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Funny Guy XI: Inhuman Curse is the eleventh installment in the Funny Guy series by John Carpenter. The film is a 2001 horror film by John Carpenter.

Plot Edit

The film begins with Clown-Man making a horror novella series called Whispers of the Dead, the book was had a film adaptation and a sequel book, they were scary novella's and made people go mad and kill others who haven't read the book.

On a lonely Saturday night, Dave Hartman and his girlfriend, Amanda Burrows start to read the books and the two film adaptations, they then have a nightmare on being chased by serial killers who want to brutally rape Amanda and kill Dave in a very cannibalistic way and even escaping the dream and killing random people. The police have had four suspects: Dave Hartman, Amanda Burrows, Mike Heeker, and Jake Morris.

After a long day of interrogation, the suspects are captured by the killers and are forced to figure out the puzzle of the books and films, and they're search starts in California, Dr. Malcolm Viltton, a molester and serial rapist who's daughter is his sex slave...

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