The Economizing Problem Applied to Labor Ability

One basic problem that society will address in the future will be the use of labor. People are different in that their abilities to accomplish things productively for society are not the same. In the current situation, this issue is not taken into consideration, and people merely evaluate productivity and intelligence, giving rise to the infamous “intelligence quota”, one of the most useless indicators of people’s talents. For talent is the most important factor in determining what career one should take and how successful (how useful, to be more precise) that the person will be. Here I present a discovery I made about people’s talents.


The Judicator talent means the ability of one to analyze things. Thus, they may be particularly good at programming, manipulation (think politics), etc. They are also nearly immune to being manipulated (dares, advertisements, tricks and traps) because they can figure them out readily and plot the course several steps in advance. Being a good chess player, a good military general, or an efficient bureaucrat often points one as a Judicator. Not to be confused with Ingenitor (see below) because it stresses the ability to think of something from different points of view rather than thinking of something with one’s “mind’s eye”.


The Applicator talent means the ability to apply concepts in novel ways. These people may be able to learn many languages readily, master high-level mathematics (Calculus or higher) which one cannot easily theorize through, and interconnect various things that many other people may not see any connection between. There may be a trade-off with the Judicator, as the mind that can make connections between disparate elements may not be able to focus on any one particular thing to a great enough intensity to analyze it thoroughly.


The Ingenitor talent means the ability to be creative. These people are often artistically inclined, whether in art, graphics design, programming, novels, scripts, poems, constructed worlds, etc. In addition, they are able to formulate an explanation for scientific/mathematical rules such as PV=nRT. Because of their ability to conjure an image in their “mind’s eye”, the Ingenitor can also experience a 2-D game world as if it were 3-D, and can also imaginatively role-play in others’ stories or scenery. This talent stems from their ability to imagine things playing out in their mind. People who have both Judicator and Ingenitor talents are thought powerhouses, because they can not only create new ideas, but can also evaluate them for effectiveness, for such uses as innovation.


The Memorizer talent means the ability to memorize things—and to do so well. At the extreme end, this means near-perfect photographic, phonographic, and cinematographic memory over long periods of time after experiencing something just once. The Memorizers often are unable to be creative, however, and thus there is a trade-off between the Ingenitor and Memorizer classes (the creative mind easily floods its memories with new ideas), with most people falling in between and the most valuable being those on either end (either memorize the rules or imagine the rules in action).

Putting it togetherEdit

It is an interaction of these talents that mark one as capable of a particular course of study. Here is a list of what talent is most suited to what:

Judicator: politics, economics, critical reading, leadership, programming

Applicator: higher math, foreign language, use of technology

Ingenitor: physics, arts, game design, story-writing, innovation

Memorizer: chemistry, history, researching, secretary

Should we be able to design a test (a Talent Assay, probably a Preliminary Talent Assay at age 12 and a Final Talent Assay at age 16), we would be able to point our children in the right direction.

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