Hearken! Hearken! The Dawn is here

The people sings loud,
The Crowd they cheer!
The king sat proudly ov'r his land
With a crown on his head
snd a ring on his hand
the ring carried power wherever it goes
Will it come off?
nobody will ever know.
Be a fool, a folly, a beast or a pest
They all tried and tried
But the ring over them it bests.

So another day and a day again
The king waits on his throne
Until the ring is bend.
He waits and waits for days on end,
but on day came a knight
whom asked for the send.
"Let me remove the ring,"
the knight proudly said
"so they'd rejoice and the people sing."
He pulled and tugged and tried his best,
but as the ring was invincible
he turned out like the rest.
As he walked away in shame
there was a click and a pop
and the ring fell off the same
The knight's smile lit up the room
When the king stood,
His voice proudly boomed
"You have removed the accursed ring,"
the king did say
"So we shall answer you with anything!"
the knight so modest ask for one quest,
"Might I have the hand?"
he asked the princess
The Sounds of joy rang through the halls
Thus lived for ever
after the grandeur ball

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