THE HIGHLAND CLIFFS ROSE above the windy plains below and was no higher than the Tallest peak to the north. A plenty-home of people from foreign lands and those who are native. Of all that were native to this land, very few have ever ventured to the Capital and made their way back with the knowledges and the gifts of Sorcerers and Wizards. Perhaps more greater is the Sorcerer Fedhir who rose from these lands to a higher world, the world of Sorcery.

Born in Rembrandt State, he hailed from the Village of Adelberg which used to be known as Star Wolf City before the Imperial Takeover. The city stood there among the lush forest backgrounds and the deep rivers that crossed through the Highlands and to the city. Ponds scattered on the ground like waste in a highway leaving only slivers of land to and fro.

Far deeper into the Highlands, Adelberg is only closest to the Capital of the Rembrandt State and the Holy City of Remalia where the Sisterhood of the Seven Triangles lie. And further came to the Village of Three Rivers where the Rivers Aie, Zum, and Dioeral cross. But as far as they made, the city stood there alone in the Trees and brush of the Highlands.

He was born a Highlander to a Blacksmith and Weaver of the Sisterhood. After a month of birth, his father departed for war and never returned, leaving only his sword behind. Never was he given a name at the time save only for the nickname 'Wind Child' which was a good name. He answered to its call as he grew and never forgot the two words that followed.

His mother never had time for him and was always gone long on trips to Remalia for the Sisterhood, so he was taken in by his Aunt who was a Witch. Not often did people talk about the witch because she was more or less involved with dark Spirits and evil works that are considered prohibited by many Academies. He never feared her because she gave him food and a place to stay often. Other times, he slept in the stable with the Animals, eating apples off the orchard Trees outside.

She always was there and some of the time was there willingly because she was favored by fate to be his guardian as a child. Many people wondered if she was a part of the Sisterhood, but she was discovered never to be a worker of the Gods.

Now Wind Child never worked so hard save only to herd the animals and to train often with his sword in hand to chop wood. The people looked at him strangely because a sword is not an axe in replacement. He did not mind this at all, but in fact enjoyed it! His heart was filled with excitement as he surprised people with his unusual ways of working. Because of this, he grew stronger and he grew faster.

As the years passed like days tossed into the wind, he grew much faster than the other young boys and shot straight up as a very educated man. Unusually, no man was educated in the village, but he was and was taught by his Aunt. Everyday he learned more of how to read, how to count and how to write. These gifts didn't come lightly as he practiced each day every new thing he was taught the day before.

One day at the age of 11, he saw his Aunt outside of her hut as a villager cried there was a demon in the forests. She walked her way into the woods and as she did, Wind Child followed. They went on for Three hours before they stopped and took a rest. He waited patiently behind her trails, but felt something was wrong. They waited there for the night through and finally a voice came out.

"Child...Child!" Cried the voice. It was an ancient voice that sounded very raspy, but was very powerful in tone. Wind Child fell on his back as he woke to the sound of this voice. He stood up and looked around to find who said that. He looked at his Aunt who was asleep still, but it couldn't have been her! He then finally calmed down and started to walk through the woods. He went on a path untook by many people, but didn't care about it. He continued on recklessly and took a step further than he should've.

"Child...Child!" The voice returned. Wind Child stopped dead in his tracks as he looked around for more. There was nothing there that caught his eye as threatening. He was startled even greater than before and ran back in the direction of his aunt. The wind pushed him away, but his strength carried on and he pushed against the wind, but the voice continued in his head.

"Child...Child!" He couldn't take it anymore and stopped and stood there. He simply then said, "Why do you torment me?"

The voice laughed a bit and finally spoke. "Torment...This is not torment. This is!"

Suddenly a sharp pain hit Wind Child in the chest. He fell to his knees groaning in pain. The pain grew and grew as the minutes flew by; Wind Child did not stop his groaning until the pain became too much to groan over. He grinced his teeth ever tighter and he shut his eyes ever more so. The voice chuckled for a minute, but suddenly stopped as the pain grew. "Why do you stop groaning? Are you weary yet?"

He did not chuckle, but instead paused for a moment. Wind Child was still on the ground. "No!" Wind Child yelled with the last of his breath still able. For more than a few moments, it was too painful to bear, but Wind Child kept going because he felt he could best this thing.

As the pain persisted, finally another voice cried from behind the brush. It was a language that Wind Child had never heard. "Saeva Naeiave! Keptar Tuath!" The pain stopped and Wind Child could Breath again. He opened his eyes and his teeth grinced no more. His aunt was there behind the brush and was holding a Pendant of green in her wrinkly hands. Her sharp green eyes pierced through the shadows of nightfall and were crystal clear.

She rose the Pendant high into the air and yelled aloud, "Come, Saihk!" A figure in the shadows emerged at the whisper of the words. It reared its black face out of the shadows and into the moonlight. Red eyes glaring, almost like a Bloody River that flowed endlessly without a beginning. It's teeth showed with its ghastly smile, catching wind of the means of the Aunt. It finally spoke after a long period of time in the same voice. "Why do you meddle with me, witch? Go back to your black cats and Voodoo dolls, you vermin!"

Immediately, the Demon felt a sudden wave passing through leaving him Immobilizaed. She did not smile and forced the demon not to smile either. "Demon, your petty needs are not worth the life of this child. Begone to your underworld before I send you to Nevermore!"

She raised her hand higher. The demon cowered as he saw the Pendant and was struck with a sense of both awe and Fear. "That's the First Triangle! How did you attain such a thing?" He whispered loudly.

"Behold your fate in my hands, so if you wish not to die, then take your pettiness elsewhere! I can't stand the stench of those who have Fallen!" She moved forward with the Pendant and the demon was free. The demon hurried and moved faster into the darkness and fleed into the night, never returning. She turned round to see Wind Child, but she saw a sleeping child, waiting for home ever so patiently. She simply smiled and did not worry or care of the child's safety because she knew he was safe at last.

The next morning, Wind Child woke up and ran to the fields first thing before dawn. The aunt finally woke up later in the morning and found herself in a room filled with a strange aroma. It smelt almost buttery in a way. She didn't mind the smell and got up to fetch breakfast. As she did, she looked out to the fields and saw Wind Child with the Sheep. But to her surprise, he was talking to the sheep!

She dropped what she was doing and hurried outside to the fields to see this. As she arrived, the sheep and the boy noticed and stopped talking. She finally ran up to Wind Child and asked, "What did the sheep tell you?" "Like he always does, how the river flowed and his life today. Nothing more." Wind Child acted casually at this, but the Aunt couldn't believe it. She then took him by the arm and they rushed along down the fields to the hut.

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