That Same Morning, that Rob Lake was enjoying his morning coffee, Maxwell Darque Soared godlike through the upper reaches of the Earth's atmosphere, he screamed in pleasure, exalting in his powers, he was flying at speeds of around 1000 miles per hour. It was slow enough for radar to track him and the three US Air Force Stealth Space Planes to keep on his tail.

Maxwell, turned and hung briefly in the freezing sparse air, a grin on his handsome, rugged face. He could see the pilot of the lead plane, fear and bewilderment on his face. An energy beam, orange and yellow projected from the palm of Maxwell's right hand and seemed to form a solid line in space for just a moment as it connected with the Stealth, before the plane exploded in a silent fireball. Maxwell laughed, in the joyfull destruction, and turned his attention to the other two aircraft, which promptly vanished from view. What happened? He angrily tabbed the history button. A fucking admin had stuck his nose in.

"Keep the fuck out of my life" He said, loudly. Before vanishing from the edge of space himself.

Maxwell Duggin Was sitting in his dirty, untidy tip of a bedroom, the curtains were drawn and he was sat at his anime sticker covered and 'troll' bedecked computer. Clad only in gruby underpants. A man he didn't recognise, fairly average looking, mid thirties, probably just a 'bot or avatar shared by several admins, was perched cautiously against the radiator.

"Max, Max..." He paused to allow time for a sorrowful shaking of his head. The bastard, Max thought.

"How many times do you have to be told? You do not use you abilities in that way. We do not fuck up other people's lives, we do not play superhero or supervillain, Jesus, it's not as if we're limited in what we can do, anytime you want to inherit a fortune, or win the lottery you can simply go on the waiting list."

Before Max could fill the pause, the man continued;

"The admins have had enough Max. One more stunt like this and you're going in the Sandbox, and you know we mean it."

For fucks sake, we're gods. We should be able to act like it. The wretched scum of humanity should be worshipping us, not playing out their pathetic lives in blissful ignorance. Max thought it but didn't say it. He'd have to bide his time time for now, he would be on some interfering admin's personal watchlist for a while now.

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