Forest of Eternal Spirits (Part 1)

(Dojo is flying past a swamp, taking the four Warriors to the next Shen Gong Wu.)

Dojo: It's called the Laughter of Din, this Wu emits a white mist that when come into contact can make your opponents laugh uncontrollably, quite good for really bad comedians or when trying to make a quick escape.

Raimundo: In clay's case, you'll need that Wu to trick him into thinking his sayings are funny.

Clay: Oh, you’re lucky Omi's holding me back!

Omi: I am not holding you back.

Clay: You're not? Then outta the way little partner!

(He ran for Raimundo only to get broken up by Kimiko.)

Kimiko: Guys, cool it. the new Shen Gong Wu is dead ahead.

(The Laughter of Din was perched on a stump in the middle of the swamp. They jumped up to see Jack Spicer waiting for them.)

Clay: Looks like we got the unwelcome company, as usual.

Jack: Not only am I an unwelcome company, but I have unexpected company.

(He blew into a whistle, and from the mud came hundreds of human-sized mud robots.)

Jack: Mud-Bots, attack!

(The mud-bots sprayed mud at the Warriors but they avoided it no problem.)

Kimiko: Of all times to wear my good clothes!

(She jumped up to avoid another flurry of mud, but one of the other mud-bots shot a ball of mud at Kimiko, which she landed with a thud. But when she tried to move, she couldn't. The mud was a sticky prison which she couldn't get out.)

Kimiko: Ugh, guys help! I'm stuck!

Jack: Oh I’ve programmed them to do that incase things got messy, have fun in the mud, Kimiko. (Pointing at her and giving a wink, then going for the Shen Gong Wu.)

(Mud was now all over the other Warriors clothes and skin, but only the normal mud.)

Raimundo: Cowboy! Get the Wu. Omi, get those mud things outta the way. I'll try and free Kimiko.

Clay: Sure will, partner.

(Clay jumped up and knocked Jack away from the Laughter of Din. Omi was taking down the mud-bots while getting water-logged by mud. Raimundo tried to rip off the mud, but the stuff was literally attached to Kimiko's body. Then back at Clay and Jack. They were in a cowboy sort of stance, like in a cowboy movie, with cowboy music.)

Clay: Try 'n' take this Wu, yah dirty snake!

(Jack made a run for the Laughter of Din. But Clay was going for it too, and then they both touched it, as the Laughter of Din started glowing.)

Clay: Spicer, ah challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown.

(Back at Raimundo and Kimiko, Raimundo thought of an idea.)

Raimundo: OMI! Throw me the Kuzusu Atom!

Kimiko: You are NOT gonna risk vaporizing me to get this mud off!

(Omi dropped the Kuzusu Atom to Raimundo which he caught.)

Raimundo: It's the only way to get it off! Besides, if I do vaporize you by mistake, I got the Bracelet of Fate to rewind time and stop myself vaporizing you.

Kimiko: Okay, just vaporize the mud.

Raimundo: Yah ready?

Kimiko: (Closing her eyes tight.) Yes.

Raimundo: Kuzusu Atom!

(The blast went straight for the mud, and slowly he cut the mud around Kimiko, when he finished Kimiko jumped up and was able to move again, but with lots more mud still on her.)

Kimiko: Thanks, Rai. I'm sure you knew what you were doing.

Raimundo: Actually I didn't.

Kimiko: WHAT!

(Back at Clay and Jack.)

Jack: My Third Arm Sash against your Tongue of Saiping! The game is Tree-climbing, first to fall loses.

Clay: I accept.

(The others came all mud-drenched.)

Both: Let's Go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The arena changed into a huge mixture of trees, with a huge pit in the bottom. Raimundo, Kimiko and Omi take their place on a nearby tree.)

Both: Gong Yi Tenpi!

(Jack activated his Heli-Bot and cut the branch Clay was in. He was falling.)

Clay: Tongue of Saiping! Falcons, a little assistance, please.

(A huge amount of falcons flew up and caught Clay, and brought him back to one of the branches.)

Clay: You think you’re so smart!

Jack: You got that right, cowpoke!

(Clay jumped up to get Jack but he dodged him and swung to another branch with the Third Arm Sash, then he blew raspberries at Clay and taunting him.)

Jack: Na, na, na, na, na, na. Bet yah can't hit me from here!

Kimiko: Don't listen to him, Clay!

Omi: It is a mere distraction!

Clay: Well, it worked!

(He jumped with brute force at Jack, but Jack avoided him and threw him away with the Third Arm Sash.)

Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko: NOOO!

(Clay caught a single branch, trying desperately to stay on. Eventually he got back up.)

Clay: You're gonna get your behind kicked with a left mean hook!

Kimiko: Interesting, never heard Clay say that one before.

Clay: Tongue Of Saiping! Insects of the earth do your worst to scare Jack!

(Insects started crawling from within the trees and were approaching Jack. As usual he let out a girly scream as worms and cockroaches crawled up him.)

Clay: That's mah cue!

(He grabbed a vine and swung towards Jack's insect infested tree.)

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth!

(He kicked the tree making Jack lose his balance. But Jack nonetheless used the Third Arm Sash to grab a branch.)

Clay: (Using the Tongue Of Saiping.) Squirrels, chew the branch!

(Squirrels leaped towards Jack's branch and chewed at it and broke it, making Jack fall down the pit. And Clay the winner. When the field was returning to normal, Clay noticed Omi was hiding behind Raimundo.)

Clay: Omi, what's the matter?

Omi: I do not like squirrels.

Clay: Augh, that's nonsense talk, 'ere. Tongue Of Saiping!

(He summoned the squirrels from the Showdown.)

Clay: This is Omi; he has quite the fear fer squirrels, see. So cin you show 'im how unfearful you are.

Squirrels: Okay.

(Kimiko took the Tongue Of Saiping from Clay.)

Kimiko: And try to be careful, he's a little sensitive.

(The squirrels nodded in agreement, so the squirrels took nearby rocks and started juggling with them; Omi spotted them and watched their performance.)

Omi: How are squirrels capable of doing such majestic juggling?

Raimundo: You'd be surprised what you can do for a small guy.

(As the four Warriors watched the performance, there came a massive explosion beyond the trees, and then came a pillar of light. The Warriors didn't know weather to investigate or get out of there.)

Kimiko: What is that!

Dojo: Yikes, wait; it's been 50 years since it last happened.

Omi: What has!

Dojo: Master Fung'll explain it all, for now let's get these Wu back to the Temple!

(The Warriors returned with curiosity on their faces.)

Master Fung: As I had expected. Once every fifty years, a rare event occurs.

Raimundo: So what 1500 year old evil we gonna whip?

Master Fung: None, it is neither good nor evil. But this light will signal your next Wudai Quest.

Raimundo: Oh yeah, baby! So what's the task? Rescue a damsel in distress?

Master Fung: No.

Kimiko: Retrieve an ancient artifact?

Master Fung: No.

Clay: Destroy some mass evil, to save a neutral?

Master Fung: No.

Omi: Travel the world and back again?

Master Fung: No. Allow me to explain. Once every fifty years, the Eternal Spirits will call for a Wudai Quest, only to survive in their forest, known as the Forest Of Eternal Spirits, for one single week. You must survive the trials they conjure for you. But only one can do each task. The tasks will appear once every 24 hours. And if you succeed, the Eternal Spirits will bestow upon you their prize.

Clay: So it's like a camping trip, with all these spirits?

Master Fung: Yes.

Kimiko: Well, we'll leave once we have a bath, those dirt-bots dunno how it feels when girls are exposed to dirt.

(After all of them washed off all the dirt Jack's robots had thrown on them, they prepared for the trials they were about to receive.)

Omi: Master Fung, what Shen Gong Wu shall we bring?

Master Fung: Any seven. But choose wisely, as you will need them in your journey. The spirits often say it is not the challenges that kill the unpredictable; it is likely the survival itself.

Raimundo: Stay there, I’ll stock up on Wu.

(Once Raimundo brought seven Shen Gong Wu. They left on Dojo. Kimiko inspected the bag, and at the last three, she stared at him with her eyebrows raised.)

Raimundo: Can I help the young lady, who's looking through the Wu bag?

Kimiko: I get the Orb Of Tornami, I get the Tongue Of Saiping, I get the Sphere Of Yun and I get the Jet Bootsu. But why the Dark Hole Abyss, Rope Of Light and Laughter Of Din?

Omi: WHAT! Raimundo wasted Shen Gong Wu!

Raimundo: You'll see, dear friends. You'll see.

Clay: As far as I see, it was a big waste.

(Raimundo smiled. They continued until they came to a golden forest, Dojo dropped them all beneath the trees, but did not resume his small form.)

Clay: Yo Dojo. You ain't coming with us?

Dojo: Sorry guys, this Quest is just for you four. If I get involved, they'll think I’m a Wudai Warrior too.

Kimiko: But where do we go.

Dojo: Just follow that path until you'll know when to stop off.

Raimundo: How will we know when to stop off?

Dojo: Believe me, you'll know.

(The Warriors waved goodbye as Dojo flew off back to the Temple.)

Clay: Well looks like we're riding solo.

(They walked along the path, it was rather annoying going past many corners and walking along a narrow road of granite. Until they came across a small opening, with no trees and where a small fire was already burnt.)

Clay: Reckon this is the place.

Omi: But it is just a patch of no trees. How can it be?

Raimundo: I think we're about to find out!

(Seven small fairy like things appeared from the sky. Each with a luminating light. When the light faded, there stood seven beautiful looking fairies. The middle fairy stepped forward.)

Fairy: Welcome Omi, Raimundo Pedrosa, Kimiko Tohomiko and Clay Bailey. We are the Eternal Spirits, once every fifty years we challenge Wudai Warriors like yourselves against our challenges once every 24 hours for the next week. I am Garona, leader of the Eternal Spirits.

Raimundo: Do...we face your challenge now?

Garona: Fortunately no. One of us will return tomorrow to set you your challenge. But before we begin, these challenges will be horribly challenging, it is not too late to retreat.

Kimiko: I am not afraid.

Omi: Me neither.

Clay: Me too.

Raimundo: We will face your challenges.

Garuna: You are very courageous. Very good. Until we do return, rest in this camp site.

(The seven Spirits turned into their light and flew off.)

Clay: Well, yah heard the spirits. Let's make ourselves at home. 'Kay fall in!

(Just like an army, Raimundo, Kimiko and Omi got into a straight line and had their chins and chests up high.)

Clay: Okay you lot, the Spirits will be here in 1300 hours we need plenty of food and sleep until then, do you understand!

Raimundo, Kimiko and Omi: Sir, Yes Sir.

Clay: Okay, Omi, go fetch us some fish from the nearest river or lake!

Omi: Sir, yes sir!

(Omi ran to find the nearest river or lake.)

Clay: Kimiko, follow Omi and fetch the team some water!

Kimiko: But Omi was going anyway, couldn't he just get the water?

Clay: Question my authority? Drop and give me twenty!

(Kimiko felt stupid as she done twenty press-ups.)

Clay: Do ah need ter repeat mahself?

Kimiko: No, Sir!

(Kimiko followed Omi towards the river or lake.)

Clay: Raimundo! Fetch the team both tree logs and fruit. While I’ll get the campsite ready!

Raimundo: Sir yes, sir!

(Omi and Kimiko had found a river. Omi had tooken off his robes and was swimming in the water to catch some fish. Already he caught half a dozen. Kimiko had filled up three buckets of water and was going for a fourth.)

Omi: That is me caught enough fish for the day. Need some help carrying the water, Kimiko?

Kimiko: (Struggling) No thanks, Omi. I'm sure I got it.

(But Kimiko tripped on a loose twig and fell down the bank and into the river. Omi helped her up.)

Omi: (Grabbing two buckets.) You may want to be careful for loose twigs.

(After Omi and Kimiko got three more buckets of water ready to take back, Omi thought of an idea.)

Omi: Wudai Neptune Ice!

(He froze the fish and the water.)

Kimiko: Why'd you do that for!

Omi: So the fish do not spoil and the water does not spill.

Kimiko: You're a real charmer when it comes to catching fish.

(Over at Raimundo, he was using the Jet Bootsu to give him a boost up.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind.

(He turned his wind abilities into wind blades that cut two trees and they both fell down to the ground. Raimundo then gathered the fruit on the tree, such as apples, pears, grapes and pineapples. He then took all the leafs off the log and used his wind powers to carry it back to camp.)

Raimundo: Two good logs for the big boss man.

(Clay was setting up the tent which was built for four people.)

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth!

(He kicked the ground and made a pillar from under the tent with and spiral staircase carved on it. Omi and Kimiko had returned with the water and fish. Raimundo had returned with the two logs and a bag full of fruits.)

Clay: Yah did mighty well partners.

Kimiko: Hmph, say that to my stretched arms.

Clay: Now we can relax. All we need ter do now is wait for the challenges.

(It was night time and Kimiko had fired up the campfire to keep them warm and the place lit up. Raimundo was sitting on a branch, using the Tongue Of Saiping to play around with a family of koalas. Kimiko was sitting next to a tree playing Goo Zombies Revelations. Omi was practicing his Triple Panther Strike, to prepare himself for the challenges. Clay decided to give the camp some atmosphere by playing his favorite song on the guitar.)

Raimundo: Y'know, all this commotion, I wonder what the challenges are.

Kimiko: Probably do two hundred sit-ups on a branch or something.

(At that moment, Omi jumped up on a tree and started doing sit-ups with his legs wrapped around the branch.)

Clay: Ah reckon it's save a family of chipmunks from a snake.

Raimundo: Or maybe fight the Spirits themselves.

Kimiko: It's a challenge, Rai. Not a Xiaolin Showdown.

(Then Omi screamed and ran behind Clay.)

Clay: What's up, little partner? Squirrels bite your foot?

Omi: No, look!

(A seven-foot grizzly bear was approaching the camp.)

Clay: Whoa, Nellie!

(He grabbed everyone and threw them up onto a tree and threw himself up too.)

Kimiko: What's the deal, it's just a bear.

Clay: Not just any bear, little lady. A grizzly bear. That thing'll shred you open like a surgeon chopping up it's patients.

(Raimundo noticed the bear was going for the bag of fruits.)

Raimundo: Hey, it's going for the bag of fruits!

(He was about to go down, but Omi and Kimiko held him back.)

Clay: It ain't worth your life, partner.

(It then approached Kimiko's buckets of water and knocked it over to reveal Omi's fish, both Omi and Kimiko gave a short moan when the bear devoured the fish. Soon the bear moved on to another part of the forest. They all slid down from the tree to see the camp in ruin.)

Clay: Well, the bear maght have destroyed your stuff, but mah tents still in order.

(But at that moment a lightning fork came down and struck the tent, burning it to a crisp, since it was on a high level. Clay gave a short gasp. While the others tried to hold in there laughter.)

Clay: Oh man!

Raimundo: So what now SIR, no fish, no water, no fruit, no tent. And just seven Shen Gong Wu.

Clay: (Taking the Shen Gong Wu bag.) Argh, quite your whining. Laughter Of Din!

(It emitted a white mist that came into contact with Raimundo, who could not bear himself but laugh hysterically.)

Clay: There, see. You should always have some laughter in this trip.

(Omi and Kimiko giggled as Raimundo was rolling all over the floor in utter laughter. That night they had to sleep under the stars, with some extra blankets Clay brought. When morning came, Omi woke to find Clay missing. He looked around camp looking for him, until he emerged from a bush, carrying water fish and fruit.)

Omi: Clay, where have you been?

Clay: Just making up for lost stash. Hey come on sleepy heads rise and shine.

(Raimundo and Kimiko both woke up with a yawn.)

Raimundo and Kimiko: What time is it?

(They both realized they were the only ones sleeping together, and quickly got up.)

Clay: It's around the back of eleven.

Raimundo: So we got two hours 'till one of those Spirits appears?

Clay: Reckon so. Now enough gabbing and entertain us for a while. Laughter Of Din!

(The white mist not only hit Raimundo, but Kimiko as well, since she was beside him.)

Clay: Sorry, little lady. Yah can blame Rai for bringing the Laughter Of Din in the first place.

(They laughed uncontrollably for two straight hours, until a glow appeared in the middle of the sky, Raimundo and Kimiko paused for a moment and continued laughing.)

Omi: Orb Of Tornami!

(He soaked Raimundo and Kimiko bringing them out of their laughing state. The purple glow slowly went down upon them and one of the beautiful fairy-like women appeared.)

Spirit: Greetings, Wudai Warriors. Enjoy last night?

Raimundo: Well, apart from a bear ravaging through our stash, a bolt of lightning hitting our tent and Clay torturing me with laughter techniques, yeah it was good.

Spirit: Allow me to explain the rules of the challenges. One of you must do this task, without interference; otherwise the one interfering will have his or her soul removed.

(The Warriors gasped at this.)

Spirit: Before each challenge, one of us will name a hint of what the challenge is, then you must decide amongst yourselves who shall go, then we will name your challenge.

Kimiko: So what's the clue here?

Spirit: You must test your strength.

Clay: Sounds right up my doorstep.

Omi: Do you really wish to be the first to go, Clay?

Clay: Sure do, little buddy. After all the Bird Of Paradise did grant me strength. Okay spirit, I’m up.

Spirit: Then all four of you grab onto my arm,

(They all grabbed the spirits tender arm and like a puff of smoke, they vanished. They felt like puking as they traveled faster than the speed of light to another part of the forest.)

Spirit: Now, Clay Bailey. Your task is simple but difficult. You must break through fifty boulders all in the one strike, if you stop or fail to break a boulder, the boulders will reset and you must restart.

Clay: That's mighty fine 'n' all but where's the boulders?

(The Spirit clapped her hands and a long line of tall boulders came from the ground.)

Clay: Woo wee. That'll make carrying the hay look like feeding the chickens.

Spirit: You may begin when you are ready.

(Clay stood there doing his focusing techniques and doing breathing in and outs.)

Clay: Okay I’m ready.

Spirit: Kimiko Tohomiko, would you care to give Clay Bailey a countdown?

Kimiko: Eh, sure.

(She walked up beside the Spirit.)

Kimiko: Get ready, get set...

(Clay took a deep breath.)

Kimiko: GO!

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth!

(He summoned some rocks from the ground and made them attach to his body and he ran full force on the rocks and started bashing them through like they were toilet paper.)

Raimundo: Go, Clay, Go!

(Clay had emerged from the other side of the boulder line, the rock armor all off, and his shirt torn.)

Spirit: An amazing display of strength. You have passed outstandingly.

Clay: Well thanks there.

(He collapsed on the ground and they could hear him snoring. Kimiko and Raimundo jumped over the mass rubble Clay had caused and carried him up.)

Raimundo: I think it's high time we get back to camp. Spirit, can you help us there?

Spirit: At once.

(Omi, Kimiko and Raimundo grabbed onto the Spirit's arm again and traveled at the speed of light back to camp. Raimundo and Kimiko eased Clay onto the spare blankets, there to get some rest.)

Spirit: Your next task will take place 24 hours from now. One of our spirits will meet you here. Farewell.

(The spirit turned back into light and flew off. Clay was gaining consciousness.)

Clay: Oh.

Raimundo: How are you feeling?

Clay: More beat up than a punching bag with the world champion boxer.

(Clay revealed his torn shirt and his chest were all bruised from the boulder smashing.)

Kimiko: Ouch.

Raimundo: Maybe you should take a nap. That's what I usually do when I’m in pain. Me, Omi and Kimiko can hold the fort.

Clay: Thanks, Rai.

(Clay fell immediately to sleep.)

Kimiko: That's one down.

Raimundo: And six to go.

(All through the day, Clay just kept sleeping. Until night came, Omi had woken him up.)

Omi: Risen your shine, Clay. We have a small treat for you.

Clay: What is it, little partner?

(Raimundo came in and put down a bowl of strangle liquid.)

Raimundo: It's a bowl of your delicious beef stew.

(Clay took a whiff of it and got up immediately to eat it.)

Clay: But wait, you dunno how to cook my stew.

Raimundo: Nah, we raided through your stash and got the recipe, and Kimiko cooked it.

(Kimiko waved nearby with lots of stew stains all over her t-shirt. Clay wolfed down the stew.)

Omi: how is your nasty looking wound?

Clay: Dunno, partner. Let's check.

(Clay lifted up his torn shirt to reveal his big bulky chest, but no bruise.)

Clay: Wait, but how? it was here just a nanny's goat ago.

Kimiko: Yeah, how can such a huge bruise disappear in less than twelve hours?

Raimundo: Spooky.

(It began to get late so the others went to sleep. Raimundo kept awake, to check if there was any other magic, he tried desperately to keep his eyes open, but slowly drifted off to sleep. Raimundo awoke with a jolt the next day. Everyone was out of bed except him. He spotted the others having breakfast next to the campfire. He joined them and took out a bowl and fork.)

Kimiko: Hey sleepy head.

Raimundo: What? I didn't sleep that long.

Clay: On the contrary partner. It's the back of twelve. we only got another hour 'till the spirits come.

Omi: You must dog that breakfast down.

Raimundo: Wolf down the breakfast, Omi.

(They waited impatiently for the second Spirit to come. Then a green light appeared.)

Raimundo: Guys, it's here.

(The light turned into the second spirit.)

Spirit: Are you ready for the next task?

Clay: Er... one question first. how'd my watermelon sized bruise disappear in less than 12 hours?

Spirit: Oh, we did that. We want this trip to be a fair one. so we healed you right up.

Raimundo: Talk about secret operation.

Kimiko: We're ready, thanks.

Spirit: Then grab hold of my arm.

(As before they held on and traveled to another part of the forest.)

Spirit: We will now test your Tiger Instincts.

Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay: Omi, your up.

Omi: I am ready to do your second task, oh wondrous Spirit.

Spirit: You must play a simple game of Xiaolin Surprise against a hologram of your enemies. And the Shen Gong Wu is holograms too. If you lose one, you will start from the beginning.

Omi: Bring it off.

(Raimundo slapped his head. Omi ran to the Warriors.)

Omi: We do not have all the Shen Gong Wu, how do we counter-attack?

Kimiko: You just gotta hope that the enemy your facing doesn't use Shen Gong Wu that you can't counter.

(Omi brought the bag of Shen Gong Wu towards the Spirit.)

Spirit: Are you ready?

Omi: Yes.

Spirit: Then we will begin.

(A hologram of Jack Spicer appeared from nowhere.)

Spirit: Choose!

Jack: Third Arm Sash!

Omi: Jet Bootsu!

(Omi floated in mid-air avoiding the Third Arm Sash's attacks and he kicked the hologram in the stomach.)

Spirit: Winner advances. Your next opponent...

(A hologram of Wuya appeared.)

Spirit: Choose!

Wuya: Juju Flytrap!

(The Shen Gong Wu unleashed a flurry of bees.)

Omi: Orb Of Tornami Ice!

(He froze the bees in mid-air and the hologram vanished.)

Spirit: Winner advances. Your next opponent...

(A hologram of Hannibal Roy Bean appeared in his human-sized form.)

Spirit: Choose!

Hannibal: Shroud Of Shadows!

(The hologram vanished. Omi remained in one spot, then...)

Omi: Sphere Of Yun!

(Omi created a force field in thin-air and the hologram re-appeared inside the force field and vanished again.)

Spirit: Winner advances. One more challenger and you pass this test. And your challenger...

(A hologram of Chase Young appeared.)

Spirit: Choose!

Chase: Fist Of Tebigong!

Omi: Dark hole Abyss!

(The hologram punched the Dark Hole Abyss, but gets sucked up into it.)

Spirit: Congratulations, you have passed the second test.

(Omi gave a wide smile. The Warriors and the second Spirit re-appeared back at the camp.)

Spirit: Your third task will begin in 24 hours.

(The Spirit turned into light and traveled off.)

Kimiko: Way to go, Omi.

Clay: You sure put the surprise in Xiaolin Surprise.

Raimundo: Yeah, oh. (going to Kimiko.) you said the Dark Hole Abyss was useless.

Kimiko: Sigh Okay I was wrong.

Clay: Yeah, and Rai was right to bring this. Laughter Of Din!

(The white mist yet again made Raimundo entertain the Warriors by making him laugh uncontrollably for hours. When Raimundo finally gained control of himself, he chased Clay around the camp all night yelling: "Wait 'till I get my hands on you!" Until it was time for bed and Omi and Kimiko had to keep Raimundo away from Clay. Morning crept up and as usual, Raimundo was the last to wake, and found the others helping themselves to fish and fruit. After Raimundo got dressed, he joined them.)

Raimundo: You really need to wake me next time. It's eleven o'clock and only two hours 'till the spirits come.

Omi: We would if we could get past all your snoring.

Kimiko: Yeah, you'd have to be deaf not to hear that snoring.

(They all laughed at Raimundo. For the next two hours, Raimundo was practicing by racing around the forest next to them, until the blue spirit came and turned into the fairy-like woman form.)

Spirit: Your third challenge awaits you. Grab hold of my arm and I will transport you to it.

(They did so and transported at the speed of light to another part of the forest, they could hear water flowing nearby, maybe a waterfall.)

Spirit: In this challenge, we will test your luck.

Kimiko: Oh yeah, I’m all over this one.

Raimundo: No, Kimiko. Let me go. Luck is my middle name.

Kimiko: Don't worry 'bout me Rai. I can take on whatever they have on offer.

Raimundo: Yeah, but no offense, you're small and petite, whatever they have on offer I can take on better. Sit this one out, you can have your go later.

Kimiko: Okay, it's all yours.

(Raimundo stepped forwards.)

Raimundo: I'm ready.

Spirit: Very good.

(She clapped and a huge wheel with an arrow in the middle appeared.)

Spirit: If you get the thumbs-up, you pass instantly, if you get the skull, you have to face the beast within, then you pass.

Raimundo: Piece of cake. Bring it on.

(The arrow started spinning, Raimundo waiting for the right opportunity; the wheel began to get faster and faster.)

Raimundo: Errrr... STOP!

(The arrow began to slow down; it was on thumbs-up, then skull, then thumbs-up then skull, then thumbs-up.)

Raimundo: Did I win?

(But the arrow landed on a skull. The skull gave an evil sort of laugh, and then the wheel started to open up.)

Raimundo: Not good.

Clay: Yikes.

(The beast emerged. It was a sort of scorpion creature with wings and horns.)

Beast: Hahahaha, Time to die, Raimundo.

Raimundo: Not if I can help it!

(He jumped up and kicked it in the head. The beast swung it's colossal arm at Raimundo that sent him flying. As the beast approached Raimundo backed off.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He blew a gust of wind at it, which sent it flying on it's back. Raimundo then jumped up and was about to stomp it's stomach, but it got out of the road. And it attempted to sting Raimundo with it's tail but he avoided it, and hopped back.)

Raimundo: Well, he certainly isn't slow.

(Raimundo jumped back a couple more steps until the number of trees started to grow less. He must have been approaching something, and it was. A narrow tree bridge with a huge pit at the bottom, and then he could hear the beast approaching.)

Beast: Raimundo! Come out, come out wherever you are.

(Raimundo thought of an idea.)

Raimundo: Hey beast boy, you want me you got me.

(The others and the spirit came by. Raimundo noticed them and using his wind powers, he blew Kimiko the Rope Of Light. Whatever for she didn't know.)

Beast: Hahahaha, you didn't actually think you would defeat me, did you.

Raimundo: Yeah, and I have every thought of doing it.

(He led the beast right in the middle of the bridge. The beast swung at Raimundo but it only caught his chest, which got cut badly.)

Raimundo: Very good.

(He prepared a wind blast.)

Beast: Hahahahaha, that's nothing.

Raimundo: Who said I was aiming at you.

(He looked at the bridge, which meant he was going to cut the bridge. He was going to sacrifice himself to defeat the beast.)

Beast: S-stop that! Don't bluff about stuff like that!

Raimundo: Who's bluffing!

Kimiko: Wait, no! Don't do it.

Clay: Don't do it, partner!

Omi: Reconsider the consequences, Raimundo.

Raimundo: Sorry guys, this one's for you, guys.

(He swung the blast at the bridge which cut it instantly. The bridge collapsed, the beast fell and so did Raimundo. It took a moment to figure out what happened. The others and the Spirit looked at the edge. The beast had plummeted to the bottom into the river below.)

Spirit: There was no way he could have survived the assault. He is dead.

(They all burst into tears. Kimiko was on her knees slapping the ground.)

Kimiko: It should have been me! You idiot! You stupid idiot!

(Raimundo had defeated the beast, but in doing so, he may have lost his life.)

To Be Continued…

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