Quiet, Peaceful, Undisturbed. Surrounded by woods lies Fawnhill Lake, The only noise for miles is the quiet rustling of a squirrel, dear, maybe even the odd otter rolling about in the undergrowth. The only disturbance on the silvery waters, the odd fish jumping up out of the water. But wait a minute... What's this? The perpetual silence has been broken. Michael Dresden has been comin up to Fawnhill Lake ever since he was a boy, his father showed him a 'secret' path through the dense forests to come fishing. Now, with his own son of eight, Aaron, Michael comes to the lake, in the same spot, to fish.

Trout were a regular occurence, and so were midgies. as Michael had learnt, amongst other things from his father that fishing early on in the morning was the best time.

Rods were fixed together, and bait was placed on the end, and Michael and Aaron were both glad of a sit down after the treacherous and, unfortunately, uphill trek to the lake. This being the reason the lake was so secluded, sat, on it's own with posibly only Michael's, his son's and his father's rod ever touching the waters.

As always with fishing, the wait was a long one, and father and son gazed at the mirror-like waters, as the cold autumnal breeze brushed quitely through the trees behind them.

"Have the fish woken up yet?" Aaron asked, a question that was always asked after about forty-five minutes.

"Doesn't look like it, Does it, son?" Michael said, and, like always, he got a bite.

"It's a Big'un!" he said, fighting with his rod, trying to pull ashore whatever he had caught. Out in the still waters there was a break, a thrashing fish on the end of the line, trying desperately to let itself free, "Get the net!" Michael cried, his son transfixed on the thrashing animal. Arron grabbed the net, on the end of the long pole and stuck it into the water, Michael guided the fish into the net, as it carried on furiously thrashing.

"It's a pike!" Michael said, peering at the hideous fish as it landed reluctantly on dry land!

"It's horrible!" Aaron said, looking at the enormous fish, and it's equally enormous jaws.

"It's useless, i know that!" said Michael, and he quickly picked up the net and placed the fish haphazardly in the water. it straightened itself up, thanked god he didn't taste nice and swam off.

The morning wore on, and soon, three trout were pulled triumphantly from the waters, which should just about do for tea. and at 2 pm, father and son mutually wished for dinner, so they set off back into the woods.


Aaron's legs were no-where near as long as his fathers, and he found it hard to keep up. The forest was was dense, but open enough for the two to amble their way through, above them, the forest ceiling, dark green, canopied over them. Sunlight was blocked save for the occassional dot of light hitting the dry, leaf burried ground.

"We'll have those trout with chips I think, Aaron." Michael said, Unaware his son had wondered off. He turned around when he recieved no reply, and saw... empty forest, "Aaron!" He called, "I told you not to stray from the path!" At this point he was more angry than worried. He began retracing his steps.

The silence and stiffness of the forest was particularly eerie...

"Aaron, This isn't a good time to play Hide and seek! Where are you?"

There was the unmistakeable sound of an eight year old boy in distress, Michael last heard that sound after a particularly nasty fall. Now his anger turned to worry, had he fallen somewhere, or perhaps an animal had attacked him. Michael ran in the direction of the scream. then he found Aaron running in the opposite direction.

"Aaron, Whatever is the matter." Michael clasped his son, who was very pale. He wasn't hurt in anyway that michael could see, but he was very upset.

"There's someone over there." Aaron said, quite weakly.

"Someone tryed to kidnap you?" Michael said, the anger returning.

"No, They're dead." Aaron said quite plainly. There was a shocked, perhaps even frightened silence.

"Are you sure?" Michael brought himself up from his son's level and allowed Aaron to lead him.

It wasn't exactly a pleasant site, flies buzzed around the decaying lup before them.

"Jesus Christ!" Michael put his had over his mouth, as if going to throw up.

"What are you doing, Dad?" Aaron was confused. His dad had a phone out.

"Calling the police." Michael said.

Michael talked over the phone about the body and it's location. He was told to wait by the body so the police could find it. Him and Aaron got out their stools... and waited.


Like waiting for a fish to take interest in bait, Michael and Aaron sat, waiting for somebody to appear. though both michael an Aaron knew that navigating the enormous forest was difficult and locatating them would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Flies kept buzzing about their heads, all wanting to get thier fair share of the corpse behind them. Michael was suddenly regretting bringing his son aroud here, no child, in fact, no-body should ever see such a horrible sight.

"When are they going to get here?" Aaron asked, who, like any sane person in this situation, really wanted to go home.

"Soon, son, Soon." Michael was also getting increasingly worried.

Back at their house, Liza was worried herself. The boys had been out an awfully long time, much longer than usual... Why hadn't Michael phoned? He had a phone, that she knew, she also knew he hardly ever used it.

Out in the forest, after about an hour, Michael and Aaron heard a rustling up ahead. They got up, and shouted out as to their location. then, they heard a low growl.

"Aaron..." Michael said, "Keep very still."

They had no idea what was on the other side of the bush, then, whatever it was ran at them, claws and teeth, like a brik wall, the pair felt their limbs being shattered by the huge animal, and their blood being spilt.

An hour later, the police knocked on Liza's door. She opened it and gasped, as she knew it couldn't be good news. She asked them what had happened.

"We found your husband and son." He said, "In the Forest by Fawnhill lake."

Liza blanked them, waiting for more information...

"I am afraid they're both dead."

Liza choked, and tears started rolling down her face, "How." She asked, feeling very sick.

"It seems they were attacked by some sort of dog, or wolf." The police man said, knowing that it was much too soon for condolence. "I am very sorry."

"Thank-you." Liza said, and as the police man turned away, she couldn't help noticing, the alsatian he had on the lead had blood on it's mouth.

The End.

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