This is a set of stories from a possible future that planet earth and the human species could find themselves in. Hope you enjoy it, I'm still working on it. Bookworm2MasterMachine -Only through peace will peace be achieved- Be a friend, save a life. 02:35, May 17, 2011 (UTC)


World War Three

More will come as I think them up and finish older ones.

General PlotEdit

The general pot is following the story of humanity and it's creations as they struggle to survive on an ever changing planet. War, Natural Disasters, Man-Made Disasters, and the people who live on earth will all play an important role in shaping the future of our world. Destinies will unravel, the future will be written, and all stories shall be told over the course of this epic tale of love, war, and all that come with them. Humans will be put up against the test of time, against the test of fate and destiny. Can they hold on, or will they simply fade away...?

World War ThreeEdit

World War Three

This tale is the story of how civilization as we know it comes crashing to the ground. Nature plays a role, but humans create their own worst enemy and best friend. As new species are uncovered and eons old stresses are finally unleashed, who will live and who will die is all up to fate...

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