A tie-in to The Heir, this article examines the history of the world of Gaela and the Origin of Evil.

The Prehistory of GaelaEdit

The CreationEdit

In ages far past, long beyond the memory of any being indigenious to this side of the Ocean Seres, the universe and all it contained was pure chaos; nothing recognizable was to be found. Out of this primordial non-matter the Supreme Being, the Master, whose true name is unknown to all but himself, shaped and molded the World As We Know It. His powers are ultimate, and his size is unfathomable; the Universe comprises but a microscopic portion of his own kingdom, which is too wondrous to tell. He stretched out the great void of space, and sprinkled the great stars, planets and other fantastic astronomical bodies across it.

In the very center of the Material Kingdom, our Universe, a great and terrible flame of fire was kindled. It bathed all the elements in a fervent heat, a process that would be the beginning of the Master's great plan: the Origin of Life. Over eons of time, the material of which the planets were made began to shift and change, and the first great life-forms arose. They were not the primitive bacterial shapes of modern science, but were awesome and majestic to behold. They loved the Master and honored and loved him as none have ever done. The knowledge he imparted them through the Fire of Life they used to create and invent what later creatures could never dream of.

In the center of the Universe, where the Fire had been, a flat plane now existed, whose length and width stretched across the entire Material Kingdom and divided it into its Upper and Lower halves. The top half contained the heavens, with the astronomical bodies. The lower half contained the remnants of the Fire, which continued to mold and shape new creations. Most of these have never been seen or documented, so immense is the creation of the Master.

The plane was Gaela, the Center of Life. Here the flames had been most intense, and here Life was strongest. But although the Master had created, he had also made possible free will. Thus, though most of the creatures of the Fire loved and worshipped the Master, a terrible malice brooded beneath the surface of the Plane.

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