Chapter 1: Scars of Battle Edit

"Sir! There's too many Polis... we have to retreat!" shouted Captain George Hall.

Bullet fire raided the air, and arrows whizzed just over the heads of the soldiers.

"Negative, Captain! Wait for the reinforcements!" Colonel Kyle Weir shouted back.

The Colonel picked up a SAW Machine Gun and loaded it up.

"Hall! Take this and secure the barracks with your squad. I'll stay back here with mine, and we'll prepare the BDMs. Let's take out those Polis backups over there," ordered Colonel Weir, pointing at a building full of Polis warriors.

"Yes sir," replied Captain Hall.

The Captain was about to take off for the barracks when Colonel Weir stopped him.

"George, be careful out there."

"I'll take that as an order, sir."

And the Captain was off, gathering his squad and giving orders.

Kyle crawled to the other side of the ditch they dug out for the battle.

Just then, a grenade exploded just in front of it. Half of the ditch crumbled under the explosion.

Kyle stuck his head out and shouted, "what's your problem!?!? It took us hours to dig that!"

Just at that moment near ten arrows came whizzing toward him, and Kyle ducked as they concentrated all their fire on the spot he was. Now I just need to get to the other side, thought Kyle.

Kyle crawled along and started thinking; this is working, until he heard.


He stuck his head out and saw the barracks getting bombarded by the enemy.

Kyle fell down into the ditch, laying his head against the walls, and silent tears streamed down his face as he heard his friends getting slaughtered. There was nothing he could do without endangering the mission.

"No..." he whispered. "No..."

Finally his squad had caught up with him.

"Squad, George's squad is now a casualty of war... and it's my fault. I didn't think of the Polis that were in the building behind the backups when I ordered him..."

The youngest member of his squad crawled up and said, "Sir, it wasn't your fault. Anyone would have ordered the same in your position. What do we do now?"

"Get the BDMs ready. We'll blast these guys off the face of the planet."

"Yes, sir," said Captain Cobra Jones, in the back.

Cobra picked up a BDM and said, "Here’s the first Bunker Defeat Munition, sir."

Weir got on his feet and took it. "Cobra, get the rest ready."

The Colonel aimed his weapon at the foundation of the building with the rocket launcher he was now holding. "Everybody down!" He shouted. The three members of his squad ducked and plugged their ears, as the Colonel pressed the trigger...


The rocket smacked right into the foundation, and caused a secondary explosion due to the gas tank right underneath. The whole building crumbled on itself.


"I'm working on it, sir!!!"

"To heck with that, give me a dang grenade!"

He threw him a Frag Grenade.

"Good enough... FRAG OUT!"

Kyle threw it into the force of Polis warriors heading towards them.

Kyle had a sarcastic look on his face. "Who in their right minds gives Polis... machine guns? Sure, they got a hold of a few rifles and grenades, but..." Kyle's face wasn't sarcastic anymore. It was filled with fear.

"Captain, gather up the forces and retreat."

"They're all gone except us."

"Where did they go...?"

Suddenly out of the buildings around them emerged, amazingly, US soldiers.

Kyle hit himself in the head and said, "Great. Traitors."

All of the soldiers whipped out their weapons and aimed them at Kyle's squad.

"Hello, boys! Having fun?" said an overdressed Polis general, emerging from the crowd.

Colonel Weir peered at him and clenched his teeth.

"So that's what happened to the division that got lost three years ago, Colonel."

"I do not prefer to be called 'Colonel' anymore. I left General Hatch's command and joined a much... greater cause. You fight for the Qui... they are wicked and evil..."

"They are our FRIENDS!" shouted Colonel Weir.

The Polis General stared straight at Colonel Weir's eyes with his new Polis ones, which were dark red. The very sight made the Colonel shiver.

"Do not interrupt. Anyway, as I was saying..."

Just then the blue night sky above them turned purple, and magic sparks started to form everywhere, dancing around the buildings, the soldiers...

And four figures appeared just in front of the Polis General, sparks ricocheting off of them at intense speeds.

One of them, a woman, said,

"We are Nyx council members. These defenders of the Qui at this moment, are worth being defended themselves. The Nyx council has decided to drive your forces away from them at this time."

"Well that only took a few days!" said Kyle, but the four figures couldn't hear him, because they were just projections.

"If your Polis forces do not retreat now, we will send the Nyx army to destroy you."

The sparks all disappeared, and the figures were gone.

The strangest thing is, just at the moment the Polis started to leave, the sun started to creep up on the horizon.

"Well," said Kyle, "let's pack up and head home."


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