In the Main Office of the $5-trillion and World Wrestling Entertainment-like wrestling promotion in the fictional New York City-sized Florida city of Holsten-Curtis-Bundelby-Hunter-Ambrose-Perkins-Davidson-Shellingsburgh City in the equally fictional county of the same name called Primetime Championship Wrestling on a warm and humid Monday November 10, 2015, 5 weeks after the worldwide protests and riots that we triggered by the death of worldwidely popular television actress Mauricia Glennannie Holsten-Curtis-Bundelby-Hunter, the owner, president and Chief Executive Officer of Primetime Championship Wrestling who has grown extremely bitter and moody, who has mild to moderate intellectual disability, who looks, walks and talks like Jayne Mansfield, has blue eyes and blond hair and who is a white American by the name of Megghan Lindsay Catherine Holsten-Davidson is taking some antidepressants mixed in with Crystal Light when she gets news or renewed countywide rioting and looting outside and inside of the State of Florida by the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Primetime Championship Wrestling and also her sister-in-law whose name is Stephanie Marie Jacqueline Davidson, the lady who walks, speaks, looks and acts like Talia Shire, when she panickedly tells Megghan, "Meg, come quick, there is news of renewed violence in the streets of the State of Florida. Your sister, whose is the owner, president and CEO of Paradise Entertainment, the music store that is on Trenton Bundelby Drive whose name is Ashlee Mignonette Clairisse Holsten-Shellingsburgh, the one who looks, speaks, walks and acts like Neve Campbell, was arrested by the police in this county for savagely, violently and destructively beating up a person just because she supports Stanley Livingston, who is the mob boss and current mayor of this county." Megghan, who is in total shock and dismay at everything leading up to Mauricia's death 5 weeks ago this month, hurriedly and panickedly runs outside into the rioting while angrily exclaiming "WHAT?!" as the "Mauricia is Not Dead, She's Alive" movement rioters and protesters and the "Autistic Lives Matter for Everybody" rioters and protesters help Megghan and her sisters get a ride from a "Mauricia is Not Dead, She's Alive" protester and worldwidely well-known fan of Mauricia who walks, speaks, looks and acts like Eric Wade Hartley by the name of Henry Steven Davidson in his 2015 Chevrolet Lumina all the way to the Holsten-Curtis-Bundelby-Hunter-Ambrose-Perkins City/County Police Department on 1 Police Plaza where in the Main Lobby, Ashlee is still very savagely and violently beating up people who do not support the "Mauricia's Not Dead, She's Alive" and the "Autistic Lives Matter for Everybody" movements while she is taken to Holding Cell number 3 which is occupied by 10 supporters of the "Mauricia's Not Dead, She's Alive" and the "Autistic Lives Matter for Everybody" movements while in Miami Beach, Florida on 77779 Mauricia Hunter Boulevard inside a Mexican restaurant that is named for the now-deceased Florecita Alejandra del Sol, who walked, talked, looked and acted like Maria Elisa Camargo which Yevangelina owns and operates with the rest of the del Sol and Parminder families when Yeva notices an emotionally and psychologicallly disturbed Gianeraldne eating two big servings of her favorite foods which are the spicy Caribbean steak with Atomic rice, 12 crispy tacos, 11 steakburgers, 5 Lipton Brisk sweet teas and 5 sopapillas when Yevangelina politely but firmly asks Gianeraldine, who is in no mood for talking to anyone while continuing to eat her food, "Gianeraldine, if I could have a palavering with you, I would like to know how you are doing since your best friend has just died five weeks ago" but Gianeraldine continues to eat her food and ignores Yevangelina both at the same time but Yeva keeps on politely but firmly asking her a question like, "What was life like with you and Mauricia?" And that was the question that causes a very, very angry Gianeraldine to slam her half eaten 9th taco down as hard as she could and would as she looks at Yevangelina with menacing eyes and proceeds to grab a very frightened Yevangelina by the throat but restaurant security rushes into the Dining Room and stops the situation from escalating into violence as one of the rules of eating at Florecita's says on the sign of the front door: No Violence Allowed, Ever. and bans Gianeraldine from ever, ever going to eat at Florecita's and any of is subsidiaries in Florida, Texas, New York/New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Gianeraldine's home country of Mexico and Mauricia's home country of Houston, which is the size of Russia and where they speak English and Houstonian English and situated underneath Africa and Asia while in Mauricia's home country of Houston, the countrymen and women continue to riot and protest in the same manner that the Black Lives Matter and the Justice or Else movements and continue the looting and destruction all across the country and not even the armies of Africa and Asia would have helped matters any because Mauricia was universally popluar while in in the Los Angeles, California-sized Central Texas city of Bunesville in the equal-sized county of the same name, which is about 50 miles from the San Antonio-sized South Texas city of Llantano City in the equal-sized county of the same name, the citizens of both Llantano and Bunesville counties are now rioting over their favorite now-deceased telenovela star who looked, spoke, looked and acted like Jacqueline Andere by the name Maria Josefina Lopez, who was as popular in Texas as Mauricia was in Florida while in Holsten-Curtis-Bundelby-Hunter-Ambrose-Perkins City/County, Florida inside Mauricia Glennannie Holsten-Curtis-Bundelby-Hunter Collegiate High School inside the Library, Reighleigh, the girl who looks, speaks, walks and acts like Karrissa Theret in every way possible including the blue coloring in her eyes and Maria Jose, the girl who looks, speaks and acts like Jenni Rivera and who are both deeply emotionally scarred after their mother, the lady who looked, acted and spoke like Gloria Swanson including the gold coloring in her hair and eyes had died 5 weeks ago and a very united front at school arrive very late to their History teacher, the person who looks, speaks and acts like Ronda Rousey in every way possible by the name of Deborah Fields tells them that they are 10 minutes late to class but that did not sit well with Reighleigh as she disrespectfully curses out Mrs. Fields by telling her to fuck herself and that she needs to go to hell but that did not sit well with Mrs. Fields as she calls for the principal, the woman who looks, speaks and acts like Linda Theret in every way possible including the purple coloring in her hair and eyes by the name of Theresa Abraham-Stephens and tells her that Reighleigh and Maria Jose were both being very disrespectful to authority figures because Mauricia died 5 weeks ago but Maria Jose very violently, savagely and mercilessly kicks Theresa in her groin while she doubles over in pain but Maria Jose sees her pain as fuel in order to hurt and possibly kill Mrs. Abraham-Stephens by violently, savagely and mercilessly slapping, kicking, punching and biting her bod but not before a Math teacher who looks, speaks a

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