Chapter OneEdit

The sunset was blazing across the barren wastes of the plains. As I looked out over the dying grass, a pang of fear struck me. Night would bring the strange and the insane, yet an established community was no where in sight. I walked for a few more hours until reaching a Montanan Republic outpost. The soldiers greeted me, and rushed me into the civilian care center. I decided to come here after my caravan from Vault City was lost. I heard that the area was secure, and Billings was not hit by any nukes. The Montanan Republic was founded after influence from the NCR reached Montana. The remnant loyal civilians established the Republic, and soon expanded their grasp to the old nodders on the west. Just recently they had reached the eastern end, but that area was not safe for anyone to go to because of the cannibals. I Slept well that night, and soon days light came to soothe the lands.

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