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This story is about three preteens who go to a school for gifted students. I got this idea while watching Hannah Montana and crying and eating ice cream because I was banned from the "Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki".


Main charactersEdit

  • Abdulrahman - The one who happens to be most mature out of the three main characters. He has a cursed long first name, and though he, Renny, and Birgit all get straight A's, he is the most street smart out of the three.
  • Renny - Renny is a wannabe and a newbie in everything awesome. He makes fun of Abdulrahman for his long first name and Birgit for her obesity, which makes them question if he should really be their friend.
  • Birgit - Even though she is obese and has to have a special diet, that doesn't stop her from trying. She likes reading and singing, and hates when Renny makes fun of her or anyone else.

Major characters (yes, there's a difference between "main characters" and "major characters")Edit

  • Madam Blueberry - Abdulrahman, Renny, and Birgit's teacher who has a thick French accent, making it hard to understand anything she says.
  • Mary-Sue - The immature, bratty nine year old girl Birgit babysits. Maty-Sue is friends with Abduhlrahman, but she has a stong conflict with Renny.
  • Sister Tooth - The substitute teacher for the time Madam Blueberry fell off the ceiling when she thought that putting syrup on the ceiling would make her defy gravity. Anyway, Sister Tooth was once a flying nun, and she is very strict and happens to yell a lot.
  • Ryan - A really mean, selfish, snobbish, self-absorbed, lying little nasty who treats his peers as if they were slaves. He is so intimidating, everyone is to afraid to stand up to him.
  • GiGi - A crazy girl in the main characters' class, who thrives to be "the next Lady GaGa", which is the reason she wears crazy outfits and does stupid things.

Minor charactersEdit

  • Matt - Mary-Sue's boyfriend.
  • Patti - An eleven year old brunette who has dreams of becoming a child singer, but she really has a bad voice.
  • Felicia - The overly dramatic girl who disguised herself as a clown on picture day only because Ryan said he would give her chicken nuggets if she did it.
  • Ouen - A slob who happens to be Birgit's brother and thinks he can get away with anything with the puppy dog face.

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