Each month the Main Page displays one or more featured stories. Featured stories are selected by community discussion at Forum:Featuring. This page describes all the past featured fiction works.

During August you can help select the featured fiction for next month at the discussion forum for featured fiction (decide what will be featured during September).

August 2010Edit

  • Heart of a Ninja by The Ninja Writer is a story about a teenager in Japan who witnesses a ninja assassination and eventually becomes a ninja himself.
  • Moon Hammer is a science fiction ghost story by JWSchmidt and is about a witch hunter from the 15th century who returns to haunt the people of Earth.

July 2010Edit

January 2010Edit

October 2009Edit

Also remained featured in November and December:

  • Saphrona's Jewel - fantasy - Prince Altair of Saphrona and his new bride
  • Circles - poetry - heart-rending circles
  • On War - poetry - morbid ghouls like it, do you?

September 2009Edit

August 2009Edit

June & July 2009Edit

April 2009Edit

Loss - A tragic account of a man telling about his loss.

February 2009Edit

"special features" were introduced with links to Forum:Should sex be allowed on Wiki? and Unwelcome content on the main page.

February 2009Edit

One-word-at-a-time - this is a popular page that can quickly get new visitors involved with editing. It was was marked as "featured" two years ago and can usefully be featured on the main page as a way to attract participants.

January 2009Edit

  1. VX Super Force by Tyroguun. Captain VX, Captain VX Girl, Oranga, Strongholder, Veronica Venus, Syler, and Dino Boy form the VX Super Force and confront the Blue Cyber Tech Force and the Beatdown Gang, who are uniting with an ancient foe to rule the world. An epic and very good superhero story.
  2. 2084 by Nonimportant and Yunzhong Hou. With each passing second we are closer to complete lack of privacy, terrorism and war. The media distract us from the blatant lies and violation of human rights in our own country and we're attacked by relentless waves of propaganda everyday, persuading us to fight for the interests of someone we don't know...
  3. Fly Paper by JWSchmidt. X-Files Fan Fiction; Dana Scully is abducted and taken to the Moon!

December 2008Edit

  • Human Mind Project by User:Yunzhong Hou: The Human Mind Project is an initiative launched by Andarin in year 2030 to decode the workings of the mind... and propel humanity to the next stage in its technological development. It ended in 2044, with fantastic results. Come, and experience Andarin's manipulative power and his majestic brainchild for yourself... (Original novella)
  • For better or worse by User:Yunzhong Hou: Beautiful, rhyming poem about revolution and its consequences.
  • The search for Kalid by User:Davichito and User:JWSchmidt: This is a science fiction novel (65,000 words, still under construction) about Leone, a planetary counselor of Sakkara, searching for Kalid in order to get help to stop the murderous rampage of Set. What mystical powers or advanced technologies does Kalid have as leader of the Haldus Order? Can Leone get Kalid's help or have evil forces already taken control of the Haldus Order?

November 2008Edit

Cellular Civilization - Where do new ideas and new technologies come from? Stefiz al-Arabid, a computer science student, receives a strange phone call from a cyber-stalker with screen name "PAlbert". She tells him to leave her alone, but two days later he finds her on campus and invites her to join a secret technology development project, turning her life upside-down. Within days her year-long romantic relationship with Charlie Parker is on the rocks and then Charlie dies in a horrible car crash. Or is he dead? Can Stefi be sure of anything or has PAlbert used fantastic technologies to warp her mind? Parts of this story are told from the points of view of each of the main characters. Written as a science fiction collaborative effort.

July 2008Edit

VirileMail - A nanorobotic artificial life form visits Earth (a Science Fiction novel) by JWSchmidt, Davichito, AmishThrasher, Eric119, Braiba and others.

June 2008Edit

Story of Sir Isaac Newton, by Jumach

The history of man, drunk

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Spoof, by V-Rex

A spoof of LOTR

May 2008Edit

March 2008Edit

The origins of featured fictionEdit

The Fiction Wikia, Novelas, was started in January of 2005. A template for marking featured fiction was made near the end of 2006 (original version). The use of forum pages to facilitate monthly community discussion of featured fiction began in May 2008 (see Forum:June 2008).

Featured fiction from 2006Edit

Featured fiction from 2007Edit

See Category:Featured for the entire listing of featured works.

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