The Admin Committee or admins the admins have existed for almost as long as there have been Editors. Who the first the admin was is unknown, however only admins have the ability to appoint new admins or remove or edit the status of admins. The Committee has opporated as a self perpetuating clique since it was founded, members can and do step down, or get kicked out, and new members are co-opted often in consultation with the Open Assembly. Ultimately though the admins are the elite of an elite, benevolant 'philosopher kings' is how they see themselves.


The committee currently has around two hundred members and to prevent it from becomming too unwieldy it is divided into several subcommittees or working groups that attempt to arrive at their decisions using consensus.

Sub CommitteesEdit

Current SCs include the Stasi, the Liason Group - that deals with the Assembly, and the Arbitration and Appeals Group, that deals with complaints from editors against admins.

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