Forest of Eternal Spirits (Part 2)

(Previously On Xiaolin Showdown.)

Master Fung: As I had expected. Once every fifty years, a rare event occurs. The Eternal Spirits will call for a Wudai Quest, only to survive in their forest, known as the Forest Of Eternal Spirits, for one single week. You must survive the trials they conjure for you. But only one can do each task. The tasks will appear once every 24 hours. And if you succeed, the Eternal Spirits will bestow upon you their prize.

Fairy: Welcome Omi, Raimundo Pedrosa, Kimiko Tohomiko and Clay Bailey. We are the Eternal Spirits, once every fifty years we challenge Wudai Warriors like yourselves against our challenges once every 24 hours for the next week. I am Gerona, leader of the Eternal Spirits.

Beast: Hahahahaha, that's nothing.

Raimundo: Who said I was aiming at you?

Spirit: There was no way he could have survived the assault. He is dead.

Kimiko: (Crying.) This can't be happening. How can he die? Why, why?

Omi: (Crying.) He was acknowledged as the greatest Wudai Warrior.

Clay: (Crying.) And all we did was laugh at him!

(They heard a noise from below the pit. It was a sort of levitating sound. When the Warriors realized what it was, confusion struck their faces. The Dark Hole Abyss was floating in mid-air.)

Omi: The Dark Hole Abyss cannot fly.

(The Dark Hole Abyss then bashed Omi right in the head. And then it took the Rope of Light from Kimiko's tear filled hand and re-offered it to Kimiko.)

Kimiko: You want me to use the Rope of Light?

(It shook up and down meaning yes.)

Kimiko: Okay, Rope Of Light.

(Using it as a lasso she threw the Rope into the Dark Hole Abyss and yanked out Raimundo, which he landed with a thud.)


Omi: Raimundo!

Clay: Raimundo!

Raimundo: Whew, yeah it's me, in the flesh.

(Kimiko jumped and hugged him so hard his body ached.)

Clay: Well I’ll be a ten legged goat with antlers. How in tar nation did you get out of there?

Omi: Yes, the Spirit said you were dead as a window screw.

Raimundo: Okay...

(Going to a flashback scene. Raimundo was falling with the Beast.)

Narration Raimundo: When I chopped that tree so I could kill the Beast, I took out the Dark Hole Abyss...

Raimundo: Dark Hole Abyss!

Narration Raimundo: ...and sealed myself inside it, keeping myself safe from the raging river, while the beast got killed.

(Getting back out of the flashback.)

Raimundo: I knew what I was doing. I knew I couldn't leave you bums to do those challenges, so I did that to keep myself unharmed. Besides, did you really think I was gonna give up my own life to beat a knucklehead like that thing.

Omi: But how was the Dark Hole Abyss able to fly?

Raimundo: Omi, YOU were the one who taught me it. Remember, physical can't leave the Dark Hole Abyss, but elemental can. I used my wind powers to lift me up, oh and sorry for bashing you when I was still sealed.

Omi: That is okay, I am just glad you are not dead.

(The Spirit was still there.)

Spirit: An impressive display of courage. You have outstandingly passed.

(The Spirit took them back to the Camp.)

Spirit: The fourth challenge will begin in 24 hours.

(Kimiko noticed the wound the beast gave him before he knocked off the log.)

Kimiko: You want me to fix that wound up for you?

Raimundo: What? Nah, the Spirits'll probably pop round later to fix it up.

Clay: By the way, partner. We never said we were sorry.

Raimundo: Sorry, what for? Watching me fall off the edge?

Kimiko: I think it's because of what he done the past couple of days. Y'know, the spraying with the Laughter of Din, the making fun of you and laughing.

Omi: Yes, so we are all sorry.

Raimundo: Don't sweat it. But you can make it up to me.

Kimiko: How?

Raimundo: Laughter of Din!

(The Shen Gong Wu emitted the white mist and Omi, Kimiko and Clay started laughing uncontrollably.)

Raimundo: There. Now we're even.

(The following night, Raimundo began to feel the cut on his chest die down. Obviously the Spirits have healed it. Clay had returned from the river with more fish and water. Omi had got back from the wild parts of the forest with more fruit. Kimiko had stayed behind as she was complaining of a sore stomach from the fish and fruit, and when she seen the new fish and fruit, she nearly puked.)

Clay: Y'know, I never thought I’d be saying this, but the fish sure is growing stale to mah taste.

Omi: I am thinking the same. Fish is good on rare occasions, but not everyday.

Kimiko: Not to mention giving me bad stomach pains.

(Raimundo heard the conversation and joined in.)

Raimundo: Actually I have just the cure.

Kimiko: How?

Raimundo: Kimiko, pass me over the Rope of Light.

(Kimiko threw him the Rope of Light. He then took out the Dark Hole Abyss.)

Raimundo: Rope of Light!

(The Rope went inside it and clawed a chunk of light, then when the light diminished a stalk of their favorite foods and drinks were left out on the floor. And to Kimiko's delight, medicine.

Clay: (Happily.) You low down lizard. How'd you get all these?

Raimundo: While I was topping-up on Wu I also brought some of these along into the Dark Hole Abyss. I didn't want to open 'em up unless there was a real emergency, but your getting hungry and Kimiko's sick.

Omi: You have done well, Raimundo. I could not ask for chicken rice even if I have to shout the entire forest down.

Kimiko: (Sipping some medicine.) Yeah, if you died, we would never have had this stuff.

Raimundo: Well it's a good thing I’m here.

(The Warriors took some of the food and left most of them back at the Dark Hole Abyss since they didn't want to waste it, but what they had was enough, Omi and Clay had filled their appetites and Kimiko was feeling better. After that they indulged themselves into games of poker, blackjack and other card games.)

Clay: Well ah reckon its high time ah hit the hay.

(He collapsed and fell straight to sleep on the blankets.)

Raimundo: You should talk, yo weren't the one fighting a humungous beast thing, were you?

(Twenty games of poker later, Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo packed it in too. The following morning, Raimundo felt a drop of water on him. Then another. And strangely another.)

Raimundo: (Sleep talking.) Omi, use you’re ... Wudai Neptune Water ... somewhere else.

(The continuous thuds of water on his face continued, and then a large amount washed in on him, waking him instantly.)

Raimundo: Yikes. (Shaking Kimiko.) Guys wake up. It's raining.

Kimiko: (Sleep-talking.) Well know what they say ... if it rains ... go inside.

(Raimundo raised his eyebrow.)

Raimundo: Yo, Omi. Come on its raining.

Omi: (Sleep talking.) Er ... I do not ... see what can interrupt my ...lotus strike!

Raimundo: Er ... Clay?

Clay: Yeehaw! ... Gideyup little dogeys.

Raimundo: Knew that was a bad idea.

(Instead Raimundo had put up with the rain, wetting his hair and clothes, until the others all woke with a jolt.)

Kimiko: Yikes, it's raining.

Omi: Quick, find shelter.

Clay: Get a move on, dogeys.

Raimundo: Hate to say I told you so.

Omi: But you didn't warn us.

(Raimundo slapped his head. It was nine o' clock; the earliest Raimundo's ever been up. So they had to wait for four hours in the rain for the next challenge.)

Raimundo: And I thought they didn't call this place a rainforest.

(Three hours later, the rain died down and eventually stopped to reveal the sun.)

Clay: Well, that's our stash soaked.)

Raimundo: (Rinsing his t-shirt.) Kimiko, why not give this place a little dry up, will yah?

Kimiko: Will do. Wudai Mars Fire.

(She span like a tornado giving the camp heat and drying out the wet equipment.)

Omi: Well, another half an hour until they come. Anyone want some breakfast?

(They eat a full breakfast in less than a minute until the Spirit came. Until a red glow came.)

Spirit: Greetings, Warriors. We apologize for the rain. Grab my hand and I will take you to your next challenge.

(As they did so, they got used to the light-speed travel. And yet again, it was just another place surrounded in trees.)

Spirit: One of you must prove your courage.

Kimiko: So who should go? Rai's been up before, so who now?

Omi: Maybe I should go.

Clay: Yah sure little partner? Proving your courage isn't exactly roasting up chickens.

Omi: I will be fine. Alright Spirit, I am ready for whatever you can toss at me.

Raimundo: Whatever you can throw at me.

Spirit: Your task is simple. To prove you are courageous, you must stand up to your fears.

Kimiko: Bad move.

(In the distance they heard footsteps, Omi's heart begin to sink as the footsteps got louder and louder. When Omi seen what he had to face, his heart sank to the bottom of his stomach. A giant squirrel.)

Raimundo: Don't be afraid of it, Omi!

Kimiko: Just imagine it's a really big teddy bear!

(But Omi was paralyzed with fear as the squirrel approached him even further.)

Raimundo: We gotta get him outta there!

(As Raimundo tried to run for Omi, Clay caught him.)

Clay: No! You can't do that partner!

Kimiko: He's right; if you interfere the Spirit will take your soul!

(Omi was still frozen in fear. Not knowing how to conquer his fear.)

Kimiko: Omi, snap out of it!

(The squirrel roared in front of Omi. He began to think quickly then remembered his incident when going for the Bird Of Paradise, as his weakness nearly got the others killed. Omi broke his paralysis and went to defensive stance.)

Omi: Fearsome squirrel, I shall not stand by and watch you defeat me.

Clay: Yeah, way to go partner.

(The squirrel made a swipe for Omi, but he jumped behind it.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Ice!

(The Squirrel became frozen and Omi threw it up in the air.)

Omi: Tornado Strike!

(He span around and hit the frozen squirrel causing it to shatter to a thousand pieces.)

Spirit: You have done well, Omi. You have conquered your fears, and you have passed the test.

Kimiko: Way to go, Omi!

(Omi gave a big happy smile when they returned to camp.)

Spirit: The fifth challenge will begin in 24 hours.

(The Spirit disappeared. Later that afternoon, Clay decided to go hunting, he returned with two rabbits and a fox.)

Clay: Well, ah think that should be enough.

Kimiko: Enough for what?

Clay: Ter cook my rabbit stew, silly. You might wanna look away, this can make you hurl, if in the right hands.

(The others went to training to prepare themselves for the next challenge. Omi was in the river practicing his water techniques. Raimundo and Kimiko were fighting it out with their elements, and so far Kimiko was winning. Until Kimiko slashed Raimundo right in the cheek with her fire powers.)

Raimundo: Ouch.

Kimiko: Oops. Sorry, Rai.

Raimundo: Don't sweat it. Omi! A little assistance?

Omi: Wudai Neptune Ice!

(Omi splashed water on the wound that froze instantly.)

Raimundo: Thanks, dude!

(They continued to train until Clay shouted them back. He had cooked the rabbit stew perfectly. He then poured each of them a bowl. But while they were enjoying the tasty dinner. An old enemy was close by. Hannibal Bean.)

Hannibal: Awww, how cute. The pesky monks are on a camping trip. Ah might as well sit bah 'n' watch the fun. No reason ter cause some evil.

(The Warriors went to sleep soundly that evening. And later the following day, the Spirit had come to take them to the fifth challenge. Hannibal was amazed by this.)

Hannibal: So, the young monks have gone 'n' grown up by takin' on the Eternal Spirits, eh?

(The Spirit had transported them to another part of the forest, Hannibal watching close-by.)

Spirit: We will test your quick thinking.

Raimundo: Yo Kimiko, why not you do this challenge? You haven't done one yet.

Kimiko: Okay if you're sure.

Hannibal: So, the little girl of fire is going up, eh? This outta be intersting.

(The Spirit gave a loud whistle, and rumbling came from inside the woods, and a huge spinning wheel sort of thing was rolling very fast for them. And hit Kimiko that made her collide with the others.)

Spirit: Your task is simple. While this creature is rolling, you must stop it in its tracks.

Hannibal: (Bringing out a bag of popcorn and a drink.) Hehehe, the girl doesn't stand a monkey's chance.

Kimiko: Okay, bring it on.

(The creature rolled again, but Kimiko missed it. It circled around the forest and came back again, but Kimiko avoided it again.)

Kimiko: How am I meant to stop this thing?

(She jumped high onto one of the trees and waited for the thing to come. Once it did, she grabbed a vine and swung towards it.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(She made her feet into a fire arrow, and was about to strike it. But when she kicked the creature she jumped back, massaging her foot.)

Kimiko: Ouch, that thing's rock solid.

(She jumped out of the road from another of the creatures rolling attacks.)

Kimiko: Too fast and rock solid. How can I beat it? Okay there testing my quick thinking, so ...

(She avoided another attack.)

Kimiko: ... Maybe I should attack while it's coming for me.

(Kimiko watched the creature circle the forest until it darted towards her.)

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(She blasted the creature while it was still in motion. It span persistently towards her as she desperately increased her fire powers to stop it. But the creature was too much and broke through Kimiko's inferno and narrowly missed her.)

Raimundo: Oh, she was close that time!

(But because of Kimiko's intense heat she fired at the creature, it was now lighting anything it touched on fire.)

Kimiko: Not good.

(She jumped to Omi.)

Kimiko: Omi, pass me the Orb.

(Without hesitation he gave her the Orb.)

Kimiko: Orb of Tornami!

(The Shen Gong Wu unleashed a blast of water that burned out the flames. Then the creature span towards her. The flaming wheel, ready to burn her alive. But without a second thought. She aimed the Orb of Tornami waves at it, and as the heat evaporated the creature slowed down, making a rusty sound, and it stopped and fell to the ground.)

Clay: What in tar nation. How'd you do it, Kimiko?

Kimiko: (Spinning the orb on her finger.) When hot metal cools down, it hardens up. (Tapping the creature's surface.) I wasn't kidding when I said it was rock solid.

(The Spirit floated over and smiled.)

Spirit: Very good, Kimiko Tohomiko. You have proved your cunning and have passed your test.

(Back at the Camp, Kimiko had nursed a bad burn on her arm on the last challenge. And Hannibal had seen the whole challenge.)

Hannibal: A nice display of brains. For a girl. Hehehe. Hm, ah still have the Moby Morpher. Maybe I should give the young monks a little scare. Moby Morpher!

(Later on, Omi had got up from resting, which didn't sound right to Clay.)

Clay: You okay, little partner?

Omi: I am sensing a presence in camp.

Raimundo: Like what? Another Spirit?

Omi: No, one more evil.

Clay: Well, try 'n' keep your robes on while ah fetch some water.

Omi: Yes, I shall keep my eyes open for any evil.

Kimiko: 'Kay, did he just combine keep your eyes peeled with keep your ears open?

Raimundo: Maybe.

(Omi had jumped up towards the trees to keep a lookout.)

Raimundo: I say it's just his imagination.

(Raimundo had gone for a snooze, he was dreaming that he had completed the final challenge and had earned the prize from the spirits. Until Kimiko had pushed him in his dreams, which woke him up instantly.)

Raimundo: Hey Kimiko? What gives?

(Kimiko had been on the spot Raimundo was sleeping and holding back a fully grown leopard. Kimiko had pushed Raimundo out of the road to save him from the leopard from pouncing on him.)

Kimiko: Ugh, go get Omi and Clay! Hurry!

(But Omi and Clay had joined the fray already, kicking the leopard away from Kimiko's grasp.)

Omi: Show yourself, Hannibal Bean!

(The leopard then gave a wide smile and started to talk.)

Leopard: You got it! Moby Morpher!

(The leopard transformed back into its real form Hannibal Bean.)

Hannibal: Very smart, young Warriors. Hehehe.

(But at that moment before Hannibal could morph into something else, a blinding light hit him, knocking him away.)

Hannibal: Alright, who's the wise guy?

(Seven lights came down from the trees; the Spirits had come to aid in defeating Hannibal.)

Garuna: Give up your evil ways Hannibal Roy Bean.

Hannibal: Now why would ah wanna do that?

Garuna: If you do not surrender, we will be forced to fight.

Hannibal: Bring it on! Moby Morpher!

(He morphed into a bigger form.)

Garuna: So be it.

(One of the other Spirits floated up and kicked Hannibal right in the stomach, making him fly back onto one of the trees. Hannibal then charged at the Spirit, but she did a back flip tossing him away. But he shrunk down and the Ying-Ying Bird caught him.)

Hannibal: You have not seen the last of Hannibal Roy Bean! Not even you pesky Warriors!

(He flew off.)

Kimiko: Whoa, that was amazing! Was she the strongest?

Garuna: Actually, Kimiko Tohomiko, she is one of the least strongest of our group.

(The Warriors gasped at this.)

Clay: But with those fighting skills, you can possibly take down Chase Young.

Garuna: Our powers do not extend up to Chase Young's. Even I cannot combat him. Now, get some rest, your challenge grows nearer every second.

(The Spirits flew off.)

Omi: Quite an amazing display of strength.

Raimundo: Well come on, you heard the Spirits, time for sleep.

(Kimiko gave him a look for about a second, and then Raimundo remembered.)

Raimundo: And thank you, Kimiko. For saving my inferior life from the hands of Hannibal Bean.

Kimiko:(happily) The pleasure's all mine.

(Later that afternoon, the Spirit was ready to take them to the sixth challenge. And as usual, the Spirit transported them to a different part of the forest.)

Spirit: In this challenge, we will test your cunning.

(The Warriors gathered into a huddle.)

Raimundo: Who should go? I know I’m street-smart but not cunning.

Clay: Maybe ah should go, partner. Ah do have a few tricks up mah sleeve.

Omi: But you do not have any sleeves.

Kimiko: It's an expression, Omi.

(Clay walked up to the Spirit.)

Clay: Okay, a'm ready.

Spirit: In order to pass the test, you need to use cunning to grab this statue from my hand.

(She revealed a mini-statue of one of the Spirits.)

Clay: Mighty fine by me.

(Clay started doing focusing techniques. Then he jumped up to one of the trees and pulled out his lasso, and with it he tried to grab the statue, but the Spirit moved her hand out of the road.)

Clay: Wise guy, huh? Tongue of Saiping. Animals of the forest, help me claim the statue.

(The forest animals came from trees, bushes, burrows and rivers alike to grab the statue, but they didn't grab it. But Clay was using the animals as a distraction so he could grab it. But the Spirit kicked his right in the stomach, which tossed him straight back to the others.)

Raimundo: Hey, that was a cheap shot!

Spirit: We do not lay down the rules, Clay Bailey can do whatever he likes to grab the statue as long as it involves cunning. That attack was my cunning.

Clay: Fine, you want cunning, a'll give you cunning. Laughter of Din.

(The white mist hit the Spirit on contact, and just like Raimundo, she started to laugh uncontrollably. Clay then did his part and ran up and grabbed the statue from her grasp.)

Kimiko: Considering she's a Spirit, I was expecting her to do something, amazing, like get back up in the last second and cheap shot Clay again.

Clay: Ah reckon yah better get 'er outta that state, little partner.

Omi: Orb of Tornami!

(The water hit the Spirit, clearing her from her laughing state.)

Spirit: Well, your cunning is very good. I see you have brought the correct Shen Gong Wu for the quest.

(Back at camp, Raimundo was teasing Kimiko about the last words the Spirit said.)

Raimundo: So, the Laughter of Din was a waste of a Shen Gong Wu, huh?

Kimiko: If I knew one of the challenges were gonna be about cunning, then no.

Clay: Well, yah did well in picking the right Shen Gong Wu partner.

Omi: Yes, and we now have completed six challenges, and that leaves one more.

(The seventh challenge is about to start, this time, Garuna has lead the Warriors to their final test.)

Garuna: In this challenge, one is not required to do this challenge, but two of you. And in this challenge, we will examine your teamwork.

(The Warriors gathered into their huddle.)

Clay: You heard 'er, two of us.

Raimundo: Okay, it should be the first two that had the least amount of challenges.

Clay: Ah rattled up the Strength challenge, Omi done the Tiger Instincts one, you did the Luck one, Omi did the Courage.

Kimiko: Sorry, Omi. You’re not in this one.

Omi: That is perfectly understandable.

Clay: Kimiko did the Quick-thinking one. 'N' ah rattled up the last one which was Cunning.

Raimundo: That leaves me and Kimiko to do this challenge?

Clay: Looks like it.

(Kimiko and Raimundo walked over to the Spirit.)

Clay: Oh and Rai!

Raimundo: Yeah?

Clay: Don't do a noble act and sacrifice yourself, 'kay?

Raimundo; I'll keep that in mind.

Kimiko: Okay Garuna, we're ready.

Garuna: In this test, you will have to defeat my elite fighting team using teamwork.

Raimundo: Right on. Where's this elite fighting team?

(Garuna snapped her fingers and two strange figures came from nowhere. One was a tall muscular human-shaped creature, the other another human shaped creature only light and petite.)

Creatures: (Doing an unusual dance.) We are the elite fighting team of Garuna, leader of the Spirits. Introducing (Doing a strange dance that finishes with the small one pointing at the bigger one.) Marona! And also introducing (Doing the same dance only the bigger one pointing to the smaller one.) Anoram! And we are the ones who will defeat you in combat!

(Raimundo and Kimiko stared at them blankly.)

Raimundo: Er... Is this the Elite Fighting Team? Or the Elite Dancing Team?

Kimiko: I know the one I’ll go for.

Raimundo: Come on, let's get this over with! Wudai Star Wind!

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

(The two blasts combined, then the two creatures did another dance, but it resulted in the both of them getting hit directly by the fire and wind blasts.)

Kimiko: Come on, clowns. This is too easy.

Marona: You would like to see the ancient battle techniques of the Elite Fighting Team?

Raimundo: We would if you would just cut to the chase!

Anoram: Very well, delinquent child. Prepare to feel our wrath!

(They pressed their hands together and formed a ball on both hands and charged for Raimundo and Kimiko. And the Fighting team attempted to punch the two Warriors.)

Kimiko: Wudai Fire Shield!

(A huge explosion, blasted through the entire forest, sending shockwaves that made Omi and Clay lose balance. But when the smoke cleared, Raimundo and Kimiko were still standing.)

Raimundo: Whew, good call. What say we finish off these goons with our secret weapon?

Kimiko: Raimundo and Kimiko's Fire and Wind Ultrablast?

Raimundo: That's the one.

Kimiko: I'm in!

Both: Raimundo and Kimiko's Fire and Wind Ultrablast!

(Raimundo and Kimiko joined hands together and span extremely fast. A red and blue glow started to shine within them and focused into one big blast and fired directly at the Elite Fighting Team. They were no match for it and got flown back from it. Raimundo and Kimiko stopped.)

Garuna: Congratulations, Raimundo Pedrosa and Kimiko Tohomiko. You have completed the seventh challenge. And congratulations to all of you for completing the seven challenges we have set for you.

Clay: So, aren't you supposed to reward us or something?

Garuna: First answer me this. What did you think of the challenges?

Raimundo: Is this some sorta trick question?

Garuna: No, just for curiosity.

Omi: Well, my fear was a worthy foe, but I feel the challenges were too easy.

Clay: Gotta agree with the little feller. Sure Rai almost got killed, but he said he knew what he was doin'.

Raimundo: Yeah, I was kinda expecting to actually face you guys.

Garuna: Then will you do us one final challenge?

All: What!

Garuna: Fight us, all four of you.

(The six other Spirits came and joined bodies, to create a giant scorpion-like creature that was standing on its hind legs. The Warriors went into their huddle again.)

Clay: What do those snakes think there doin'!

Kimiko: Yeah, the weakest took on Hannibal Bean like if he was a piece of toilet paper, what chance have we got on all seven joined together?

Spirits: Actually, we weren't asking for you to fight!

(The Spirits swung their clawed hand at them but all of them dodged it. And took refuge on separate trees.)

Clay: That's the thing a hate 'bout you lot, full of cheap shots!

(The Spirits had stomped the ground causing huge shockwaves. Kimiko lost her balance and fell off it, and falling into the grasp of the Spirits.)

Clay: Hold on, little lady!

(He grabbed a vine and swung to kick the Spirits in the head. But the Spirits had kicked Clay first. The kick was so intense that he went flying for miles, and cutting down trees whenever he collided with one.)

Kimiko: Clay!

Raimundo: You'll pay for that!

(He took out something from beneath his shirt. It was the Blade of the Nebula, his Wudai Weapon.)

Raimundo: Blade of the Nebula!

(It struck the Spirits directly, losing their grip on Kimiko, which Raimundo caught her in his arms.)

Kimiko: Where'd you get your Wudai Weapon!

Raimundo: I stashed it in the Dark Hole Abyss, along with your Wudai Weapons and more Shen Gong Wu.

Kimiko: You sly fox.

Omi: Quickly, hand me my Wudai Weapon, if you please.

Raimundo: Sure thing, Rope of Light.

(The Dark Hole Abyss coughed up the Shimo Staff and the Arrow Sparrow.)

Omi: I will distract the beast. Can you two do another one of those attacks?

Kimiko: Sorry Omi. Raimundo and Kimiko's Fire and Wind Ultrablast only works once every 24 hours.

Omi: Please, do your best to conjure another one, it's our only chance. Shimo Staff!

(The Wudai Weapon turned into a shield and sword, which he started fighting the Spirits.)

Kimiko: Maybe our Wudai Weapons can help?

Raimundo: We gotta try something.

Both: Raimundo and Kimiko's Fire and Wind Ultrablast!

(They span incredibly fast again.)

Kimiko: Arrow Sparrow!

Raimundo: Blade of the Nebula!

(The two blasts combined as one. and fired it at the Spirits. But the Spirits pushed Omi away and caught the blasts and fired it straight back at the two. Both of them collapsed because of the intense strength of the blast.)

Omi: No!

Spirits: Their attack was adequate. But their control was poor.

(Just before Omi had completely lost hope, with three of his comrades unconscious. He could feel an irresistible feeling. Like someone has given him a large amount of power. He stood in a defensive stance.)

Omi: Fearsome Eternal Spirits, prepare to suffer a humiliating defeat!

(The Spirits nonetheless attacked with the shelled claws, Omi easily grabbed hold of them like they were feathers. He then simply kicked the Spirits right in the stomach, which blasted them back. The Spirit then attempted to sting Omi with its poisonous tail. But Omi easily dodges them. He then prepared for another attack.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Water!

(He turned into a massive blast of water and charged at the Spirits and lunged through their body. Causing the Spirits to disintegrate into tiny atoms. Omi who had wasted too much power in that last attack, collapsed with the rest of the Warriors. Then atop a tree was none other than Chase Young, who had disappeared in his purple smoke. The next thing Omi knew, someone threw a bucket of ice cold water all over him, which regained his consciousness. It was Dojo, with the others back in their Xiaolin robes and Wudai Warrior sashes, and each wearing a lot of bandages all over them.)

Dojo: Told yer that would get him up.

Omi: Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay? What are we doing back at the temple?

Kimiko: You won't believe it...

(Going back to a flashback sequence.)

Narration Kimiko: When you beat that big monster thing, Master Fung asked Master Monk Guan to find us and bring us back.

(Showing Master Monk Guan and Samapara riding the Silver Manta Ray and lifting the unconscious Warriors into it. Then returned to the present.)

Kimiko: Master Fung has something to say.

(Master Fung entered with a happy look about him.)

Master Fung: Congratulations in defeating the seven challenges, or should I say eight.

Omi: But one thing troubles me, what is the great prize?

Master Fung: It was given to you when you completed one task. You discovered them while facing the challenges.

Clay: But then that would mean only one per prize. Y'know, I get strength and cunning. Rai gets luck and teamwork with Kimiko...

Master Fung: Not so, they were given to all of you.

(The Warriors then gave one big Hi-5.)

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