User:Serprex 18:39, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

Lept and gone. A leaf in the wind falling like a sack of bricks. Lurched to the stomach, acceleration constant, each tick striking the same rush to win the race to the bottom

Somehow, it never seems to get any closer. What if Hell is reliving what killed you forever?

This would be the way to do it then

It isn't the falling that kills though. It's that last moment, when all those wonderful muscles and instinctive motions to catch the fall realize just how fast it can all go down

You can't die in Hell

It isn't the bleeding that kills. It's the lack of oxygen. Suffocation leaves you with blood that chokes you, bleeding is so kind as to remove the useless stuff. The carbon dioxide will only make you struggle. Same for hydrogen sulphide. Same for drowning. Same for falling

But that doesn't matter anymore, because this is terminal velocity. That implies there's an atmosphere. Gravity is remaining constant, the well is moving at the same terminal velocity. Or an orbit?

It doesn't have to be gravity. Centripedal? This could take place in a small room underground, where one is subjected to a constant force and their psychology observed as they become the only changing factor of their existence. There's enough bits in a mind to theoretically cycle, but the transitions have evolved in an environment that supplies enough information entropy that one hardly needs to be self sufficient in that regard. All it'll take is one loop. But the cycle would be detected, changing the state. Does it matter though, if two states are so similar?

Empty. Everything is empty. There's no wind for the leaf to be in

A case where death doesn't have to do with a loss of oxygen: Obliteration of the brain. Some degree of trauma will make all that oxygen useless for the mind's processes, running full throttle on thin air

Falling full throttle through empty thin air. This isn't centripedal, there's nothing pushing me besides Newton's spectre. It's thin air though; flows too fast to really breathe

Breathe on me; my skin's going cold. Breath that last breath of life as the dream reaches the climax. It'll all go down pretty fast after this, nothing much interesting, I've only been given these last thoughts gasping from the submerged consciousness to realize I've wasted my last thoughts considering my last moments. My last bit of life reliving that last bit of life

You can die on Earth

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