I made this poem after being inspired on the role of youth in today's society. It may appear religion based - that's because it is; although it niether makes mention of a particular religion and offends any other.

I tell the story of a fearless lion;
full of vitality and vigour is he.
He's slowly becomming the ornament
of the world of humanity.
He strives by day and night
endowed with Heavenly strength,
and using this on the field of service
he can go to great lengths.
But this lion was not always fearless,
as no animal alone is,
but with faith, service and confirmations of God;
there is no wonder he is thus.
This lion's task is two-fold,
as you are about to see:
The first is to aquire spiritual virtues,
the second to serve humanity.
Who? You ask, has all these virtues,
now my friend I tell to you:
That the energetic, fearless lion
is none other than the YOUTH.

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