Editors are those people born with the ability to 'edit' reality. They can view the history of any object, place, or individual, including each other and themselves and change it at will. They can give themselves super powers, change their appearance, or someone elses, change their parents, their place and even date of birth.

They are theoretically immortal and indestructible, as they get older they can simply edit their date of birth later and later if they wish. They can travel through time by giving themselves a much older or later birthdate.

Of course each time they edit one aspect of reality, then everything that lead on from that changes automatically (The butterfly effect). However the editors themselves remember all the past events and if they don't like the changes (whether their own or someone elses) they can revert to a previous version of reality.

A single Editor could for example erase all traces of the Roman Empire in the blink of an eye. Of course if they tried an other editor would simply revert reality back to where the empire did exist just as quick and the general populace would be completely unaware of any changes.

To stop radical changes like the sort mentioned above there is the Admin Committee, and the Open Assembly.

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