This is the first of many Freedom Fighter stories to be posted on Novelas. I am a hopeful author in the future time to come.

The year is 1950. The Soviet Union has claimed victory in the Cold War. Due to this stockpile of weapons, they became power hungry and invaded England. After England fell, the rest of the world layed down their weapons and joined the Soviet Union. The USA was the only country who was exempt from this. The Soviets took care of this. About half of America was invaded and conquered. But somehow, the country continued to thrive. Spies found out it was due to New York City.

Chapter One: Boot Camp Edit

I was sleeping when the enemy attacked. They secured the city, save two or three areas. I was working on an escape plan when I was approached in my apartment by a man. "Mr. McNaire, you know about the Freedom Fighters, yes?" said one. "Yeah. They are trying to save the country." I said. "We are here to ask you if you want to join us. You'd get to get away from the laws put in place by the Soviets." said the other. "Sure. When do we go?" I ask, standing up. "Now. In the alley below is a manhole. Under that manhole is a metal raft that can take us to boot camp where you are trained." said a man. "Okay. I just don't have any weapons." I said. "Take this pistol. I don't have any extra clips, so save ammunition." he said.

My 9-mm in my hand, we rushed out the door, to see Soviets coming up the stairs. The man next to me threw a frag grenade and we ran. "There's a fire escape over at that window. We can climb down the ladder and get into the manhole!" I said. Me going down first, we climbed down the ladder. Bullets flew over our head. We then jumped into the manhole. The lid flew over the hole.

"Dan, this is John McNaire. He's here to learn some fighting." said the other man. "Thanks for joinin' us, son. Unlike the other army, we respect each other normally. We do follow orders, yes." said the Captain. "Good. Now, what do I need to do?" I ask. "You need to practice your accuracy, because without accuracy, you're their prime target. Now, take this assault rifle and shoot those targets. The gun is set to full automatic. This is our prime rifle for combat. Everyone you'll meet at camp has this, except for a few who's ammo ran dry and picked up a Soviet gun. Now, see those targets over there? I want you to shoot them. Aim your best." said Dan.

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