered rebel supplies to Wookiee guerrillas, led by the rebel chieftain Tarfful, who were determined to free their world from the Empire's oppressive yoke. Nearly 100 million stormtroopers on Kashyyyk were butchered by the Wookiees. The Empire responded to the revolt by conducting a Base Delta Zero on Kashyyyk, destroying the cities of Rwookrroro, Twkkiana, and Kachirho. The massive Wookiee jungles are decimated by Imperial warships and turned to slag, killing five billion Wookiees. The remaining Wookiees were deported by the Empire.
  • Revolts on Endor, Tatooine, Utapau, Saleucami, Mygetto, Hapes, Hongohr, Kessel, Kamino, Kalee, Geonosis, Gamorr, Fondor, Felucia, Duro, Csilla, Corellia, Ando, and Chandrila flare in full force, as the Corellian Resistance provided extensive financial assistance and weapons to various rebel movements on these worlds, who were opposed to the Galactic Empire. Imperial garrisons were besieged on some 1,000 worlds throughout the Star Wars Dimension. Likewise, similar tensions flared in the Star Trek dimension. Revolts against the Empire exploded on Mars, Earth, Tarsus III, Andor, Tellar, Ligon II, Anticus, Selay, Styris IV, Angel I, Aldea, Karemma, Unicomplex 3, Bajor, Vega, Sherman's Planet, Gornar, Remus, Ajilon Prime, Alpha Carinae II, Vulcan, Qu'onos, and Shelia, among others. Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader suppressed these revolts brutally. The Empire punished the rebel worlds by a spate of massacre and deportation, inflicting some of the most severe atrocities ever committed. The revolts however, demonstrate the extensive sentiments held by the citizens of the Universe against the Emperor's regime. By now, the people of the Universe had come to greatly rue their short-sightedness. Palpatine's Empire, instead of bringing security, stability, and peace to the Universe, had oppressed and brutalized it.
  • Han Solo wins the Millenium Falcon from Lando Calrissian in a sabacc tournament on Junkfort Station. Towards the end of the tournament, the Empire launched a attack against the shadowport, forcing its smugglers to disperse. Solo and Chewbacca however, with their new starship, engaged in new harrying actions against the Empire. They managed to rescue prisoners from the Imperial penal colony of Orion II and harried the Imperial garrisons of Ryloth, Christophsis, Barab I, G'rho, and Terminus. Their attempt to penetrate the Imperial laboratories of Thyferra, however, were foiled by Grand Moff Tarkin and Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • Moff Marcellian Wessel of Star Trek and the recently-promoted Grand Admiral Yularen were commanded by the Emperor to seek out and destroy the holdouts of the Corellian Resistance in the Star Trek dimension. They exposed and destroyed the Resistance base at Vauudwaur, decimating hundreds of Rebel battleships and dreadnoughts. General Jan Dondonna, one of the major Resistance commanders, was captured and executed by the Empire. This, along with the destruction of the bases at El-Auria and Unicomplex 5, severely weakened the Resistance's power in the Star Trek Dimension, eliminating a threat to the Galactic Empire's dominion over the dimension. In order to suppress further rebel tendencies in the dimension, and to insure the safety of its garrisons and installations, the Empire declared martial law in Star Trek, giving each Planetary Governor absolute authority over their jurisdiction.
  • Emperor Palpatine organized a fleet of nearly 500 Imperial/Centrality extermination ships, aiming to eliminate the Oswaft of the ThonBoka Nebula, who had posed a threat to the Empire's interests in the Centrality and in Wild Space. The Emperor considered this species, who were space-borne and able to achieve hyperspace travel, a major threat to his person. The Empire's extermination force was led by Tevell Geen. Lando Calrissian and Han Solo however, working together with a force sent by the Corellian Resistance, took command of the Oswaft, who then destroyed the Imperial extermination fleet. This action humiliated the Empire, as the Oswaft thereafter raided and destroyed several Imperial colonies throughout the Renastasian and Rimward regions. By now, the Empire hurried the test runs of the Sun Crusher and Malevolence ion cannons, intent on employing these superweapons against the Oswaft.
  • The Imperial Intelligence Agency discovered the association of Senator Tip O'Connor of Ender's Game with the Corellian Resistance. Emperor Palpatine, enraged at the discovery of yet another "traitor against the Empire's stability", ordered for O'Connor's arrest. O'Connor had fled into exile on Formia, hiding with the Formic Hive Queen Suprema, who had provided extensive assistance to the Resistance. His location was discovered, however, by the Empire's agents. Leia Skywalker penetrated the holdout and assassinated the Senator. The Empire thereafter punished the Formics by exterminating them, killing some 300 million drones. The Hive Queen was assassinated, while the dimension's Moff, Gerald Rackenham, was given absolute authority in his jurisdiction. Evidence uncovered by the Empire in the dimension, using the service of Bothan spies, indicated that nearly 100 other Senators, of dimensions such as Star Wars, James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40,000, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ice Age, Indiana Jones, Robin Hood, The Matrix, and many others were engaged in seditious activity against the Empire. This discovery fueled the Emperor's determination to dissolve the Senate, which was to take place within the next two years.

1 BBYEdit

  • As part of a crackdown on the continued lawlessness in the Hutt Sectors, the Galactic Empire assembled and launched a task force against Ylesia, one of the major spice and smuggling ports in the Science Dimensions. This task force was commanded by Admiral Winstel Greelanx, commander of all Imperial naval forces in the Hutt regions. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, however, with the assistance of the Corellian Resistance and a smuggler fleet led by Star Trek pirate Harcourt Mudd, managed to defeat and throw back the Imperial expeditionary force, blunting the Empire's attack. An enraged Emperor Palpatine ordered for the Imperial Bounty Hunters to conduct a full-scale hunt for Solo and Calrissian. The Empire finally cornered the two smuggler heroes at Nimban. Solo and Calrissian put up a fierce resistance, but were ultimately overrun by the superior Imperial warships. The Empire captured the two rogues, who were then executed. A jubliant Emperor Palpatine, pleased at the death of the "vile Rebels", announced in a speech addressed to the public that the Empire was "plucking the life out of rebellion in the Universe". Their deaths however, dealt a severe morale blow to the Corellian Resistance.
  • The final remnants of MOM are mopped up by the Galactic Empire, as a Imperial task force under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn destroyed MOM's paramilitary base in the Vultar system. General Madine was captured by Imperial Bounty Hunters, and was taken to the Death Star, where he was imprisoned and then executed by the Emperor personally, who wished to dispose of a notorious rebel by his own hands. This execution demonstrates that the Empire was finally gaining the advantage over the various resistance movements of the Science Dimensions.
  • The greatest internal coup in the history of the Galactic Empire occurred when the disgruntled Grand Moff Trachta, commander of the Imperial Oversector which included Coruscant and other major Core Worlds of Star Wars, launched a major effort to assassinate Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Previous plots and conspiracies against the Sith rulers of the Empire had taken place, but these had been minor and were crushed quickly. Trachta's, on the other hand, was of a more intensive nature. Believing that the Empire should not be ruled by a two-man cult, and regarding the Sith as archaic, Trachta plotted to overthrow them and install himself as the new Emperor. With the assistance of his allies, including Grand Moff Bartram of the Comedy Oversector, Commander and Imperial Assasin Gauer, Moff Kadir (commander of the security forces on Coruscant), General Skosef, and Second Officer Dezsetes, Trachta created a batch of altered stormtroopers, programmed to only obey him, designed to overthrow the Emperor and Vader. Their plot however, was destined to failure from the beginning. Vader easily disposed of Dezsetes, who had been assigned to his flagship. Trachta then turned on Bartram, whom he believed to be conspiring against him, and had him assassinated. Moff Kadir, ambitious and eager to become Emperor himself, then had Gauer assassinate Trachta. General Skosef in the meantime, was murdered by Kadir. Kadir and Gauer then brought their stormtroopers against the Emperor, believing they could overwhelm him. However, they were no match for the powerful Emperor, whose Red Guards and his own blast of lightning made quick work of the stormtroopers. The Emperor then tortured Gauer and Kadir to death with Force lightning, although he commended them for "weeding out the traitors against the Empire". With the last two rebel conspirators dead, the Trachta plot had collapsed.
  • With the anti-magical projectiles, Emperor Palpatine was finally in a position to eliminate the Hogwarts Magicians, who had sabotaged the Eye of Palpatine in 18 BBY and had until then managed to escape Imperial subjugation. The Galactic Empire invaded the Harry Potter dimension, using the anti-magical Star Destroyers and the service of Acolytes Marek, Skywalker, and Jade to overwhelm the Hogwarts Magicians. Hogwarts Academy was decimated by Imperial warships, who also exterminated Voldemort's Resistance. The Empire then occupied the dimension and installed a garrison there, seeking to gather the dimension's secrets for the Emperor. Hogwarts Magicians Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley, however, managed to escape the Empire's assault, and established a resistance in the dimension.
  • The RoboCop dimension is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire, thus betraying the agreement with Omni Consumer Products. Imperial forces quickly overwhelmed and destroyed the RoboCop police and dimensional military patrol units, occupying the Dimensional City of Detroit. The Empire then established a military research laboratory in the dimension, evicting the dimension's inhabitants from their homes. These inhabitants establish the RoboCop resistance and begin attacking Imperial garrisons throughout the dimension.
  • The World of Warcraft dimension is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. The Imperial forces faced severe resistance from the magical units of the Horde and the Alliance, who formed an alliance in order to resist the Empire's invasion forces. The Empire's anti-magical projectiles, however, enabled it to achieve victory, and the dimension was subdued. The Empire established a garrison in the dimensional city of Lordaeron, enslaved the Dwarfs, Draenei, Gnomes, Night Elves, Worgen, and High Elves, and exterminated the Orcs, Forsaken Ones, Taurens, Trolls, Blood Elves, Goblins, and Ogres.
  • The Clash of the Titans dimension is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. Using anti-magical projectiles and the assistance of the Underworld God, Hades, who had an alliance with Emperor Palpatine, the Empire defeated the Gods of Olympia, casting them down and usurping control of the dimension. A Imperial garrison was immediately established in the dimension, while Hades was appointed Moff and Supreme King. The Empire launched exterminations of the dimension's mythological creatures, such as the Gorgons, the Krakon, the Grey Women, the Giants, and others. A band of rebels and demigods, led by Perseus, established a resistance in the dimension against the Empire.
  • Sulon is invaded and conquered by the Galactic Empire. This moon of the Outer Rim world Sullust had long resisted the Empire, as its inhabitants, led by the rebel leader Morgan Katarn, had launched raiding operations against Imperial colonies and shipbuilding operations in the Sullust system. The Empire destroyed the rebels, killed Katarn, and installed a garrison in Barons Hed. Inquisitor Jera'doc was appointed by Emperor Palpatine as Governor of the conquered Moon.
  • A strand of the dreaded Blackwing virus is released on the city world of Taris by the Galactic Empire, in order to punish a rebel movement which had been orchestrated on the world by the Corellian Resistance. The virus decimated Ecumenopolis, exterminated the Nekghouls and Rakghouls, and transformed the Humans of Taris into zombies. The world was then quarantined by the Empire in order to prevent a further spread of the virus.
  • Imperial Intelligence Agents and Bothan spymasters working under Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin finally discovered the location of the chief headquarters of the Corellian Resistance: Galidraan, which had been occupied by the Resistance after the retreat from Yavin IV. Galidraan had been chosen by the Resistance because of its relative obscurity and its forests, which could obscure any Resistance base. Darth Vader, commanding the Imperial force from his Star Destroyer, the Devastator, attacked and devastated the world, capturing the majority of the Resistance fleet and storming the stronghold. Garm Bel Iblis and the remaining Resistance leaders attempted to flee, and were able to travel as far as Junction before Imperial forces caught up with them. There were soon cornered and captured by Imperial warships. The Empire punished Junction for harboring the Resistance by orbitally bombarding it, killing some 180 million sentients.
  • With the destruction of the Corellian Resistance and the absorption of the above-mentioned dimensions, the Galactic Empire obtained its greatest and current territorial, military, and political extent. Palpatine's Empire extended its grip over nearly five hundred million dimensions and quadrillions of worlds, colonies, and outposts throughout the Universe. The Empire ruled nearly twenty percent more territory than the Old Republic had at the height of its power on the eve of the Clone Wars. By this point, nearly every dimension in the Universe had a Moff and a military garrison, while the militarization efforts conducted by the Emperor and his subordinates had created a vast and sprawling military machine. By the end of 1 BBY, the Death Star was approaching completion, while the Malevolence, Sun Crusher, and World Devastators were entering regular service.
  • The Galactic Empire used the Sun Crusher in order to finally exterminate the Oswaft, who had managed to escape Imperial elimination the previous year. The Empire also destroyed Da Soocha using the Sun Crusher, in order to test the device on a living world. Nearly 100 million beings, primarily Hutts, Toydarians, and Mon Calamari, were killed.
  • Darth Vader tracked down the Dark Woman (An'ya Kuro), to Cophrigin V, a obscure world in the Outer Rim Territories which had escaped the notice of the Galactic Empire. Vader and the Dark Woman engaged in a intensive duel, which ultimately resulted in victory for the Sith Lord. Kuro died but merged into the Force as a spirit. In this form, she told Vader that there was still a chance for him to return to the Light Side of the Force. Vader however, refused to listen to her, and Kuro's spirit disappeared. With the death of An'ya Kuro, and then shortly afterwards, the final elimination of Rahm Kota, Emperor Palpatine officially declared the Great Jedi Purge over. The Purge had raged for eighteen years and had resulted in the virtual extinction of the Jedi Order. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Olee Starstone were the only Jedi still remaining by the beginning of 0 BBY.

0 BBYEdit

  • In a last desperate effort to strike a blow against the Galactic Empire, the pirate fleet of Harcourt Mudd and Booster Tarik launched a major assault against the Death Star, which was virtually complete and whose systems were on the verge of transferring into the testing stage. A Lucrehulk starfighter carrier, known as the Fortressa, which had been salvaged by the Muddian Pirates from leftover Separatist equipment and starships, unleashed 500 X-Wing starfighters and 100 carriers against the Death Star. The Imperial defense force however, quickly destroyed the starfighter units, while Grand Moff Tarkin ordered for the first operational use of the Death Star superlaser to be conducted, in order to test its firepower against starships. Although the superlaser had only 4% of its full firing capacity, it nevertheless destroyed the Fortressa on the first shot. The assault was swiftly ended, while Mudd and Tarik were finally captured by the Empire. Grand Moff Tarkin had them hanged on a fighter, which was then hurled into Despayre's sun, Horuz.
  • The failed pirate attack on the Despayre construction site convinced Grand Moff Tarkin that it was time for the Death Star to finally enter into service. After nineteen years, the Death Star was finally complete, and it only remained for the test runs (of which the firing against the pirate ships had actually proven the first). Tarkin believed that another, more intensive test run could now be conducted. He wished for the Death Star to test its power before going underway. Despayre proved to be the only reliable target within sublight range. The Horuz system had largely been emptied by the Empire's construction efforts, and Despayre was the only habitable planet in the star system. Nevertheless, Tarkin's decision stunned personnel across the station, from Fire Control to Admiral Motti (Tarkin's naval subordinate). Ultimately, the decision was Tarkin's, and no one sought to challenge it. Tarkin had long predicted that Despayre was doomed anyway. A cloud of industrial debris had been accumulating around the planet and would have remained long after construction efforts ended. However, as the Battle proved, the superlaser was not yet at its full capacity. A 33% charge would have been the best the fire control team were willing or could have been able to manage. They knew that 4% was enough to destroy a battleship the size of a Lucrehulk-class. No one had any idea of the damage the superlaser would inflict on Despayre with one-third of its capacity. They knew however, that the first shot would kill millions of prisoners and slaves. The duty of executing the shot fell to Tenn Graneet, who had been appointed the commanding officer of Superlaser Fire Control.
  • As Tarkin considered any non-essential personnel to be a security risk, anyone whose usefulness ended with the termination of construction was shuttled back to the planet. Prisoner work crews and slave chain groups were returned to their compounds, and construction supervisors and other personnel were transported back to Despayre as well. As they awaited reassignment, they were unaware of their impending demise. After this, all Imperial military and administration forces on Despayre were evacuated, while Haroon and the orbital stations were also left to the slaves. After this, the Death Star fired its first one-third power shot. This was a planet killer by itself. Although it didn't physically destroy Despayre, it did terminate all life on its surface. Nearly 250 million slaves, prisoners, and construction personnel were murdered in cold blood. The atmosphere itself became a massive firestorm, and the planet's ground became unstable from the blast. The tectonic plates shifted, causing massive waves in the planet's oceans and extreme volcanic activity. Tarkin was pleased with the results. When Admiral Motti questioned the destruction of one of the Empire's primary slave and prison colonies, Tarkin just shrugged it off by stating his expectation that the Empire would employ the death penalty more often. One hour and fifteen minutes after this first shot, the Death Star fired a second time. This shot further intensified the seismic effects, causing mountains to rise and fall in a matter of minutes and the surface to be covered with oceans of lava. Despayre had gone from a verdant world of deep green, broken by rivers and seas, to a lifeless sphere of pure red.
  • The final shot was fired one hour and nineteen minutes after the second. When the final shot hit, Despayre shattered into billions of fragments ranging from pebble to mountain-sized. The planet no longer existed as a single entity in terms of the planet's gravitational configuration. The Death Star itself recorded the impact of thousands of fragments against the station's shields, none of which caused damage worth mentioning. With the destruction of Despayre, the Death Star's crew had undergone operational training, and the Fire Control cleared the superlaser for full-power capacity.
  • With the Death Star entering operation, Emperor Palpatine finally proceeded with his plans for the dissolution of the Imperial Senate. From the very moment that the Declaration of a New Order had been issued, Palpatine had sought to remove the Senate. The first reason was symbolic: he could not leave a reminder of the Galactic Republic which he despised. Although the Imperial Senate had less authority than the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic, it was still considered by many to be the "final remnant of the Old Republic". The Emperor's second reason for a dissolution was political: many senators opposed him. His obedient majority tried keeping them in check; they understood however, that they were only there to prop the illusion of democracy. Some, however, didn't understand the sham: many opposition Senators attempted to pass laws against the Emperor's wishes, and a few (such as Garm Bel Iblis), engaged in active rebellion against the Empire. Palpatine had dealt with the outspoken ones when they appeared, but like weeds others sprouted in their place. Others, as the Emperor also suspected, were not actively engaged in rebellion against the Empire but nevertheless supplied resistance movements in various dimensions with funds, information, and resources. Finally, in the third month of 0 BBY, with the governmental infrastructure in place (the Planetary and Sectional Governors, Moffs, and Grand Moffs), with the military, as always, obeying him without question, and with the Death Star, the Tarkin Doctrine's ultimate tool, finally complete and tested, he was ready.
  • Warrants were issued for the arrest of all Senators suspected of treasonous activity against the Empire. Stormtroopers burst into the Senate, and thousands of senators were detained. Some-those learned to have had contacts with the Corellian Resistance-were never seen again. The following morning, the remaining Senators, unaware of what had happened, came to work only to find themselves locked out of their offices and chambers. Some tried to appeal to the Emperor directly, but were told that their diplomatic access had been suspended "for the duration of the emergency". Ironically, many of the Senators had been present when the Empire had been proclaimed, some had been among those who voted to him emergency powers at the beginning of the Clone Wars, and a handful had been present when Palpatine was first elected Supreme Chancellor, 32 years earlier. Regardless, however, these too were arrested and interrogated. The Emperor, however, still keeping to his benevolent persona, released many of them to their home dimensions and homeworlds, where they entered a quiet-and isolated-retirement. The small number of Senators that remained-those who had most voraciously upheld the party line-were rewarded with their lives and new positions. Many joined the swelling ranks of the Imperial Advisers. Palpatine had finally destroyed the last traces of the Old Republic. With the Senate dissolved, a new pyramidal structure was imposed, with himself at its summit, then the Grand Moffs who ruled the Oversectors, the Moffs who ruled the dimensions, then the Sectional Governors, and then the Governors of the individual worlds. All of them owed their careers to the Emperor and gave him their allegiance. But even here, Palpatine had extra gurantees. He had long ago inserted COMPNOR into every section of government administration, insuring that each followed his dictates/ For all the power of the Moffs and Grand Moffs, COMPNOR stood behind them, more powerful still. And behind them all stood the Death Star, enforcing the Emperor's will at gunpoint.
  • With the dissolution of the Imperial Senate, Grand Moff Tarkin proclaimed that "Fear would keep the local dimensions in line". The Emperor had consolidated an environment in which even his subordinates were capable of grevious atrocities against sentient beings. From the very beginning of its design, it had been intended that the Death Star would be designed to destroy entire planets and dimensions. Tarkin now believed that a very public demonstration of the station's firepower against a visible target would quell all opposition against the Empire and allow for Palpatine to continue his reign unopposed. His argument convinced the Emperor, who authorized Tarkin to choose a prominent world in the Science Dimensions for destruction. Palpatine knew that the weapon would be used on an inhabited world, but he did not know in advance that it was to be Alderaan. Tarkin alone made that decision, facing down even Vader to do so. The Death Star shortly after entered the Alderaan system, and fired its superlaser. The superlaser met Alderaan's powerful planetary shield, but the shield was not able to withstand the incredible firepower of the superlaser, being destroyed in milliseconds. The superlaser then pushed the planet's mass into space, destroying Alderaan. Queen Breha Organa, who although a Imperial puppet since 10 BBY had nevertheless supported the Corellian Resistance, and some 1.9 billion Alderaanian sentients were murdered in this act of cold blood. A colony of Caamasi, refugees from the devastation of their world by the Empire nineteen years earlier, was also exterminated. The destruction of Alderaan gave a chilling example to the dimensions of the Universe, and all but crushed public dissent against the Emperor's regime.
  • Darth Vader finally discovered that his other child, a son, had been taken to Tatooine. Vader immediately detected that this was of Obi-Wan Kenobi's doing, and he pinpointed the location of his son, whose name was Luke Skywalker, to the Lars Homestead. Although the Empire had enslaved the Tusken Raiders and deported the Jawas, it had hardly intervened with the affairs of the Human Tatoonian settlements and farmers, who had largely continued life as it had been before. Jabba the Hutt also had remained, to this point, a major influence on local affairs. This however, was destined to end. A Imperial fleet commanded by Vader descended on the planet. Vader engaged in a lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was emerging out of exile for the first time in nearly two decades. Kenobi however, sacrificed himself to the Force, denying Vader the opportunity to kill him. Vader thereafter took his son from the Homestead and had Owen and Beru Lars executed, their bodies being doused with liquid and burnt. Vader thereafter had Jabba the Hutt executed, having discovered the gangster's association with Han Solo. Vader took Luke as his apprentice, with the permission of Emperor Palpatine, and began training him in the Sith ways.

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