The First Laurasian Period was the first major period of the Stellar Kingdom of Laurasia, lasting for over two centuries, from AH 412, when Laurasia Prime and the Laurasian Purse Worlds obtained their independence from the Sennacherid Empire under the aegis of the nobleman Arasces, until AH 630, when Laurasia Prime was invaded and subdued by the Lacian Khanate. During this period, Laurasia, under the governance of the monarchs of the Arascanid Dynasty, in cooperation with the Council of Elders and the Royal Administrative Parliament, asserted itself as a major state in the Core Regions, a status it had enjoyed during the time of the Laurasian Stellar Republic and the Galactic Confederation. Laurasia fought such states as Courdina, Gordasis V, Zutagia, Arias, Clancia, Marshia, Goldaria, Rebecca, Hammenor, Bristalai, Ipsus V, and numerous others, exerting itself throughout the Central Core, Core Worlds, Outer Core, and Inner Territories. The Kingdom fought numerous major conflicts during this time, including the Mons Gladian War (437-38); the Incursion of Homas (444-45); the Two Laurasian-Ecreutian Wars (446-56); the War of the Dawnist Succession (457-60); the Zutagian War (464-67); the Crossite Wars (484-87, 512, 538-42); the Wars of Balaur (493-95); the Contention of Calanina V (499-501); the Osrianian Crusades (518-23, 526-28, 532-34); the War of the Poth Succession (543-46); the Central Core Wars (562-65); the Nathanelite-Laurasian War (585-87); the War of the Contentions (587-94); and scores of minor campaigns, annexations, and conflicts throughout.

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