Half an hour later Rob was in his office on the fourth floor of The Lake Building in Mayfair headquarters of the family business, Lake Investments And Technologies Ltd (LIT) Where he was currently Vice-President in charge of Research and Development. This was actually Rob's fourth career path, he'd already tried the military, British Anatarctic Survey, and private pilot in the West Indies, and this was the easiest so far, not to mention the most money. Not that he regretted his other choices of course, since they had never happened. Although anytime he wanted to remember them he could simply tab back through his history to relive any moment. He had around forty years of accumulated life experience that didn't impact on his current existance.

Rob's phone buzzed, it was Liz his secretary.

"Rob, you've got a call on line three," a pause. "It's Charlie Shooter."

"Ok give me a minute Liz, then put him through, cheers." Charlie was a member of the adcom, and a friend of Rob's.

"Hey, Charlie. What can I do for you mate?"

"Alright mate? Sorry to bother you at work, I know how tricky it is," Hmmm sure he does. "Listen we, that is the Stasi think we could have a problem coming up and I put your name forward as someone who could help."

"How about we meet at the Greenman in St Martins Lane at eight o'clock tonight? You can buy me a few pints."

"Nice one, see you then."

Rob switched the speaker phone off and pondered the call. Unusual, despite their friendship Charlie knew how critical Rob was of some of the actions of the admins, and especially the Stasi. And Rob rarely attended meetings of the Assembly.

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